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The words of the pope

From the daily “Il Piccolo di Trieste”, 14th February 2010:

Letter from Unione degli Istriani

Lacota: "Anti-denial law on the tragedies of the exodus and foibes"

A letter addressed to the Council president, Silvio Berlusconi and, in acknowledgment to the presidents of both wings of the Parliament, Gianfranco Fini and Renato Schifani, to ask the "quick emanation of a legal decree, which would prohibit the militant denial propaganda related the Foibes and to the Exodus in the schools and in the official anniversaries". To sign and to send it the president of the Unione degli Istriani, Massimiliano Lacota who yesterday morning illustrated the motivations....(....)..”:

Finally the European directive about All the Totalitarianisms is going to be completed with the request of the Unioni degli Istriani president and European Union of Expellees secretary Massimiliano Lacota (*). The request should legally (formally) make equal the denial of the Holocaust with the denial of the Massacres of the Foibe – allegedly performed by the squads of Marshall Josip Broz “Tito”.

This is the logical spiritual step in the building of the Democratic project as regard the European continental sub-area of NWO/NOS. After having created Fascism, Communism and National Socialism as lay, secular ideological weapon to destroy the religious map of Eurasia for the exclusive convenience of Rome, the Vatican melts those old tools together creating their Synthesis: Democracy.

Of course that law has been thought firstly to protects the sanctuary of the Foiba di Basovizza, national official monument, located near the little village of Basovizza (Bazovica the original Slovenian name) in the municipal area of the city of Trieste (type “Monumento di Basovizza, Trieste” on Google Map”). Did amount for real at thousands and thousands the number of the innocent Italians launched inside that hole – following some witnesses some still alive – by the cruel squads of Tito, in Maj 1945? Or the max amount of the corpses there contained were those eight Wehrmacht soldiers killed in the raid of an allied fighter bomber, and then very fast launched in that deep former mine to avoid the spreading of infections, during the chaotic last days of war? Eight bodies then recovered by the allied authorities, as stated by documents?

Think what do you want about the alleged content of that former mine – today national monument. But a thing is certain. That they don't want to inquiry on it but at the same time they affirm a truth about its content with the same authoritative solemnity that is possible to gain only after the proofs have been officially found, inquired and exhibited in front of all the world. Hence not the case of Basovizza's alleged mass grave.
I just wrote that the importance of that 'monument' is not laying in the propaganda of a probable lie about its content (I repeat, think what do you want about it), but in creating and spreading a deep fracture - from a side - in what it is arrogantly claimed to be the content and the events which led to the alleged mass murder and, and on the other side, in the contemporary total lack of true elements on which to base such loud, authoritative and arrogant official legal declaration. Especially the total lack of any form of willing to start a whatever kind of true serious investigation. Are the Italian judicial authorities ideologically aligned with Marshall Tito's UDBA and OZNA services and their dirty crimes?

The two theological pillars of the National Monument

I just exposed the first reason for which we have such a phenomena. The most important witness of the alleged serial massacre of innocent Italians was a Roman Catholic priest of a village some kilometers far from the Basovizza/Bazovica village, the priest Virgil Šček of the village of Lokve/Corgnale (**). There are other witnesses, but the priest is the most important because he is a soldier of the Vatican hierarchy. So the arrogance with which the declarations written on the memorial tablets of the Foiba are accepted and embodied in the secular legal Italian system without - from the other side - to support them with an adequate and complete true investigative activity of the secular judicial authorities of the Italian Republic, are only the materialization of the submission of the temporal sword to the 'spiritual' sword of the papacy. If you want a translation: as the words of Virgil Šček are the words of the pope (of the Jesuit order's Continuing Counter Reformation), and as no one has the right to put in discussion, or to allude with doubts to the words of the pope/of Rome, you must accept them without to discuss/investigate them. It immediately follows that just for this reason the denial of the content and hence the opportune arrogance which instigated it, are both congenial, because all that gives the alibi to the secular legal system of the formal republic to demonstrate his submission to the 'spiritual' sword of the papacy, accepting and embodying in its legal system the legal repression of any form of dissidence against a solemn declaration of the papacy. A declaration expressed through the mouth of one of its soldiers, the Roman Catholic priest of Lokve/Corgnale, don Virgil Šček (***). Unione degli Istriani will provide to stimulate that Vatican chamberlains assembly named “Italian parliament” to produce the material law.

