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Fatti di Luglio 1868

The book “Okoličanski Bataljon - Fatti di Luglio 1868” (“Facts of July 1868”) has been written by Josip Merkù, a native Slovenian of Trieste. J. Merkù was a functionary of the Italian Central bank, an institution completely controlled by the Vatican. Just think to the actual Jesuit trained governor Mario Draghi. Or to the former governor, the Jesuit trained Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, who was also President of the Italian Republic, prime minister in 1993, and a former member of the anti-fascist resistance during WWII. Notwithstanding the perfect alignment of rip J. Merkù with his master, the Vatican, he remained a sincere Slovenian and really loved his nation. The work he wrote was published only 18 years after his death in 1984, of course. It was prudent to let some years to pass under the bridge of the building of this new only Roman no-more German ‘Holy’ papal European empire. His work of course has been written by a mind and a soul totally unaware of the Vatican New World Order. But maybe just for this, just cause a sincere devotion to his homeland and to a (probable) ingénue admiration to the same (false) church of Rome, we owe to this man the revelation of some important details of the Jesuit Adriatische Gegenreformation Heute.

In the city of Trieste of the XIX century, the Vatican and the Jesuits were starting to refine their total war to the Protestant ‘heresy’ and were preparing the incoming of the next ‘Fuehrer’ of the Loyola order, general Wladimir Ledochowsky. Hapsburg were guilty: they were the last heirs of the ancient damned Holy Roman-German empire privileges on the temporal administration of the church’s territorial power. To destroy their secret but hated enemy, the empire and bloodline, Rome chose anot conventional strategy. First, the Harlot used to disguise herself with the dresses of their enemies, the ‘liberals’ and the ‘anticlericals’, in order to confuse the future victim. The Porta Pia’s breach was the requested emotional imprinting. Second: as it was impossible to start immediately a sequence of secessionist anti-imperial movements inside the existing Hapsburg empire, Rome keenly pushed with the 1815 Vienna Treaty the borders of it to enlarge till the point to embrace lands where the anti-Austrian hate and national pro-independence movements has been just manufactured, packed and ready for the use. “If the guerillero doesn’t go to the enemy, push the enemy to reach the guerillero”. Conquering the Centre-North Italy the Hapsburg shipped on board of their empire the nationalistic autonomist gasoline which would have fired all the populations living in it. Don’t they do the same today with the European Union and with North America, constrained them to embark on board the future gasoline of the immigration invasion which will put at the stake the same ships? History repeat itself and sometimes it is like a physical phenomena. But you can’t repeat it as you want because it doesn’t exist a laboratory for such a task. You have to learn very fast from it and to start to defend yourself.

From that book I chose an interesting revealing excerpt. It confirms the Vatican religious war for the destruction of the Hapsburg empire and its not-conventional, very modern there applied strategies. The further and even more important goal, was the Protestant Prussia. The frequent use of the term “Pangermanesim threat” among the Irredentists of the peninsula speaks clear that the true target was the religious destruction of any other not-submitted to Rome religion, especially the “pangermanistic” Protestantism – as history witnesses.
The excerpt is referring to the seat of the city council of Trieste. Notice that the official language was the one of the empire, the German one. But soon the troubles started. The ‘Liberals’ fighting for the secession, always opposed to the use of the Slovenian language in the council, even if it was representing a city with, yes, a large Italian majority, but it was representing also a surrounding land with an equal number of not-Italians. Among the ‘liberal’, ‘anticlerical’ Italians of the council there was Riccardo Mauroner, another man with the ‘divine’ Irredentist mission to purify the land from the not-Italian “barbarian blood”. Well, if you want to search the roots of the annihilation of the Italian presence in Istria and Dalmatia by the hands of Tito’s army, the roots of the Poland-ization of the Italian truly liberal Roman Catholic Italian cultural elite of East Adriatic Balkan coasts, you have found it, in the implacable anti-Slavic hate of the Masonic, Jesuitical nephews of Giuseppe Mazzini.

Pages 10 – 11:

“….The liberals for the first time occupied the room of the government of the city of Trieste seven years before (1861) and in consequence of it immediately appeared industrious incentives in every area which could have served the goals of the Liberals, hence also in the school area.

