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Cyber Persecution of Free Speech - episode I

We are all living in 'freedom'. So you can put which comment you want under the YouTube videos about the expulsion/emigration of the Italians from East Adriatic coasts, and of course under a YouTube video about the Fascist Irredentist persecutions against the Slovenians: “assassin Slav!”, “Fascist pig!”, and others attributes, even more offensive, are the most frequent comments you encounter there.

You can reach the level of the incitement of mass homicide when, for example, I read a comment inviting “to tie a barbed wire around the necks of the partisans in order to throw them into the holes”.

So YouTube is the reign of the Freedom. In appearance. You can put which comment you want, offending with the worst threatening words whoever you want, but….. don’t dare to name the Vatican and the Jesuits order as the true masterminds of the 1914 – 1945 Eurasian massacres!

"........The Counter Reformation war of Jesuit order and Vatican punished the Slovenians as Protestant born nation and erased the Italians from the coast as being liberal Catholics hence 'heretics and to have an alibi for future wars:".

What do you think about that my above comment? Offensive? Is it an inconceivable threat? When many of the same priests of Rome and liberal ('heretic') Roman Catholics secretly agreed with my statements, and were punished for this when discovered?

So don’t try to put such a “very dangerous, threatening, offensive” comment under videos as the ones treating the past tragedies. It will be never published, never sent, never posted. You must spare your tongue only to lick the asses of the Vatican and of the Jesuits order…. Ops! Pardon! Did I offend someone?

Here the videos. The first video is a conference of professor Pirjevec about his book. The title of the book is the same of that famous short movie, "Triest is ours!". Professor Pirjevec explains that "Triest is also ours!", as being also the Slovenians native of this area, they naturally feel a patriotic sentiment for the city strictly linked with their land, and are expressing it in their maternal language. So not a slogan of war. But a true war is raging on and is the one of the Cyberwar to Persecute the Freedom of Speech. In fact, after two comments the Romish axle cutted the wire to communicate with the page, and as you can see, since three days there it appears nothing:

( "Trst je naš!"

These ones are other videos, about the anti-fascist struggle of the Slovenian people and about the expulsions of the Italians. As you can see the username “avlesbeluskes” doesn’t appear, disappeared in the dark virtual holes/Foibe of the Cyber Counter Reformation persecution:

Istria Fiume e Dalmazia ESODO ISTRIANO

Trst je Naš

Day of Reformation, national holyday of Slovenia!

The Truth disturbs the minister Frattini

Free Speech Beneath US Homeland Security

(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Truth disturbs the minister Frattini

“Triest is ours” disturbs also the foreign Italian minister

The Italian foreign minister Franco Frattini answered to the call of the Unione degli Istriani (Union of Istrians), one among the most powerful organization of Italian “optanti” (the ones who opted for the emigration), which recently severely criticized a Slovenian short movie Trst je naš! (Trieste is ours!).

Frattini expressed surprise on the fact that the RTV Slovenija (public broadcast television) collaborated with the production of this 27 minutes short movie, which will for the first time (premiere) showed Friday in the town of Sežana. (Trst je naš! is born in fact as a production of a project of AGRFT (academy movie) with the co-production of RTV Slovenija).

“Salt on the wounds”

As recalled in the answer of the minister Frattini, we will in the sequent days celebrate the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall; following his opinion, no one should in this occasion joke with the pain and with the victims, which have been suffered by Europe. “With this, he underlines, how much the inhabitants of Istria and Dalmazia suffered the terrible gangs of the Yugoslav’s dictator Tito, the movie add salt on the wounds, which should be healed,” summon the Italian media the Frattini’s statements
The minister answered to the call of Unione degli Istriani which as regard the short movie requested the support of the minister the same. Following the opinion of the president of Unione degli Istriani Massimiliano Lacota, he said that the movie, cause the title which “recalls the slogan, used by the squads of Tito in the occupation of Trieste”, is a provocation.

A big noise for nothing?

Žiga Virc, who Tuesday told in relation with the movie that not yet someone of Unione degli Istriani referred to it, wanted demonstrate with the movie, “how much the young generation look at the ‘outstanding payment’ and to the ponderation on ‘what is ours and theirs’ “. “For this reason the movie is under a certain aspect a parody or better said my different thought on such themes”.

And altough Virc is happy, because the Slovenian movie – which is even a not long movie – could drag such attention from the public, he warns because no one still watched it. “I wish that they see it and then value its meaning. At the end of all we were just many times witnesses of movies which are looking at the historical events from other perspectives – for example the Tarantino’s movie Inglourious Basterds, or movies like My Hitler. This is a subspecies of movie, which don’t deal with historical facts, because now this is the time for that. The new generations wishes to go further”.

