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Vergarolla, an opportune massacre of Italians


Italian Criminal for war atrocities in Yugoslavia during the 1941 – 1945 National Socialist Fascist occupation (after aggression without declaration of war) – general of II Armada Mario Roatta. Here appearing on the cover of his book “Eight millions of daggers”. Self-promotion to hide the criminal past, published of course in the 1946:

On 5th March 1945 before to be sent in front of a martial court (but only for war crimes in Italy and the assassination of the Rosselli brothers in French) he escaped from the military hospital with the support of other officials. He fled first in the Vatican, then in the Spain of the Roman Catholic Generalissimo Francisco Franco. A week after the escape he was condemned to a life-long detention for having failed in the defence of Rome and for the general disaster after the 8th September 1943 capitulation. He was involved in the democratic post-war general amnesty which freed many Fascist and Savoy's criminals of war in 1946. He was involved also in the definitive amnesty declared in the name of the “national appeasament” in 1953 but just in the 1948 he was acquitted and the previous 1945 sentence quashed. At that time he was just in Spain protected by the Fascist soldier of the pope, Generalissimo Franco. He came back from Spain only in 1966, the year after Carabineers' commander general De Lorenzo, the responsible of the transformation of the Jesuits' army “Carabineers” in that sort of today's Italian SS of the Black pope, leaved the command of the army after having completed the mission which involved a staged attempt of a coup d'etat (Piano Solo). Knight of Malta Giovanni De Lorenzo played the “anti-fascist” role after capitulation in 1943 and in the fifties was head of the Italian military intelligence, the S.I.F.A.R. military agency.
Mario Roatta died in 1968. Of course the first Italian democratic court in the papal Rome 'freed' from Mussolini – the “anti-fascist” resistance was practically at the end of the war against the Nazi-Fascism - condemned him to a life-long detention in order only to avoid a possible extradition in Yugoslavia for well worse crimes of war. The Holy See hid him in the Vatican because Roatta was the military expression of the secret hate of the Jesuits against the Slovenes and Croatians, two nations which represents the South border of the historical Reform, an hate which exploited the opportune religious massacre of Schismatic Orthodoxies of Serbia as alibi to turns the Serbs against the Croats fulfiling for the benefit of the Irredentist dream, the complete Italianization of Istria and Dalmatia and the extirpation/”education” of the native “inferior” and “primitive” Slovenes and Croats. In fact after 70 years the historical figure of Mario Roatta continues to be an hero for both Italian Irredentist Fascists and for the today’s Chetniks of Serbia. But there was a much more important reason. The unmentionable secret war of the Fascists and of the Roman Catholic Italian generals in Yugoslavia against their the same German ally, an army too submitted to a Roman Catholic soldier of the pope, an Austrian corporal. That secret war was nothing else than the implementation of Wlodimir Ledochowky’s war. Mario Roatta, the other 800 Italian Roman Catholic responsible for war crimes in Yugoslavia and their historical memory are too much important for the Counter Reformation, yesterday, today and tomorrow, and for this reason they had to be denied to the justice in Yugoslavia and erased from the European historical memory at any cost, even at the cost of the disappearing of the same Italian presence in Istria and Dalmatia.

There are months I planned to expose that massacre, but I always delayed the task cause I hadn't time for it.
I don’t remember to have heard about the Massacre of Vergarolla on the media before. I the same discovered it in the last May or June. This event disturbs the traditional Irredentist Fascist and democratic propaganda about the exodus of Italians from Istria and Dalmatia. But notwithstanding the obscure sides of the event, the Vergarolla’s massacre had to be recovered from decades long oblivion in order to frame today Croatia. Croatia is going to enter in the papal Roman Catholic empire of Europe (EU) and every means is useful to frame the Croat people and to get his total submission. Ustasha massacres of Serbs and post-war mysterious mass murders of Italians are useful means to describe the Croat people as a “Slav-barbarian” bunch of bloody savages. It is with this moral knife at her throat that today Croatia is going to enter in the EU.
The true reason for the destruction of the Italian presence in the Balkans’ coasts is a secret that must be protected at any cost. In “Saint Boniface, saint protector of Italian Fascist criminals of war” (*) I exposed an astounding temporal coincidence. The disappearing of Italian priest Boniface (a pair of years ago his figure was awarded by the Holy See with the stripe of “saint”) with the contemporary consent of prime minister De Gasperi to start the procedure of delivery of the Italian criminals of war to the Yugoslav’s justice. The clergy-fascist propaganda of those days, which is the occult inspirer of the present one, wanted to gulp down the throats the image of a marshal Tito who, meanwhile at the same time was asking back those criminal of war for having deliberately massacre innocent civilians (asking for justice), was deliberately murdering innocent Italian priests (denying justice).

