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Les fleurs du Mal - 4


Nazi Germany had its Veit Harlan and Leni Riefenstahl. Soviet Russia its Sergei Eisenstein. Roman Catholic church is flying on a more low level and hence has its Tom Hanks and Ron Howard. But notwithstanding that, what matters is the fact they are be able to send to only-God-knows-whom their numerological message, the code-number of the working divine cone. The ‘1’ of the ‘A’ and the ‘4’ of the ‘D’ to which the title of the last propaganda movie of the Vatican is alluding, are, however, exposed mostly for aesthetic reasons. But they are also present in less important media, and there not simply to celebrate the Novo Ordo Seclorum, but to realize it in a material war, the Counter Reformation war. So the number ‘14’, like the sign of the Roman emperor’s hand decreeing the life or the death of the gladiator in the below arena, is signing and charging of occult orders events that, from the usual daily life perspective, appear to have not an epochal importance.

The first May, just on the 14th page of the local daily “Il Piccolo”; a short, semi-hidden article appeared to announce the usual step of the Gegenreformation Krieg in the North Adriatic regions.

“Page 14”you can read on the upper left side; and below to the right, the article with the title:, “Unione degli Istriani – Cerimonia alla foiba”/”Unione degli Istriani – Ceremony at the foiba”. The “Unione degli Istriani”, like the Lady in Black, is always present at the hour which count in history:

The old historical seat of the daily, so jealously exhibited still today like a mysterious monument, even if the headquarter was transferred in a far away location (it resembles the events of another famous daily, sited in Washington : the facts of the The Evening Star.... ), is just less than one hundreds of metres (= 300 feet) far from the civic number 14 of Capitolina street, where the Capuchins friars have they beloved official church in the city of Trieste well aligned on the South side of the Virgo’s triangle. The article was announcing a meeting scheduled for Saturn-day 9th May 2009 on the site of the national official monument dedicated to the alleged thousands of victims of Tito’s partisans – victims who should have been launched, some even still alive, in a below vertical well of a former mine.

As to confirm the exceptional character of the death of Jorg Haider, whose choreographed disappearing from the material stage of the world is alluding to his entry in the upper, immaterial and ‘spiritual’ stage governing the souls of the Rome’s goyms, and is alluding of course to the scientifical and meticulous exoteric planning of it, for the second day of May 2009dedicated to the “dying Sun” (Saturn-day), for the first time, a delegation of Second World war veterans (SS ?) coming from Carinthia, the land of Joerg Haider, will be present in order to commemorate the National Socialist and the Fascist victims of WWII on the Karst highlands. Do I have to recall the macabre ceremony on another day dedicated to the dying Sun, the last day of February, when a rally of “Unione degli Istriani” on another alleged mass burial site in the near Slovenia tried to evocate the Osiris of Carhinthia from the Underworld? And now, after exactly 70 days (70 like the kilometres per hour speed limit whose signal has been smashed down by the VW of Haider on the day of his death, the 11th October 2008), before to be picked up definitively from the depths of Hell, the Jesuit-Nazi comrade of Haider will try for the second time to call him to the (worldly) life with the next Nazi-meeting of 9th May.

In fact this is the first time, since the official declaration of the site”national monument”, an official delegation of Austrian veterans will do an official homage to the alleged 2,000/3,000 victims buried below their feet. The fact that this event occurs in synchrony with the death of Haider is a precise message. I said ‘alleged victims’, and I have all the conditions to say that. In fact, after WWII, that well, the so entitled “Foiba (natural well/hole but it is an artificial well) of Basovizza/Bazovica” was used till 1954 by the Allied Administration (U.S.A. and England) as a discharge for garbage. Just after the conflict some German corpse belonging to the Wehrmacht went recovered by the Allies who inspected the hole to verify (unsuccessfully as the chronicle reported) if the voices of thousands of dead there buried had a material justification. Then, after leaving the Territory of Trieste in 1954, they for the second time inspected the hole in order to control if other sensible material has been inadvertently by them thrown inside that discharge. After the departure, with the coming back of the Italian administration, and till the end of the fifties, the municipality of the city of Trieste continued to use the hole as “discharge”. Then, suddenly, in 1959, someone changed idea, and the “discharge” became a site where “thousands of innocent Italians went launched inside it – also alive - by the ferocious partisans of Tito”. Consequently, some years ago, with the end of the cold war, it became a National Monument, blessed by prime ministers and presidents of the Italian Republic:

