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1st May – 65 years after


Hymn of the partisans of the Primorje/East Slovenia/Amber Path South - the Soviet/Russian influence is heavy, the ideological context is sometimes suffucating, but notwithstanding the hymn will remain for ever in the hearth of the "Primorci", those Slovenians, and also many not Slovenian, Italian Anti-fascists, who fought and ever will fight against the Black insects of the Vatican and against the extermination of a nation born from the Protestant heresy:

Vstala Primorska-Trzasko partizanski pevski zbor Pinko Tomazic


The 1st May 1945, the troops of the Popular's Liberation Army of Yugoslavia entered in the city of Trieste, freeing it from the Nazi-Fascist forces. Of course for that part of the local population which took the side of Mussolini and Hitler and of the Italian oppression on the Slovenians and Croats since 1918, the arrival of the Yugoslav's army was not a liberation, but the beginning of an occupation.

For forty days, till the sequent 12th June when the Anglo-American ally administration would have officially substituted the Yugoslav authorities and taken from their hands the charge governing the city and the surrounding province, (a province named "Zone A" in the international agreements), the troops of Tito were present in the city, together with a minor presence of New Zealand units which entered in the city in the same afternoon 1st May.

The official historiography accepted by the Italian state and transformed in law decree on the 11st September 1992, states without any form of doubt that in the first days of those 40 days of “Titoist's occupation”, the Yugoslav's troops performed a cleaning of the city murdering some thousands of Italian citizens, soldiers, officials, prisoners whose corpses went then thrown in a former mine sited near the ethnically Slovenian village of Basovizza/Bazovica, a village located in the territory of the municipality of the city.

There's a book that in the near future will be prohibited in the Italian nation thanks to the incoming law against the denial of the Official truth on the Foiba di Basovizza. The title is “Operazione Foibe”/”Foibe Operation” and the author is Claudia Cernigoj. There we can take knowledge that the starting shot of that official historical version of the facts was an article appeared on a national political newspaper, the official paper of the Liberal party - “Risorgimento Liberale”/”Liberal Risorgimento” (“risorgimento” = “rising again”, alludes to the process of unification of the Italian nation). On the 29th July, two months after the Yugoslav authorities were substituted by the Anglo American ones, an article affirmed that “the news of the discovery of 400 or 600 corpses in a former mine near Trieste provoked a shock in the whole America”. But two days after the same newspaper published the official refutation of the alleged discovery, a refutation coming from the 8th British army corps. Who was spreading false news? The attribute “liberal” of the newspaper and the related “Liberal Italian party” indicates also a religious allusion, being the “liberalism” one of the targets of the WWII. In the Primorje the WWII, and before it the Savoy and Fascist occupation, destroyed the Slovenian liberal national class. After the hot war, the ideological war against liberalism continues disguised with the same dresses of the target that must be destroyed.

The only official witness about the related possible massacre comes from two Roman Catholic priests, don Malalan, and don Virgil Šček . But only the second referred to an agent of the allied administration, to have personally witnessed in the first days of May the public trial, led by the Yugoslav's authorities, of 150 Italians. The inquired men appeared, at the eyes of the priest, to be policemen of the central police station of Trieste. The trial, affirmed the priest, went held in the surrounding of the village of Basovizza. After the conclusion the policemen went executed and their bodies thrown in the former mine then became National Monument with Presidential decree fifty years after.

The same priest Virgil Šček, after the agent asked him if he was also a witness of the executions and of the launch of the bodies in that mine, denied to have witnessed in first person to the alleged end of those prisoners. Don Šček assured to have been a witness of only the process. Hence still today the “material proofs” of a crime war are lying in that former mine. On the plaque of the monument it is affirmed that thousands of innocents are lying there.

In Srebrenica, in Ruanda, and everywhere in the world where's a reasonable probability that in a location rests of a war crime are buried, the judicial authorities start an inquiry and an investigation in the site of the mass burial. Even in the same near Slovenia where recently in a former mine hundreds of corpses of Slovenian collaborationist of the occupants, probably liquidated by the Tito's UDBA, have been discovered and now under investigation by the medical judicial authorities. But it is a mystery of the universe the fact that inside the juridical territory of the Italian state it is possible to claim that a crime war, which never falls under prescription, occurred with the greatest certainty certified by the legal affirmation of the highest authority of the state (presidential decree), and at the same time, being the material proof of what affirmed at disposition at 200 feet below the Monument, the judicial authorities commit a crime because they don't inquiry for a crime which never falls under prescription.