At the beginning of the Summer ’46 the Italian nationalist press was reporting with alarm the alleged mass-executions of (innocent civilian) Italians in the territories under the Yugoslav’s administration. Of course the same Italian paper of the city of Pola/Pula “L’Arena di Pola” was abundantly warning the Italians about the intention of Tito to get rid of them. At those times the Istrian city was an enclave on the coast administered by the British-ally authority and surrounded by an Istria entirely controlled by Tito. Notwithstanding the continuous alarms spread by the Italian information services and the nationalist press about the desires of Tito to murder/expel Italians from Yugoslavia, the British authorities let to store in the proximity of an important center for the social activity of the Italians, well nine tons of explosives consisting in 28 recovered anti-landing mines deprived of the detonator the Germans buried in the coast to oppose a possible landing. Explosives works for only one purpose, the one for which it has been produced: to explode. So nine tons of war explosive without detonator disintegrated the beach where they were stored, the Veragarolla beach under Western democratic ally administration. Coincidentally, those nine tons of explosives chose to explode just the same day when an important meeting of the local Italian community took place in that the same beach, in the occasion of the traditional boat race, a race organized by the Italian society for sport rowing “Pietas Julia”.

From 60 to 100 Italians died. And of course, like a automatic reflex, the Italian nationalist circles immediately aimed the finger of their propaganda system against the Tito’s services. In fact what do you read as prologue in the Italian page of Wikipedia related to the the exodus, a page that can be considered an expression of the Italian foreign policy and its never ended Irredentist dreams? The declaration of Kardelj, right hand of Tito, who affirmed the willing of the regime to push away the Italians from post-war Yugoslavia (to make “every kind of pressure” on them during the visit of the Interallied Commission….). Tito and the partisans were not the first objects of such propaganda. The Slavs are barbarians “to educate” and their support to the atheist Communism is the “proof”. Irredentist-Fascist circles were not wasting a minute of time to shot this concept in your head, especially after the first Italian Savoy soldier putted his feet in the Primorje/Adriatische Küstenland in 1918. After that 18th August for the Irredentist and clergy Fascist propaganda of the Italian fanatical nationalist circles, the rest of the job was easy like shooting the Red Cross ambulance.

But for a curious contradiction, when it dealt with the organization of Italian cultural meetings those decades of hammering propaganda about the “barbarian and homicidal” attitude of the Slavs, mysteriously was forgotten. The British authorities offered to Tito a golden opportunity, storing war explosive just in front of a cultural center of the Italian community. All those bombs went not gathered unexpectedly in a single day, the day before the tragic meeting, but in a year long work of decontamination all along the coasts under the eyes of everyone. Also the same Italian civil authority , leaders and organizers of that tragic meeting collaborated in to offer a golden opportunity to render explicit the desire of Kardelj and Tito. The Italian authorities and leaders worked as the same anti—Slav propaganda, they the same were indefatigable repeating to the Italians, never existed.
Decisively, nine tons of explosives in proximity of hundreds of Italian men, women and children was not the first preoccupation when they were writing or reading the articles in the Italian Irredentist press warning about the homicidal intentions of Tito.

Where else could you find a better example of dissociation between explicit, publicized intentions and occult unspoken finalities?

There are no excuses. A pair of months before the massacre, on the 25th June, the Italian Irredentist clergy-Fascist circles disguised now under the democratic terminology, organized in Pola/Pula a general strike to protest against the intentions of the allies to consign the city to Yugoslavia. A week after the political strike of protest the Italian nationalist leaders founded a committee to promote the escape of the Italians from Pola/Pula. The local daily of the Italian community, the “Arena di Pola”, deepened the psychological manipulation in order to prepare the Italians to leave their homes in Istria and Dalmazia. The expulsions of the Italians from Istria and Dalmatia, was of course attributed exclusively to the agenda of that “barbarian Slav-Communist”, the Croat Tito. As immediate logical consequence the Italian government, and even the Communists, appeared to fiercely oppose to an eventual expulsion of the Italians. After such an hysterical and obsessive ideological propaganda in Italy, only a complete mad and psychopath mind would have suspected that the Italian government had an unmentionable convenience in an eventual escape of the Italians from Istria and Dalmatia. Very significant words that seems to have been written or inspired by a mind that knew in advance a future tragedy was going to happen, appeared with a providential timing on the usual “L’Arena di Pola”. The title of the article was just an explicit invite: “Or Italy or the exile”:

“..........Our fierce working people, the one which also believed in the democracy and rebelled against any kind of slavery, would abandon immediately the city if it should surely be assigned to Yugoslavia, and will find hospitality and job in Italy, where the government will give every possible aid to all these generous sons who prefer the exile than the slavery and the de-nationalization.