A. J.

After having read this Slovenian article about the last boutade of the Vatican Italian government, it is interesting to note that in February 2005 it was released the Italian movie “The heart in the pit” which deals with the question of the Italian expellees and with the alleged mass murders of Italians thrown in the natural holes of the Karst, from the perspective of a strong anti-Slavic phobia (*).
The movie has been created for the Italian television and was not only broadcasted in Italy but also in Slovenia, in order to let the Slovenian people to form an idea about a movie which was in a not too much allusive way describing them as “barbarian murderers of high civilized Italians”. Exactly like at the ‘good’, old times of Timeus’ Irredentism and of the Fascism of the Borders. To note that before the broadcasting of the movie the Slovenian television putted in program a famous documentary of the English BBC about the Fascist crimes in WWII and hence in Yugoslavia. The movie is actually censored in the Land of the Vatican (‘Italy’) except for some pieces recovered by the documentary series of another Vatican channel, the “La7” controlled by Telecom Italia and by the Catho-Islamic friend of Berlusconi Tarak Ben Ammar. The movie “The heart in the pit” was so long that it was broadcasted in two episodes. It is clear that the Apennine peninsula, today II Pontifical reign, is always the same Jesuit Fascist state which pretends arrogantly to describe the others like “primitive criminal beast”. And if the others are just alluding in an indirect way that the word “Italian” sometimes was also synonymous or linked with “war crimes”, there’s no pity for them!

Jesuit-Masonic Irredentist Massimiliano Lacota (**) demonstrates not only that the culture in this Apennine Italic country is a pure genuine product of the Vatican brain which has to manufacture only beautiful and cretin fables as regards the past history of this nation, but also that the same Slovenia, just a Vatican protectorate and a laboratory to resuscitate the Fascist Collaborationist Frankenstein, now is also a land subordinate to the secular government of the Apennine peninsula and to the same its insignificant prime and foreign ministers.

Forgetting for a moment the screams of the minister Frattini, a problem is hitting me as regards the information about the religious origin of the ethnic tragedies in North Adriatic regions/Illyria. I have serious problems in trying to send comments to videos regarding the question of the expellees of Istria and to the videos denouncing the re-birth of subtle Fascist persecution against Slovenians and their history. Jesuit-Masonic censorship under the alibi a “technical failure”?

One thing remains certain: in the "Foiba di Basovizza" mine, transformed in national monument to the victims of “Tito’s barbarian partisans”, 'barbarian Slav-Communist' so 'precisely' represented in that movie “The heart in the pit”, the corpses of thousands of innocent Italians are allegedly waiting since 1954, i.e. since the departure of the Western Allied administration from the Zone A of Triest by them controlled, that an Italian judicial authority could open an inquiry and to order the exhumation of the alleged rests of alleged thousands of innocents, in order to identify them and to further proceed with the common judiciary criminal inquiries against the responsible or, if they are just dead, to clarify the circumstances of an alleged mass murder.

That is imposed by the law.

But 55 years are passed, and till today no one saw neither the least rest of those alleged “thousands of innocent victims”.

Friday, May 8, 2009 ADORERS OF THE DEVIL (Les fleurs du Mal 4)

(**) Day of Reformation, national holyday of Slovenia!
(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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The Virginity of Rome rebuilt with the Foibe of Illyria

This is another historical message from avlesbeluskesexposed and was posted the 31st October 2008. I report the old message as it was posted, also with the upgrade related to the problems of formatting the text. The message confirms that for another time I did hit the target. As stated in the introduction of the previous message of this blog ("The mysterious disappearing of priest Boniface"), the first anniversary of saint Boniface consecration was solemnly celebrated this year in the Illiria by the Romanist governors. In the city of Trieste with a solemn, sumerian-like ceremony, the new archbishop of the city - Giampaolo Crepaldi - took the charge in the city's cathedral of saint Just. He immediately distinguished himself for a particular care for the Slovenian community "in order to repair the old wrongs suffered". In the same day, near Maribor, the archbishop Anton Stres, with the alibi of the right religious service to be held also for the souls of the Slovenian collaborants then victims of Tito's immediate post war liquidation campaign, blessed, as they were 'martyr' and 'saint', the rests of the ones who were among the most cruel Vatican soldiers of the religious cleansing crusade in the Balkans. All those coordinations among the generals of Rome are not a strange facts. Now Rome is harvesting what sowed in the last centuries with engineered clash which led to blood and pain, and after having destroyed the least possibility of communications among centuries-long here living ethnic communities, she present herself now as the only guarantee for the human convivance. This is not only a model of what the Vatican and the Jesuits have in mind with their savage policy of immigration in the Western countries all around the world (give a look to avlesbeluskesexposed blog). The Adriatische Küstenland case is also a perfect example of......:

UPGRADE 2nd November 2008 --- "...HAVE YOU NOTICED THE CHAOTIC SHAPE OF THIS POST?..." ---> scroll down the page to the bottom to read it.


