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Trieste 13th July 2010 tri-national concert and “Katoliška akcija” of Lojze Grozde


Exactly one month ago, on Sunday 13th June, during the Slovenian Eucharistic congress in the stadium of Celje, with the participation of the cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the church of Rome beatified the Slovenian Fascist collaborationist, traitor Alojze Grozde:

 Above image - edited 02 March 2013 -  after the previous image has been erased as "protected" by  copyright. The image is the page of Wikipedia in Slovenian language on Lojze Grozde: http://sl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lojze_Grozde

The coincidence of the number of the days alludes to the beatification as an important symbolic passage of preparation for the today event of the tri-national “concert of Friendship”.
A discrete, silent but unavoidable religious premise which gives the true sign of the today's pitiful tri-national circus. The guy Lojze was a member of the infamous Roman Catholic spy & inform organization - the Slovenian “Katoliška akcija ” or “Catholic Action”. Thanks to this criminal religious-military organization, blessed and beatified via the beatification of one of his members, many antifascist Slovenian patriots were arrested by the Italian Fascist army or by the Fascist “Black Shirts”, murdered and/or tortured or sent in various happy camps all along East Europe/Amber Path, whose entrance was carrying another celebrated version of the probably most important Romanist dogma, that “work setting you free/gaining your salvation”.

So the guy Lojze is an hero for the church of Rome, and this now is a dogma. Better you adequate to this if you want to survive the incoming Roman Catholic “EU” empire. Beyond its material infamous crimes, it is interesting to know something more in detail about the finality of this Catholic Action of Slovenia. Besides leaflets they issued a newspaper, “Slovenija in Europa” or “Slovenia and Europe”. In the first issues, after having blamed as usual the partisans of the liberator front “Osvobodilna Front” or OF as responsible for all the victims, they expressed clearly their theological point of view on the war:

“Our great leader doc Korošec, who particularly saw this evilness at its roots, gave us this short order: fight always and everywhere against the greatest shame of our age – against communism (Lj. Union 27. III. 1940)..... We Slovenian Catholics know what to do...... This war will end five hundreds years of European decomposition.....Yes, it deals with the restoration of the Christian civilization!.... Don't fear! At the present it doesn't imply 'clericalism', not the JRZ, neither the SLS, it implies much more! It deals with the renewal of the spiritual fundamentals of the Christian civilization. The solution is only one: Back to the Christian civilization!” (*).

And now also Douglas Willinger has at disposition another piece for his collection of proofs and evidences of the anti-modernist 1914-1945 Counter Reformation bloody crusade of Wlodimir Ledochowsky. With that words “..... This war will end five hundreds years of European decomposition.....Yes, it deals with the restoration of the Christian civilization!......” of Jesuit priest doc Korošec, then quoted by that sinister comic of the Catholic action boys, the essence of the anti-communist crusade of Hitler, Mussolini, Pavelić etc. is again confirmed to be nothing else than the tool to execute the Jesuits' Counter Reformation war of extermination.
But what matters the more, is to see how much the assassin heritage of the 26th general superior has been not forgotten and in our days is also celebrated under the most unimaginable forms.

Other renowned 13th July.

13th July 1814

The Carabineers' army is created with royal decree by Savoy king Victor Emanuel I, re-enthroned by the papal Council of Vienna, who starts immediately new persecutions against Jews and Waldesian Calvinists.

13th July 1868

With the "fatti di luglio 1868" the Fascism, its spiritual matrix and its forma-mentis, is born. For the first time the ethnic war is introduced as a method of conduit of the Counter Reformation war. Italian Irredentists stage a false clash with the Slovenians with two victims in order to provoke the loosing (it went immediately executed some days after!) of the 400 years old Territorial militia formed by Slovenian of the surrounding. Giulio Cesari named the members of those civilian squads of Garibaldins & hooligans the "Fascists of the XIX century".

13th July 1920

After days of clashes between Croats, Slovenians and Irredentists and Fascists in some localities of Dalmatia , the Fascist leaders decide to start the true ethnic war against the not-Italians and to put at fire the center of the Slovenian and Croatian life inside the city of Trieste, the Narodni Dom/National Home. The act is considered by historians the birth of a particularly violent form of Fascism, the "Fascism of the Borders". But as we have seen, it was just born in 1868: in 1920 it simply grew in the assassin adulthood. The Fascist squads in Italy as well in Trieste were always backed by the police forces and by the army, but especially by the Royal Carabineers army.

13th July 2010

Unity of Italy square – city of Trieste, Friendship concert with Croatian, Slovenian and Italian head of states. Three composers, one for every nation. The composer representing Italy is Luigi Cherubini with his requiem in honor of Louis XVI “the beheaded”. The requiem was executed on 21st January 1816 in the basilica of Saint Denis in Paris among the great commotion of the presents. Of course it was the same Rome to want the beheading of that bloodline. A “twin tower” attack ante-litteram which, thanks the Jesuit advised (abbe Seyes) Napoleon-Bin-Laden, created the initial premises to let the church of Rome to re-enter in the great global game. The Cherubini's requiem signalizes the regime of Restoration of the Ancient papal regime which is characterizing the European Union of today. The Restoration has been underlined also by two other important facts. Three weeks ago the Croatian president Ivo Josipović t placed a wreath on the monument for the armed forces of the Independent State of Croatia (NDH, Ustasha's state). To homage the Roman Catholic butchers of the pope and of the Jesuits it was surely one of the obliges requested by the Holy See to have access today in the court of the Extended Vatican, aka Italy. On the 3rd July the Slovenian prime minister Borut Pahor joined the mass of blessing for the 12,000 Belagarda, Domobranci, Ustasha, Chetniks traitors executed by Tito's services at the end of the war.
There are no ambiguity about the true values behind this European Union, of which the carnival of today in Trieste is a clear expression. For the occasion the archbishop of Trieste Giampaolo Crepaldi wrote an apposite article appeared on the local daily “Il Piccolo”, where he underlines, with an involuntary (or not?) allusion to the famous saying of Luther, that “it is not the political rationality to save us, but the beauty, with its demanding recall to discover and value our common human nature before the national specimen”. But in fact the course of the recent history in Europe has fulfilled the request of archbishop Crepaldi. For a casual coincidence this is the request of the Counter Reformation which sees under that “political rationality” the denial of the dogma of prostration in front of her Roman emperor, the pope, and his evil church.


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Doctor Tarcisio Bertone or "how I learned from the Commies to embalm young collaborationists"


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13th July 2010: Tri-national HOMAGE to Wlodimir Ledochowsky in Trieste


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I want simply to imagine


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The church of Rome playing with fire: archbishop of Ljubljana Anton Stres rehabilitating collaborationism with Nazi and Fascist aggression



(*) The excerpt from Slovenia and Europe is contained in the book "Belogardizem" of Franček Saje.
“Not the JRZ”: JRZ aka Jugoslovanka Radikalna stranka, the radical Yugoslav party supporter of Fascist ideology created in 1935
“Neither the SLS”: SLS was the Slovenska Ljudska stranka, the Slovenian clergy party.
doc Korošec was quoted in an article of “Slovenija in Europa” (Slovenia and Europa), year I., number I., 20. November 1941.
(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)