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Corno di Rosazzo, Friuli Venezia Giulia.....

The matter is very extent. I don’t know where to start. From the continue sabotages of my works in Internet? Yesterday I posted a comment on Continuing Counter Reformation blog. The day before I posted other three comments about the manipulation of the blog list. Is it the Cyber war of Rome? The new recent comment regarded some interesting considerations about the locality which appears in the right side list and that is associated with my presence in the blog. “Corno di Rosazzo” is a little town of Eastern Friuli Venezia Giulia region I sometime passed through. Near the border with old Yugoslavia. Near the Iron Curtain. The name reminded my of something, but I was not able to identify it in the first moment. Yesterday I had the deja-vu: the little town Corno di Rosazzo is in the same area where the knights of Malta managed trough the ‘white’ and/or ‘green’ partisans the dark but true Novo Ordo Seclorum side of the Resistance against the Nazi-Fascist regime. I remembered so suddenly of the strange (choreographed) suicides of prof. Diego de Henriquez and prof. Perusini. I remembered of their link to the rural enterprise which produces wine and is owned by the Malta order, located just some miles far away from the little town of Corno di Rosazzo.

So I noted that sometimes, in the last times, when I enter in Continuing Counter Reformation blog, I am associated to a server located in Corno di Rosazzo, the town sited near the Sovereign Military Order of Malta’s wine enterprise and estates, the wine producing "Azienda Rocca Bernarda" whose headquarter is located in the near Premariacco town - north of Corno di Rosazzo:

As the order of Malta and its knights are, with the Jesuit order, the true founders of ‘American’ CIA, it will take not long to understand how much the ‘Italian ‘ intelligence of this country is too an arm of both Loyola’s order and Malta’s order. As the servers are important devices to control and spy, it is not difficult to imagine that the most important of them as regard the delicate traffic involved, are located near a probable logistic base of the ‘Italian’ intelligence. The presence of the military order of knights at the service of the papal crusades all around the world, could confirm all that.

But our dear little town of Corno di Rosazzo is confirming all that also with its geographical location. The area, as I mentioned before, was interested by the ‘dirty’ war among different fractions of the Anti-fascist Resistance aka Partisan guerrilla. Of course the strategic importance from a military or solely ideological point of view is evident: some kilometres/miles there, beyond those Eastern hills and low mountains, there were “they”, the ‘atheist’ Reds after 1945 and, if you want to follow the Vatican-Masonic spread historiography, there was the land of the ‘barbarian’ Slavs who “…invaded our Roman civilized lands exterminating all the local population, throwing the people alive in the Karst holes just after their arrival in 568 A.D…..”. In this way, approx., they Slav question was dealt by much of the Italian nationalistic propaganda.

We can fly over the Vatican-Masonic ideological spin then transformed in ‘official’ historiography consisting in the theory of an invasion in Eastern-Central Europe by Slav tribes at the end of the Roman Empire, as some intellectuals and priests belonging to the Vatican-Masonic Camorra then confirm with indisputable elements that the presence of the s.c. “Western Slavs” is dating at least since the beginning of the first millennium before Christ, and not after. Of course the true goal of such poisoned and corrupted historical ‘academic truth’ is to create among the Natives an artificial division from which to cultivate the hate among ‘natives’ and ‘invaders’ alias Latins/Celts and Slavs. Meanwhile they every day are repeating to you that you have no more the right to declare yourself a ‘native’, as you have to kneel in front of the Arab Islamic invasion, in the narrow but important specialized cultural and academic environment the clash among the local and artificially built “natives/invaders” agents is kept well high disguised in the academic dress. An important “Celtic meeting” is held in Trieste every year. What a surprise. It is useful to keep the same true Natives divided and especially doubtful as regards the proper identity, as they have to surrender to the new artificial invasion. Another wonderful example is the near Slovenia, where the clash among the “Immigration of Slavs tribe from Carphatians” school against the “Native origin theory of the Slovenian nation” school is doing its duty to create the necessary cultural and ideological state-of-chaos of which the only beneficiary is Rome.

