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I suspect that the comments to my blogs are blocked by a filter. When you choose the option "comment moderation", everyone who sees the proper comment as "delivered" but not published, can imagine that the blogger (in this case avles) refuses to publish the comment.


A part the usual excrements of handicapped minds, packed with China-food

Hence I suspect that a filter exists, and meanwhile it cancels any kind of serious comment, it allows only Jesuitical spam to reach the comment moderation board.

Well, I am constrained to switch off the comment option from all my blogs except AVLES BELUSKES EXPOSED blog.

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Doctor Tarcisio Bertone or "how I learned from the Commies to embalm young collaborationists"


On the occasion of the Eucharistic congress and of the beatification of Lojze Grozde of today, the cardinal Tarcisio Bertone arrived in Slovenia yesterday, to dictate the orders of Rome to the Holy See's puppets at the government in Ljubljana.

Who was Lojze Grozde? He was the typical fervent Roman Catholic. 22 years old, he was student of the classical liceum. He was a member of the infamous Catholic Action/Katoliške akcije, the Roman Catholic Slovenian organization which was considered "Fascist" even by the Jesuits. At the beginning of the 1943 there were just nearly eighteen months from when the Slovenian people was suffering under the Clergy-Fascist strangling. Murders, tortures, various oppressions, carried out not simply by the Italian foreign invaders, but especially by the bastard infamous
native collaboration-ists, organized in groups of fervent Fascist Catholics wishing the help of the Fascist occupants in to denounce and to consign to the executioners of the occupant anyone suspected to be "communist" (in the slang of the Fascist collaboration-ist a "communist" is everyone not knelt in front of their satanic madness).

So it happened that one day, at the beginning of January 1943, the guy Lojze disappeared. He was found of course dead, but immediately the guilty for the murder fell on the shoulder of the partisans. Lojze was young, a student, he was not an important leader, nor a functionary of the state who can exercise a power on the life and of the death of the people. An opportune death, the usual innocent to put on the account of the enemy. He disappeared like the other saint, saint Boniface of Istria. Another miraculous (dis) appearing which brought many people on the "anti-communist" (read: Jesuit Fascist hysterical religious persecution) front. Yes, opportune disappearing which can be assigned to the enemy as responsibility. Remember that the corpse of guy Lojze was found practically uncorrupted, and this well a month after (Quote from the comments of the article on the daily “Dnevnik”:
“Kakorkoli, priznati morate, da je res čudež, da je bilo truplo od januarja do februarja nestrohnjeno. - Mogoče so ga pa komunisti balzamirali? ” that is: “However, at least recognize that it is very astounding that the corpse, from January to February, was uncorrupted” and answer: “Maybe the Communists embalmed him?”).
The same “astounding fact” happened to the corpse of Norma Cossetto in Istria.
So let to rebuild an hypothesis about what happened. Well, in a very Roman Catholic zone of Slovenia doubts about the Fascist Italian occupation and about the bastard traitor policy of collaboration begin to appear even among the most bigot faithful ones. Something must be done. You choose the most exemplar target: young and well known by the local inhabitants. Preferably member of the organization which carries out the most dirty job of spying, information, collaboration. You kidnap him, and you kill him one or two months after, the day before to let someone to find its corpse. “Miracle!”. So God blessed the spying, the delation, the traitorous activity and the stab at the back of the homeland, the most dirty activity of organizations like Catholic Action/
Katoliške akcije. Amen.

But the "commies" were not so idiot to waste a bullet or energy for a young man, especially if that murder would have turned against them the local population. The false flag operations are not properly a specialty of the "bloody Zionists" or "American imperialists".....

Well, let's return to the Jesuit-Counter-Reformation-Collaboration-ist Slovenia of today. Slovenia must become a nest of potential Jesuit-Fascist killers. A Roman Catholic Fascist dictatorship of the Jesuits. Supported by the “Venetian party” from the other side of the border. I am not joking. Its the “Project InterMarium”.

So President of Slovenia Danilo Türk and prime minister of Slovenia Borut Pahor received cardinal Tarcisio Bertone. The cardinal consigned the papal envelope containing the orders of the Holy See to the temporal executor. The President and prime minister must execute them without to breathe a word if they don't want to see Slovenia squeezed by Jesuit-ruled Austria, by Jesuit-ruled Hungary and by Jesuit-ruled Italy.

