Sunday, May 17, 2009

Anton the Jesuit

Slovenian Jesuit priest Anton Korošec, prime minister of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenians in 1928-1929:

There was a litany in the Fascist and Nazi propaganda which claimed the artificial nature of the surrounding Slavic nations around Germany and the Latin Italian nation. All that was not entirely wrong, and had so a well justified basic truth at its fundament. The wrong, false, purportedly false and diverting argument of that propaganda was of course regarding the responsible for the building and/or maintaining of such ‘artificial nations’. An actor playing the role of the “responsible” had to be hired. To carry out the tough task, it was chosen the same old historical Jolly, that useful “Jewish jolly” the Vatican and the Jesuits always keep hidden under the sleeves of their dark cloaks.

Of course the Italian extreme nationalism, the Irredentism and the Fascism depicted the Slavic populations as a pure mix of decayed, barbarian genetic discharge of the most advanced Latin and German races. To underline the truthfulness of what they were declaring, every time the Italian state conquered new territories where the presence of Slavic people was significant, an oppressive campaign of persecution and discrimination was performed on such ‘barbarian’ presence. Of course the ‘barbarian’ presence immediately and automatically ignited a ‘barbarian’ reaction. The truthfulness of what the Irredentists and Fascists were (are) declaring was so in front of the eyes of all the world.

But there was a problem. The most warm Italian Irredentists were not shooting only to the ‘barbarian’ Slavic blood. The ‘threat’ to the Italian nation which was considered still amputated from the rest of its body, was coming also from another ‘barbarian’ enemy, the German speaking enemy. Am I wrong or the First World War started also thanks to the Italian betrayal of the “Triple Alliance” (German and Austrian empires and Savoy Italy)? Of course, as it often happens, the most hated and dangerous enemy is not the one the most blamed and cursed. So the Irredentist hate against the ‘barbarian’ blood raged, after the war, nearly exclusively on the Slavic ethnic community. The Slovenian nation was and is a very little ‘nation’. And all that could have provoked a reaction and the return on the stage of the old Hapsburg and German empires, under which the Slavic ‘barbarian’ nations were not persecuted.

They had so to control in a very strict manner a population of two millions of people to avoid dangerous backfire of pro-Austrian and pro-German sentiments. All that was seen by Rome exactly like Dracula sees the holy water. Probably it was due to the fact that the Masonry was considered too much unreliable for the task to control and manipulate the Slovenian society. So the Vatican directly built a nation in the XIX century, the contemporary Slovenian nation.

If you give a look at the recent Slovenian history, you’ll see the overwhelming presence of the priests of Rome in every cultural and intellectual field which built the nation. This is not only an answer to the early Protestant born Slovenian nation of he XVI century. This is not only the lid of the coffin where the corpse of the Protestant Slovenia is enclosed. All that was due – first - to the extreme critical operation afforded by the Vatican and – second - to the necessity to make appear the priests of Rome as the only and true innocent victims of the “past century of bloody clashes among secular ideologies” and so the only guarantee for the peace and dialogue in the future.

Strangled by the 27-year-long Italian Irredentist and Fascist thread from a side, sustained and assisted in the agony by the ‘charitable’ (and opportunist) hands of the Romanist priests from the other side, the social-national Slovenian goym born from the material mould of the wars and ethnical persecutions, received the soul from its Vatican rabbis, who impressed in his body the funding spiritual characters who are shaping the same today’s concept of “Slovenian nation”.

The identity of the today’s Slovenian (Roman) nation are based on the Hegelian/Jesuitical dialectic. Slovenia identifies herself in a negative manner, as a product of a war against the ‘aggressor’. To be Slovenian today means to be born from a war against Italy and Germany. So in the North Adriatic regions, where the German speaking empires had their natural (and strategical) harbour in the city of Trieste, it will for ever exist a silent mine buried and preventing any possible coming back of the old pan-European, by the Protestant Prussia Germany sponsored corridor. When today they are talking of the ancient before-Roman empire age “amber corridor” which, from the coasts of Pomerania was carrying the amber to the coast of Trieste and lately of Aquileia, they are occultly meaning that. Historical arguments, under a nationalist use, are hiding a theological goal. The for-ever buried Amber Path is only the caricatural image of the for-ever buried Protestant Path to the North Adriatic.