In Pola there will remain maybe some thousands of fanatics who, after some weeks of Yugoslav occupation, will atrociously repent for all the evil by them caused and therefore will try to escape the violent persecution and the oppression.

And just because they know that they will be submitted to this destiny, and in order to continue to be gerarchi (the ones on the top of an hierarchy, ‘gerarca’ was the typical boss inside the Fascist party – avles) of the Italian “minority”, they will do every effort to convince the people to remain in the city; after having terrorized it with an year of bestial propaganda, and with mass deportation of innocents and with the launch of living men in the foibe, among the sneering of some drunks with blood.........”

That article and the related terrorist campaign was also a psychological preparation of the future exiled Italians in order to transform them in a tool of the Cold War age in Italy. The arrival of the refugees from the other side of Adriatic sea was welcomed by rallies of the Communist party where they were labeled as “Fascists” and “traitors of the workers’ class” for having believed to the Fascist-nationalist terrorist propaganda against a Socialist country who fought Mussolini. In the principle the Communist party was right, but now, especially after those raging rallies of Togliatti, the Jesuits, the Holy See and their Irredentist-Fascist minions were happy to see the escaping Italians falling in their ideological hands. At the end of the sum the same Italian Communist party did his part of the dirty job because, with the fierce opposition showed in those anti-fascist rallies of “welcome”, it demonstrated to all the world that it absolutely didn't exist a single Italian, whatever political idea could possess his/her brain, conceiving an ideological benefit from the disappearing of the Italian presence in Istria and Dalmatia.

So the Italian nationalist leaders of Pola clearly demonstrated to be totally aware about the existence of the assassin purposes of Tito’s regime against the Italians, well before the mysterious terrorist attack and this is an undeniable fact.
If you are threatened by criminals who get rid of their innocent opponents launching them alive in the natural holes of the Karst, you don't offer in his hands a razor blade ready in front of your throat. But they did it and only after that throat was ripped, with the explosion of those twenty-eight mines, they suddenly recalled their the same obsessive propaganda and exclaimed: “here you have the proof of the assassin intentions of the Slav-Communists!”. The committee to organize the flight of the Italians away from the claws of Tito and Kardelj has not been created in vain! Because it was not the son of a prophecy but the lucid product of a secret plan.

Today there's a trendy term for all that: false flag operation. I prefer the old one: dirty war. The decisions of the Allied and Italian both military and civilian/political authorities which permitted that massacre could be labeled as fruit of the negligence and of the ingenuity. But there's a cold lucid rationality which created, instigated and exploited the premises for the massacre and, manipulating the language, labeled them as “negligence” and “ingenuity”. This rationality, meanwhile hides itself behind the term “supreme unmentionable interest of the state”, moves its puppets of the intelligence and its Black Shirts and X Mas Militia mercenaries. Those puppets fights a banal bipolar ideological war which hides the secret religious ruling third pole, whose single battles seems to be fought to gain only narrow contemporary ideological victories, but when summoned together and seen from a long time perspective, they show to push Europe to a new order where the destruction of any kind of identity will leave charte blanche to the only strong power remained on the continent, the power of the evil church of Rome (European Roman Catholic empire).

If you read my “Saint Boniface, saint protector of Italian Fascist criminals of war” you know that the unmentionable urgency of the Italian state was to hinder the deliver of even only a little fraction of those 295 (two hundreds and fifty nine) Italian criminal of wars (and this was the initial number of criminals, the most important of course, requested only by the Yugoslavia at January 1948 from a list of more than 800 (eight hundreds) Italians responsible for war crimes in occupied Yugoslavia). You know now that the “Slav-Communist” persecution of those Italian living in Yugoslavia was not only the perfect tool to frame Tito in order to destroy his legitimate request to see Roatta, Robotti, Pirzio Biroli, Grazioli and the rest of the Italian criminals of war to face the justice of the same country where they caused massacres. After the persecution it arrived the time for the expulsion of the Italians because it was urgent not only to frame Tito with the violence against the Italians but also to deprive him, as I explained in “Saint Boniface, etc.”, of a possible object of blackmail, the Italian community the same.

