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Konec Slovenije II - (With Ezra)


Sometimes I agree even with the Roman Catholic Adolph Hitler. Once he said that "all the artists should be killed". This sentence comes automatically in my mind every time I hear the words "Ezra" and "Pound".

Ezra Pound was the artistic clown dragged all along the Italian peninsula during the declining phase of the war, to alleviate with rhetoric the pain of a just written destiny. The guy Ezra was the artistic toilette paper with which the Jesuit Fascist regime was cleaning away the scum dangerously emerging from the false apparency of the tyranny.

Today, meanwhile the European Western world is sinking in the disaster, and sentiments of decadence, existential death and void are keenly fed up by the spiritual propaganda of the Counter Reformation, it is necessary to use again those old rolls of paper. The coming catastrophe could wake up many people, so let's put some of those old, recycled and encrusted by that old putrid scum, pieces of paper on their eyes.

Some weeks ago a cultural meeting was held in the city of Trieste on the theme: Ezra Pound. Now it's the turn of Slovenia? In the column of the culture of the on line news service of Television Slovenian, it appears, with a calibrated timing, following just only after five days the disorders in front of the Parliament, an event that broke a chord in the collective soul of the Slovenian nation, an article on Ezra Pound's works.

Trocki pisane besede. Pa še malo Mussolinija

Ezra Pound (1885-1972)
24. maj 2010 ob 09:33
Ljubljana - MMC RTV SLO

Čeprav je bil rojen v ZDA, je Angliji pomagal do prve prave avantgarde, drzno je primerjal Jeffersona in Mussolinija, nato pa pol stoletja ustvarjal orjaško in zapleteno pesnitev. Ezra Pound.

„Rojen revolucionar, Trocki pisane besede.“ Tako je Ezro Pounda označil njegov prijatelj in 'kolaborant' pri ustvarjanju britanskega odgovora na futurizem in obenem tudi na manifestu utemeljen 'kontinentalni tip' avantgarde, sicer pa predvsem slikar Wyndham Lewis............

Of course Erzra Pound is important for the Slovenians, pardon, for the New Slovenian Man/Woman as dreamed by the Companion of Jesus. Ezra was a Fascist collaborationist. And today Slovenia must go back to collaborationism. Ezra compared Mussolini with Jefferson. And Jefferson - in writing the Declaration - was inspired by the old rite of of the installation of the Middle age Slovenian dukes of Carinthia, a rite considered by Jean Bodin one of the "first form of Democracy in Europe".

Today that old link between Slovenia and birth of American confederation, is an exclusive ideological prerogative of those cultural circles who are rehabilitating the Slovenian Fascist collaborationism (especially after the death of the only pro-OF-resistance member of those circles, the ingenue former partisan Matej Bor) and - wow! what a surprise! - are all gathered under the common label of the "Veneti" theory. Those groups of "Veneti" are strongly Roman Catholic. And the "Veneti" theory propagandize an union (a collaboration) of the North Italy and the rest of MittelEuropa (and of course Slovenia) in the name of a common ethnic-racial origin. Of course the Fascism always justified the aggression against the Slavic people of East Adriatic coast on the base of the fact that those lands were property of the higher "Venetian" civilization. Also the Unione degli Istriani, whose president goes to kiss the ring of the pope before to start his mission in that (former Protestant) North Europe, considers the higher "Venetian" civilization in Istria and Dalmatia as a "victim of the hordes of Communist-Slav" partisan of Tito (but not of the Irredentism and of the Fascism). Hence today the new Slovenian Fascist collaborationist must kneel and recognize his guilty in the name of that higher "Venetian" civilization.
And where we can smell also the "Venetian" wind? Isn't it blowing between the threads of the Craig Oxley forum? Or in the site of brother Eric John Phelps (*)? For a coincidence, the actual America is plenty not only of those 'heretic' Venetian bloodlines (backing the revanchism of Fascist Italy under an anti-jesuit pose?), but also there are swarming Roman Catholic communities of Slovenians filled till the eyes with the same "Veneti" theory spirit and especially with the cult of those "old good boys who collaborated with Mussolini.."...Strazariji, Belagarda, Domobranci.....How many of them fled in America after WWII?

Ok, back in Slovenija now.
Of course the '68 of today has no more Ho Chi Minh as model. But Hugo Chavez who, between a kiss of the pope's ring and the other, threatens the Jews in Venezuela with the expulsion. Of course today there are no more the imperialist' B52 launching bombs over Communist North Vietnam, but the Jewish Soros who launches financial attacks to innocent Roman Catholic countries, like Poland. And the Zionist ruled America” murdering innocent Muslims all around the world. This world is changed and the Roman Catholic seeds planted all along those last decades are giving their rotten harvest of Roman Catholic inspired, anti-Jewish and anti-American revanchism.

Is the ghost of Ezra the spiritual sickle to harvest that poison? The article on-line was significantly beginning with the sentence about Pound: "a born revolutionary, a Trotsky of the written word”. Being Tito a Stalin's agent (in a join venture NKVD-SIS), all that assumes a precise significance. One of the songs used in student's or political leftist protest rallies in Slovenia sings “the Revolution is a Whore”.....

Those ideological allusions hide a giant cultural factory of nihilism planted in Slovenia and inaugurated five days ago. To subvert European's society and build the imperial papal Europe.

