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Romish Masonic Giuseppe Mazzini, another Jesuit priest?

The Masonic guy Giuseppe Mazzini was a very busy boy of the Continuing Counter Reformation war of Rome, a war raging on well after the first Thirty Years war, and well before General Superior Wladimir Ledochowsky started the II Thirty Years war. With a hidden, occult goal which also an ingénue could have understood, Giuseppe Mazzini supported the birth of the various Slavic nationalisms. And a book consecrated to the Slavic mission of Mazzini is just appeared in the bookstores. The vicarious of the Decayed Angel – the Masons – can say what they want with their mouth to cover with false words the work of the Antichrist, but it is clear that the Slavic populations, instead to be honoured by such an ‘attention’ from Giuseppe Mazzini, went insulted. What else could have hidden those goals, if not the instigation of what lately will be presented as “the return of that barbarian primitive attitude of the Slavic populations”? But just that “barbarian Slavic blood” was a necessary part in the instigation of the German people to join the Roman Catholic destroyer of Protestant Prussia, Adolph Hitler.

It has a certain importance the fact that in the back cover of the book “Giuseppe Mazzini – Slav letters and other scripts” by Giovanni Brancaccio (“Biblion edizioni” publishing house), Mazzini - the instigator of the nationalisms in the world when they are useful to the cause of the Vatican Novo Ordo Seclorum global crusade – is presented, yes, as a supporter of many Slavic populations, and here you have the polish, the Russians, the Bohemians, the Slovakians, the Croatians, the Serbs, the Dalmatians, even the Montenegro’s people, but – surprise! – in the list you don’t find the Slovenians. A telling absence? You can be sure 200%. Slovenia was, is and, till the fulfilling of the Vatican Continuing Counter Reformation Long March, will be one of the most important chess of the Jesuit game in the womb of Europe.

Jesuit-Masonic links between Giuseppe Mazzini and Jesuit-patronized Karl Marx:

“……Is it possible that Communism, like the Jesuit-infested Nazi
Party itself, has acted as a secret weapon of the Jesuit-
Illuminati in it's ongoing INQUISITION against Jews and
Protestants (as well as governments such as the
United States
which through its CONSTITUTION, BILL OF RIGHTS, and
INDEPENDENCE has challenged the world
socialists to their face?) Dr. John Coleman has stated:
"...Karl Marx was one of the earliest members of the radical
Mazzini movements starting in 1840... it is interesting to note
that Marx, an avowed hater of religion, should so passionately
espouse Jesuitism."………”

From Vatican Assassins - Jesuit Communism/Jesuit Fascism (PDF)

"Karl Marx - the traditional father of the communist ideology was trained by the Jesuit Order inside the
British Museum in 1948. The Jesuits tutored Karl Marx about the Tenets of Communism for nearly 30 years".

“…..Giuseppe Mazzini (1805-1872) was a political revolutionary and one of the most influential among the prophets of democratic nationalism. He was born in Genoa and died in Pisa but spent a large part of his life in exile in London. Whilst living in exile in Marseilles in 1831 he organized a new political society called La giovine Italia (Young Italy). The group's motto was God and the People, and its basic principle was uniting the various states and kingdoms of the peninsula into a single republic as the only true foundation of Italian liberty.


Many political refugees came to Britain between 1820 and 1850 including Gabriele Rossetti, father of the poet Christina Rossetti and the painter Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Antonio Panizzi, who became chief librarian at the British museum and designed its famous domed Reading Room

Mazzini arrived in London in early 1837, where he scratched a meagre living writing reviews. He settled in Clerkenwell which had become known as "Little Italy" due to the influx of Italian political refugees. Mazzini set up a free school for Italian children in Hatton Garden in 1841.Thanks to Mazzini's efforts, the Italian Church of St Peter in Clerkenwell was built in 1864 and still stands today . Mazzini increased his revolutionary contacts during the next few years and in 1840 established a workingmen's association. The later Mazzini Garibaldi club in Red Lion Square was a social club for Italian working men. It was an important venue from its establishment in 1864 until it closed in 2008….”

“…Mazzini was an early advocate of a "United States of Europe" about a century before the European Union began to take shape. For him, European unification was a logical continuation of Italian unification….”.

Worth to be noted the fact that just a man who was fighting against the temporal power of the papacy in Italy, provided to build in London an Italian temple in honour to saint Peter/Simon Magus, the founder of the Vatican sect. The year, the 64th year of XIX century, is to be read as “the double of 32”, in other words: the ‘32’ of the anti-Protestant Canon 32 of Trento’s Council, and the ‘32’ of its servant, the higher operative degree of the Scottish Rite, that 32° degree of the Grand Master of the vicarious of Prometeus.

