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1918 - 1947: Poland-ization of Slovenia

Maks Rejc was a founding member of the Slovenian Antifascist guerrilla TIGR of the Adriatic Slovenian coastal region. T.I.G.R. was the acronym for “Trst, Istra, Gorica, Reka” (“Triest, Istria, Gortz and Reka/Fiume, the city of Istria/Dalmatia). His fate and the fate of his organization TIGR, is a perfect example of the “Polandization” of Slovenia, a process then the Vatican will repeat in the most famous country of North East Europe. Fascism and Bolshevism were two blades of the same shears which beheaded the leading elite of the Slovenians, especially the ones of the Adriatic Coastal region or “Primorje”. There were different reasons for the Loyola’s boys to realize such a desert. One was pertaining to the tactical political and ideological preparation of the field, which should have in the future accepted only the trustful Marxist ‘atheist’ elite and so it had to be ‘cleaned’ by every kind of competitor for the chair of the command. But the most important reason is the theological one. As later in Poland the Ledochowsky’s Red and Black troops will ‘purify’ the society by the most cursed “liberal, modern” elements, so it happened in Slovenia and especially in the Primorje/Coastal region. For the Vatican and the Jesuits the true enemy is not only located outside their church-nation, but well also inside. Roman Catholic liberals were, are and till the end of the Romanist Harlot will represent a very dangerous threat for the existence of the church. A Roman Catholic liberal is considered by Rome a deadly danger as he is the healthy carrier of the ‘heretic’ Protestant ‘virus’ whose collateral effect is just the “liberalism”.

With the arrival of the Italian reign in the Primorje/ Adriatische Kuestenland/Adriatic Coastal region it immediately started a Calvary of torments for the annexed Slovenian populations. Violence and oppressions were the daily bitter bread. With the year 1927 every school, association, institution, etc. of the Slovenians were shut down by Mussolini’s Fascists. The use of the Slovenian language was forbidden in the open places. If you were discovered to speak in that language you were beaten, sometimes to death. For evident reasons only in the Roman Catholic rites inside the Slovenian churches it was tolerated a certain use of the maternal, national language. The purpose (of course not declared !) of the religious creators of the Fascism was just the instigation of the riot in the submitted Slovenian population. And the consequent eradication of the Slovenian cultural, intellectual, political and economical elite. Doing so Fascism was preparing the arrival of the next blade, the Bolshevism, which would have found a population decimated as regard the elite, but anxious to find a saviour in order to fight the hated Italian oppression. So, from the initial beginning of the Italian occupation till the instauration of the ideological Marxist monopoly on the military resistance by the Slovenian Communist party – part of Yugoslav Communist party - the native Coastal Slovenian society developed a natural form of resistance, not politically defined, embracing a various numbers of ideologies and political tendencies, and as the society was Roman Catholic, it contained of course a decisive presence of Roman Catholics in it. But TIGR was not confessional. And just this feature confirmed to Rome that the “Protestant generated germ of Liberalism” was infecting also her beloved Slovenian cattle. Should have been destroyed that cattle which was considered the “healthy carrier” of modernism, before it could have infected the rest of the inner bigot Roman Catholic Slovenia and, who knows?, also the Koroška/Kärnten and Štajerska/Steiermark regions of Austria?

Naturally it had to be destroyed. The head of TIGR Antifascist clandestine guerrilla was beheaded by the Fascism in those two decades of painful occupation before WWII, the "Ventennio Fascista", with the death, with imprisonment, with the exile. It survived just the low level organization, ready to be absorbed in the Communist womb as obedient, passive and controlled soldiers. But also some of the former heads of the TIGR became members of the Tito’s Liberation army and one of these ones was doctor Maks Rejc. There they didn’t have lucky. What the Jesuit Fascists could not realize, it was fulfilled by the Jesuit Bolsheviks. So Maks Rejc was ‘liquidated’ by an order of the Commuinist military head of the Coastal Tito’s Liberation army brigades, doctor Aleš Bebler. Bebler was a fanatic Bolshevik, he participated to the Spanish war and lived, before to partecipate in the Antifascist war of Liberation in Slovenia, in Paris and in the Soviet Union. It is very probable that doc Bebler was not aware of the great game thanks the ideological automatic quarantine elaborated by his ideological dialectic materialist firewall, deeply rooted in his mind. The Marxist firewall was only the disguised terminal of the Jesuit Counter Reformation theology. Jesuit trained Karl Marx programmed it in order to obtain well defined answers from the subject treated with it, automatic answers which let the Jesuitical war to use those men like obeying androids. But surely we will have some surprises from the next higher level which was in touch with doc Bebler, a level with names such as Kardelj, the right hand of Tito. As you climb the higher stocks of the Bolshevik pyramid (and other pyramids), you encounter androids with more refined firewalls in their head, till the point where the firewall let the direct communication with the ones who control it and without to cause an alarm in the system. Tito and Kardelj are the perfect candidates for such level of the pyramid.