The most important orders of the Holy See for her Slovenian temporal political puppet are:


“..........Bertone has exposed the positive result of the Sunday referendum about the agreement through arbitrate and underlined that “this is in the interest of the peace in this part of Europe, especially between neighboring states, which lays at the basis of freundship”...”.

(”....Bertone je izpostavil pozitiven rezultat nedeljskega referenduma o arbitražnem sporazumu in poudaril, da "je to v korist miru v tem delu Evrope, še posebej med sosednjima državama, ki sta v osnovi prijateljski"......”. )

…...to support the process of international decision, about the disputes on the borders between Croatia and Slovenia, in the hands of a third authority with an international arbitrage of the papal European institutions.
Cardinal Bertone expressed to the today's dr. Natlačen of Slovenia (Borut & Danilo) the happiness of the order and of the pope for the result of the referendum of last Sunday which decided the EU way to settle the disputes, instead to a direct Slovenian-Croatian deal. This confirms that the Holy See is pursuing his InterMarium project of creation of many little puppet-states all along the belt Balkans-Baltic Sea in order to get a Roman Catholic "Gothic" line before to start the next phase, the Roman Catholicization of the rest of the Schismatic Russian and Ukrainan world. The same pope Ratzinger gave his assent to the international arbitrage during the traditional diplomatic meeting in the Vatican city on 11st January. It is clear that the International arbitrage via a third authority is refuting the direct agreement between Croatia and Slovenia. With a direct agreement both countries are forced to cease the hostility and have to start to look one in the eyes of the other. This has a name: ceasefire, the word hated by the Holy See which lives on the "divide et impera" principle ("divide and command"). And hence on a "third authority" which always mediate (= separate and control) both countries.

Croatia is going to enter in the EU, and the result of the international arbitrage about the disputes on the borders with Slovenia, is the Jesuits' guillotine ready to fall on the head of Croatia if she, during the process of entry in the EU, will not consent to consign in the hands of the Jesuits' Roman Catholic European Union empire the last pieces of national sovereignty.

For this reason my great respect goes to Stipe Mesić, president of Croatia from February 2000 to February 2010. A year ago he underlined the problem of the interference of the Roman Catholic church inside the affairs of the state.
Also Boris Pahor, the famous Slovenian literary author from Trieste even if belonging to the same leftist area who supports the international arbitrage, refused the international arbitrage.Of course his reasons were based on the traditional geopolitical consideration because it is impossible to consider the gulf of Pirano as historically “Croatian”. But Croatian or Slovenian, the true reason is another one.
The true reason is that an international arbitrage will only leave unhappiness, dissatisfaction, and hence infinite and unending enmity between the bordering countries, meanwhile a rough, sincere direct deal would clarify many things between Croatia and Slovenia. The words of Boris, appeared in the RtvSLO news online article are not completely wrong: “......je dejal Pahor in spomnil, da se je Slovenija Evropski uniji lahko pridružila šele, ko ji je to dovolila Italija. Zato je njegovo mnenje o hrvaškem vstopu podobno. ....”. Once Slovenia expresses her condition for the entry of Croatia in EU (that gulf of Pirano territorial waters), she gives to the counter part at least a definitive and clear possibility to solve the question once for all.

It is clear that there's a third part which blows on the fire of the enmity between Croatia and Slovenia, and it comes from the same old religious mouth which blew a wind of death in Yugoslavia in the twenties, thirties and forties. It is the same religious force which created the collaborationist assassins and the support organizations like the Catholic Action/Katoliške akcije of Lojze Grozde. This fire of the borders' disputes between Croatia and Slovenia has been ignited to burn the possibility of an alliance between both countries against the revanchist projects of the Italian state, tool of the Holy See. It was the Holy See to recognize the secession of Slovenia and Croatia in advance, respect the same EU. Why should that nest of bloody intrigues in Rome to refute now what he did once?!
It is clear that Italy is filled with those temporal political forces of the Holy See the same, which push for the return of Italy in Istria and Dalmatia, the Venetian/Fascist Italianist party, to devour heavy pieces of those Balkan countries and to have a Fascist revenge as battering ram for the final Roman Catholicisation of the Balkans (Project InterMarium).


“...Both (Bertone & Türk) mentioned also further present international political questions, especially the condition in the area of Gaza. About that the President Türk presented to the state secretary of the Holy See his humniatarian initiative for the invalid Palestinian children who come in Slovenia to recover from illness....”.