..... and now the at those times President of Italian Republic Francis Cossiga in the 1991 official ceremony at the "Foiba di Basovizza/Bazovica" site. Francesco Cossiga , linked with P2, member of Gladio- subversive military organization of Romish-Masonic N.A.T.O., Interior minster during the kidnapping of Aldo Moro and by many considered one among the responsible of his death, kneeling on the site of an alleged crime against humanity:

Then, the year after, the baron Oscar Luigi Scalfaro, the successor to Cossiga as President of Italian Republic, on the 11th September 1992, with presidential decree, declared the site “National Monument”, and the rests of the mine/discharge was officially named “Foiba di Basovizza”’ monument..

Since that official blessing, an increasing number of the Black Zouaves of the pope started to swear in front of the ‘monument’ their open dedication to their there allegedly buried Black comrades and of consequence their occult dedication to the Jesuits’ cause, the Counter Reformation war. This is not a strange fact, as the Order of LoyHolocaust instigated the ethnic hate and the racial war in the Adriatic regions not only as a mean to realize its crusade to eradicate the Orthodox Christians in the Balkans, but also to destroy any possibility of communication among the different ethnic groups living here from at least two millenniums. As I previously exposed in other posts, the Jesuits’ Council of Trent strategy applied in order to realize their theological goal, is consisting in wiping away any form of friendly environment for a possible coming back of the “Protestant question”, a question they think to have once for all liquidated in Europe shooting to her temple with the “Final Solution of the Jewish question” gun. This is the possible coming back of the Protestant question which troubled very much these Vatican Adriatic feuds. As direct consequence of the Roman Catholic solution to the “Jewish question” during WWII, it appeared also the Roman Catholic solution to the “Slavic question”, under which the Vatican crusade against the Orthodox Christendom was and is disguised. After having exterminated the Reform from these regions, today Rome cancels also the historical and religious memory, stirring till the extreme consequences the nationalism and the ‘secular’ ideologies. All that produces that material civil warfare which will ‘baptise’ the Roman Catholic church as the only legitimate representative of the dialogue. They can’t perform a direct war against Luther, so they try to drown the historical Protestant question in the blood of countless ethnic, racial, nationalistic, ideological massacres. As you can see not a so exotic strategy the understanding of which you need a PhD in Quantum Mechanic. The enemy, once righteously seen in the Harlot of the Seven Hills, today has been disguised with the multicoloured dresses of ‘secular’ wars:

Nazi boys swearing in front of the “National Monument”of Bazovica/Basovizza on the "Il Piccolo" daily of 26th April 2009, the day after the National Liberation (from the Fascism) day……After that historical 1991 kneeling of Francis Cossiga, many walls & building, like strange mushrooms after a fallout rain, arose around the site:

…….an article and a picture which, for a Jesuit-Masonic coincidence, have been hosted on the same page of the previous announce of the next commemoration/evocation, the page of the Capuchins’ church,… pardon!, the 14th page (look at the upper link side):

I would add both ‘14s’- the one of the above page and the one of the next Saturday commemoration’s page - to give to you the 28th February, day of the previous commemoration (evocation of the Haider’s ghost) of the Unione degli Istriani in the town of Lokve/Corgnale. But there are other more interesting numerological links alluding to the occult planning of the events. The commemoration of the next Saturn-day is planned to be held at the hour 11 of the morning. The text of the article is clear: “…Also this year will be again proposed the spring ceremony at the Foiba of Basovizza. The appointment is scheduled for Saturday the 9 at the hour 11….”:

Again the article of the "Il Piccolo" of the First May 2009, page 14:

The attack to the twin towers is known with a code-number, the “9-11”. Being the Jesuits, the Vatican and the Italian papal bloodline, (together with their servants, , their international Masonic intelligence, their papal Masonic traitor Jews and their Masonic Muslims), the ultimate true responsible of that terrorist attack, they couldn’t have chose anything else than a number alluding to the Porta Pia’s breach of nearly 140 years ago, whose anniversary occurs every year just 9 days after the anniversary of the 9-11. I remember to have read for the first time the connection in the site “”. But I didn’t give to it the necessary importance. Today’s, in a anonymous town of the Karst highlands, the true importance of the reference to Porta Pia’s breach is revealing itself.