I told you about the extent of the argument, and I maintained the promise going Out of Topic. All these premises help to understand better the importance of this North Adriatic region and especially the local area related to the argument of this message, the province “Slavia Veneta” and surroundings, or differently named “Benecia”. Benecia is the territory of the Italian state bordering the today Slovenia and once the Yugoslavia federation. The strategic importance of the zone is witnessed by events going far before the arrival of the ancient Romans and even the Greeks. Remaining in the XX century, we see during WWII the ethnic and ideological clash which putted a definitive abyss inside the North Adriatic society and nations, a clash which was trespassing the same front of war, joining for example the ‘white’ Anti-fascist partisan with the infamous Black Shirts of Mussolini in a paradoxical secret alliance in the last year of war against the common enemy, the “barbarian Slavic Communist threat”. The same Nazi German presence here was conditioned by such alliance, as the ‘white’ partisan were agreeing with their ‘enemy’ Fascists, at least with many of them, about the fight against the coming back of a sort of “German empire” till the Northern coasts of the Adriatic. So not only the Counter Reformation, but also the echoes of the war for the papal supremacy on the imperial supremacy were present in such underground, hidden but well real confrontations.

Of course I can’t deepen this topic here too. But are sufficient this simple recalls to ignite the perception of the continue covert Jesuit religious warfare present quite also today in the North Adriatic regions. It is not strange if in the immediate after war the same means to continue this covert war were the ones used to hide it. The true core of Gladio is born here, from the valleys of the Benecia, near Corno di Rosazzo, and is born from the ashes of that alliance “Fascism-of-the-borders together with White Partisans”. Gladio was a terrorist N.A.T.O. organization which terrorized the Slovenian inhabitants of the after war Italian borders. From the hills in the surroundings of Corno di Rosazzo towards the border with Tito’s Yugoslavia, there was a continue traffic of covert special ‘anti-communist’ operations, whose true goal today is very difficult to detect: weakening of the ‘barbarian Slav Communist threat’, or…. Supplying it with a true alibi to justify Tito’s regime? Again I have to stop me about the argument: “underground cooperation among N.A.T.O. Italy and Tito’s Yugoslavia” in the after war and especially after the Comimform’s excommunication. Part of the matter is dealt in other messages of this blog.

So after having drawn these brief historical lines, it is possible to talk of much more recent events occurred among the province of Corno di Rosazzo and the city of Trieste in the seventies. I largely exposed what I called “Carabineers low intensity coupe” here and there in many messages. The true name of that coupe is “Restoration of the Pontifical reign”, which is going on from the immediate after war times to our very days. And one of the pillars of the Sun Tzu diverting strategy used was the “Strategy of the Tension”, a term used for the first time by that Giangiacomo Feltrinelli probably suppressed because no more useful in 1972. Bloody attempts were shocking the country. The attempt which hit the most the society was the bombing of the Banca Nazionale dell’Agricoltura during Christmas 1969. Many other bloody attempts, against Communist rallies or on board of trains, were performed to create the “threat of a neo-Fascist coupe d’etat” and hence a well searched opposite reaction. Many Fascist executioners fled away and were never prosecuted. Fascist terrorists with many commendations to life long detention are now pleasantly doing holyday in the Indian Ocean islands. They are not fugitives. They have been legally released by the ‘Italian’ judicial authorities. Well, this is of course, not simply ‘Italy’, but well true Roman Catholic Pontifical reign. In the Syllabus of Errors of Pious IX you can trace the origin for such a despise for the secular justice.

