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The Truth disturbs the minister Frattini

“Triest is ours” disturbs also the foreign Italian minister

The Italian foreign minister Franco Frattini answered to the call of the Unione degli Istriani (Union of Istrians), one among the most powerful organization of Italian “optanti” (the ones who opted for the emigration), which recently severely criticized a Slovenian short movie Trst je naš! (Trieste is ours!).

Frattini expressed surprise on the fact that the RTV Slovenija (public broadcast television) collaborated with the production of this 27 minutes short movie, which will for the first time (premiere) showed Friday in the town of Sežana. (Trst je naš! is born in fact as a production of a project of AGRFT (academy movie) with the co-production of RTV Slovenija).

“Salt on the wounds”

As recalled in the answer of the minister Frattini, we will in the sequent days celebrate the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall; following his opinion, no one should in this occasion joke with the pain and with the victims, which have been suffered by Europe. “With this, he underlines, how much the inhabitants of Istria and Dalmazia suffered the terrible gangs of the Yugoslav’s dictator Tito, the movie add salt on the wounds, which should be healed,” summon the Italian media the Frattini’s statements
The minister answered to the call of Unione degli Istriani which as regard the short movie requested the support of the minister the same. Following the opinion of the president of Unione degli Istriani Massimiliano Lacota, he said that the movie, cause the title which “recalls the slogan, used by the squads of Tito in the occupation of Trieste”, is a provocation.

A big noise for nothing?

Žiga Virc, who Tuesday told in relation with the movie that not yet someone of Unione degli Istriani referred to it, wanted demonstrate with the movie, “how much the young generation look at the ‘outstanding payment’ and to the ponderation on ‘what is ours and theirs’ “. “For this reason the movie is under a certain aspect a parody or better said my different thought on such themes”.

And altough Virc is happy, because the Slovenian movie – which is even a not long movie – could drag such attention from the public, he warns because no one still watched it. “I wish that they see it and then value its meaning. At the end of all we were just many times witnesses of movies which are looking at the historical events from other perspectives – for example the Tarantino’s movie Inglourious Basterds, or movies like My Hitler. This is a subspecies of movie, which don’t deal with historical facts, because now this is the time for that. The new generations wishes to go further”.

A. J.

After having read this Slovenian article about the last boutade of the Vatican Italian government, it is interesting to note that in February 2005 it was released the Italian movie “The heart in the pit” which deals with the question of the Italian expellees and with the alleged mass murders of Italians thrown in the natural holes of the Karst, from the perspective of a strong anti-Slavic phobia (*).
The movie has been created for the Italian television and was not only broadcasted in Italy but also in Slovenia, in order to let the Slovenian people to form an idea about a movie which was in a not too much allusive way describing them as “barbarian murderers of high civilized Italians”. Exactly like at the ‘good’, old times of Timeus’ Irredentism and of the Fascism of the Borders. To note that before the broadcasting of the movie the Slovenian television putted in program a famous documentary of the English BBC about the Fascist crimes in WWII and hence in Yugoslavia. The movie is actually censored in the Land of the Vatican (‘Italy’) except for some pieces recovered by the documentary series of another Vatican channel, the “La7” controlled by Telecom Italia and by the Catho-Islamic friend of Berlusconi Tarak Ben Ammar. The movie “The heart in the pit” was so long that it was broadcasted in two episodes. It is clear that the Apennine peninsula, today II Pontifical reign, is always the same Jesuit Fascist state which pretends arrogantly to describe the others like “primitive criminal beast”. And if the others are just alluding in an indirect way that the word “Italian” sometimes was also synonymous or linked with “war crimes”, there’s no pity for them!

Jesuit-Masonic Irredentist Massimiliano Lacota (**) demonstrates not only that the culture in this Apennine Italic country is a pure genuine product of the Vatican brain which has to manufacture only beautiful and cretin fables as regards the past history of this nation, but also that the same Slovenia, just a Vatican protectorate and a laboratory to resuscitate the Fascist Collaborationist Frankenstein, now is also a land subordinate to the secular government of the Apennine peninsula and to the same its insignificant prime and foreign ministers.

Forgetting for a moment the screams of the minister Frattini, a problem is hitting me as regards the information about the religious origin of the ethnic tragedies in North Adriatic regions/Illyria. I have serious problems in trying to send comments to videos regarding the question of the expellees of Istria and to the videos denouncing the re-birth of subtle Fascist persecution against Slovenians and their history. Jesuit-Masonic censorship under the alibi a “technical failure”?

One thing remains certain: in the "Foiba di Basovizza" mine, transformed in national monument to the victims of “Tito’s barbarian partisans”, 'barbarian Slav-Communist' so 'precisely' represented in that movie “The heart in the pit”, the corpses of thousands of innocent Italians are allegedly waiting since 1954, i.e. since the departure of the Western Allied administration from the Zone A of Triest by them controlled, that an Italian judicial authority could open an inquiry and to order the exhumation of the alleged rests of alleged thousands of innocents, in order to identify them and to further proceed with the common judiciary criminal inquiries against the responsible or, if they are just dead, to clarify the circumstances of an alleged mass murder.

That is imposed by the law.

But 55 years are passed, and till today no one saw neither the least rest of those alleged “thousands of innocent victims”.

Friday, May 8, 2009 ADORERS OF THE DEVIL (Les fleurs du Mal 4)

(**) Day of Reformation, national holyday of Slovenia!
(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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