I don’t know if you can ‘appreciate’ the Jesuitical and Counter Reformation ‘finesse’ of a date – the 9-11 – which contains in it the sufficient arithmetic coordinates to allude to another very important day of the same month. But where else have we just seen the number 20? The ‘20’ is also the civic number of main street Umberto Saba, where the Grande Oriente d’Italia has its headquarter in this city, in the Jesuit-Masonic “Gateway to the East”. And we have so closed the circle. And they too have closed the circle. In the same edition of the “Il Piccolo” daily of Friday 1st May, the allusion to the 9 + 11 = 20th September’s Porta Pia’s breach at page 14 finds its ultimate reference and conclusion at page 19 where one, among the most important Masons of the peninsula in the nine years from 1977 to 1986, appears in a picture. Nine years, if you didn’t note, like the 9th Saturday of the next Nazi-commemoration. The article is talking about a little village sited just on the border among Italy and Slovenia, where at the beginning of the eighties the Marxist Yugoslavia and the ‘Western’ Italy were sometimes agreeing to open the barriers – and I recall you that this border was always considered part of the Iron Curtain - to let the performing of universalistic rallies celebrating the “falling of all of the borders”. People were passing through the Vatican Saturnalia image of the pillars + arch symbolized by the barriers of the little border control block in the wood. At those times, major of the city of Trieste, the ‘gateway’, was just that 32° grand Master of Scottish Rite Manlio Cecovini, by many masons considered the “pope of the Masonry in Italy” (with Gelli as a sort of Masonry’s ‘black pope’, I imagine).

Page nineteen…still "Il Piccolo" daily of 1st May 2009, day of Venus - Friday:

….with the presence of the once Grand Master of the vicarious of Prometeus – Scottish Rite, now retired Mason with Honorary Grand master degree of Grande Oriente d’Italia, Manlio Cecovini (the guy in the below link corner of the pic with a crossed lines light sweater):

Nineteen or 19 , the page where’s present the face of Grand master Manlio Čehovin, is very similar to that 9-11 date, five pages before, in the announce of the Saturday’s meeting at the National Monument of Basovizza/ Bazovica village. It lacks only of a ‘1’ to complete the series. But the number is also the sum of the nine and of the ten. In fact after the 9th Saturn-day, on the 10th Sun-day, it will arrive in the city the second lap of the Giro d’Italia, the cycle race famous like the Tour de France. ‘Second’ in Latin notation is written “II” and alludes to a double pillar. In fact in the “II” hour Post Meridian – which in Italian notation is the 14th hour - of the day after the commemoration, the race will start from the town of Jesolo, province of Venice, the city once seat of a powerful bloody Inquisitorial court raging on the Venetian plantations of Istria and Dalmatia.

Then the lap will have the finishing line in the city of Trieste. Here, after having passed at the feet of the Golden Madonna/regulus statue sited in the (33° Grand master) Giuseppe Garibaldi square, after having gone along the first ‘underworld’ section of the side C of Virgo’s triangle, it will graze the building hosting the headquarter of Grande Oriente d’Italia, on its side facing Giosuè Carducci street. As those passages are part of the city circuit, they will be repeated for 3 times, because 3 are the Masonic comrades/months who are searching their Nazi-Osiris from Carinthia.

Josiph Carducci, another irregular priest of Rome – Grande Oriente d’Italia & usual 33° Scottish Rite like Manlio “the Slav”.

