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The 'Jesuit ' Occult Order behind Venetian Calvinism?

Pardon for the game with the words. A recent ‘Venetian’ Calvinist intervention dragged my attention on Craig Oxley’s forum. Here just a little excerpt from…..

The 'Occult' Jesuit Order

Good Ole Kirchner! Boy you guys are really waking up. I am surprised you had heard of Kirchner. He was a BIG enemy of Venice. He was banned from our city for inciting riots for the Jesuits. It is believed that as a young priest, it was probably Kircher who murdered pro-Calvinist, Venetian hero, Paolo Sarpi. (my bold c. - avles) He and another Jesuit priest (not unknown thugs!) stuck a knife in his stomach and turned it causing Sarpi to die, and Venetian Calvinism all with it. Had Sarpi survived, Venice would have been a Calvinist city. (my bold c. - avles) His church has been converted into a German Lutheran Evangelistic Church, the only one in all of Venice.

Some questions:

>>> How is that after I posted my message about the Reformation Day of Slovenia and the struggle of the Protestants of Amber path South, it appears on The Unhived Mind forum a message praising the anti-Slovenian and anti-Amber path for excellence, Venice, considered even as a “centre of the Calvinist heresy”?

>>> Why I wrote for years in the Unhived Mind about Primoz Trubar, the founding father of Slovenia, the founder of the Slovenian Protestant church (*), (and a man welcomed by the population of Ljubliana with celebrations in 1561 when he returned from the exile), and no one cared of that?

>>> Why just the increase of my engagement in Adriatische Gegenreformation Krieg Heute blog about the anti-Slovenian war as a form of Counter Reformation is accompanied in an increase of pro-Venetian interventions in the Unhived Mind forums?

>>> Why, among thousands of ‘deep throat’, just a Venetian one, hence living not so far from Trieste, is the n. 1 ‘truthsayers’ in the Unhived Mind forum? Why not a ‘truthsayer’ from Milan? Or Turin?

>>> And all that meanwhile the new archbishops of Trieste – Giampaolo Crepaldi - considered a ‘fine theologian’, is originary from the Veneto region? Who took the charge of bishops just in the previous month of October?

>>> How is that meanwhile I am recalling the memory of the Protestant, and Lutheran based Slovenia of Trubar, in The Unhived Mind it is present the historical figure of a very probable fake Calvinist, agent and spy of the Jesuits - Paolo Sarpi?

How is that I the same, without hope, created a thread in old “13” The Unhived Mind forum where I exposed the Calvinist and Waldesian Riccardo Illy, major of the city of Trieste and president/governor of Friuli Venezia Giulia region, as linked with the Jesuits? I wrongly named the thread: “(Fake) Heretics And Traitor-Protestants: The Case, Of Friuli's Governor, Riccardo Illy”, but I should have used the word “calvinist” instead Protestant. An excerpt (Unfortunately they cancelled the page of the link years ago):

“…The illycaffè 2005 quality award was presented to a community of Indian Jesuit monks who run the St. Michaels' Estate plantation in Palamalai, in the region of Tamil Nadu. The community hosts 60 families from the Palears Tribe who devote themselves to growing top quality coffee. They are to use the prize money to renovate the pulping house, where coffee is pulped and dried after harvesting, and to create an education fund.….”
Paolo Sarpi, the ‘Calvinist’ hero of that sort of nest of heretics named “Venice”. But if you read the English page of Wikipedia you don’t find the same interesting information of the Italian page:

“…Dovette (Paolo Sarpi – note of avles) pertanto trasferirsi a Roma dove conobbe e «prese strettissima familiarità col padre Bellarmino poi cardinale, e durò l'amicizia sin al fine della vita», grazie al quale forse poté prendere visione di diversa documentazione relativa alle istruzioni date ai legati pontifici durante il Concilio di Trento..…..”
And here the translation:

“…He should (Paolo Sarpi – note of avles) move to Rome where he knew and «was in very friendly terms with father Bellarmine then cardinal, and the friendship lasted till the end of the life», and thanks to that he maybe could took vision of various documentation related to the instructions given to the pontifical legates during the Council of Trent…”.
Yes, you are right. He is just that cardinal Robert Bellarmine who, together with the other Jesuit cardinal Francisco Ribera, created the Jesuit Futurism. Nice: Bellarmine and the ‘heretic’ of Venice Paolo Sarpi, in very friendly terms till the end of the Bellarmine’s life…..
And notice that the information is given by the brother friar of Sarpi, Fulgenzio Micanzio, the future biographer of Sarpi and excommunicated together with Sarpi. Just only read text & notes.