Maks Rejc

Maks Rejc or, better, doctor Maks Rejc, graduated in law in Beograd where he lived in exile as he fled Fascist Italy. Also from this point of view you can see how much the Fascism was an idiot product of Rome. Built to destroy the “Bolshevik threat”, it used the “national alibi” of the “defence against the Slavic barbarian blood” to justify an irrational battle against the Communists and so even the betrayal of the first goal. A discerning policy of occupation should have advised the Italian authorities to use the local not- and anti-communist Slovenian parties in the role of a barrier against the Bolshevik threat. Exactly as it was used successfully many times all around the world by occupants whose goal was the annexing of a territory. Fascism used some of them, but just the most cruel, bigot anti-communist forces, in order to instigate even more the population to join the Communist resistance. With such a bloodbath it was normal and for real the "Commies", in certain aspects and not considering the bloody top Communist elite with their NWO goals, were the saviour! After WWII it is indisputable the the Communists built a fame of "saviours" partially founded also on true and sincere elements. So, only analyzing all the post-war mythology of the Communism, you can understand the true reason for which Fascism built or better, was used to build, the “collaborationist” native Fascist forces.
Fascism was a body without a brain, a tool for the Vatican and this explains the contradictions.

Of course after the 6th April aggression of Nazi-Fascism to monarchic Yugoslavia doc Maks Rejc did the possible to join the military efforts to fight it. But all those military Bolshevik Antifascist efforts had also another important goal, to ‘liquidate’ the cursed ‘heretic’, liberal Roman Catholic elite of Slovenia, especially of the Coastal region. And Maks Rejc who many times escaped from the capture of the Italian Fascist police, finally found his fate with the homicidal orders of the Communist, ‘Antifascist’ doc Aleš Bebler.

Aleš Bebler

The book “Tigrovci and Partja” (“TIGR guerrilla and the party”) of Tatjana Rejec (published by “Slovenska Matica”) analyzes the once relations between the survived members of the TIGR guerrilla, especially the heads of it, with the Communist party directing the Antifascist resistance during the most cruel years of the war. The work is centred on the figure of doc Maks Rejc and it supplies the reader with the evidences which put the finger towards the head of Communist partisans of the Coastal region "Primorje", doc Aleš Bebler, as the true responsible for the ‘liquidation’ of doc Rejc. The reasons of the murder showed by the author are typically ideological ones. Tatjana Reiec righteously establish that Maks Rejc was murdered because he was considered – as the Bolsheviks love to say - a “dangerous idealist, a little bourgeois, objectively an enemy of the revolution and of the working class and a supporter of the democracy which is the capitalists’ tyranny”
We can do another step now and after having followed the however valid path of Tatjana, we must enter in the upper, theological sphere embracing that murder and surrounding it, as the other 80 millions of assassinations from 1914 to 1945, with its deceiving ‘ideological reflections’ that are filling the narrow cultural horizon with ideological ‘secular’ mirrors. You can well translate the slang of the Marxist Mafiosi, and without using hermetic terms you can well say that doc Maks Rejc was murdered just because he was one among the exponents of the cursed, liberal Roman Catholic Slovenian ‘heresy’ hence a target of the Jesuits’ Second Thirty Years war in Eurasia (1914 – 1945).

Doc Maks Rejc, during the exile and before to join the Communist resistance of Tito, produced some works where he denounced the essence of a tyrannical regime, whatever could have been the colour of it. He blamed the fact that the tyrannical method was infecting also the ones who were trying to oppose to the tyrannies of his times. Ingenuous thoughts as you want, but they betrayed a very sincere liberal soul and a true love for freedom. Of course he was a natural Freedom Fighter, as he lived many years of peaceful relations with the Italians, Friulans, Austrians in the Adriatische Kuestenland. Before the arrival of the Irredentist and Fascist plague which spread the Jesuitical syphilis of the ethnic hate, of course. He observed that the impressive spreading of the Nazism and Fascism in Europe was due to a request of order and of a preventive defence against the communism and the atheist Bolshevism. We can’t give to those affirmations the right weight living in our days. In those days those sentences revealed that Nazism, Fascism and from the other side Bolshevism and Communism were mutually legitimizing themselves in a global occult religious oppression gaining benefits only for the Vatican. In a region, the Slovenian "Primorje", where the Counter Reformation war would have used the Fascist oppression to push then people to embrace the Communist guerrilla, those thought were too much dangerous because were revealing the great, bloody Jesuit “great game” of a general continental religious massacre. And the revealing statement is given to us by Tatjana Rejec who, after having analyzed some of the statements of Maks like the ones above, is saying:

“……If Maks Rejc did eight years later among the Partisans in his encounters with Bebler –obsessed by the desire to realize the Communism in Slovenia at every cost – support only one tenth of his ideas, which he developed in his works, his sad destiny will appear more comprehensible to us…..”

Pic below, from “Muceniska pot” or “the Path of the Martyrdom”, a collection of pictures about the Fascist an Nazis Massacre in Slovenia: Ljubljana bishop, Dr. Grgorij Rožman, passing his respects to the High Commissary Grazioli, April 20. 1941

Father Saint Maximilian Kolbe's Depiction of WW2: “God is cleansing Poland”

Wlodimir (Vladimir) Ledochowski's Deranged Visions of a Divine Polish Mission?!

Wlodimir (Vladimir) Ledochowski's Goal Predicted by Maximillian Kolbe in 1938?

Les fleurs du Mal

(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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Where's the Jew?

In 1561 the Slovenian Protestant Primoz Trubar, the founder of the Slovenian Protestant church, was living in exile in Germany, where he fled in order to escape the persecution of Rome, a persecution embodied in the figure of the bishop of Ljubljana, Urban Textor. As Trubar was influenced early by the Swiss Reformers, namely Zwingli, he had to defend himself from the accuses, coming from not identified mouths, to be a ‘deviant’. At those times, the many different Christian cult not submitted to the pope were also in mutual competition if not in open fight. The division inside the same Christendom world having the common enemy in the false church of Rome was a question of life or death for both the Vatican as well for the Anti-Vatican front. As the Romanist enemy loves to infiltrate the enemy front disguising his appearances with the false dresses of a possible “theological friends” (and if we follow the life of Primoz Trubar we can perceive that the future Jesuit’s evil oath was well realized before to be formally written), the paranoia and the suspicion arose very fast inside the anti-Romanist front. So Trubar, he too involved in such turbulent religious total battle, couldn’t avoid to confront himself with this aspect of the war for the emancipation from the Vatican Harlot. He published, in order to demonstrate he was not a secret disciple of Zwingli, a booklet in which there are enlisted all his previous publications and a brief relation about their content. The book was purposely written in German language and was assuring just the German reader about the content of all his previous works written in a foreign language, the Slovenian language. Primoz Trubar was the first man in absolute to publish works in Slovenian language destined to a large public, becoming so the true father of the Slovenian national identity, a Protestant identity then erased by the Order of Loyola. The booklet was entitled “List and content of all Slovenian books, which have been published by Primoz Trubar till the year 1561”.

When you read the preface of Trubar to his book you see immediately a fact. First, the book was dedicated to the German nobility who helped him in his Christian mission, letting him to publish tens and tens of books in Slovenian language, a foreign language for the Germans! In fact the above work of 1561 is the first work written in German language by the founder of the Protestant church of Slovenia! Second, the “absence”. I ask pardon because I should be more correct. In fact I can’t read the entire preface, as I have not at disposition that book. But I can read excerpts from it reported by Jozko Humar in his “Primoz Trubar rodoljub Ilirski” (“Primoz Trubar patriot of Illiria”), and from those excerpts which are very clear and not disputable, you find an absence. What kind of absence? To understand what I am meaning you must consider that notwithstanding Martin Luther was just dead from fifteen years, notwithstanding Primoz Trubar was living in Germany for just thirteen years, notwithstanding the allegedly to Luther attributed anti-semite booklets should have been published at least about two decades before, the Protestant Primoz Trubar doesn’t seem to realize the importance of the war against the Jews, in the terms as Martin Luther allegedly should have intended in (allegedly) his anti-semite publications, a war that for a strict logical reason, should have been more urgent, more important than the one against the evil papacy. It is in fact emblematic that in the Wikipedia page about Luther and his ‘anti-semitism’, you can read a very interesting excerpt attributed to Martin Luther:

„Ein solch verzweifeltes, durchböstes, durchgiftetes, durchteufeltes Ding ist’s um diese Juden, so diese 1400 Jahre unsere Plage, Pestilenz und alles Unglück gewesen sind und noch sind. Summa, wir haben rechte Teufel an ihnen.“

„Wenn ich könnte, wo würde ich ihn [den Juden] niederstrecken und in meinem Zorn mit dem Schwert durchbohren.“

„Jawohl, sie halten uns [Christen] in unserem eigenen Land gefangen, sie lassen uns arbeiten in Nasenschweiß, Geld und Gut gewinnen, sitzen sie dieweil hinter dem Ofen, faulenzen, pompen und braten Birnen, fressen, sauffen, leben sanft und wohl von unserm erarbeiteten Gut, haben uns und unsere Güter gefangen durch ihren verfluchten Wucher, spotten dazu und speien uns an, das wir arbeiten und sie faule Juncker lassen sein … sind also unsere Herren, wir ihre Knechte.“
On 24th August 1349 those 'Knechte' wiped away 6,000 of those 'Herren' from Mainz without problem.
So it is evident how much the total war between Protestantism and the false church of Rome could not avoid to involve the Jews. For all the life long Martin Luther has been persecuted by the Roman Catholic church. If he would have been putted at the stake it would have happened by an order of the Inquisition Tribunal, not by an order of a Rabin despite his hate towards the Jews. To be coherent with the Counter Reformation antisemite vulgata on Martin Luther, you should conclude: Did the 'charitable' church of Rome, with all his infinite hate against the Reform, support in this way that 'Jewish liar' trying, with her implacable war against the Protestantism, to destroy Luther and hence his alleged 'proto-Nazi' anti-semitism?
Evidently the contradictions are too much developed in order to present the s.c. 'proto-National Socialism' of Luther in a coherent and plausible light. The armies which were threatening the Protestant reigns were Roman Catholic ones and surely not Jewish armies. Martin Luther showed also a certain obscure side of his personality when he pushed the Protestant armies to eradicate the rebellion of the peasants without pity. And surely the greatest weight on the balance for such a decision was the conviction that the “Peasant’s riot” could have been also purposely instigated with the secret goal to destroy the credibility of Martin Luther in front of the Protestant nobility and/or in front of the peasants the same. A sort of "dirty war" inside the enemy front as the many ones occuring today. It remains so a mystery the absence of material measures against the by-Antisemite-booklets-declared Enemy Within N° 1, the Jews. Is it maybe starting from that date that Counter Reformation propaganda by which there are the 'Jews' who should have instigated the 'riots' hence today the 'revolutions'? Was this the true reasons for which the Jesuits chose an alleged "Jew blooded revolutionary", Lenin, in order to continue with that vulgata? Why did Luther describe the Jews as “the greatest enemy of the Germany in the last 1,400 years” meanwhile he had under his eyes their true condition, i.e. to be living being at the mercy of every power? Such sentences went 500 years later picked up by the Roman Catholics at power in Germany whose first hurry was the signing of a concordat with the same church of the Antichrist. Such sentences went used then to led the nation behind a bait with the face of a Jew painted on, straight towards to a total, planned, engineered bloody defeat. All that is sufficient to reveal the true theological hand which wrote those words and explains very well that absence in the preface of the Trubar’s booklet:

“…. Also in the future we shall not (I and my assistants) print any naïve or useless work, anything of fantasy, schismatic, subversive,…..rather only that which is useful for the diffusion of the true Christian church, for the eternal redemption of the oppressed, sad, poor Slovenian and Croatian people, who are tormented by the Turks and by the Antichrist (the pope), and also for the conversion of the Turks.
Your Grace did fight many times with weapons against the Turks….But only now the secret divine wisdom led Your Grace in this country and used him for a different Christian army, namely to join us and together us, poor and simple preachers and translators, publicly to fight with written and oral decisive divine word against the Antichrist and the empire of Mohammed….”.

