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Saint Boniface, saint protector of Italian Fascist criminals of war


After the end of the war about 700 Italian criminals of war were requested from nations, where the Fascist Italian army and the Fascist squads did massacres, in order to be putted under judgment. But no one of them was sent to the his right destiny. As you can see the saying "As a man sows, so he shall reap" is completely false and evidently used only in those papal environments where the fellatio performed by the temporal sacristans to their spiritual masters, implies a certain care about the words pronounced during "the repentance". Those 700 Italian criminals of war, the darlings of the Holy See and of the Jesuits, should have been submitted to a trial in Yugo, Ethiopia, Libya, Abyssinia, Russia, etc., to be then hanged in public, like rats. A deserved end.

No, that didn't happen. The impunity to them assured by the Italian secular puppets of the pope like guy Alcide, all nested like candid white worms in the government, was simply the final spit of the Jesuits (and their Italian temporal collaboration-ists) on those survivors who saw their homes and inside them, their sons, daughters, parents, all burned together in consequence of the 100th reprisal done by the Black Shirts of Mussolini or by those “soooooo gooood Italian soldiers”, who "never were sadistic like those ugly German beasts!". The saliva of that spit run all along these long sixty years, covering with its scum and infamy those populations which never saw neither the least trace of justice, meanwhile today the Italian government, intelligence, economy, security forces, are coming back to reconquer those villages once reduced to ashes. Today the crust of that spit is crystallized in the pagan cult of those criminals who, cause they were not so ready to escape the advancing partisan army, paid for what they committed, and of course only for a minimum part.

So this was the situation just after the war. Italy, a country who was joyfully dragged by the Holy See in the most bloody crusade in Eurasia and Africa, was practically declared: "untouchable". The Western allies, pressed by their Stalin ally, who in its turn was pressed by his man in Beograd, the NKVD agent Tito, who had to front the popular rage asking justice after that apocalypse, turned the request of justice to the Roman Catholic Jesuit puppet prime minister Alcide de Gasperi, in order to have at least a partial satisfaction of the human justice.

The efforts of the Western allies were all completely and integrally discarded. Not with an explicit denial, but simply delaying the deliver of those criminal till the point when the Holy See world political context would have buried for ever the question: Italian criminal of war. Yeah, I would add: in the typical "Italian clergy way". Bleah! What a disgust and hate!

And it came also the 11th of September. Of course not of the year 2001, but in the still hot year 1946. Here, where Tito's partisans and Italian post-war Fascists were facing (protected by a local Western ally administration who was enough anti-Communist and especially anti-Slavic), the tension was in the air and again a war could have been easily ignited. And also a bloody ethnic showdown. The powers who won the war had to decide the destiny of the city of Trieste, and what was happening here, was of the most extreme importance in order to influence the future decisions. In that day the prime minister De Gasperi wrote a letter of answer to the western ally authorities, where he agreed about the deliver of some Italian criminals of war.

The lists of the alleged war criminal prepared by the commission

11 September 1946. In a letter to the Rear Admíral Ellery W. Stone, written as answer to his letter of 2nd May 1946, the President of Council De Gasperi writes that "the Commission has drown up a list of forty names of militaries and civilians, against whom it could be brought the charge...... for having failed in the application of the international right of war and of the duty of the humanity":......


The sequent one is the letter of request by Rear Admíral Ellery W. Stone:

Office of the Chief Commissioner APO 394
Ref. 6517/143/Ec.
2 May 1946

My dear Mr. Prime Minister

With further reference to your letter No. 440 dated 9 April 1946 on the subject of the handing over of Italian war criminals to Yugoslavia I have to inform you that the American and British Governments are fully aware of all the implications of this question and are giving it their active consideration.
It will materially assist the Allied Authorities if you will forward as soon as possible the results of the enquiries now being made by the Ministry of War which you mention in the last paragraph of your letter.
Yours very truly,

Ellery W. Stone
Rear Admíral, USNR
Chief Commissioner

[Dest.] Dott. Alcide De Gasperi
President of the Council of Minister Italian Government


...... and this one is the answer of the prime minister and leader of the Democrazia Cristian party Alcide De Gasperi (the direct tool of the Jesuits inside the parliament), dated 11 September 1946; you read before the most significant point, where the prime minister agrees with the request, in the above translation, here marked with bold characters; De Gasperi clearly says that "The Commission decided to commit for military felony trial the ones who could be prosecuted for having failed in the application...etc." :