The reasons are not only lying in those “words of the pope” pronounced by don Virgil Šček, words on which the presidential decree is based (*). In the province of the city of Trieste it exist another monument, the monument of the “Risiera di San Sabba” (Risiera = industry working with rice), which is presented as the only Nazi extermination camp created in the Italian territory. The importance of that “only …. in the Italian territory” lies in the fact that the North Adriatic was considered by the German authorities as true part of the Third Reich and not simply “occupied lands”. At the opposite of the “Foiba di Basovizza” monument, the “Risiera di San Sabba” monument has been targeted with an increasing intensity in the last years by political polemics occurred between the parties present in the council of the city. Also the Holocaust denial movement dedicated some books and articles to demolish the reality of that camp. Significantly, every commemoration meeting held on the 25th April and every polemic are used to cancel the Italian responsability in the bloody occupation of the East Slovenia or Primorje: the only one assumed as responsible for that camp and for the atrocities from 1943 to 1945 are exclusively the German Nazis and rarely the Italian Fascists.

Why was created the national monument “Risiera di San Sabba”? The monument was modified and enlarged in the seventies. In those years in the city of Trieste was held the public trial against the responsible of that camp (precisely was a police detention camp). The trial was an occasion to submit the city to a psycho drama. Those forty days of occupation of the city by the Yugoslav's troops in 1945 didn't see a serious judicial persecution of the responsible for the atrocities against the local population of Slovenia. Thirty years after the Counter Reformation did a staged revival with which to repeat the old “Slav-communist threat against Trieste”, the city considered “outpost of the Latin civilization at the border of a barbarian Slavic Balkan world”. It is convenient at this moment to take as good part of the material presented by the Holocaust denial propaganda against that trial because just this propaganda confirms the true intentions behind that trial. The trial was hit by some incongruence, partiality and errors. The choreography presented a rally of former partisans and communists outside the same building hosting the court, giving the final artistic touch to the revival of those “creepy 40 days of Slav-Communist oppression” which “never ended”, but continued with the “Communist infiltration inside the same judicial, political and cultural institutions of the entire country”. It was just the emotional fallout instigated by that choreographed public “Slav communist” trial to supply spiritual bricks for the building of another propaganda in the successive eighties, the propaganda about the “thousands of innocent Italians thrown even alive inside the natural holes of Karst highland and of Istria by Tito's partisans”. The threat of the Communism, especially of the Slavic one, materialized in the ectoplasm of an “out-of-the-time Slav Communist public trial”, was used to trigger all the right and radical right wing area in the building of what then was named by Claudia Cernigoj as “Operation: Foibe”. The presidential decree of 11th September 1992 which established the national monument dedicated to those alleged thousands of innocent Italians, was the logical final product of that revival of fifteen years before, the trial against the responsible of the KL San Sabba.

For this reason a counter part of the Nazi and Fascist extermination camp “San Sabba” (appreciate please the allusion to the double “S”) had to be built in the same administrative province of Trieste and this one is the “Monumento Foiba di Basovizza”. The Foiba di Basovizza works as moral shield in a particular way as defence of the Holocaust denial which hits the Nazi-Fascist Risiera di San Sabba KL . Instigating a denial movement aimed to refute the truth of what claimed on the plaque of the National monument in Basovizza, that works like a sort of controlling blackmail which protects the opposite denial targeting the truth of the crimes perpetrated in and with the support of the Konzentration Lager “San Sabba” (truly: a Polizei Lager). Those occult religious inspirers and developers of the official historiography of the alleged Massacre of Basovizza (assigned to Tito's partisans) had evidently in mind the protection of the denial of the existence of the camp San Sabba, because every opposition to the refutation of San Sabba truth will be turned against any doubts arisen about the official presidential truth of the Foiba di Basovizza.

Put denial against denial.

After having being created as a sort of ideological son of the Risiera di San Sabba and its choreographed “Slav-Comminist” trial, the monument “Foiba di Basovizza” turns itself against its the same ideological parents. Today the monument of Basovizza is darkening the Nazi-Fascist camp of San Sabba. If we give a look to the denial press built to demolish that KL, we see the obsession to refute the existence of a crematory oven. Things are more subtle than the rough image through which they appear to us. If we put aside the question “crematory oven yes or not”, we see that in the S. Sabba camp, of course beyond the Jews, there were detained many Slovenians which there were investigated, inquired, tortured, murdered or sent in those camps in North East Europe. But we are in the position to paradoxically accept even the most extreme propaganda thesis of the denial. Because in any case the Risiera di San Sabba was a principal center for the suppression of the local Slovenian resistance. For the Holocaust denial propaganda, to focuse the attention on the crematory oven, forcing the same Slovenians who courageously fought the Nazi and the Italian Fascist oppression on that particular, is a keen way to distract the enemy away from the awareness of the true goal of the Nazi-Fascist brutality. That unspoken finality will escape the judgment because at the bar, there will be dragged only secondary material details of the implementation of that criminal design. The demolition of the pretended material detail of “falsity of the crematory oven” is only a device, a trick to demolish one of the principal – if not the principal one – symbolic spiritual sanctuaries of the martyrdom of the Slovenians of the coastal regions, the Slovenians of the Primorje or Primorci who paid the highest price in the rebellion against the Nazi-Fascist bestiality.