Where’s the Jew? Can you see him?
In the preface of his booklet Trubar continues to underline the importance of the battle against the oppression coming from Rome and from the Turks or the Islam. He speaks even about the “conversion of the Turks”. But the war against the Jews is absent despite he is living from thirteen years in Germany where the alleged Luther’s booklets have been issued from many years. When Primoz Trubar was studying with the bishop Bonomo of Trieste, he spent some years of his youth in this city where the hate towards the Jews was increasing till the point that some years before his arrive the council of the city was constrained to issue a decree to protect them from the assault and from the troubles of the mob. The Jews at those times had the complete monopoly in the financial activity of the city thanks a decision of Rome and not for their alleged "perfidy". An alleged threat to the Christendom coming from their work and their religion would have been surely noted by the future Protestant Father of Slovenia. The fact that their activity was absolutely not a danger for the Catholic establishment was assured just from that continue threat of persecution, which would have rendered void any king of financial contract simply with the ‘Christian’ ‘legality’ of a lynching. What else better mean to declare void a contract with a Jew if not a ‘good’, ‘old’ pogrom? The Jesuit trained and probably false Jew Karl Marx told you that the “legal right is written on the top of a gun barrel” and the Jews knew well that gun called “Roman Catholic mob”. Martin Luther (and Primoz Trubar) knew also well the truth but someone tried to change his idea after his death and all that manipulation continue today also in the Slovenian modern nation.


For this reason a great importance is assigned to the approval in the Slovenian parliament, of the European Resolution for the European Conscience and against all the Totalitarianisms. On 7th September 2009 in a exceptional session of the Slovenian parliament it started the discussion to accept the European Resolution. Of course the Slovenian resolution which would accept the European one inside the legal body of the country has been postponed. The discussion for this New World Order Vatican dogma is needed as a sort of icebreaker in order to destroy the ‘taboo’ which are shaping the Slovenian soul since the end of the war. Those ‘taboo’ are the acceptance of the Roman Catholic Fascist collaborationism as integral forming part of the today Slovenia. The discovery of the rests of alleged ‘victims’ of Tito’s violence, rests of criminal collaborationists and Ustasha presumably executed just immediately after the end of the war, mixed with the rests of innocents murdered just only because opponents to the ideology of Tito’s incoming regime, are clearly engineered in coordination with the Vatican Masonic lodges ruling the near province of Trieste, as I started to expose in my “Les Fleur du Mal”. Of course the goal of such ‘discovery’ (it is well clear that they knew perfectly the existence of such mass graves just from the moment in which the corpses went buried there) is not aiming to finally threw the right light on the true secret goals of Tito’s Communist regime but the opposite, to cover more and more the secret masters of Tito’s Yugoslavia, under the smoke of the “commemoration of all the victims” of the war without distinction among ‘aggressors’ and ‘victims of that aggression’. So the Vatican ideological icebreaker called “European Resolution on European Conscience and against Totalitarianism” will help to defreeze the alien monster of the Roman Catholic Slovenian collaborationism, for 70 years long paralyzed in the ices of the cold-war. The Communists have well served the Vatican in their usual disguised way in Slovenia for all those long post war decades, eradicating the least sign of true sincere Christian spirituality, preserving only the formal exterior bigot rituals of the church of Rome (of course guaranteed in his cult rights by atheist Yugo) and spreading Romanist materialism under the usual Jesuit-Marxist ‘scientific’ disguise. Now they are no more useful, they are only old Jesuitical junk to be scrapped, bye bye Marxists. On the stage now, the secular Masonic newscasters of the Vatican, the various Boruth Pahor, Janez Janša, etc., are announcing the return of the old ‘star’ of the Counter Reformation. This is really an epochal event which only the European Union could realize. Those Slovenian collaborationists were freely and voluntarily supporting that Austrian Roman Catholic who loved to show to you the true way of salvation writing it over the entrance of those camps of ‘purification’: “(good) works set you free”. And were supporting that Italian Roman Catholic tyrant who, in 1938, adopted the same laws of his Austrian disciple in a joint effort to extirpate the cursed blood of David from the face of earth.


Consequently it is not strange that in the last years, and all that even if and in spite of in Slovenia you don’t have such a massive presence of Muslims like it happens in the other European Western countries, they have decided also to build a big Islamic mosque and of course they chose the centre of Ljubljana for the location, the same city which five centuries ago welcomed with enthusiasm the return of the exiled Protestant Primoz Trubar .
The rehabilitation of the murders of Jews, of the spiritual nephews of Balkans Handzar division and their anti-semite version of ‘protestantism’ (the only ‘protestantism’ they can tolerate and they impose with the deception, the lies and the violence to the true Protestants) is another stab of the Jesuits in the back of the Reform and to the figure of the only and true father of the once Protestant Slovenian nation, Primoz Trubar.

Where's the Jew?

Roman Catho-Islamic Steel pact of today, fed with the poisonous Jesuit lies of yesterday:

(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)