Sunday, May 30, 2010

Intermarium and Congregation of Mary


.............And when it is recalled that in the mid-thirties the Vatican, aided by French and British Intelligence Services, had formed a powerful secret organisation, Intermarium, whose primary aim was the promotion of a Pan-Danubian Confederation of middle-European states (thus forming an anti-communist barrier stretching from the Baltic to the Adriatic), then the setting up of the puppet states in Slovenia and Croatia in 1941 are comprehensible. That these German/Roman ties still exist today is attested to by the facts that: (1) the Concordat is still in effect; and (2) since WW 2 the German political scene has been dominated, for the most part, by Christian Democratic (Catholic) parties. Indeed, there can be no other rational explanation for Germany's extraordinary action on the 15th of January 1992 when, following on the Vatican's recognition of the "Independence" of Slovenia and Croatia - and contrary to the advice and warnings given to them by the UN, EEC and Bosnia (Itzebegovic had even gone to Bonn in a vain attempt to dissuade them from taking this step) - they broke the universally-accepted rule of not interfering in the domestic affairs of a foreign sovereign state, and unilaterally recognised the "Independence" of Slovenia and Croatia, thereby sanctioning the violent outbursts of nationalism that had occurred as a result of the earlier Declarations of Independence by those two autonomous members of the Yugoslav Federation. It was inevitable that this German action would lead to the Bosnian debacle, and it is difficult to believe that Germany was not aware of this (about which, more later). This act of recognition by the Vatican in 1992 should be viewed in the context of the Ustase's approach to the papal mission in Salzburg in June 1945 asking for the pope? assistance in the creation of either another Croatian state, or, at least a Danube-Adriatic union...............

Germany didn't recognize the secession in Jan 1992, but the month before, on 24th Dec 1991. It was the EU that recognized the secession on that 15 Jan 1992, and not the single Germany. Hence some days after the Holy See' recognition. Never forget the importance of a Germany kept by his bowls by the International context exited from the Counter Reformation Eurasian purge 1914 – 1945, but never forget that the source of the Evil is the Holy See the same with the immediate recognition of the Slovenian and Croatian independence:

Vatican Upsets Yugoslavs With Croatia, Slovenia Act


January 14, 1992

VATICAN CITY — The Vatican recognized the independence of largely Roman Catholic Croatia and Slovenia Monday in a move that brought quick condemnation from Yugoslavia. The Vatican's initiative, which could have repercussions on religious relations in Yugoslavia, came two days before the date set by the European Community allowing its members to recognize breakaway republics. Germany unilaterally recognized Slovenia and Croatia last month. The Vatican maintains diplomatic relations with more than 110 countries.

The independence of Slovenia and Croatia nothing to do has with a legitimate request and right for an autonomous and sovereign self determination of those nations, but rather, Rome uses such questions as the Troy horse to fulfill the Counter Reformation in Europe, with a strong Roman Catholicisation of the continent of which the project Intermarum was only one among the many different faces. Weakening with the most different means the inner political classes (see the recent air crash that killed great part of the polish political elite, or the increasing corruption and spreading of criminality), this is the necessary premise to build a constellation of fragmented nations, countries, states, easily manipulated with mutual wars, disputes, troubles which can be generated starting by the most different alibi. The never-ending diplomatic troubles between Slovenia and Croatia show perfectly that. All along the waters of this turbid ocean of European conflicts and corruption, the agents and puppets of the Holy See and the Jesuits are freely swimming in to build the network of the Roman Catholic imperial Europe. The political landscape of today in Amber Path South/North East Adriatic regions and the Balkans, is no more or less than the final logical result of that crusade started with the Fascist governments of the Serbian crown to which directly participated in first person the Jesuits during the age of SHS Yugoslavia, and with the higher peak in the Fascist aggression and related collaborationism during WWII. The "free" Slovenian and Croatia of today are the spiritual and material daughters of the concept of those puppet states foreseen by Intermaium Project. During Nazi-Fascist occupation the "independence" and "autonomy" of Slovenians and Croatians was only a pathetic curtain with which to hide the process of disappearing of both nations under the Jesuit-Fascist ethnical butchery. The Slovenian Fascist collaborationists witnessed that in the after war without doubts. It is Franček Saje in his "Belogardizem" to reveal that......:

…...These Stražarji ("Sentinels") have openly declared that (i.e. their goal of independency) only after the liberation and surely doc Ciril Žebot, doc Štefan Falež, doc Ludvik Leskovar (etc.....) in America, and their friend Mirko Javornik in Trieste. These people have declared that they have neither “the least trace of will for (i.e. to build) any kind of Yugoslavia" and that their goal is the clergy-fascist “autonomous and independent state of Slovenia”........

Today their goal have been fulfilled. The eternal clash around the question of the border line between "independent" Slovenia and Croatia of our days demonstrates the truth under that propaganda about the “independence”, to create conflicts which implement the method of government of the today papal EU: The Romanist “divide et impera” or “divide and command”. The fact that this is the Counter Reformation strategy of the Jesuit order is assured also by the fact that all the members of the Sentinels (“Stražarji”) who were a corp of Slovenian collaborationist paramilitary of the Fascist Italian occupants, were all members of the St. Mary's Congregation of the Jesuit order.

Do you remember Tiso?

(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)