A possible team work of Bellarmine & Sarpi? From the English Wikipedia we see that Sarpi started to publish “….The anti-papal opinions of the canonist Jean Gerson. In an anonymous tract published shortly afterwards (Risposta di un Dottore in Teologia), he laid down principles which struck radically at papal authority in secular matters….”.
But just in the Italian page you see that S. J. cardinal Bellarmine, with whom Sarpi was in very friendly terms for the rest of his life, attacked just the canonist Jean Gerson on the same problem of the excommunication translated by the very friend Paolo Sarpi in that “Risposta di un Dottore etc.”! Then Sarpi writes an answer to defend Gerson from the attack of his very friend S. J. Bellarmine , a defence whose title is “Apologia per le opposizioni fatte dal cardinale Bellarmino ai trattati et risolutioni di G. Gersone sopra la validità delle scomuniche.” It is the year 1606 and the title sounds about “Apology for the oppositions made by cardinal Bellarmine regarding tracts and resolutions of G. Gersone about the value of the excommunications. The next year Sarpi was excommunicated by the pope! Date: 5th January 1607.

So, putting aside very spectacular attempts of murder, and other choreographed ‘heretic’ activities, what is the true game of deception played by a freshly created Jesuit order and his ‘heretics’?

Let's refresh the memory about Jesuit Cardinal Bellarmine - From Douglas Willinger's Continuing Counter Reformation blog:

Jesuitical Futurism Left Behind

'Futurism' is the idea of a future figure anti-Christ such as a Damien Thorn of the Omen movies' , developed by Jesuits as a distraction from
'Historicism' of the anti-Christ as the historical Roman Catholic Church


By Steve Wohlberg

Pastor Wohlberg currently lives in Fort Worth, Texas. This article is adapted from his recent books, Truth Left Behind and The Left Behind Deception.

Following close behind Francisco Ribera was another brilliant Jesuit scholar, Cardinal Robert Bellarmine (1542-1621) of Rome. Between 1581 and 1593, Cardinal Bellarmine published his “Polemic Lectures Concerning the Disputed Points of the Christian Belief Against the Heretics of This Time.” In these lectures, he agreed with Ribera. “The futurist teachings of Ribera were further popularized by an Italian cardinal and the most renowned of all Jesuit controversialists. His writings claimed that Paul, Daniel, and John had nothing whatsoever to say about the Papal power. The futurists’ school won general acceptance among Catholics. They were taught that Antichrist was a single individual who would not rule until the very end of time.”8 Through the work of these two tricky Jesuit scholars, we might say that a brand new baby was born into the world. Protestant historians have given this baby a name—Jesuit Futurism. In fact, Francisco Ribera has been called the Father of Futurism.

Fool who you want, but not me: under the masque of Calvinist Paolo Sarpi there’s the face of Jesuit cardinal Robert Bellarmine:

(*) In case of problem of memory here my usual ending statement, as it appears for example in the above quoted message on Riccardo Illy of 4th August 2007:
“…“We don’t teach to honour and venerate the virgin Mary and the saints…Or to make out of them images of idols and gods, to pray them for clemency and mercy for the sins in every disgrace, to build them churches, donation offer, all that God, angels and saints severely forbid.
But demons, which assume the image of angels, goddess virgin Mary and saints and appear to ignorant popes, bishops, parishes and monks, to old witches and to the prostitute of the parishes and of the monks, impose them to be bigot, to torment themselves, to fall to the ground,… and to all these people the demons announce that now on this, now on a different mountain, on the field, or in the forest, churches have to be built, in order to bring there donations and to celebrate masses, in order to bring there wealth from everywhere, and every kind of cattle; and if they don’t do that, the goddess Mary and the saints will destroy with lightning all the corn-fields and the vineyards and will kill them with the plague.”
Father Primoz Trubar (father of the modern Slovenia and founder of the Slovenian Protestant Church, 1508 - 1586)..”.

Of course "brother" and not "father" as I wrongly wrote, but the rest is exact!
(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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