(Sorry for the bad shape of the message, but today the buttons don't work well....)

From Continuing Counter Reformation blog:


Wlodimir (Vladimir) Ledochowski: BDV To Target?

".........Military History Research Office sees origins of expulsion long predating WW2

To the increased reclamation of the expulsion of the Germans by today's historians says the President of the Confederation of displaced persons, Erika Steinbach MP:

In the final band of professionals nationally and internationally acclaimed series "The German Reich and the Second World War" Militärgeschichtlichen Research Office of the history of displacement and their classification in the historical context condition. The causes and course of displacement in all its complexity and illuminates the historical context. The displacement is not only a direct consequence of the Second World War, but also in connection with the events in Europe before the Second World War must be seen.....


See the enlarged pic at:


And then see:


Wlodimir (Vladimir) Ledochowski's Plausible Counter Reformation Strategy

A slice of Europe

Illustration: Religious Situation in Central Europe

about a century after the start of Martin Luther’s Reformation

(Calvinists RED; Lutherans PINK; Roman Catholics BLUE)

Target certain groups of people, such as people who are educated, Jewish, Orthodox or Protestant, particularly Lutherans from eastern Germany.

Set up a chain of events culminating in bloody wars targeting all of these groups, with 10s if not 100s of millions of deaths. In other words, figure out an evil gigantic game of pinball if you will.

Set this into motion by setting up evil governments, government entities and government leaders, particularly the 3rd Reich, the SS and Adolph Hitler, and the USSR and the KGB and Joseph Stalin.

Make sure that key events, along with all of the major players, are manipulated for the desired outcome, including perhaps even your fellow Jesuits, who may not necessarily know your objective[s].

In this case of geo political religious chessboard, that meant a Germany starting a brutal war against civilians, which it would lose.





Foibe massacres

"........The Foibe massacres were killings attributed to Yugoslav Partisans during and shortly after World War II in Istria. The name derives from a local geological feature, a type of deep karst sinkhole called a foiba [1]. This term includes by extension killings in other subterranean formations, such as the Basovizza "foiba", which is not a true foibe but a man-made mining pit. Estimates of the numbers of dead range from several hundred to several thousand [2].


In Istria and other areas, there was a forced policy of Italianization of the Slavic population in the 1920s and 1930s [3], "exacerbated by a blatant policy of erasure of Slavic identity" [4] and "fascist terrorism not hampered by the authorities" [5].

In 1927, Italian fascist minister for public works Giuseppe Cobolli Gigli wrote in Gerarchia magazine, a fascist publication, that "The Istrian muse named as foibas those places suitable for burial of enemies of the national [Italian] characteristics of Istria". The minister also added stanzas of a poem, written in dialect: "A Pola xe l'Arena / la Foiba xe a Pisin / che i buta zo in quel fondo / chi ga certo morbin" ("In Pula there is the Coliseum, in Pazin the Foiba, into that abyss is thrown, whoever has some itching" [in the sense of 'bad thoughts'].........."

Differences with the North East Europe Counter Reformation war: there the targets were explicitly religious categories, in the North East Adriatic regions were the ethnic communities.

The ethnic war in these regions was aimed to destroy the Austrian empire, as it was shaping – together with the German Prussia - a German speaking continuum were the Protestant ‘fishes’ were swimming from the Baltic sea to the doors of Rome, the North Adriatic sea. So Rome putted the Italian ethnic group against the Slavic ethnic group as part of the ethnic guerrilla to start the destruction of the German Central Empires. At this point Rome (= Jesuits) dragged till the extreme consequences the ethnic clashes, till the point that the horrors would have for ever obstacle any sort of link among both communities, any link which was NOT EXCLUSIVELY a Roman Catholic link.

Rome, after having destroyed any Lutheran movement in the North Adriatic regions, could, thanks to the horror of the WWII, wipe definitively away any possibility of insurgency of the ‘religious’ question in the area. Rome rebuilt his (fake) virginity as ‘the only guarantee’ for a dialogue among historically fighting ethnic groups.


".........In these areas, there was a forced policy of Italianization of the population in the 1920s and 1930s [1]. Even during the brief preliminary period of occupation (1918-1920) Italy had begun a policy of assimilation of Croats and Slovenes. This resulted in the closure of the classical lyceum in Pazin, of the high school in Voloska (1918), the closure of the Slovenian and Croatian primary schools and the exile of some distinguished Croats and Slovenians to Sardinia and to other places in Italy. In addition, there were acts of fascist violence not hampered by the authorities, such as the torching of the Narodni dom (National House) in Pula and Trieste carried out at night by Fascists with the connivance of the police (July 13, 1920). The situation deteriorated further after the annexation of the Julian March, especially after Mussolini came to power (1922). The official policy of cleansing other nationalities was under no international restraint, as Italy had not given any undertaking about the rights of minorities in either the peace treaties or the Rapallo treaty.