Giuseppe Mazzini was one of the pillars of the later “Italian Irredentism”, which claimed that the role of Italy, after having unified the peninsula in a single nation, was assigned to her by God and the 'divine' duty of the Italian nation was now the “redemption of the Italian lands under foreign domination”.

Continuing Counter Reformation under nationalist, ethnic cultural disguise?

Well, after having taken knowledge of such ‘insignificant’ shades of the picture, we can finally exit
from that ignorant cultural Vatican soup, with which the regular and irregular (= Masons) priests of Rome duped a very ignorant and pagan society. With the arriving of the Vatican Italy (1918) on the historically since millenniums inhabited Slovenians lands, the once Roman Catholic faithful peasant with “barbaric Slavic blood” in his veins, suddenly changed the flag, and became a warm atheist communist. The Eastern belt of today Slovenian state, the region of the Primorje/Litoral/Kustenland, and the Istria peninsula, since those times are a traditional feud of the ‘Reds’. If you compare it with a map, you see that just the same lands that Irredentists had and have still to redeem, are Red zones, allegorically consecrated to the atheist ideology of the materialist pupil the Jesuits trained for 30 years in London in the British Museum:

The pink area links to the yellow "Carniola" region represents about the new land conquered by the "Irredentist" war 1914-1918; the northern half is the Primorije/Kustenland, below the Istria peninsula and then some islands of Dalmatia. A barrier of potential ethnic, ideological, racial hate which hides a Counter Reformation minefield, ready to stop that cursed damned Protestant oriented Northern Europe world and especially any possible cultural, ideological, theological spiritual influence towards the South, with the material threat of bloody nationalist wars......No one realized that, with the exception of the inspirer of this blog, Douglas Willinger who focused the attention on Northern Protestant Prussia. Why? An un-existing topic or a planetary Jesuit cultural and theological censorship?

The way how the same papal Italian Savoy kingdom together with the Fascist squads was seriously engaged to push the Slovenian of the Primorje/Litoral/Kustenland in the immaterial hands of the Red priest of materialism (Communism), I just mentioned to you here and there in my posts, and the necessity to deepen the argument will be not developed here. What matters is to understand – assuming that you killed the Jesuit in your mind – that the Fascism of the Borders, the Fanatical Italian Nationalism, the Irredentism, were building, with their persecution and violence on the 'barbarian Slavic people', a forcep, a forcep able to extract from the womb of history (as would have said our Jesuit Marx) that vital, false, faked moral alibi for the existence of the same Irredentism: the “barbarian, Slavic, Communist atheist threat , purportedly instigated by the Italic violence.

I imagine in fact, the difficulties Rome would have encountered when a Masonic ideology, the Irredentism, by her created to fight the Counter Reformation war under another disguise, would have attacked the very bigot and warm Roman Catholic Slavic peasant, and this just "in the name of God” - as the Irredentists claimed to do. If you have to “redeem” the newly conquered lands by the “barbarian not Italian presence”, and you do it in the ‘name of God’, it is requested that the actors who have the task to impersonate the “bad role” you have to defeat, must play the atheist role. And note how the late Irredentist and Fascist fight against the Slavic Communist masses, Communist masses declared “enemies” of the church (of Rome),was able to rebuild that virginity apparently lost in the XIX century with the Porta Pia’s breach, when the partisans of the unity of Italy were depicted as anti-papists, anti-Vatican mob…...Now, the Fascist and Irredentist heirs of those 'anti-papist' Italian patriots, were the first volunteers defending the pope......So the 'Slavic barbarian mob' had to become the core of a Bolshevik atheist bulwark. The materialist atheism, with its despise for every form of religion, the Catholic one as well the Protestant one, was the perfect pickaxe with which to dig that very deep spiritual moat between the Slovenians (especially the one of the Primorije/Kustenland) and their Protestant, Lutheran genuine heritage consisting in that true national pride of Trubar, Dalmatin, etc.... "Protestant or Catholic, priests are all equals", said the Slovenian Communist. The exact words the Jesuits wanted to hear from the mouth of their 'Slavic barbarian' herd.

