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The Venetian costume


The Unione degli Istriani (Istrians Union), the most powerful association of Italian expellees from Yugoslavia, condemns the inaugural showing of a 27 minutes short film about the capture of Trieste by the Tito’s Liberation army in the last days of WWII

".......Unija Istranov, ena od pomembnejših organizacij italijanskih manjšin, protestira proti kratkemu filmu Trst je naš, ki ga bodo premierno predvajali 6. novembra v Sežani.......".

"...The Unione degli Istriani, one of the most important italian organization, protests against the short film Triest is our, whose premiere will take place the 6th November in Sežana....".
The president of the Union, Massimiliano Lacota, who was present in both rallies to commemorate an alleged mass grave of innocent Italian civilians in the Slovenian locality of Lokve (Italianized in “Corgnale”) supposedly murdered by Tito’s army in the same days of the capture of the city, condemned also the title of the short movie, “Trst je nas”, or: “Triest is our”, being it among the most important slogan of the Tito’s army. Tito wanted the annexing of the coastal and mostly by Italians inhabitated city (being a great part of the Slovenians there living expelled in the previous century) to the Federal Socialist Yugoslavia. Another reason for the condemnation is due – this the opinion of Lacota – to the location of the premiere, the little town of Sežana three kilometres far away from the borders with the Italian state. All that constitutes, for Massimiliano Lacota, a “provocation”. He dealt so with the undersecretary of the Foreign Minister Alfreda Mantico in order the Minister could present a request for explanations to the Slovenian authorities. It is not known if also the content of the short movie is under the target of the president of the Unione degli Istriani or only the mere title and the location of the premiere. The short storyboard deal with a group of Tito’s army soldiers (“partisans”) who are going to enter in the city of Trieste and are preparing themselves to take a revenge for the brutalities previously suffered under the Fascist occupation.

The city of Triest/Trieste/Trst, once a proto-Slovanian little but important harbour in the North Adriatic sea, after the capture by Ancient Romans, became a typical city or better, little town/village by Italians/Latins inhabited and by a “Slavic sea” surrounded. Exploiting the necessity of the Hapsburg empire to build a very effective harbour to serve the economy of the empire, the Vatican and its Masonic Irredentist soldiers utilized the opportunity to enlarge the just “latin” town at the expenses of the surrounding “barbarian Slavic” native population. The city became the “cosmopolite” city for excellence where every kind of nations were gathered in order to weave international (Masonic) connections and links which could have served the building of the Novo Ordo Seclorum and to hide at the same time an astounding growth of the Italian component, later a squeezing majority transformed in “ethnic explosive” to detonate inside the Hapsburg empire. Pardon, I told above about the “cosmopolite” city but there’s an exception: the surrounding Slovenian populations, considered mere “white negroes” by the “enlightened, liberal, leftist and especially anticlerical” Italian elite. The Vatican dagger consisting in those Irredentist dressed as ‘liberal’, ‘anticlerical’ fighters (‘liberal’ and ‘anticlerical’ for their convenience. Once the power was gained they became dictatorial and pro-church….) had a good idea: they invented the concept of “Venezia Giulia”. Venezia Giulia, of which the name of the Region Friuli Venezia-Giulia refers, is of course an invention of the local Italic Irredentism of the second half of XIX century, that had to justify the later sad conquer of the Savoy reign of the Primorje/Adriatische Kuestenland. It is evident the fundamental ideological role played by Venice in the Vatican conquer of the East. Often, when Rome had to hide her incoming iron fist in a velvet glove, she uses the term “Venetia”, “Venice”, etc. and to distract the attention to the oppression she shows you the “enlightened” Venetian administration of some “Slavic provinces” at the borders. They can hold for themselves all those rhetorical candies, maybe other forums & blogs are more hunger and disposed to munch that bombons. All that seems to happen today also in the forum The Unhived Mind where the undersigned never had a feedback, but, at the opposite, another presence coming just 100 miles from my home is well accepted with his litany praising the “great Venice of the past”. Great or low, I am not surprised, just only a little resigned: the irredentistic propaganda is taking place also in the “anti-Jesuit” forums, but this is not an exclusive evil, at least now it is clear how are composed the fronts and what are the true goals.

“Time flies and planes fall” was the title of an album – if I am not wrong – of the Subhumans, a punk band of London of early ’80. So also in the Primorje (then “Venezia Giulia”), as the time is flying away, the memory falls. Meanwhile in the XIX century the Irredentist ‘liberal’, anti-slovenian Italian ‘patriot’ of the city of Trieste were busy to materially attack the seat of the Vatican consulate, the Capuchin church, the same seat of the bishop crying even “death to the pope!”, their nephew, some decades after, were (are) embracing the cross of the Vatican to fight the ‘atheist’, now no more “bigot papal adorer”, but Communist Slavs or Slav-Communist:

From “Okoličanski Bataljon – Fatti di Luglio 1868” of Josip Merkù. After the imperial government emitted the new law limiting the power of the Vatican in the schools, and after the consequent condemn of the pope of the law, the ‘liberal’, ‘anticlerical’ and anti-slavic Italian political elite engineered demonstrations against the representatives of the papal power in the city, attacking the Vatican consulate and destroying even the external coat of arms! The police report says: “…Then they went, following what they previously agreed, to the consulate of the papacy (once Vienna street 7, today Filzi street). There they launched stones against the windows, destroyed a gas street lamp and demolished the papacy coat of arm….”. So today it is funny to see how the roles mutually changed. No more a “barbarian Slavic ocean” tool of the “papacy and of the priests” which was used by the “reactionary Austrian crown” to “suffocate” the “Italianism” of the coasts. Today the “atheist” are just those “barbarian Slavs” who are carrying the Red flags of Communism (of the 'anti-Italian' partisans of Tito). At the opposite of the XIX century, the “Italian Irredentist of today” are no more represented by a left ‘liberal’ and especially 'anticlerical' party, but are carrying the same cross of the Vatican power which allegedly ‘oppressed’ them 150 years ago (the picture shows members of the Unione degli Istriani expellees association with president Massimiliano Lacota visiting the alleged mass burial site in Slovenia; notice the presence of the cross…):

Well, as lately by a Fascist intellectual of the XX century explained, that mob attacking the Vatican consulate of Trieste on the 10th July 1868 has been literally words by words described as truly incarnating the “Fascism of the XIX century”. Their bosses, the various 'anticlerical', 'liberal' Hermet, Timeus, etc., entered in the s.c. ‘legend’ and were among the most praised by the XX century Fascist ideologues. They were the initial start of a movement of conquer and extirpation of not-Italian populations realized having in mind a continue state of hate and terror, which would have demolished the old European order, too much favourable to the German (and hence Protestant) world, and whose final fulfilling had the sinister name of “Fascism of the Borders” (“Fascismo dei Confini”). I mean the same Fascism which signed the Lateran pact and the Vatican concordat as an example to be followed by the later Roman Catholic Adolph Hitler – “Mit brennender Sorge” operation gratis included.
Venice has always been as sort of ideal coat of arms of the proto-Fascists of Adriatic coasts of the XIX century, and even in the XX century. The ‘myth’ of the Venetian civilization has always been used to justify modern crusades against the “barbarian Slavs”. The theological content of those ‘civilizing’ crusades doesn’t need to be explained: read other messages of this blog. The first thing the Irredentist did was to create a mimetic costume and they weaved it with the Venetian tissue. Then they put it on the map of the future Slovenian provinces to conquer and to ‘purify’ from the not Italian presence (practically from great part of the inhabitants), and baptized them like a newly born region with the name: Venezia-Giulia.

Today the dreams of Venice who always tried to kneel the ancient city of Trieste, are near to be realized. The “Venezia Giulia” is a depressed region. Economically sinking, with a demographic rate among the lowest in Eurasia. The same Slovenians of the once Slovenian province of Venice, are a disappearing community. They served Venice, now they have a kick in the back and they the same must be substituted by more trustful Islamic immigrates. To the West it remains the Roman Catholic battleship “regione Veneto”, which is, at the opposite of the province of Tieste, in strong economical condition, and waits the opportune moment to catch the old prey and devour it, the Primorje/Adriatische Kustenland. The “public trial” against the figure of Jesuit Napoleone for having destroyed the Venetian republic, as the one held in 2003, is the ideological basis to utilize again Venice for the Vatican conquers. I can see here in the daily life the arising presence of Venetian societies which are slowly colonizing the territory. I have a direct witnesses in the case of a supermarket where the new society from Veneto tried to substitute the traditional local food with Venetian food. Erasing the Mitteleuropean tradition in the name of ‘Venetian civilization’? Venice assigned autonomy and independence to many populations inside her domains, but of course all that was dictated by a keen policy aimed to gain support in dangerous zones. The autonomy of the Slovenians in the “Slavia Veneta” was the cost to assure the borders with the Hapsburg empire and to fight it ideologically and not the expression of the ‘love’ of the Doge. Remember that also Venice was part of the League against Frederick Barbarossa. The ‘poor’ Venice was not so neutral and at the end of the story, Venice was on the Vatican side in the fight of Rome for the papal supremacy on the emperor (principle of the supremacy of the church on every secular power).

Venice and his damn prostituted ‘freedoms’ were the baits to show at the borders of the Hapsburg empire and of other enemies of Rome like knick-knacks for the propaganda.

Also Austria and Switzerland of today are very nice countries, with a very great level of freedom and independence, but it seems that all that doesn't hinder the use of these countries for the Vatican Novo Ordo Seclorum. I too would live in Austria or Switzerland, the seat of International Settlement bank. So, please, try to avoid the rethorical litany of the "....great independency and autonomy (sometime) granted by Venice to the submitted populations...".

Tell it to the ancient inhabitants of Trieste how much the ‘Venetians’ were loved by the old inhabitants, the Venetian regiment was living inside a double wall castle well protected from the same surrounding inhabitants of the city!

(*) During the short period of time when the city was under a Venetian domination.

Hence it is not a strange fact that also The Unhived Mind forum gives space to Dogi, at least now all is more clear: "Triest is our!" is the old dream of Venice!

(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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