In the web site of “La Nuova Alabarda”

of Claudia Cernigoj there are some interesting information regarding the Counter Reformation war and the New World Order agenda pursued with the ideological and ethnic clashes in the North Adriatic regions. Unfortunately the Claudia Cernigoj, nephew of the local famous artist Avgust Černigoj, is a Marxist and supporter of the historical Tito’s Liberation movement, so his mind is obstructed by the Marxist ideological firewall of the Intellectual Counter Reformation, a fact that hinders – or at least it appears so – the ability to find the true path of the events linking them with the Romanist spider net. The information quoted in her site are coming from a German writer – Veit Heinichen - who is living since 1997 in the city of Trieste. The guy is the co-founder of the publishing house “Berlin Verlag”. Well, personal choice his new Adriatic home or a covert intellectual artistical mission with an occult agenda?
So also in the North Adriatic primordial cradle of Gladio the Tension Strategy operated. Peteano is a locality about six kilometres far away south from Corno di Rosazzo (Premariacco and Rocca Bernarda are north, about 3 or 4 kilometres far away from Corno di R.; incidentally: aren't the initial letters, the same of R-oman C-atholic, just only inverted? C-orno di R-osazzo?).
So here the sad story of Peteano. In the 31st May 1972, two months after Feltrinelli’s death, four Carabineers, after being alerted by a phone call, inspected a FIAT 500 (beyond the allegoric significance of the car’s name it was a very common machine) and went hit by a bomb placed inside it. Three of them died. Four hooligans went indicted but then released as clearly they were innocent scapegoat to let the time and the shock to pass away. Some Carabineers officials however were involved and went under trial and condemned for judicial forgery. The papal guerillero Feltrinelli was right: “Strategy of the Tension”. And I too - it seems - am unfortunately right: one of those condemned officials was Dino Mingarelli, colonel of Carabineers. The man was the right hand of SMOM general De Lorenzo. General De Lorenzo: former 'anti-fascist' partisan, former head of SIFAR military intelligence, former head of Carabineers and responsible for the rising-again of the army, and head of joint chief of staff of the Italian army. And professional Vatican actor to stage the "Neo-Fascist Carabineers traditional-styled coupe d'etat" named "Piano Solo". The coupe arrived later, in complete different form, on 5th October 2,000....
Ok, later two Fascists, Cicuttini and Vinciguerra, and the latter with a confession, went condemned for the bloody attempt. What interests us is the involvement of the prof. Diego de Henriquez in those facts. The professor was the intermediary between the Nazi troops and the Western allies in the city of Trieste during the falling of the Nazism. The man became later famous in the city as he started to collect not only an impressive amount of uniforms and weapons of the war, but also witnesses and proofs about many important facts related to the Nazi occupation and the Fascist administration. The professor died in a strange fire of the apartment where he was living – the same store of his collection – in 1974, two years after Peteano’s massacre. It was his son, Alfonso, the man who exposed how the material responsible of the attempt of Peteano were “exploiting” the professor. The professor, after the attempt, realized about who were the true responsible for it, and identified them in those Fascist guys “so much involved with the hobby of the weapons” and hence so naturally dragged by a man – he the same – who built a very impressive collection of first and second World conflict weapons (today an official Museum). Innocent and unaware or not, the involvement of the professor in the Strategy of the Tension is indisputable. It was surely not an accident the fire which killed him. The telephone number of the son was suddenly changed the same night, so no one could have warned him about the just occurred tragedy. In order to let the intelligence to predate every framing element?

What matters here is not to deepen the possible true reason which led to the death of Diego de Henriquez. The connection with the Corno di Rosazzo goes through a letter sent to the judicial authorities with which the death of De Henriquez is linked with another one mysterious death, the strange death of professor Perusini in 1977. Allegedly died in an “homosexual sex game”, his case was darkened by the Jesuit-Masonic judicial mafia of the Trieste’s Tribunal. The prosecutor didn’t ask for an autopsy which was executed only after seven months. In 1988 a Carabineers’ official (evidently one of the ingénue ones), investigated about crimes related to the Museum built on the weapons’ collection of Diego de Henriquez and putted them in connection with the Perusini’s mysterious death. The military was immediately ordered to stop the inquiries, was promoted and sent in another part of the country. Amen. The investigations definitively stopped there. The strange deaths of Henriquez, Perusini, the case of the Museum went never touched and definitively buried in the offices of the Tribunale di Trieste, a building linked with underground tunnels with the Jesuits’ International Youth Centre of Villa Ara.