The denial movement of the existence of a crematory oven in San Sabba camp has a religious finality. The cover of the denial-book “Il processo della Risiera di San Sabba” (“The trial of the Risiera di San Sabba”) written by Ugo Fabbri shows a lithography with the scene of an Inquisition torture. The pretension of the Holocaust deniers to be the modern 'heretics', acquires with the cover of this book, another deeper significance. The Risiera di San Sabba was an important gear of the machine to destroy and eradicate the Slovenians and the Slovenian nation, culture, ethnic, from the face of earth, especially in the coastal regions. The Slovenians were and also today are targeted because their nation is born from the heresy of the Protestant Primož Trubar, which gave a national and religious significance to the Slovenian language, a language born as literary expression of Lutheran faith (**). Therefore the true mission of camps such San Sabba, was the not-expressed but fanatical religious eradication of a national, ethnic, cultural and literary expression of the Lutheran heresy the same, in one of its South East variation, the heresy of Protestant Trubar. The Risiera di San Sabba was a logistic base of the modern religious Counter Reformation war (1914 – 1945). And the Holocaust deniers, must continue the (un)holy mission of their spiritual masters, hiding the religious core of that war.

For this reason, on the cover of the Ugo Fabbri's book (publishing house: EFFEPI (= “f” + “p”)) there's an image of an Inquisitorial torture. That cover explains why the Counter Reformation waited the arrival of the Germans to start the most bloody step in the religious war in Primorje/Amber Path South. The Counter Reformation elaborated a very calibrated evolution of events in the WWII, in a way that the most hard and appalling form of oppression of the Slovenians would have seen apparently in the role of principal responsible the Germans; with the Italians wearing mostly secondary roles.

Only a refined mind would have conceived such a planned religious purge of Slovenia. Primož Trubar was constrained by the church of Rome to the exile in South Bavaria and lived in Kempten. As soon it was possible, he came back in his Slovenia, but only to be again forced to escape. German nobility supported him not only spiritually but also materially. Turning that German world against the Slovenian nation, this was the supreme and most fine revenge of the Counter Reformation war in the Amber Path South/Primorje/North East Adriatic regions. The Fascism of the Borders and the Italian Fascist cruelty in the occupied Slovenia had also this religious goal. And at the end of the bloody show in 1945, the only ones who would have been dragged in front of martial and civil criminal courts for all those crimes were and are the German Nazis alone. But those 700 Italian criminal of war required by Yugoslavia in order to be tryed for crimes against Balkans populations were never touched and no one of them was extradited in Yugoslavia.

For this reason, during the commemorations about the liberation of Trieste, no one remembers today the Italian Fascism and its responsibilities as the principal butcher of the Slovenians. The miserable elite of servants of Rome who govern this sad city, its economical, political, cultural institutions, are only remembering the German Nazi presence as the only responsible in the past oppression. The Major of Trieste, Roberto di Piazza, the Unione degli Istriani boss Massimo Lacota, the right hand of Alleanza Nazionale party leadership Roberto Menia of Trieste, the Masonic Camber brothers, and many many others, even belonging to the leftist area which “supports the resistance heritage”, are well happy to threw on the Germans the exclusive guilty for the 1943-1945 occupation crimes. As they secretly salute with joy the Italian, Irredentist, both Savoy and republican oppression of the Slovenians of the Primorje started in 1866, they need to cover it (when forced) with an “Accuse alone to Germans alone” Counter Reformation dogma. And when not forced, they are happy to express their the most beloved dogma, the “Accuse alone to Slav-communist partisans alone” Jesuit-Masonic dogma. For this reason such miserable elite appreciates those Fascists who, near the arrival of May 1945, after having persecuted the “Slavs”, joined the anti-Slav “resistance” of the city, a “resistance” with opportunism built at the last moment in order to show to the Western allies that “for real an anti-Fascist resistance existed in the city of Trieste”!
And today they are even not so secretly praising those Fascists as the “Saviours of a city in the hands of the barbarian Slav Communists”. As it is evident, for such a mob, if the “Foiba di Basovizza would have not existed, it should have been invented!”.

And this is not only a metaphore!

Primorska Himna ver. II:

Vstala Primorska


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Pedophile chimps from Outer (Jesuit-Masonic) space?

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