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The new anti-levellers crusade of Rome: "God is cleansing Amber Path!"

So it happened. Something had to happen, because they coocked their satanic crap for years and it was impossibile to avoid the smell of the Hell. With the 2010, the 140th anniversary of Porta Pia breach and near the creation of the new only-Roman, without Germans, holy empire of the pope, the servant of Rome, the Masons of the Jesuits, the ‘Calvinists’ of the pope can see finally realized what their efforts were aimed to.

Recently retired archb. of Ljubljana, Alojz Uran:

Today the first news in Slovenia, which monopolized the early evening tv news, was the dismissal of the Ljublijana archbishop and metropolit Alojz Uran. Uran is officially ill and can’t deal with the religious charge of which he is titular. The candidate for the succession are two names. The first is the archbishop of Maribor, Anton Stres. The second the bishop of Murska Sobota, Marjan Turnšek.

Maribor archb. Anton Stres and Murska Sobota bishop Marjan Turnšek. Below: the new archb. of Trieste/Trst/Triest Giampaolo Crepaldi, from Rovigo (Veneto):

This event of course is not a stranger who rushes with violence in a quiet house, but an old friend who enters through the principal door in the most appropriate moment.
On the previous 4th October, a Sunday, hence the day before the first anniversary of the consecration of father Boniface as saint (the priest disappeared on 11th Sept 1946, allegedly by the hands of Tito’s OZNA/UDBA), the new archbishop of Trieste and the archbishop of Maribor held contemporarily solemn functions. The first, Giampaolo Crepaldi, solemny celebrated his appointment as new archbishop of Trieste. The second, Anton Stres, held a mass of blessing for the Slovenian collaborationists of Nazi and Fasicist aggressors of Yugoslavia then liquidated in the first months of the after war Titoist Yugoslavia. At the solemn mass of consecreation of the Slovenian collaborationists as martyrs of Communism, participated also the second candidate for the chair of Ljubljana archbishop, bishop of Murska Sobota, Marjan Turnšek.

President of Italian expelles from Istria "Unione degli Istriani" and president of the European Union of Expellees, Massimiliano Lacota:

Then, some weeks later, at the end of that October, the polemic against the “Communist Slovenia” exploded again from the words of the president of Unione degli Istriani, Massimiliano Lacota, in Trieste. The object of the aggressive polemic was a short self ironic movie about the today’s attitude of the Slovenians about their sad past of struggle against the homicidal Fascist oppression. An aggressive just-in-time polemic which could soil and defamate the Slovenian national holyday celebrated some days later and dedicated to the true father of Slovenia, the Protestant Primoz Trubar.

As red thread joining the puzzle's pieces, the underground symbolic Venetian presence. In the allusion of Massimiliano Lacota to the Italian expellees, who were representing the “high Venetian civilization destroyed by the Slav Communist barbarianism”. In the person of the new archbishop of Trieste, that Giampaolo Crepaldi who is born in the city of Rovigo, a city of that deep, bigot Roman Catholic Veneto. The Venetians are coming back? It is so not strange what is happening today in the Amber Path South, once Adriatische Kuestenland.

The mausolemum for the Slovenian collaborationists of Nazi and Fascist aggressors of Yugoslavia, liquidated by Tito's army, near Maribor, in location Teharje, where archb. of Maribor Anton Stres and assistant held solemn mass for their memory. On the same day of consecration of Venetian Giampaolo Crepaldi as new archbisop of Trieste, on 4th October 2009:

What I announced before, slowly the Vatican and the Jesuits are realizing now. The blood bath they caused among the ethnical groups of Primorje, had the goal to present the church of Rome as “only true victim of the opposed criminal secular ideologies”. With a particular hate especially for the Communist side of that “barbarian civil ethnic war”. It is clear why they have to push the throttle on the level “Maximum hate towards the Communism” and at the same time they are very tolerant (didn’t they consecrated Slovenian Fascism the same 4th October as ‘martyr’ near Maribor?) with the Nazi and the Fascist collaborationists. Because they continue also today with that old “pangermanism vs panslavism” clash, so effective to massacre the entire Amber Path. The Slav must wear the masque of the “barbarian” also today. So the Slav is the responsible for the destruction of the “high Venetian civilization” in Istria of which Massimiliano Lacota is the coryphée in the pathetic media theatre. Because the Vatican cannot return to dominate - without limitations - the “Land of Barbarian Slavs” directly, as happened in those ‘old, good times of Middle Age’. No, Vatican needs a secular masque, possibly with a not-Roman Catholic face. The Venetian masque and its ‘Calvinists’ of the pope like Paolo Sarpi of yesterday and the various ‘counts’ of today are the ideal stuntmen for Rome. The secular servants of Rome with their century skilled deceiving art. For a Protestant born nation as Slovenia, in order to be accepted, who is the best fitted for if not a Calvinist (false) friend?