In the session of the municipal government of 12th May 1868, some days before the proclamation of the new school law, the member of the city council Riccardo Mauroner proposed that the teachers should attend to the Corpus Domini procession; he hoped for the use of the (Italian –my note) words ‘bene’, ‘bravo’ as regard the approval.

In the education field the administration of the municipality was just ready to prepare the teachers for their assignment to the schools in the city, in the surrounding and for necessary procedures to appoint new ones.

The address of the pope in June 22 against the Liberal Austrian law (which paralyzed the concordat) strengthened among the Liberals the anticlericalism. In Austria, especially among the farmers, the faith and its exponents is a matter of facts; this circumstance expanded the hate towards the Slovenians, who were in great majority farmers. In Italy there were the preparations for the “Porta Pia’s breach” which occurred some years later. The city of Trieste was just at those times practically Italy. So tells G. Cèsari: “…Meanwhile the Vienna Treaty of 1815 was assuring to Austria the predominance in Italy, at the same time it involuntarily favoured the unitary principle (i.e. unity of Italy – my note)..” --- “..It was a pure genuine Italy all that territory submitted to the Empire and depending from it: Tuscany, duchies, Veneto, Julian Region and – once – Dalmatic coastal region..”. Just in 1913, little before the beginning of the first World War, there were living in Trieste 39,000 “regnicoli” (i.e. from “regno” = “reign” – my note), in other words Italians (of the Savoy reign – my note), without Austrian citizenship, of whom well 936 ones were employed by the municipal city administration…..”.

So we have here another very important element, the missing fulfilment - by the Austrian authorities – of the Austrian concordat consisting in that ‘liberal’ cursed law limiting the influence of Rome in the educational Austrian system. It is clear that the super-Italian city of Trieste and its purposely ill-aimed and by Romish-Masonic intellectuals deliberately corrupted Italian national sense was the hidden dagger that Rome was enlarging and tempering every day the more inside the breast of the same hosting enemy, the Austrian empire. On the blade of this dagger the Romish-Masonic agents of the Vatican would have spread the ethnic hate so patiently cultivated by Rome after centuries of occult priestly domain and manipulation of the villages, towns, communities and brains. That poisonous hate would have weakened the cursed empire and created inside its the same hearth an invisible but deep fracture. That fracture, which started in Trieste and penetrated till the depths of the Hapsburg hearth in Vienna, was filled by all that gasoline just packed and ready for the use in the new Apennine lands annexed with the Vienna Treaty. In 1918 the fire would have exploded that fracture to definitively kill the body and the soul of the once glorious Holy Roman-German empire.

Consequently with their strategies, on 22nd June 1868 Pious IX made an “Allocutio” with which he condemned the cursed emerging ‘Liberalism’ in the empire. He condemned the Liberalism and its exponents in the Austrian parliament, exponents as that 'liberal' Riccardo Mauroner member of the council of the city of Triest and supporter of Roman Catholic processions. It would have not taken too many time and that theological dagger occulted in the sheaths of the ‘national question’, would have entered in action the next month. It was the famous “Fatti di Luglio 1868” (“Facts of July 1868”) when it occured the first serious clash between Italian and Slovenian ethnic communities, a clash engineered for a lucid long term purpose. This was the first stab. It would have leaved abundant traces of blood, pain and deaths in the North Adriatic till the 1947. This hate would have continued in the today’s papal Europen Union. Starting from 1868, the ‘Liberals’ took more and more power in the city and built the logistic and spiritual basis for the future military Irredentism of the anti-Austrian 1915-1918 war and over twenty years of “Fascism of the Borders” in the Coastal North Adriatic region.

Please, don’t ask to me if it was the same Vatican, with an invisible ‘anticlerical’ hand, to push the same monarchy to betray the same concordat and, of consequence, to appear, in a giant empire whose large masses where strong Roman Catholic farmers, as an enemy of the church and of its thousands of swarming priests nested in the least corner of the Hapsburg’s lands. Don’t ask it because you just know my answer. Just only the idiots are still believing that 9/11-like false flag attacks have been invented only by “Bush and the Jews” in the XXI century.

Poland-ization of Europe:


(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)