This is the reason for which lately I noted an increase in the Irredentist cultural propaganda in this city, the “Gateway” for the Vatican crusades in the Balkans. Surely not because “they read my blogs”. At the opposite, I have been instigated by their dirty works, and, as it sometime could happen, I had ‘nose’, smelling the Continuing Counter Reformation stench under their cultural crap. The Irredentism is presented as an ‘innocent’ expression of the “Italian legitimate nationalism”, with – yes - some exceptional negative episodes, but, considered in a whole, as a positive phenomena. Notwithstanding that, a strange fire is burning their Irredentist buttocks, a fire which constrains them to continually put great distances among the “Irredentism” and the “Fascism”.

“Fascism betrayed the Irredentism!” you can read in the pseudo-cultural pages of the Jesuit-Masonic daily of Trieste, “Il Piccolo”. And really I understand them. Because Fascism stands in front of the Irredentism, exactly like Luca Cordero di Montezemolo stands in front of Gianni Agnelli. Luke Cordero, under many point of view, appears to be an illegitimate but true son of Gianni Agnelli. And, in any case, “cordero” or “corderos” means “lambs”, in Italian: “agnelli”. With the capital character “A”, is the name of a Spanish crusader family who, returning from the holy lands, stopped in Piedmont. So the Fascism, and especially that particular version of the Italian Fascism called Fascism of the Borders which is the true, criminal, assassin face of the usual Disney Fascism of the peninsula, was the illegitimate, secret, but true son of the ‘politically correct’ Irredentism.

As it happens with the Black Nobility bloodlines who serves the Vatican, so it happens with the organized secular ideologies which serves the Vatican too. The Fascism of the Borders was nothing else than the exact application of the pure and genuine principles of the ‘politically correct’ Irredentism, which wanted (and still wants) to - Roman Catholically correct speaking - redeem the lands from the not-Latin blood as a mission (their) god assigned to the(ir) nation. But Father Irredentism couldn’t apply directly, materially, what he was spiritually declaring. It could have exposed its true nature. So he decided to generate a secret son who, like the traditional legends and fables, would have honoured the father realizing his desires. Father Irredentism copulated with one of the prostitutes of the 7 Hills Brothel ruled by the Harlot of the Vatican – the Masonry – and the ‘hero’ who saved the principles (and the false ‘respectable’ face) of the father was born: the Fascism of the Borders which was the true Fascism. It is clear that also the formal enemy of the Fascist Son, the materialist enemy, the Bolshevik threat of the adorers of the Jesuit pupil of the British Museum, helped to keep the secret about the true origins of that ugly son the same. Instead to point the finger to the true father, Father Irredentism, to the true mother, the Masonic prostitute of the Vatican brothel, and so to the theological Romanist origin of that Evil, they claimed, that “Fascism is a creature spontaneously generated by the chaos of the mute nature of the social clash”. Meanwhile the biological sciences refuted from centuries the theory of the “spontaneous generation of rats & living being”, the materialist pupils of Jesuits reintroduced it joyfully in the field of the social and ideological ‘sciences’, changed its name and called it: “scientific dialectic materialism”.

The rest is – how it could be said – “chronicle”. Fascist Son provided Irredentist Father with the very indispensable alibi of existence, of that material alibi who would have then in the future justified his spiritual reason of existence: the “barbarian, atheist Slavic threat”.

Could have the thousands of Slovenes, in the twenties, who were coming back at home in the night (if they had lucky…), with “all the teeth of the mouth in the pocket” as a ‘gentle thanks’ of the Fascist squads for some Slovenian words pronounced in the public, imagined that their Roman Catholic sufferance would have helped to advance the glory of their pope in the world?

The events in the North Adriatic regions are simply the mirror image of the events in the North East Europe, of the "Question of Danzig" and of the occulted, hidden "Protestant Prussia question", which the warm words of the actual pope are cancelling with the "Palestine question":

The New York Times in 1892 on Ledochowski - Vatican Future War
Maximillian Kolbe- 'God is cleansing Poland'
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Addition & corrections: many, as the errors and the very bad lessical form cried for that. Some hour later I added a sentence to expose better the concepts: "....Now, the Fascist and Irredentist heirs of those 'anti-papist' Italian patriots, were the first volunteers defending the pope......So the 'Slavic barbarian mob' had to become the core of a Bolshevik atheist bulwark. The materialist atheism, with its despise for every form of religion, the Catholic one as well the Protestant one, was the perfect pickaxe with which to dig that very deep spiritual moat between the Slovenians (especially the one of the Primorije/Kustenland) and their Protestant, Lutheran genuine heritage consisting in that true national pride of Trubar, Dalmatin, etc.... "Protestant or Catholic, priests are all equals", said the Slovenian Communist. The exact words the Jesuits wanted to hear from the mouth of their 'Slavic barbarian' herd...."

(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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