The Italian Fascists, as well their Slovenian collaborationist Belagarda, were accustomed in to perform funny jokes to the anti-fascist partisan resistance. These are not conjectures but historical material facts now buried in dusty institutes dedicated to “study the anti-fascist resistance”. Black Shirts and Belagarda loved to dress the uniforms and marks of their enemies in order to be able to massacre the greatest number possible of them, as happened not only in the Slovenia of bishop Rožman, but also in the bordering Friuli and Carnia of the Free Partisan Republic. After the war ended, they and their Jesuit masters immediately realized that if the business would have come to a bad end for the regime of Belgrade, the OZNA/UDBA of Tito would have not many scruples in to give back those operations of Jesuit-Fascist dirty war, and would have paid Italy with the same currency used by the Fascist occupants and their Belagarda collaborationists. The Italian community could have been blamed for eventual mysterious terrorist attacks and of consequence democratic Italy could have been blamed for trying to subvert the post-war Yugoslavia born from the fire of the anti-fascist war. All the hypocrite international efforts the Italians were doing to deny their past Fascist faith, efforts like the ones prime minister De Gasperi was seriously engaged to express in those precise moments, could have been swept away like an house of cards, with all the related unfortunate consequences.

But there was another serious preoccupation in the minds of the Jesuit-Masonic circles of the Italian Democratic-Fascist revanchism. The same Italian population must be kept in the ignorance about the crimes committed by the Italian Fascist Savoy army abroad.
Now you know that the extradition of only few ones of those criminals of war present in that initial 295 group of names required by Yugoslavia, would have had serious repercussions against the desperate efforts of De Gasperi to present Italy as “not guilty" for the Fascist aggressions and crimes of the recent past and – what a cheek! - even as a country among the the winners of the same WWII.
To submit Italians to public trials for war crimes in post-war Yugoslavia could have not been simply used as an heavy moral warning but it was automatically in itself an heavy moral warning in front of the Italian community or better, that part of the Italian community who supported the regime of Mussolini and its puppets responsible of those crimes (don't forget those Italians of Istria who hated the Fascists and joined the Tito's Liberation Army!). You have to consider that in those years the soil covering many graves of the Yugoslavs murdered by the Fascist occupation was still fresh and its smell persisting in all the country.
Public trials would have paralyzed any future political initiative and not only of the Italians in Istria, but quietly also and especially of the same Italian state. The Italian country, the “homeland” (= territorial extension) of the Holy See's state city of Vatican, would have showed its true face, the one appeared during the 1941 – 1945 occupation of Yugoslavia, not only in front of the world. So expelling those 250,000 Italians, it meant not only to deprive Tito of a good of exchange (or of blackmail if you prefer), but to close with a impermeable dark wall the awareness of the same Italian country respect the past Fascist criminal occupation and massacres. The Italian community in Yugoslavia could have constituted a dangerous gate through which the truth on the Italian occupation of the Balkans would have seriously disturbed a brainwashed post-war democratic-fascist Italian mind living in the near peninsula. For this reason that gate had to be destroyed in order to cancel the awareness about the Italian Fascist war of aggression of the Yugoslav’s people and the related Italian war crimes.

It is with the debris of that gate that the propaganda of the “Foibe” and of the “thousands of innocent Italians launched alive in the holes of Karst for-the-sole-guilty-to-be-Italian” has been built in seventy years of secret religious war.

.............. & ..............

Sources. Stay sure that if they could they would cancel also the last remaining sources of information about the Italian criminals of war. On the stage of this modern prostitute, the ‘tolerant’ democratic society, there’s space for only one bad subject, the German Nazism. Today in Italy, besides pathetic radical (Jesuit) chic documentaries on the Fascist regime, documentaries for which is more important Claretta Petacci the girlfriend of Mussolini than the Italian criminal nationalist aggressions abroad, it reigns an intelligent censorship, which meanwhile continually is recalling that the Italian republic has been founded on the anti-fascism, at the same time is hiding the bloody papal crusades of which the Fascism was a pure secular hand to execute them. Fascist Italy was never defeated, simply the Holy See and the Jesuits started to weave in 1943 a particular mask to hide its post-war face, the democratic masque. I remember well decades ago that the memory of the anti-fascist resistance was more present in the leftist culture. Today the partisans are “out” because the leftists and Marxists abandoned even the last superficial appearance of what they continually preached and became entirely and totally only the sacristans of the church of Rome. Today to be “gay” is “in” and of course as the partisans were “violent”, hence they are morally condemned.
The Italian page of Wikipedia contains interesting information about the Vergarolla Massacre, at least the page upgraded on 12th May 2010 hour 09:30 PM:
For the Italian criminals of war never extradited in Yugoslavia, Ethiopia, Liby etc., it exists a good English documentary never broadcasted by the state public television RAI, only the channel LA7 used pieces of it for a documentary. The documentary is entitled “Fascist Legacy”. Of course the true reasons for that incredible protection of the Italian criminals of war don’t appear in that video. But at least it is a first step in to expose the true face of the Italian wars of aggression during and before WWII. The content of that documentary has been summoned in the Italian site:

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Vergarolla after 65 years - the timing and the international context


(*) Tuesday, June 8, 2010
Saint Boniface, saint protector of Italian Fascist criminals of war

(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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