A more evident theological proof of the Italian state and his legal system as “armed hand of the papal Inquisition” hardly could be found elsewhere. In this case it is not important the historical truth centered on the question about the reality or less of those thousands of innocent Italians' rests lying in the bottom of that former mine. What really matters to the Counter Reformation is that you kneel to the words of a priest of Rome which became law of the secular state carved in the National Monument.

This was the first reason I exposed in that message of Friday, May 8, 2009 (§).
The second theological reason is lying in the necessity of Rome to restore his full religious domain all over Europe. It is evident that the Monument “Foiba di Basovizza”, built as counter part of the National Monument “Risiera di S. Sabba” (S.S., and allusion?), the Nazi concentration camp of the city of Trieste, has been thought as a counter-altar to the Holocaust denial. Holocaust Denial is the obliged passage for Rome for the rehabilitation of Roman Catholic Adolph Hitler in Eurasia. And the rehabilitation and sanctification of Roman Catholic Adolph Hitler is the obliged passage for the religious, moral, spiritual legitimization of the church of Rome as the church and the master of the New European Order. The denial of the by-presidential-decree-stated content of the Foiba di Basovizza is the price paid for the denial tout court of the Holocaust of the Jews which saw the Extermination camps located for great par in Amber Path. Remember that in Amber Path South it was located the other epicenter of the Second Thirty Years war in Europe. The Facts of July 1868 in Trieste, were nearly contemporary with the troubles in Amber Path North, where the Protestant Prussian government took legal measures against the church of Rome mixing in them also measures against ethnic Polish community, facilitating so enormously the future work of disguise of the Counter Reformation under the appearance of ethnic/ideological war of XX century.

The second theological motivation at the foundations of the Basovizza's monument is confirmed by the public papal blessing of the Holocaust Denial via rehabilitation of a denier bishop. Holocaust Deniers today have a saint protector, saint bishop martyr Richard Williamson. But those few deniers of the official truth of the Foiba di Basovizza have neither a dog. This explain the farce of today, where the deniers are openly 'persecuted' by the law system with the astounding effect to arise more sympathy for them and their thesis. The church of Rome is creating a new legion of martyrs, the pseudo-martyrs which are fighting to witness the Holocaust Hoax. A bishop of the Roman Catholic church is their spiritual religious guide, and the secular arm of the legal republican state is used – under the religious supremacy of popes and bishops like Williamson, like a two sided blade: on the side of the Holocaust Denial legislation the secular legal and judiciary arm of the state is used to instigate with an opportune, choreographed 'persecution' of some deniers, more hate towards the Blood of David and more emotional support towards the denial thesis. “Persecute one to instigate hundreds” is the motto. For every anti-Semite site closed down, others are rising with the task to purposely publicize the repression and to cultivate the hate from it. In the near future, with the other side of the blade, the side of the Foibe Denial legislation, (see again the above Unione degli Istriani letter to the Parliament), the sword of the pope will be complete and able to really cut (and not only instigate) any doubt about the incredible numbers of the Italians allegedly killed by Tito's army. Will be so the sword of Rome asymmetrical: a side to really persecute meanwhile the other to mostly instigate?

Symmetrical or not, one thing is clear: the truth of the Holocaust and the truth of the Italians murdered by Tito are not compatible. If you want to demonstrate that the Holocaust is an Hoax you are forced to demonstrate that those tens of thousands of innocent Italians, allegedly thrown still alive in the natural holes of the Karst in Istria and Dalmatia are not an Hoax. But if you demonstrate that those alleged thousand of innocent Italian victims are inexistent or at least strongly reduced to a physiological number common to every context of dirty, civil war, you instantly destroy the Vatican Holocaust denial principal assumption of the "righteousness and innocence of the National Socialist and Fascist front" (assumption not openly declared as it has to be expressed like a collateral product of the Denial propaganda).
In fact to believe that the ovens of Auschwitz weren't able to discharge such a number of bodies requires in fact a not negligible trust in the 'objective' information presented, a trust that sounds exotic and freak in the context of dirty and religious war of WWII. If a witness about the extermination of Jews could be considered a false witness, tell me for what reason the technical designs of the crematories have to be accepted as truth.