To understand better the importance of those underground artistic and existential networks shaping the psyche of the society and feeding seditions and riots, it is useful to recall to the memory the central role of one of those Roman Catholic papal bloodlines who built “culture and soul” not only between the two wars in Europe, but also after, and influenced the intellectual soul of America. It is the Caetani papal bloodline and especially Marguerite Caetani and his literary magazine “Botteghe Oscure”. “Botteghe Oscure” is the name of the street in Rome where one of their palaces – palace Caetani - is located, a palace far from the old historical seat of the Partito Comunista Italiano just only a minute or less walking:

From Wikipedia English page:

Botteghe Oscure was a literary journal, published and edited in Rome by Marguerite Caetani (Princess di Bassiano) from 1948 until 1960.
It was named after Botteghe Oscure Street, where the editorial office was located. With poetry and prose in five languages (Italian, French and English, and alternating issues featuring German and Spanish-language segments), the review was published twice a year. It was distributed in the United States through Farrar, Straus & Young and the Gotham Book Mart.[1]
Giorgio Bassani was an editor, and later Eugene Walter moved from Paris to Rome to edit the magazine for Caetani.

Ezra of course couldn't miss the opportunity, and was naturally in artistic literary link with madame Marguerite:

From art to reality
Marchetti lives in the only building the Caetanis restored at Ninfa - the medieval town hall. During Maurgerite Caetani's time, this was a literary retreat. The eccentric princess would host writers such as Ezra Pound, Henry James, and T.S. Elliott.

Just to not forget, the Ninfa castel has an interesting (papal) history:

The town of Ninfa was Papal property in times past. Pope Clement VII destroyed the town in an internal war during the Fourteenth Century. For six hundred years it lay in ruins, in part because of the malarial mosquitoes in the nearby marshes. And then in 1920 an aristocratic English artist, Ada Wilbraham, married a member of the Caetani family that had been given the city way back in 1297 by Pope Boniface II, another Caetani. Wilbraham started the restoration that has continued to this day. The site includes a bridge and seven churches from Roman times, a castle, and the city wall, all in a state of arrested decay. The restored medieval town hall has hosted famous writers including Ezra Pound, Henry James, and T.S. Elliott. Visiting times are quite restricted.

If the Jesuit order was expelled from the city of Ljubljana, after the war, for two decades cause his involvement in the building of the Slovenian Fascist collaboration-ism, those accuses were not so groundless. No doubt that the toilette paper “Ezra Pound” was spiritually sponsored in the Duce's Italy by the little nephews of the Council of Trent.
But maybe the Slovenians of today don't know that the Roman Catholic bloodline Caetani was involved not only in to manipulate the artistic and existential soul of the entire world (preparing it to accept the Jesuit thought), but also in the manipulation of the Italian spiritual soul and related material body with true lead bullets:

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Caetani papal bloodline, the Red Brigades, the Hyperion, the SMOMs, the murder of Aldo Moro, the......the....

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Red Brigades and Hyperion: Vatican and Jesuit terrorist subversion?

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Konec Slovenije - End of Slovenia

Corrections and additions: The text has been revisited and bessered after some hours. Sorry, I had a damn medical check to do, and no one of of my secretaries was able to finish this message, even if I used my personal Falcon to return as soon as possible....


(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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Better to be executed by Tito's OZNA


Some days ago, on the usual local Jesuit Masonic daily "Il Piccolo" it appeared an article on the famous poetry of Jewish origin of Trieste, Umberto Saba.
Saba, notwithstanding was an Italian nationalist (traditionally the elite of the Jewry in Trieste follows the Italian nationalism), affirmed, in a period of electoral tension of the cold war, only some years after the war, that he "would have preferred, instead to see his figure incensed by the priests after his death, to die in front of an execution platoon of Communists" (and cause the border with Tito's Yugo, they were Tito's Communists of course).

I agree 200% with Umberto.

Because the partisan war during WWII was directed, oh yes, by a pitiless man of NKVD supported by SIS, Josip Broz Tito. His Communist party was surely expression of Moscow, Moscow was certainly expression of Stalin and Stalin was an automatic bloody expression of the Jesuits' order. So in Yugoslavia during WWII there was no a gret choiche: or to go with a front which was directly sucking the rotten milk from the cloaks of the priests, i.e. Strazarji, Belagarda, Plava Garda, Domobranci, etc., or to fight them with the other front which was in any case still controlled by Rome. I would have absolutely no problem, and the disgust and hate for the Fascist collaboration-ism would have me immediately pushed to join Tito's partisans, even if a person with ideas and religious inspirations like me, soon or later, would have finished in front of one of his platoon.

So, trying to imitate that Jewish giant of the poetry, I affirm: Better to be executed by Tito's OZNA, than to join those viscidous creatures of the Jesuits' collaborationism! Better to disappear in the Tito's after war gulag Goli Otok than to collaborate with those bloody Belagarda and Domobranci! - the partisan war, notwithstanding all the rest, was, is and will ever remain a real epical struggle!

na juriš vs. hej brigade (techno edition)

“Na juriš” is the traditional cry of battle of the partisans of Tito (rectified: traditional Slovenian partisan song of the Slovenian partisans fighting with Tito's liberation army), the most famous partisan song, here in techno version (Agropop band) and also with some interesting pics (in the first two minutes the video shows images of Nazi-Fascist aggressors and their bloody pathetic collaborationist puppets, the rest of the images are partisans; in Yugo & Slovenia the "Keelhaul operation" was not consigning - a part exceptions - exclusively "poooooor innocent patriots" - as E. J. Phelps loves to say - in the hands of Tito, but bunches of assassins and spies who willingly supported the religious cleaning of Balkans for the monstruous priests of Rome!!!!):
(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)