I name the usual priests, bishops, etc. “regular” priests of Rome. Free(?)Masons & C. “irregular” priests of a sub-lodge of Rome. Stop. You can well trust the sincerity of our Josiph. He was really a warm anti-clergy and anti-Vatican guy. How could it be possible for a soul with a little of honesty and morality, living in the papal peninsula, to not hate Rome and his abominable vicarious of the Harlot with the black cloack? But the sadness starst just from here. Do you think that the same priests of the Harlot don’t know all the hate they cause? They found so a system to recycle the “anti-clergy” nuclear garbage by their religious Romanist power facilities provoked in the society. So Rome knows well the same Promethean fire she, inadvertently or not, instigates in the souls of her sheeople points. And she knows how to use that fire, diverting it too on her enemies. Josiph the poet, fell in that spider net meticulously weaved by the Vatikaners and Loyolists all through the centuries. First with the Templar spiders who dragged all the silent opposition of the anti-papist nobility in their ridiculous rites & exoterism – then with the product of those spiders, the ‘Masonry’. Fight Rome in the name of the same theological evil principle of Rome. Keen, not?! So Rome, using the chrysalis of her enemies, built a safe where to hide her precious theological treasury, the domain of the material world on the spiritual world theology. Who would then have believed that just the apparent enemies, I mean, the apparent and in good faith enemies of Rome, in their mind, like a silent deadly virus, were and are carrying the theological germs of the Council of Trent’s Canon 32? And so also for our poor Josiph the storyboard is practically similar to the one of the poor Ivan, Ivan Cankar from Slovenia. Like the armed Martians equipped in the Flying saucers of “Mars Attack”, the Ivan Cankar/Josiph Carducci model spread all along Europe and the New World in the XVIII and XIX century. Like a flame of Prometeus among the minds of straw of the Vatican Opfern:

Could you present to yourself a more grotesque image? All that is happening in a city where the major and his junta supported the pope one year ago with a giant papal propaganda slogan, written in front of a public, Republican seat of Constitutional powers, demonstrating who really rules the country: the “regular” priests of Rome supported by their “irregular” deacons, the vicarious of Prometeus:

All that abominable galaxy of Vatican power in this North Adriatic city, has its source of evil spirituality just in that “National Monument”, the “Foiba di Basovizza/Bazovica”. The Romanist despise for the ‘secular’ law of the Republic (and so for the Protestant born western world) is condensed by that monument and dressed with tons of ideological, nationalistic costumes. I will not deepen for now the material question about who and if for real human rests are buried there. The material clash among theories questioning the truth of the contents of that hole is the goal of the Jesuits’ Adriatische Gegenreformation Krieg. Because what really, materially happened and continue to happen, in Rome and Basovizza/Bazovica, goes well beyond every imagination. Notwithstanding the fact that an official Presidential decree declares that in the hole the bodies of thousands of innocent Italians are lying since the end of the Second World war, not an Italian magistrate, not an Italian prosecutor, not an Italian judge, not an Italian public police agent like a State Police policeman or a military captain of Carabineers Army denounced, formally and obeying to what the Italian laws of the Republic are requiring in case of heavy felonies, the fact that in the site of Basovizza/Bazovica, under the soil, the evidence of a crime against the humanity are lying since end of WWII and are waiting to be investigated in order to 1) identify the victims, 2) identify the responsible.

Yes, you understood well. I didn’t write it wrong. An official act of the highest Italian Authority, the Presidential decree, without having no evidence, no judicial documents, no material, legal, formal proof, declared so a void statement. Since that 11th September 1992, when the baron Oscar Luigi Scalfaro, occupied the presidential chair to realize the mission of his Jesuits masters, the Italian state is – from the point of view of the international usual right – an outlaw and criminal state.

Meanwhile in Srebrenica they are digging in to the soil in order to expose the ‘Serbian’ crimes (read: the NATO supported paramilitary mercenary psy-op and false-flag massacres realized in the name of the Vatican crusade in the Balkans), meanwhile Italian government asked and obtained from Moscow the exhumation of the rests of Italian soldiers buried in the far away Russian’s steppes, meanwhile for years and years the city “Gateway” to the East was shacked by judicial theatrical trials against Communist partisans charged with homicide crimes allegedly committed in Istria and in the Kustenland/Primorje/Litoral Adriatic during wartime, no Italian Judicial authority, since the return of Italy in these region after end of Allied administration in 1954, ordered, obeying to the law, the exhumation of the rests of the victims of the by a Presidential decree conclaimed worst crime against humanity occurred in Europe since end of WWII and till the recent war in the Balkans (alleged number of innocent Italian civilians slaughtered in Istria and Karst holes by Tito’s partisans: from 5,000 to 50,000).