In Istria the use of Croatian and Slovene languages in the administration and in the courts had already been restricted during the occupation (1918-1920). In March 1923 the prefect of the Julian March prohibited the use of Croatian and Slovene in the administration, whilst their use in law courts was forbidden by Royal decree on 15 October 1925. The deathblow to the Slovenian and Croatian school system in Istria was delivered on 1 October 1923 with the scholastic reform of minister Giovanni Gentile. The activities of Croatian and Slovenian societies and associations (Sokol, reading rooms, etc) had already been forbidden during the occupation, but specifically so later with the Law on Associations (1925), the Law on Public Demonstrations (1926) and the Law on Public Order (1926). All Slovenian and Croatian societies and sporting and cultural associations had to cease every activity in line with a decision of provincial fascist secretaries dated 12 June 1927. On a specific order from the prefect of Trieste on 19 November 1928 the Edinost political society was also dissolved. Croatian and Slovenian co-operatives in Istria, which at first were absorbed by the Pula or Trieste Savings Banks, were gradually liquidated [2]. After this complete dissolution of all Slav political, cultural and economic organizations, armed resistance was organized against Italian rule (see TIGR), followed by new repression, which further embittered relations between the two communities........".

The expulsion (and the murdering) of the Italians from Istria and Dalmatia as consequence of the Italian Fascist aggression and (purpotedly engineered) systematic oppression of Slovenians of Carniola and Istria is a bomb buried by the Counter Reformation of Rome ready to explode every attempt to put in discussion the past events in the North Adriatic regions since at least the appearing of the Lutheran reform (Vlacich, Trubar, many unknown executed Italian ‘heretics’ of the coasts).

The expulsion (and the murdering) of the Italians from Istria and Dalmatia is a means to divert on the ethnic clashes any religious question putting the legitimacy of Rome at the light of the sun. Remember that near the Adriatic regions there’s the Balkans where Rome is pursuing his extermination crusade against the Orthodoxies of Balkans with the Roman Catholic Fort Apache called ‘Croatian state’ and that any sort of religious dissidency has to be wiped away as for the Vatican crusade the Balkans and the North Adriatic regions are: war zones.

From the Baltic sea to the Adriatic sea - the door of Rome, the unified German speaking ocean has been destroyed in the name of the Counter Reformation strategy to take back the Europe to the before-Luther, against-Luther Vatican Middle Age:

Ethnic war in the North Adriatic regions: To bury the Reform under an ocean of corpses?

Saint Francesco Bonifacio, the Vatican hero of Council of Trent's Second Thirty Years war in Europe (1914 -1945)

Corpses of the victims of the Counter Reformation ethnic war in the North East Adriatic regions:

After the war - it starts the propaganda. The ethnic bomb has been triggered with years of genocides. In order to be able to return back to the before-Luther against-Luther Middle Age, to return back to the 'good old times' of the assassin Inquisitorial tribunal of Venice which wiped away any sort of 'heretic' from the Dalmatian and Istrian coasts, to return back to the serial killer from Trento, the bishop Nicolò de Coret who 'wiped away from Trieste the heretic problem', they rendered impossible for ever for the populations of the North Adriatic regions to return back to an age were they were living one near the other without massacres and horrors:

And after all this weight of corpses and horrors, at the bottom of the abyss built by Rome, there's the true target of Jesuits, the Reform in the North Adriatic regions and their men - one of them, broother Primoz Trubar:

UPGRADE 2nd November 2008 --- HAVE YOU NOTICED THE CHAOTIC SHAPE OF THIS POST? At least this is what I see from my screen, .... I don't know what 'they' allow to you to see from your screen,.. Anyway, if you are seeing below an all-in-order post, I explain to you what am I seeing here: the buttons for the size of the characters don't work well (and this could be due to software really casual problems), the strange fact regards the pic of Ledochowsky, which I took directly from Continuing Counter Reformation blog, where it appears in a normal format (=size). Below the pic (this is waht am I seeing from my screen) appears in natural-size, not scaled down as usually (when then you open it and it appears in its page in the real dimension) ---> so it appears 'invading' all the page....

Very strange, the happening of this software behaviour.... It seems they just created the Artificial Intelligence!!!....HAHAHAHW.... this software must be a very die-hard Romanist software!!!.... And probably this software is born in my zones, as he demonstrates a very high sensibility for the Counter Reformation arguments related to the North Adriatic regions!!!...