(“........Dotaknila sta se tudi več aktualnih mednarodnopolitičnih vprašanj, predvsem razmer na območju Gaze. Predsednik Türk je državnemu tajniku Svetega sedeža ob tem predstavil svojo humanitarno pobudo za pomoč invalidnim palestinskim otrokom, ki prihajajo na zdravljenje v Slovenijo.....”)

The logical solidarity to the children of Gaza is the false and hypocrite moral shield to cover the true unspoken goals of the Holy See. Here you have another proof of the true reasons for which Gaza lies in such conditions: Gaza is the Jesuit religious machine to produce solidarity to Islam and hate to Judaism. That conflict is not destabilizing the Middle East, but stabilizing it in a balance of forces which are pushing forward the events towards the objectives of Rome. For this reason this visit of Bertone in Slovenia and his worries about the fulfillment of the solidarity to Islam (Palestinian children in Slovenian hospitals) is a very important signal. Also the Slovenian sheep must do his papal duty. Of course, after the planned fiasco of the Mavi Marmara raid, collaboration-ist Slovenia voted against Israel in the U.N., (except the Italy of Berlusconi (a PM with a Thule-like swastika in his personal mausoleum), USA and Holland) (*).

A point of the agenda of Rome was the economical situation of the country, as the economical crisis is the "knife-at-the-throat" to smash down rebellious countries and nations.
There were other object treated by the orders of the Holy See to her temporal executors in Slovenia. Among them the problem of the nuncio/Holy See embassy and the spiritual service in the army. In the television news service cardinal Bertone declared, in a perfect Italian language, that they "… ask only for a place where it is possible to carry out their activities in order to offer them to the people, for the common wealth...”.

Well, I agree with the request of Bertone. I would be very happy to guarantee to cardinal Tarcisio Bertone and his colleagues his "right space of freedom", that fundamental freedom and human right to have at disposition at least two hours of free walking inside a jail per day, where they should be hosted before and during and after the trial for heading the most criminal religious organization which committed crimes against the humanity in the last two millenniums. To remain only in Slovenia the Roman Catholic church and her priests and bishops suggested, pushed and supported the aggression of the Nazi-Fascist forces against Yugoslavia and created the collaborationism with the occupants instigating in such a way four years of such massacres that similar ones were not seen in Europe since the end of Middle Age. Meanwhile the criminal of war, archbishop of Ljubljana Rožman died abroad, today his successors dares to call those priests “persecuted by Communism”, instead to call them “true persecutors and executors of the Slovenian people”! Today the ones who opposed to the Fascist aggression and to the Fascist Slovenian traitors who collaborated with the invaders are considered “criminals”, meanwhile Democratic Italy, blessed by the pope like the previous Fascist Italy, delivered neither one of those Italian Fascist criminals of war to the Yugoslav's authorities! And today they even dare to consider themselves “pooooor victims” and to spit their arrogance on your face!

Remember Slovenians! No one will give to you justice, if you don't fight for it till the last drop of blood, like the partisans during the second world conflict. And today they are again pulling away from you the justice and especially the freedom. You are again slaves of Rome!

The above excerpts of the #1 and #2 come from:


Türk se je na srečanju z Bertonejem zahvalil za podporo arbitražnemu sporazumu

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Do you remember Tiso?

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Intermarium and Congregation of Mary

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Masters of Pupp-Rats


The blood of those 9 + 1 martyrs is the spiritual ink with which the definitive Roman Catho-Islamic pact has been signed in Cyprus last week. This pact is dividing West Eurasia, Middle East and North Africa in two religious Roman-fundamentalist areas. The Roman Catholicism headed by the Holy See/Jesuit order, and the Islam, headed by the charismatic leadership of the double headed Turk-Iran Islamic empire. The Far East is controlled by the third ally, Marxist/atheist China. The North Eurasia (KGB/FSB's Russia) is the weapon storage for the World Democratic coalition of the Holy See. Probably that Programmed Fiasco of the raid against the Jihad flotilla was not only a religious sign, but also a military prelude or a sort of casus belli (a shameful defeat which asks revenge and hence an attack) for maybe an even greater fiasco, that from years programmed 'legendary' attack of the Holy See's Israel against the alleged (maybe only a scenery) nuclear facilities in Iran. Islam is too much important for Rome, just imagine an explosion of that galaxy and the geopolitical implications (Maybe one goal could be a weakened Iran that will fall in the hands of the Turkish ally...). The struggles between hypothetical fractions of Islam (without the external threat of Israel to tie them together) would reflect itself in the World Roman Catholic nation creating tensions inside it.

(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)