Roma, 11 settembre 1946

Caro Ammiraglio,

con la Sua lettera n. 6517/143/E.C. in data 2 maggio, Ella chiedeva di essere a suo tempo informato dei risultati delle indagini compiute dalla Commissione d'Inchiesta del Ministero della Guerra sui presunti criminali di guerra italiani.
Il Presidente della Commissione, Senatore Casati, Le fa ora sapere che la Commissione, dopo attento e severo esame di situazioni personali è venuta nella determinazione di deferire alla giustizia penale militare coloro che possono essere inquisiti per essere venuti meno, con gli ordini o nella esecuzione degli ordini stessi, ai principi del diritto internazionale di guerra e ai doveri dell'umanità, ed in modo particolare ai principi della inviolabilità degli ostaggi e alla limitazione del diritto di rappresaglia.
La Commissione ha pertanto redatto un elenco di quaranta nomi di militari o civili, contro i quali può essere elevata l'accusa e si riserva di precisare le singole posizioni personali in una prossima riunione.
Voglia, gradire, caro Ammiraglio, gli atti della mia alta considerazione.

Fto. De Gasperi

[Dest.] Ammiraglio Ellery W. STONE
Capo della Commissione Alleata


Tito was a pitiless character, like the ones exited by a pitiless world of pitiless struggles against an ideological external enemy or an inner competitor for the absolute power. He surely was an NKVD guy of Joseph (in a join-venture with Denkin's British service squad), and his personal designs regarding the future Yugoslavia were not completely identical to and equally magnificent as the ones spread by the propaganda of his Communist party. But notwithstanding that, a man like him, who shared a Calvary together entire nations, still conserved a trace of ingenuity. Everyone who was partisan knows what I am meaning. You can't lie in such a war, when you are in the night, at minus ten Celsius in the forests, meanwhile the bastard Fascist collaboration-ists are relaxing in the warm brothels. It was this ingenuity to rub him. And the vultures of Rome readily attacked the prey. Tito thought to use those Italians in Istria and Dalmatia like goods of exchange. The compensation for the consent to remain for the great part of the Italians in Istria and Dalmatia? But that legitimate quote of Italian Fascist and Military criminals of war from those 700 Italian serial killers, those "burn-the-home-and-execute-the-family" assassins guys, those "boooono taliano" of the idiot Italian propaganda of the after war Democratic Italy. But he was an ingénue, and he didn't know that just that 11 September 1946, when the Western allies, bored by his continue requests, were just having a first success in to get those beasts back from Italy, there was ready a stab for him. In that the same day, it occurred a fact that would have for ever made appear Tito as "not serious" when he was asking justice and those criminals back in order to try them. That fact made appear Tito as a "liar" and to be only the usual "barbarian Slav-Communist" of the Fascist tales. An innocent young Roman Catholic priest of the Zone B, the zone of Istria whose control was assigned by the international peace conference to the Tito's army, mysteriously disappeared for ever. Together with that guy, in a not-so-mysterious way, it disappeared two important things. One, the possibility for Tito to have finally justice for his people, with judiciary processes against those Italian criminals. And hence to gain more stability for Yugoslavia. Two, the possibility of re-building of a sort of connivance between the Italian and Slovenian, Croatian ethnic groups. With Francesco Bonifacio it started to disappear for ever the future of Yugoslavia, the future of those Balkan nations, today again in the hands of the disgusting nephews of those bastard assassin rats.

Well before the end of the war, the White partisans were doing agreements with the Fascists, with the “deadly enemy”. Well before the end of the war the Jesuits were creating the after-war intelligence of Gladio and the related propaganda of the Foibe, or of the "thousands of innocent Italians launched alive in the holes of Istria and Dalmatia by Tito's army". It is not excluded that one day, a guy of the intelligence, instructed by some Jesuit priests, will find that piece of paper where the former X MAS torturers, Black Shirts assassins, Osoppo White (false) partisans, all members of a special Gladio Democratic Italian squadron for operations beyond the enemy lines, drew the exact hole where they probably buried the corpse of saint Boniface after having him killed.

In any case, in the city of Trieste, an archbishop coming from that "highly civilized" Veneto, is ready to perform the solemn mass of welcome of an old dear friend.

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The mysterious disappearing of priest Boniface

(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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