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The DIVIDE ET IMPERA Counter Reformation Intermarium project passes through Rezija valley


The municipality of Rezija valley, a valley between Primorje and Friuli, where the inhabitants speak a sort of Slovenian dialect, asked to retreat from the law of protection of the Slovenian comunity living inside the Italian state because the genetic analysis would demonstrate their difference respect the Slovenians.

Basing on such scheme, the first "nation" that should explode in thousands of ethnic pieces is just the Italian "nation". It is obvious that the city of Trieste should immediately ask to be considered if not half Slovenian city, at least with an autonomous independent soverign statute, and not submitted to the Italian parliament sited in Rome.

The inhabitants, the Rezijani, always preferred Venice instead Hapsburg empire where the feudal system was reigning. Of course the large autonomy Venice was lavishing to some Slovenian communities at the border with the empire was not a charitable present of an high civilized nation but only a pure political calculus in order to imbalance the ideological relation of forces. All along that border there was the epochal confrontation between a peninsular world dominated by the Latin Roman Catholic mind (plus some mercenaries like Venice) and the completely different North European world.

When the Interallied Commission visited the valley to establish the ethnic nature of it on the 1st April 1946, it is claimed that in every village the populations were weaving Italian flags, even if they were speaking the language of Dante with great difficulty, and at the same time the bells of all the churches were joyfully singing:

“.....Il primo aprile 1946, con il tricolore italiano che sventolava in ogni angolo della valle e con il suono delle campane, tutta la popolazione con a capo il sindaco Giovanni Clemente Tomasig manifestò e chiese alla delegazione russo-anglo-americana di restare italiani.....”.

“.....The first April 1946, with the Three-coloured (Italian flag – avles) weaving in every corner of the valley and with the sound of the bells, all the population with the major Giovanni Clemente Tomasig as leader, manifested and asked to the Russian-British-American delegation to remain Italians.....”.

There's hence no doubts from which religious direction came the input for the historical preference of the Slovenians of the Rezija valley. At the same time, meanwhile the church was instigating (successfully) the Slovenians of Rezija in to support the 1866 war against the Catholic knights Hapsburg, the same church was creating the premises for the future Roman Catholic Slovenian anti-Hapsburg nationalism, together with the hysterical anti-Slovenian Irredentism (to march separated and to hit united?) one among the ideological weapons to definitively kill that imperial crown who was terrorizing, with the inherited ancient imperial right of imprimatur on the appointment of every new pope in Rome and the heavy influence of a Lutheran Prussia led Germany, the papacy and the Jesuits. Of course till the end of the First Conflict the baby of the Roman Catholic Slovenian nationalism was carefully hidden by the swaddling clothes of hypocrite declarations of absolute loyalty to the same imperial crown Rome was going to destroy.

Today meanwhile the young Italian "nation" survives, slowly all the nations and ethnic groups around it are decaying in fragments in pieces, often in enmity.
There's no mystery but simply the implementation of the Counter Reformation Intermarium project (*)which divide et impera/divides and rules the belt that goes from the Balkans peninsula to the Baltic coasts.

The Italian “secession-ism” of the North League is a typical example. It is only a staged pose in order to hide the solid unity of that extension of the Vatican city called “Italian state”. Meanwhile Rome is demolishing and devouring the center Europe near the border of Italy in to implement the Intermarium project, she needs of a solid unitary basis, and this is the Italian state, but at the same time she needs also to mask that unity because a confrontation between a world that is going in pieces and another one bordering it but well solid and integer, would not be favourable to the plan of religious conquest of the Jesuit order.

So since three decades you hear obsessively in Italy the thesis of the "secession of the North East”, a secession always announced but that it never happens. At the opposite on the other side of the Adriatic coast not only the Yugoslavia is fallen in pieces, but also the single nations are at risk: from the threat of disintegration of Slovenia in as many provinces as the number of her valleys/dialects, to the amputation of Croatia (after the one of the Orthodox Serbia) in order to satisfy the never ceased Irredentis-Fascist hunger with the “Italian and Venetian lands of Istria and Dalmatia”.

Don't worry so if the propaganda of Luca Zaia (the president of Veneto region member of autonomist/secessionist centre-right and Roman Catholic North League party), who proposes an “Euroregion” involving Venice, Slovenia, Carinthia, etc., increases along with the increase of the marketing campaign for Venice on the sites of anti-Jesuit truthsayers in America. Counter Reformation Intermarium project and its Venetian appendix can be use without problem of compatibility also by Calvinist preachers of America & assistants.

A last consideration. The mini-coupe d'etat, pardon, of municipality, with which yesterday the political goverment of Rezija asked to be cancelled from the list of Italian administrations which are considered also bi-national or of Slovenian ethnic composition, occured just when the principal voice of the Slovenians in the part of Primorje in the province of the city of Udin/Videm/Udine under Italian administration, the Novi Matajur weekly (the "weekly of the Slovenians in the Udin province”) is closed for the summer pause. The major of the town Resia who asked the cancellation, Sergio Chinese, is a former official of the Esercito Italiano, therefore of the same army whose generals, like the criminals of war Roatta and Robotti, where controlled by the Holy See and by the Jesuit order and used to perform the bloody crusade of the pope in the Balkans 1941 - 1945. Roatta and Robotti were criminals of war and even if requested by the Yugoslav's justice for the massacres caused in the Balkans campaigns, they never faced a trial and never paid for their crimes.

The major, Sergio Chinese, with great probability is a man of the Italian military intelligence. The Italian army and police forces were used by the Jesuit order and the Holy See to suppress from 1918 to 1945 the ethnic expression of the Slovenians in the occupied Primorje, even in the religious Catholic service. In the democratic post-war Italy they targeted the Slovenians inside the Italian borders with democratic terrorism coordinated between Gladio, the same Esercito Italiano of which Sergio Chinese was member (do you remember the Alpini colonel, responsible of Gladio, as well clergy-fascist anti-Slovenian agent and intelligence man Aldo Specogna?), the Carabineers army, the civil and military intelligence and the local sub-galaxy of the Fascist political movement.

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Divide et impera:

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-----------Notes: ----------

(*) (I added this note for completion a pair of hour after having posted this message) Sunday, May 30, 2010 Do you remember Tiso?
".....And when it is recalled that in the mid-thirties the Vatican, aided by French and British Intelligence Services, had formed a powerful secret organisation, Intermarium, whose primary aim was the promotion of a (thus forming an anti-communist barrier stretching Pan-Danubian Confederation of middle-European states from the Baltic to the Adriatic), then the setting up of the puppet states in Slovenia and Croatia in 1941 are comprehensible...".
My comment: the anti Communist crusade was the alibi,.... the Roman Catholicization of Europe the finality.

(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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