National Socialist and Fascist front must be rehabilitated because they were under the command of a Roman Catholic Austrian corporal. And the rehabilitation of that Roman Catholic Austrian corporal and his teacher, the Italian caudillo who signed the re-constitution of the Vatican city monarchic theocratic state on the 11th February 1929, implies automatically the rehabilitation of their absolute masters, the Jesuit order and the church of Rome, as the absolute masters of the New European Order. To obtain this goal it is necessary to push once again the old Communist wreckage (which collaborated so deep with the Austrian corporal under the direction of Roman Catholic Stalin), on the miserable stage of the European ideological theater to play also roles which never were assigned to him, but are necessary for the triumph of the papacy. The image below shows the cover of the last book of Jože Pirjevec (^), "Foibe – una storia Italiana" ("Foibe – an Italian story") – publishing house Einaudi. Pirjevec, a Slovenian university professor of the coastal region – Amber Path South – which analyzes the causes of the alleged massacres of Tito under the lenses of the cruel ethnic cleansing against the Slovenian nation, cleansing realized especially by the Italian Fascism. Remember that sometimes the Italian Fascism was blamed by the Nazi allied for the same reason for which they were blaming the appalling cruelty of the Ustasha. You can see in the picture that immediately after the end of the war, in the zone under the allied administration – the "A zone" of the city of Trieste, the investigations about the mass graves, (a common system of burial during wars), were realized by the Anglo-Americans. The book doesn't give the exact location where the picture has been taken, but it looks to me very familiar and similar to the plain around the today Monumento Nazionale “Foiba di Basovizza”. Just after the war the allied ordered to investigate the content of that former mine. There were recovered the rests of eight Wehrmacht soldiers. After the return of the Italian dominance in this piece of Amber Path South, in 1954, the hole which was used even by the first Italian authorities as discharge for garbage, suddenly arose to the status of "mass burial site" and it was affirmed that there hundreds, then thousands, of innocent Italians went executed and then thrown inside, some of them still alive. After the departure of the allied administration no Italian authority ordered to open again that alleged mass burial to investigate the alleged content, and the former mine of Basovizza/Bazovica is still waiting an Italian inquiry:

(*) Thursday, November 26, 2009 "Lacota, the picker of Rome":

Wednesday, December 9, 2009 "From Lacota to Steinbach - is Rome again quartering Amber Path?":

(**) You can encounter the village of Lokve/Corgnale in the Album on line “Future '14 Sect' Crimes”. In that village it was opened the first Slovenian language school, during the war, by the SS, notwithstanding the opposition of the Fascists, which of course were the false friend of the Germans. The Italian Fascists were charged with the duty to create the greatest possible sufferance among the Slovenian and Balkan populations as means to arise the sufficient hate to transform the near ending phase of the war in a trap of hate for the German (aka Protestant and liberal Catholic nation) troops in the Balkans. A statue dedicated to priest don Virgil Šček is located in the same little square hosting the monument to the Partisans of Tito and back of the little chapel named incorrectly “chapel of the Templars”. Not for a mere case the village is famous for having hosted in the Middle Age a base of the Templar order, as it was a village located on an important route of communication – see the last pictures from pic n. 34:

(***) Take note that Virgil Šček
never appeared directly as witness. He and another Roman Catholic priest, don Malalan, appeared in a document of the Allied intelligence of the Allied "A zone" of Trieste in1945. The author of the report, named "Source", affirms to have received from don Malalan and from don Virgil Šček the information of the serial murders of Italian civilians by Tito's army in the surrounding of the village of Bazovica/Basovizza. Vatican is also very careful to never appear in the first person when the stink of the counterfeit is filling the air. Don Malalalan affirmed to have had the information from don Virgil Šček. Two Vatican-Masonic allegorical pillars/twins? Two pillars to pass by in order to enter in another age/phase of Novo Ordo Seclorum/Counter Reformation war? You understand better now why they dedicated a monument to this priest in the square of Templar/SS village of Lokve. A monument to the double tongue of the Prostitute on the Seven Hills of Rome.

Friday, May 8, 2009 "Les fleurs du Mal - 4 ADORERS OF THE DEVIL":

(^) Jože Pirjevec:
(It is interesting to note on how his university formation followed the critical centers of the Middle-South Europe old post WWII Vatican order : "....After World War Two, the family moved to Belgrade (then the capital of the Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia) for a couple of years, but already in 1947 they moved back to Trieste. In 1966, he graduated from history at the University of Trieste and in 1971 at the University of Pisa. He continued his studies at the Diplomatic Academy in Vienna. In 1977, he obtained his PhD in Ljubljana under the supervision of historian Fran Zwitter.". A true guarantee about the ideological firewall at the basis of his academic formation? A dam which will obstacle and suppress any attempt to read the sad events of Amber Path South through the religious (Counter Reformation) key of lecture?).

( "Trst je naš!" :

Friday, November 6, 2009 "Cyber Persecution of Free Speech - episode I":

Corrections: 15th February 2010 - the text has been revisited to correct some errors but not changed in the substance.
(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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