The Slovenian mine buried in the North Adriatic regions is very easy to use. Except the supporters of the collaborationist of Nazis (Domobranci etc.), every Slovenian can be instigated today by a sentence well engineered of a Fascist leader in the near Italy. For example the recent words of Constantine knight of the pope Silvio Berlusconi with which he claimed that he and his coalition don’t want a “multiethnic” Italian nation (referred to the immigration from Lybia), immediately have been captured by some near Slovenian journalists who underlined the echo of the Fascist past pogroms against the not-Italian, “ethnically impure presences” to be “cleaned away” from the just conquered North East regions in order to “redeem” them. Keep in mind that the word “Irridentism” comes from the word “to redeem”. A theological origin.

And again, meanwhile the most noisy reaction is aimed to the less threatening enemy, the silence covers the most feared and hated enemy. Who did support the Fascist Italy, after 8th September 1943, a date which signed the start of the most bloody persecutions of the Slovenians in the Litoral and central area? But 'the Germans', and especially those German Austrian who joined the anti-Slavic legions of Hitler to vindicate the destruction of the Hapsburg empire. So is ‘Germany’ the one that saved the anti-Slavic regime of Benito Mussolini and his fanatical Fascist death squads. After the final collapse of the Italian Army in September 1943, and meanwhile the Black shirts were raging on the people of Slovenia, was the German Wehrmacht to support and to protect them. The Fascist brutalities, for the transitive property, invested also the German army and the same concept of “German nation”. But all that will be dealt in another seat.

The Vatican so worked hard for decades in order to prepare the Balkan powder keg as the indispensable counterpart of the other northern powder keg, the Protestant Prussian question. And all that probably well before Evil General Superior Wladimir Ledochowsky appearing on the Counter Reformation battlefield. Ledochowsky simply found the Vatican soil just prepared in order to sow his personal semen of revenge. One of the most important key figures in the Vatican and Jesuits’ Balkan and North Adriatic plots was the Slovenian Jesuit priest Anton Korošec. Born in 1872 and died in 1940, the S.J. Anton Korošec soon became a leader of the Slovenian nationalists. He was consecrated Jesuit priest of Rome in 1895 in the city of Graz/Gradec. When the Hapsburg empire was still existing, he was keenly using the request of an independent national state for the Slovenians to melt it inside a larger federal state including all the s.c. “South Slavic” nations, hence Croatia and Serbia. In 1917 he became the president of the Slovenska ljudska stranka (Slovenian Popular party), the once “CDU” or “Christian Democratic” party of Slovenia. His efforts were aimed to channel the Slovenian nationalism in the larger nationalism asking a common homeland for the South Slavic nations. A difficult task which the pan-Germanistic (and Italian Fascist) threat helped to realize. In 1918, just after the war, the Slovenian Roman Catholic priest Anton Korosec became the vicepresident in the first post war government of the just born monarchic reign of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenians (S.H.S., later “Yugoslavia”). We can imagine why the ‘Orthodox’ Karađorđević allowed a Roman Catholic Jesuit priest to become vice-prime minister. With the most of the probability all that was part of the price of the Serb-Vatican concordat signed a pair of days before the murder of the Hapsburg Archduke in Sarajevo. In 1924 again vice-prime minister of the government. In 1924 and 1927 Interior minister. And finally in 1928-1929, just near before the coupe d’etat of Karađorđević, the Jesuit priest became prime minister of the government of kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenians. For a Vatican coincidence just under his presidency of the government serious troubles occurred between Serbs and Croat nationalist factions, which led to the killing of the founder of the Croatian Peasant party, Stjepan Radić. The reigning house Karađorđević was so kept through Roman Catholic Croatia independency question in a position from where it was easily manipulated by Rome. Used, via plausible Serb-Vatican concordat occult agreements and exchanges, as a trigger to eliminate the no more trustful Hapsburg empire, (an empire controlled by a bloodline of servant of Rome but not so enthusiast to start a war against his German speaking relative, the Protestant Prussia led Germany, for the sake of the Vatican), the Serb bloodline was now going on his (Jesuit) programmed sunset-path, with the strangling thread of the ethnic Balkan conflicts, so skilfully as discretely cultivated by Jesuits like Anton Korošec, well twisted around his neck. Is it finally clear now why the Jesuit fox Anton decided, immediately after he gained the presidency of the Slovenian Popular party, to use all the Slovenian nationalistic ballast as a weight on the plate of the building of a common homeland of Slavic nations historically jealous of their identity?