So the game has been discovered. Don’t try to fool me with the lingerie of that Vatican prostitute, Venice. You can pack her ‘freedoms’ and take back it to your home. Freedom doesn’t value among not equal men. Slav are and remain “barbarians to civilize”. It is implicit that that “civilizing” is aimed to correct their ‘wrong Lutheran past of Trubar’. I give you secular freedom. In exchange renounce to your Lutheran spiritual freedom. Damn! They are not stupid to attack directly Slovenians condemning them for heresy! "Ok guys, let's hide behind an 'heretic' masque!".

So not surely for a casual coincidence, about the same (or the one before or the one after) day when the Irredentist lawyer man Massimiliano Lacota of Unione degli Istriani exploded with his anathema on that very short movie guilty to be the today’s flag of the “hard to die Slav Communists”, on the The Unhived Mind forum it appeared a thread about Calvin, the spiritual father of the Venetian ‘Calvinist’ Paolo Sarpi. In it the post was describing him as one of the “first anti-communist crusaders of history”. John Calvin, like the Venetian ‘Calvinist’ Paolo Sarpi. Another allusion to Venice. Another allusion to the “anti-communist” anathema of Lacota. A case of the destiny?

But I didn’t elaborate the numerological coincidence which are exhibited with the facts of today. Massimiliano Lacota, occult spokesman of the Crepaldi’s and of the Jesuits’ Counter Reformation state reigning in the Italian part of Amber Path South, was surely knowing what he was doing. And probably the same padrinos of that short Slovenian movie played the perfect counterpart of Lacota. Jesuit/Hegelian dialectical deception. So it is not strange that those events, occurred in the previous month, are condensed in a day, the 27th of November, a Friday, probably alluded also by those 27 minutes, the time of that short funny trailer.

Archbishop Alojz Uran was suffering for the heart but we are sufficiently adult to understand that the environmental conditions of his church are a powerful factor of influence on the illness of her members. Now he could be substituted by one of those bishops who blessed the “only true Slovenians, the ones who fought at the side of Roman Catholic Hitler and Roman Catholic Mussolini”. With that 4th October blessing of those ‘true Slovenians’, another step for the ‘Venetization’ and ‘Calvinization’ (with respect for the true and in good faith Calvinists) of Amber Path south was fulfilled. And another spit on the Lutheran past of the Slovenia and on the grave of Primoz Trubar was thrown by Rome.

To anaestethize that “poor ignorant Slovenian peasant who can hail from his barbarianism only in that spiritual hospital named Venetian Civilization”, the new Venetian archbishop of Trieste fooled him again with some sentences pronounced in the Slovenian language, during the solemn ceremony for his taking of the charge, meanwhile in the same day the colleague Anton Stres was praising through the blessing of the corpse of the collaborationists, near Maribor, the same Nazi and Fascist crusade which crushed the heads of the same Slovenians. Of course Rome is a fact of coordination and their demonstrate that Trieste, Maribor, Preussen, America are just only a single village. Consequently the at-the-ceremony of Trieste present parliament member Roberto Menia, (for a coincidence he is the party-colleague of that Enrico Sbriglia, director of the jail of Trieste and famous for having praised the Islamic prisoners), immediately criticized the archbishop for the use of that “barbarian language”. Now Crepaldi is an hero for all the local anti-Fascists and for the Slovenians in Italy. A good old trick which always works – but not with me.

Let's bury Protestant Slovenia with a new Roman Catholic anti-Communist crusade! The fact of Golobivinica and the Irredentist Romanist aggression of Unione degli Istriani to the near Slovenian village of Lokve/Corgnale. Of course with the partecipation of the Communist counter part. In the centre, the defender of the "Venetian civilization of Istria", Massimiliano Lacota with the cross, 'attacked' by the actors of the "barbarian Slavic Communist hordes".:

So when you control the opposite forces you can do what you want with the people. A last important event. As a new Vatican (and ‘Calvinist’) crusade against the today’s Levellers is going to rage in East Europe, Poland of father Kolbe and count Wladimir Ledochowsky couldn’t remain excluded. Recently (a pair of hours ago) president Kaczynski approved a law to imprison people for the possession of a Communist flag. The return of the Anti-Communist crusade as a masque for the restoration of the Vatican empire in Europe is so not a very strange fact. "Let God clean Amber Path!" is their battle cry. It is not a mystery so the fact that Poland follows the bishops of Slovenia and the president of Unione degli Istriani and president of the European Union of the Expellees Massimiliano Lacota famous for his anti-communist Roman Catholic aggressive raids in Slovenia on alleged mass graves of Italians and local “Venetian” alleged victims of the Slav babarianims. Massimiliano Lacota was invited this summer by Poland to participate in a Polish-Ukrainan official governmental manifestation for the resolution of the old question of Polish and Ukrainan expellees. The manifestation was held on the 8/7 September just when the European law condemning the Totalitarianism was discussed in the Slovenian parliament. A pair of day before the anniversary of the disappearing of father Boniface of Istria. And a month before the first anniversary of the consecration of father Boniface as saint. And of the holy mass for the collaborationists in Maribor and for the new Venetian archbishops of Trieste. When the coincidences are too much, they are not coincidences, are the fleeting reflections of a Satanic plan.

Destroy spiritual Amber Path under the masque of the anti-Communist crusade or: "God is cleansing Amber Path!":

Lacota, the picker of Rome

(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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