Shortly before to die, just a month before, professor Perusini did his will. He was a rich man and possessed estates and a rural farm two kilometres far from Corno di Rosazzo town, in the municipality of Ipplis. Hence eight kilometres far from the Peteano’s scenary of the bloody massacre of four Carabineers occurred five years before. The rural enterprise and estates producing wine were the Rocca Bernarda firm or “azienda” in Italian language. Rocca Bernarda is also the name of the little town where are located the estates. The beneficiary of his will was the Roman Catholic Sovereign Military Order of Malta which inherited nearly all the estates and the wine society of Perusini. Perusini was not a member of the order, but the keeper of his estates is considered, by a source cited in the site, a member of the order (probably a fiduciary). After the death of Perusini, and with the new propriety, the keeper remained there. During the war the estates were used to held meetings with part of the Anti-fascist resistance, the “Partisans”. It is not mentioned the fractions of the Resistance which took part to the meetings. But as regard the ideological milieu of the characters of this events, you go not far from the reality if you imagine the Perusini’s estates as the headquarter of the secret alliance between the anti-communist White fraction of the Resistance and the Fascist fraction of the Nazi-Fascist regime who was aware of the fate of their Roman Catholic Fuehrer and Duce and were ready to afford a new situation in the near future, after the unavoidable defeat, a future engineered under the sign of the “Slavic Communist threat”. On the mountains you had them, the ‘reds’ or “the threat”, in the plan the ‘whites’ or: “the saviours”. North East Adriatic regions are the true cradle of fifty years of that Novo Ordo Seclorum hoax called “the Cold War”. The Communist revolution, pushed forward by the Red Partisans, threatening the aristocracy of the wine, their estates and their status, was nothing else than a provocation to gain the desired effect. The threatened aristocracy hired so the White partisans to fight the Reds. And doing so they pushed forward the Novo Ordo Seclorum agenda of the Vatican and the Adriatische Gegenreformation Krieg Heute.

The argument will be further dealt in other messages. The little town Corno di Rosazzo was till the early 1990s seat of a software company which produced the Commodore software “Real 3D”. The events related to the above events are also linked with my Album online “Future ‘14’ Sect crimes”, an album whose is accessible with my password but it is impossible to upgrade or to correct errors, at least in some pics. See the pics from the 39 to 41 and the near others. The caption quoting the web page of “La Nuova Alabarda” and containing an error (I substituted De Henriquez with Perusini) practically is not possible to modify, even after having wrote the right version and clicked on “Save”. Cyber war of the Counter Reformation?

(to continue)

Roman Catholic Sovereign Military Order knight

Giovanni De Lorenzo

“......After the 8th September 1943 Giovanni de Lorenzo became member of Italian Antifascist resistance (= the "Partisans") and operated in the occupied Rome, with the role of commander of “Centro R” of the Servizio Informazioni Militare (SIFAR, military intelligence), so entered in direct and reserved link with the top of the CLN and CLNAI (the top military control and direction of entire Antifascist resistance in Italy), from which many very important exponents of the Republican post war Italy came...”. (source: Wikipedia Italian page on gen. Giovanni de Lorenzo)

"Member of the Masonic lodge 'Giustizia e Libertà' of Gran Loggia di Piazza del Gesù" (source: the same above)

"Banca dell'Agricoltura Dec. 1969 Massacre" - Thirteen dead like the thirteen flames on the Carabineers' forehead?

1972 Massacre of Peteano (near Corno di Rosazzo - R and C stand also for Regi Carabinieri or Royal Carabineers):

(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)