After the coupe d’etat with which the Karađorđević cancelled the previous constitution of the SHS kingdom (1919) changing its name in “Yugoslav kingdom”, Jesuit Anton, in 1932, welcomed a declaration of Slovenian comrades of his party (by him still ruled) from Styria, the Slovenska deklaracija/Slovenian declaration, with which the oppressive and centralist monarchic and Serb government and kingdom were heavily criticized. The proposal was the building of a large autonomy, which in the accents of the most warm supporter of that document, became a true hymn for the secession. But Jesuit Anton and his Superior Jesuit commanders had nothing else in mind except the preparation of the Balkan reign for its annihilation on the 6th April 1941 and for the consequent bloody occupation by foreign powers as further step for the II Thirty Years war. I leave to you the ruminations about the wonderful timing of the declaration and on the symbolic presence of the “Canon 32” number in the year. What interest is to know that the Vatican-Masonic Irredentist and Fascist daily “Il Piccolo” of the city of Trieste, was the first paper to publish - 31st December 1932 - the outlaw (in Yugoslav kingdom) declaration helping so the comrades of Anton Korošec who were in trouble with the Yugoslav justice.

With the opportune murder of the Serb king in 1934, the Slovenian Jesuit could return home from the judiciary internment in the Hvar island of Dalmatia, where he was sent cause the outlaw Slovenian Declaration. Notwithstanding his more and more strong apparent opposition to the Serb centralism of the kingdom, he returned to the political life supporting the Serb prime minister, Milan Stojadinović, who was a friend of Benito Mussolini and of Fascist Italy. The Jesuits were preparing the hidden mines which would have blew up the monarchic Yugo in 1941, leaving so free road for the Vatican crusade with which to massacre the Orthodox ‘heretics’ and for the violence on the Slovenians which would have for the eternity dug an abyss among the Italian and Slovenian ethnic communities in North Adriatic regions. The Jesuits were so charging the Fascist spring also with the (traitor) Serbian key “Milan Stojadinović”. That spring would then have been released on the just shaped Slovenian national conscience, creating that ‘national character’ which serves the Counter Reformation war today (see my introduction above).

After the fall of Stojadinović government, S.J. Anton Korošec remained in the government with the following prime minister where he, again as interior minister, in 1939, introduced an anti-semite legislation with laws imposing the oblige to give back to the Nazi Germany the Jewish refugees and quotes limiting the entry of Jews in the Yugoslav universities. Slovenian Jesuit priest Anton Korošec: an executor of the Vatican Holocaust too.

The body of the dying servants of the Vatican and traitors of their homeland, the Karađorđević bloodline, was hosting the Jesuit larva for the final, bloody end of the conflict. Counter Reformation and crusade against the last Byzantines (Orthodox Christians) are strictly tied in the Balkans and in the North Adriatic regions, and the Jesuit priest Anton Korošec was among the most important, if not THE most important, connections among those two faces of the Novo Ordo Seclorum.


(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)