I remember, some years ago, a service on the local TV news. Leaders of the local Slovenian community tried to reach the just appointed “National Monument”, in order to use some slots built to allow the circulation of air around the base of the cement door which covers the mine, to then unroll a long thread through them with a weight tied in order to measure the real depth of the “National Monument”. Of course the local military police company of Carabineers army, stationing in a near military police station, stopped the Slovenian leaders. Their intention was to demonstrate the absolute falsity of the data reported on the plaques laying in front of the hole, which are claiming “hundreds of metres of corpses” then covered by other “many metres of ammunition”. I don’t want to deepen the material details of the question. As it often occurs, material details and the hot questions on them are used the divert the attention from the global picture which secretly supply the same fire of the clash. But I have not yet finished. The same Slovenian leaders (attorney at law Bogdan Berdon, 1989) filed a formal and regular charge to the Italian authorities, the Tribunale di Trieste (another Jesuit-Masonic reign), informing about the existence of the evidences of a very serious crime against the humanity located in the site “Foiba di Basovizza/Bazovica” and requiring the exhumation of the alleged bodies as they have to be considered "evidence of a crime against humanity". Of course the charge filed was surely used as toilette-paper by one of those Jesuit-Masonic magistrate of the Tribunale di Trieste who continually covered and covers the crimes of the local Novo Ordo Seclorum elite. Because no one had never had then notice about the consequence of that judicial filed charge.

Carabineers Army is ‘against the racism’, which is considered a crime in the Vatican peninsula. In fact you have to love the Islamic cutthroaters of the pope who lands on the south womb of Europe diguised and mixed with many fleeing ‘victims’ of the Romish-Masonic regimes of North Africa. But as regards the spreading of the hate against the Slovenians, and the “National Monument” is a clear bright example, they don’t spare themselves. The sinister fame of “killers of Christians” attributed to the Slavic people started to be spread thanks to that Irridentist and fanatical nationalist Italian circles, managed and controlled for the count of the Counter Reformation of Jesuits by the evil Grande Oriente d'Italia camorra. Some ‘barbarian’ Slavic people tried to file a charge regarding one of those crimes and against unknown person to the ‘civilized’ judicial authority, but all that had not consequence. At the opposite, Rome built another monument “to the Opfern”. To tell the truth this is a game to which the Slovenian elite is too a part. But as regard that, another time.

High uniform of gala of Carabineers, giving the military honour to the alleged thousands of victims there allegedly buried but till our very day of the Lord no Italian authority dared to investigate on. It could be filed a charge against those two military police Boaz & Jachin, as they knew the existence of the evidence of a crime against humanity under their feet, but they committed the crime of omission of legal act – the legal oblige to file a charge against unknown person for a crime against humanity which can be never considered “in prescription”:

The incredible paradox is now the evil energy centre for the Gegenreformation Krieg in the region. You have to consider it not with light coming from the warm fire of the scandal arose from an explicit and exhibited criminal behaviour of the higher Italian institutions, but with the cold criminal mind of the Order of Loyola. That fire, supplied also by the Slovenian side (which finds its convenience in the existence of that monument too and is simply the Jesuit alibi to continue to spread the Marxism among the community - but this will be not developed in this seat), is no else than that Prometeus fire, with which Rome burns in advance the mind of straw of the potential opponents. The criminal finesse of such an act has no else source than a theological source. If you consider the means by which the truthfulness of the affirmation about the existence of thousands of corpses, hundreds of metres below, has been solemnly transformed in a ‘legal’ high act of the state, you’ll understand immediately the theological ugly mother of such an act.

Usually, the common sense of legality and of the right, claims that before to declare the truthfulness of a crime, all the proofs at disposition should be verified. As regard our hole of Basovizza/Bazovica, among all the proofs at disposition, only the most uncertain ones have been taken in consideration. I use the term “proof” but I am doing violence to the language. What constitutes that ‘solid base’ of proofs and evidencies, on which dozens of years of propaganda and solemn acts of the higher institutional authorities of the Italian Republic have been founded, are only the witnesses of a pair of men, and in particular of a Slovenian Roman Catholic priest, about the serial massacre allegedly occurred in Basovizza/Bazovica in May 1945, just after the liberation of the city from the Nazi and their Fascist allies. Those men never were heard by a judicial, police, investigative official authority of the post war Italian Republic. Second-hand witnesses.