Jokes a part, I can't avoid to put a link between my exposition of the probable Counter Reformation scenario for the North Adriatic regions with the software difficulties I encounter....And all that linked with my support to the ones who are aiming their efforts to expose the figure of Wladimir Ledochowsky and the Counter Reformation massacres in Eurasia in their 1914-1945 war...... and that's not all: I didn't expose to you how in last months I mysteriously had the ADSL line cutted off...... Also the ADSL lines are.... die-harde Roman Catholic ones, and are very hurted to see all this Protestant megabytes travelling scot free all along themselves??!!!! Just this morning I had the ADSL line totally cutted off!!... For another time I had to call the service centre to get the line!!!! Just after I decisively exposed in the last post the Counter Reformation backstage which supported the North Adriatic massacres in 1914-1945 holy Jesuits war!!! CASUALTY?

The fact is that if you keep yourself in the role the Black pope assigned to you, i.e. to spread the usual poison on 'America', 'Israel', etc. or the usual Veltroni-lead ingenue and unoffensive critic to the Constantine order knight Berlusconi government, they not only tolerate you but they offer to you thousands and thousands of virtual possibilities to express your hate..... When you start to put a link among local traumatic events, (events for which an army of mercenary intellectuals of left and right area has been drafted and shaped in order to drown the brains in the usual Jesuit/Hegelian dialectic smokes of the "Reds/Blacks" front clash), all the support above mentioned cease to exist and you feel exactly like -- an example lies in the documentaries in their televisions --- the few men, for example in Naples, who are denouncing the Mafia and Camorra, but for doing this are isolated not only by the usual (Vatican lead) institutions, but especially are isolated from any kind of social recognition (= a sort of dead walking man).


(For the respect owed to the true Eastern Catholics I should name it ROMANIST-LAND, but the meaning is clear here).

(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

The mysterious disappearing of priest Boniface

below text is the second part of an historical message from Avlesbeluskesexposed. It is a dated post and hence the text is bombastic. But it was really prophetic. It went published the same day of consecration of priest Boniface as saint, on 5th October 2008. Boniface disappeared in 1946 in the Yugoslav controlled "Zone B" bordering the Western allies controlled "Zone A" of the city of Trieste. Take note that it went immediately blamed the Tito's OZNA, but take also in mind that just in those sad years the Slavia Veneta in the near province of Gorizia/Gorica and Udine was terrorized by false flag attacks and violence performed by what will then constitute one of the first cores of GLADIO, the 3rd Corpo Volontari della Libertà (organization "O") of colonel Olivieri and built with former white partisans, but effectively an army of former Fascist soldiers specialized in dirty war of infiltration in the near Tito's Yugoslavia where they did attacks and provocations (see also "the Dark Years of Slavia Veneta 1945-1977" in Wikipedia). Notice how this year, the day before the first anniversary of the consecration (and of the day consecrated to him) of saint Boniface, on Sun-day 4th of October 2009, two parallel important Novo Ordo Seclorum rituals went held in Illiria: monsignor Giampaolo Crepaldi took office as the new archbishop of Trieste, meanwhile in the same first Sun-day of October, near Maribor, the bishop Anton Stres blessed the rests of the Slovenian collaborationists of Fascist and Nazi aggressors. You can see also in the next message ("The virginity of Rome rebuilt with...") for the benefit of whom or what that continue state of terror was spread:

Sunday, October 05, 2008

As to underline the global Counter Reformation Roman Catholic war to destroy not simply the “Protestants”, but the same Western civilization, yesterday, 4th October Saturn-day 2008, the Beast of Rome celebrated the Second Thirty years war with which gave a deadly hit to the Western civilization and to the ‘heretic’, Protestant North Europe. Yes, the event didn’t appear in a great exhibition show, but this event was very important. It happened in ‘my’ city, the Jesuit Counter Reformation neuralgic centre of the city of Trieste. Soon after the (fake) secular Italian state (which is only a covert disguise for the actions of the Vatican – Italy is a rough country and should be putted in the list alongside with Iran, North Korea, etc.) conquered the North East regions, subtracting them to the Hapsburg, immediately it started the “War on Slovanes”, with which the Vatican and the Jesuits were hiding their “War on the Heretics of the North”. Just immediately Italy conquered the North East region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, (just in the XIX century!! Well before the entry of ‘Italy’ in Trieste in 1918!!!), heavy measures against the ethnic Slave went taken in order to provoke them against the same Italian (Vatican occultly ruled via Masonic butlers) state. This was a keen strategy of the Council of Trent to start to deviate the attention of the local populations from the general political questions regarding Austrian empire and the relations with the newly born Italian state, which were pushing BOTH Italian and Slovane people to stay on the German Austrian side, and the divertion went pursued in the usual manner: arising the ethnic clashes. With the ethnic clashes Jesuits started to destroy the Hapsburg empire, and Trieste is the key city for the ethnic clashes of the Counter Reformation war in South-Central Europe, as Danzig is in the North Europe. So why the Vatican had to destroy the Hapsburg empire? Eric Phelps could give you also many details on it, in any case I summarize these details in an image: The German Speaking Ocean, consisting in the Hapsburg empire and the Deutsch Kaiser empire, had to be destroyed because in it the dangerous ‘heretic’ Protestant fishes were swimming from the Baltic sea to the Adriatic sea, so carrying the dangerous possibility of a religious and theological second riot against the same Vatican - just at the borders of the Pontifical reign. Remember how Prussia was becoming more and more powerful, even if under the rule of the Jesuit puppet and fake Protestant Kaiser Wilhelm II. Even Richard Wagner, who lately became a sort of admirer of the church of Rome (see Parsifal drama – whose anti-semite content was used then by Roman Catholic Adolph Hitler), toasted the victory of Prussia against Austria in the XIX century! The Protestant hearth of the same Richard Wagner had a jump of Protestant honour and dignity!
In Trieste the hearths instead are falling in the abyss of the past ethnical massacres instigated for the purpose of the Council of Trent. This is a very disgusting city. Yesterday don Francesco Bonifacio has been beatified. Don Bonifacio was arrested by the militaries of Socialist Tito in Istria and then disappeared. His body went never discovered, but today “it is sure he was killed throwing him in an abyss. He was 34 when he was arrested, and the event happened on the 11th September 1946. The age of the victim and the date and the same name are alluding to the Vatican war on the Northern heretics. I found in my researches the double of 17 i.e. 34 as a significant numbers of year dividing very important events occurred in Italy. The 11th September is a fatal date whose 9-11 attack celebration is only the last greatest image. As the age is alluding to the double of 17 which is the year of the hammering of the 95 Luther’s thesis, the years passing from the death to the 2008 are the double of the day when – per tradition – in the October months (the same month when Bonifacio has been beatified this year) Luther hammered the 95 Thesis: 31st October. But the most important trace is the same name of the ‘martyr of atheists’, Bonifacio. Bonifacio is the man of the church of Rome which has been made saint for having evagelized Germany in the IX century a.C.:

"....Saint Boniface (Latin: Bonifacius; c. 672 – June 5, 754), the Apostle of the Germans, born Winfrid or Wynfrith at Crediton in the kingdom of Wessex (now in Devon, England), was a missionary who propagated Christianity in the Frankish Empire during the 8th century. He is the patron saint of German...".
The don Francesco Bonifacio was killed to cover with his Romanist blood the blood of the thousands of heretics tortured and killed in the North East regions of Adriatic sea by the Inquisition of Rome. His blood is a drop of the Vatican falsity thrown in the ocean of the millennium long crimes Rome perpetrated in order to ‘evangelize’ Europe in the last five centuries with the word of the Antichrist. His blood is the drop of Romanist poisonous deception the church of Rome threw on a land, the North Adriatic regions, after she destroyed any trace of the Lutheran Christian evangelization. The smell of a drop of blood of a Romanist priest to cover the smell of the corpse of hundreds of thousands if not millions of ‘heretics’ eradicated from Central Europe – five century ago as well today.
The body of Saint Francis Bonifacio II of XX century was never discovered. But even if they haven’t the proof they are sure he has been killed throwing him in an abyss. Maybe this is true. The next year – who could say? – they’ll show you the ‘proofs’. Whatever had killed him, whatever was the execution, the church of Rome knows the truth and keeps it well hidden. Or should Rome say to you openly that the Marxist executioner marshall Tito was on her paying list? I just talked about the Romanist control of Rome on Marxist atheist marshall of Yugoslavia Josip Broz Tito. Via S.M.O.M. controlled British services. Eric Phelps and others could give you many details about that, I made another resume in a post on The Unhived Mind, then reposted on the Willinger’s blog:


".......Monsignor Stepinac, surnamed "Monsignor Genocide" (as his sodier Friar Miroslav Filipovic was surnamed "Frà Satan") should have been quartered and then burned in public in a square exactly like his satanist soldiers did with the hundreds of thousands of heretic Orthodoxies and exactly how they did in their beloved Inquisitorial Middle Age before and against Luther. Teeth for teeth. Amen. But despite the muderous curricula this dirty hoof of the Anticrhist went treated with the "golden gloves" by the atheist, Marxist, communist Josiph Broz Tito. Why? But because simply monsignor Stepinac was the Superior in Command of the Red Marshall of Yugoslavia Josiph Broz Tito. The masters often order to their slave to play the role of the (fake) masters or (fake) oppressors in order to confuse the cretin masses. Stepinac, as a soldier of Vatican, had to fight the crusade of the Vatican till the end of his bloody life, staging a 'detention' for having 'symphatized/backed' the Ustasha and pushing away suspects in the mind of people. The Romanists had to clean the image after WWII. Disgusting servants as Tito did the job. And the via British SIS (as British services backed just from the late '20 the Slovenian resistance against Mussolini - manipulating thanks the Fascist oppression other Slavic populations) Vatican ruled Marshal of Yugoslavia wiped away all the rests of the Jasenovac camp - immediately after WWII, utilizing the Slovenian militia of the pope (Belagarda) prisoners. This is obvious because the true witnesses of the real Vatican extermination camp Jasenovac would have been buried with the Belagarda prisoners as they were super Roman Catholic and what they saw destroying Jasenovac camp would have never been revealed.........".
Some excerpts about XX century saint Bonifacio’s life:,%20MARTIRE%20DELLA%20FEDE
(ASCA) – Trieste, 4 Oct – Beatified this afternoon in Trieste don Francesco Bonifacio, murdered at 34 in Istria, the 11th September 1946, and then threw in an abyss. He is blessed because a martyir of the hate toward the faith, don Bonifacio is the first man threw in an abyss who arises at the honour of the altars. “A day, our Blessed one was taken by Tito’s militia and was brought in the forest – told during the ceremony mons Angelo Amato prefect of the congregation of the Saints’ causes, to the presence, among the others, of the undersecretary Roberto Menia who was representing the government, and of Rocco Buttiglione, vice president of the Parliament chamber -.
After have been tortured with cruelty, he went threw in an abyss as the chariot of a dog. His rests weren’t never discovered. Here you have the inhuman end of the life of this young Catholic priest. It wouldn’t be enough the cryes of hundreds of mothers to take the pain of so big torment. The hate generates death. The charity generates life and peace. The hate destroy the man, the charity respect him”. The ceremony has been introduced by the bishop of Trieste, mons. Eugenio Ravignani who warmly saluted the bishops, the priests and the faithfuls coming from Croatia, particularly from Istria and Slovenia.
“In that difficult period of time signed by the WWII, by the popular insurrection of 1943, by the partisan (Anti-fascist guerrilla), followed by deportations, by destructions and deaths, don Bonifacio – went further mons. Amato – was generous pastor, near his people, careless of his the same life, defender of the weakest ones and father of the oppressed people”.
“We are called to build with harmony the civilization of the love – concluded mons. Amato -, in the attempt to go beyond every form of violence, of discrimination, of injustice, of abuse, following the respect for the life and of what surround us, because charity has to be the only law in our life

And they murdered again Christ. With further nails, a nail for every ‘good word’ they use, good words who are nothing else that the scabbard where they hide their ponjards to kill Christendom. Can you understand why they are so ‘nailed’ to their ‘good works’ dogma? Because is the ‘good’ that that they use to hide the Evil they spread. ‘Good’ works - ‘good’ words. Doesn’t say the biblical sentence that this world is the reign of Satan, as this world is the reign of Deception? What else are they realizing with their ‘good’ works – ‘good’ words if not the consolidation of this worldly deceptive reign of Satan?
Yes, mons. Amato is right, their ‘civilization’ is the one of the ‘love’. The ‘love’ for the Evil, the ‘love’ for the falsity, the ‘love’ for the deception, the ‘love’ for the praising Christendom in public and spitting and trampling on it with the disguise of the ‘secular’ hidden Masonic glove or of the ‘secular’ multicoloured ideologies. But I too love, I love the Sword of the Lord which will cut the heads of their Ugly Mother in Rome and will wipe away ‘em all from the face of the earth.

The article of SUN-day 5th October 2008 (and keep in mind that the day is the 8th anniversary of the foundation of autonomous Carabineers army - the silent coupe d'etat of Giuliano Amato) on the “Il Piccolo” local newspaper: Blessing don Bonifacio – blessing more than a century of hate and plots and massacres the church of Rome and the Jesuits stirred up in Europe, especially in North Eastern Europe and North East Adriatic regions and Balkans in the last century, in order to destroy the Protestant Reform aka the second coming of Christendom, and to re-store the pagan, perverted and Antichristian Roman Catholic European empire, today a giant larva sucking the blood of the Europeans from the dark shelter of his ‘European Union’ chrysalid; note the presence of government member Rocco Buttiglione, a very trustful and fanatic Roman Catholic, an expert in German questions and an expert in German language – in other words a secular fighting monk of Rome for the infiltration and submission of the Northern Europe: he couldn’t miss a symbolic occult celebration of the end of the German world by the hands of the Vatican:

I spare to you (reasons of time) the translation of another article where monsignor Amato is complaining that in our society we have “campagnies for the rights of animals and not for the rights of the Christians”. Of course mons. Amato intend Christians as “soldiers of the Romanist church” and Christendom as “kneeling in front of the divine emperor of the Vatican aka the(ir) pope” and of his “Canon 32/Zakat dogmas imposing the sacrificing for their Baal entity and for their emperor in Vatican under the ingénue covertures of the ‘indulgencies’ and of the ‘taxes’ ”. Could it be more evident, after monsignor Angelo Amato talked about the “importance of the charity”, that the true target to be exterminated by Rome also through the opportune disappearing of one of her soldiers, is the same world arose from the struggle against the anti-Christ content of the church of Rome dogmas – not simply the ‘Protestant’ world, but the same Western civilization? A purpose covered with an infinite false rhetorical appeal to the ‘love’ and to the ‘peace’? Isn’t the assassins’ first goal the one to appear as the ‘most trustful friend of the same his victim’? Isn’t pretending, with arrogance and intellectual bully attitude, Rome to be the first Christian church in all the world?
As you can see their tongues are moved by their Black lord who knows very well the human psychology. They fill purportedly the air with their lies because they need to provoke a reaction. They want to generate scandal, because they need to detect the ones who hates them, a sane Christian hate toward the Evil and his Black lord. They love to be depicted as victims, and this is the reason for which, meanwhile with their right naked hand are praising the ‘love’ and the ‘peace’, with their left hand, covered by the Red or Black or many others ‘secular’ coloured gloves– are instigating the hate and the massacres among populations. The Jew nailed on a cross they love so much, represent their basic philosophy and strategy: to advance in the society toward the slavery of the Novo Ordo Seclorum hidden by a curtain of ‘martyrs’ (by they the same produced).


Wikipedia quote on Martin Luther thougt:

"....The first and chief article is this: Jesus Christ, our God and Lord, died for our sins and was raised again for our justification (Romans 3:24-25). He alone is the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world (John 1:29), and God has laid on Him the iniquity of us all (Isaiah 53:6). All have sinned and are justified freely, without their own works and merits, by His grace, through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus, in His blood (Romans 3:23-25). This is necessary to believe. This cannot be otherwise acquired or grasped by any work, law or merit. Therefore, it is clear and certain that this faith alone justifies us ... Nothing of this article can be yielded or surrendered, even though heaven and earth and everything else falls (Mark 13:31)....".


Otto Eduard Leopold von Bismarck, Count of Bismarck-Schönhausen, Duke of Lauenburg, Prince of Bismarck, (April 1, 1815 – July 30, 1898), was a Prussian and German statesman of the 19th century. The man that opposes to the Romanist infiltration and destruction of Germany in the XIX century.


From Italian Wikipedia - note 3 at bottom page of the don Francesco Bonifacio: "....In a research of La Civiltà Cattolica (Jesuit magazine), published in 1952, it went estimated a number of at least 378 disappeared priests in the Tito's Yugoslavia. But among these there wasn't included the Bonifacio and as him all the ones living in his zone..."
Note 4: "...A theatral director interviewed one of the supposed executioner of don Francesco Bonifacio and this was the first time the event exited from the darkness and became public...".
Romanist priest Bonifacio, an opportune muder by the hands of the atheist Red mercenaries of Rome in the mane of the strategy "cancel the river of blood of your victims you caused all along the centuries with some drops of blood of one of your 'sacrificed' soldiers":


The victims of the General Superior Wladimir Ledochowsky' religious war in Europe. Corpses from an abyss of Istria - 1943, where Italian Fascist threw the opponents of their newly born regime, where the dead members of Anti-fascist guerrilla went thrown after the battles, where the Tito's secret police threw the bodies of many Italians, following the orders of his masters, the Jesuits, who imposed him to pursue the ethnic terror started with the criminal Italian (= Jesuitical) 'Irredentism' to free the 'Italian territories' from the 'barbarian Slovanes', and ended with the Tito's regime. An Ocean of corpses to drown in it also the last rests of the memories of the Lutheran Reform arrived in the North Adriatic regions along the German speaking central empires:

See also from the posts of Douglas Willinger’s blog:
Kulterkampf Revenge:
East Prussica:

(This post is dedicated to all the unknown victims of the pagan cruel barbarism of the Roman Catholic church which, in the figure of one of her worst executioner, the by-the-devil-possessed mons. NICOLO' CORET - (purportedly sent from Trento to Trieste to "...eradicate the heresy"), tortured, killed and martyrized many and many of unknown Christians in the city of Trieste, guilty to praise the true Word of the Lord and of Jesus Christ and that never kneeled in front of the divine pagan emperor of the Vatican. And for this reasons they went sacrificed through the fire and the torture with a rite called ‘Inquisition’, to the same deity of the Vatican Romanist pagans, the hellish Baal deity praised by their ancestors just 3.000 years ago in Canaan as it is worshipped today by the bishops and cardinals of Rome.)

(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)