I am not interested to question now if down that mine there are or not all those “hundreds of cubic metres of corpses”. I’ll leave to you to decide, because even if for real down there, in that well, there exist some hundreds of corpses, all that would not change the question neither of a micron of inch. This is the false path where the Gegenreformation and Masonic strategy wants you to go along, because that path end in the abyss of that Prometeus’ fire.

Well, the true questions is: why they didn’t used the most powerful evidence and proof, they the same are claiming the existence and of which they wrote on the solid rock of the Karst stone of that memorial, why they did never use as 'judicial proof', as 'smoking gun', all those hundreds of metres of corpses down below?

“…135 metres……Measured in 1957…...Various debris…..198 metres….. Measured in 1945….Ammunitions 1940-1945 war…….Sector of 500 cubic metres containing murdered people…..” and so on, continues the caption on the plaque. This is the true occult theological significance of that dark hole, where the hot clashes among the factions questioning the material content in it are hiding, with their smoke and fire, the spiritual content, which is the only true content of that Jesuitical Hole. Both factions, the one that celebrates the alleged victims, and the one that opposes with threads and weights to that truth, are, no matter with how much sincerity and good faith they are clashing among themselves, collaborating with this monstrous design. That spiritual content is the theological cancer born with the Council of Trent, which is not only devouring the Apennine peninsula but, as the next international meeting of June in this city, “the Gateway”, witnesses, is joyfully spreading himself now in all Europe like a metastasis:

This is an incredible case of inversion of all the common secular sense of legality existing in every corner of this planet.

They didn’t claim the existence of “hundreds of cubic metres of innocent victims” cause an investigative legal action of the Italian judicial authorities who should have acquired the material evidencies (corpses) but the legal Italian judiciary institutions, tribunal, courts, civil and military police forces, have not to intervene because that plaque/memorial is just affirming that the judiciary investigation don't have to find a truth - a 'truth' for which is sufficient the dogmatic declaration on that plaque the same and nothing else.

The judiciary power, doesn’t matter how much infiltrated and controlled by Rome, always represents the enemy respect the absolute power of the divine emperor on earth, the pope. Any kind of investigation, inquiry, legal action, proceeding, dealt no matters by how much controlled magistrate, prosecutor, judge, policemen, represents the essence of an autonomous exercise of the power in name of the people. And, of consequence, not in the name of the divine emperor, the vicarious of Satan in Rome. To destroy that autonomy and independence till its deep soul, Rome the same manipulated the French and American Revolution and produced its Napoleon whose collateral, searched and wanted effect, was and remains for ever the reaction against any ‘secular’, ‘westerner’ concept of the society born from the Lutheran thought. Seyes, the Jesuit abbot, advisor of Napoleon and among the founders of the Jacobin fraction, is the smoking gun.

So that hole and the satanic “9-11” act of the once President of Italian Republic, the baron Oscar Luigi Scalfaro, is the sacred Vatican fetish under which every ‘servant of the people’s state’ must kneel and lower his head, to demonstrate, to his absolute master, the divine emperor of Rome (and so to his puppet-men), his total dedication to the Harlot of the 7 Hills. Down, on the floor a plate which symbolizes the secular state and on which every ‘servant’ of the same secular state, to confirm that total dedication to the Vatican Harlot, have to spit on with the daily betrayal to his mission. And around it the altar, where the ‘good’ willing of the black servants of Rome are swearing the dedication of their lives for the crusade of the pope and for the Counter Reformation war of today.

The true message of that plaque, doesn't matter how many and who and if for real someone or not is buried below, says: the truth is not something to be acquired with the autonomous, secular and Christian work of free men and women, but a Vatican dogma which has to be obeyed, celebrated and worshipped with the Roman Catholic ‘good’ works” of enslaved servants".

Les fleurs du Mal - 1

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(Note: Yes, you are right, the # 3 of Les Fleurs du Mal has not yet been posted. It exists, but sometimes the events run very fast, I tried to follow them with the # 4 and so I had to put it in a box waiting the next future)


(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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