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The Lion of Venice comes back over a (by Jesuit –Italian dirty war) emptied Istria and Dalmatia


Pierpaolo Cerani is an Italian businessman of Trieste and is born in Gorizia/Gorica, near the border with Slovenia. The last summer he tried to climb at the top of the property of the most important Slovenian companies, among which some important left wing oriented daily and magazines. He became the owner of the 30% of the holding Kolonel but soon the Slovenian judicial institution which regulates the managing of societies in bankruptcy opposed to the new course of the Slovenian ownership. It seems that today he sold his quote of that holding, but it is difficult to find a news about that. I wasted time to search something about him on the web. All that could be the work of one of those hypotetical Jesuit NATO/NSA/etc. cyber-filters which is excluding from the search all the most recent material related to Cerani. Not a novelty, see the message about the cyber-war (*). Pierpaolo Cearni is linked with the Savoy's family. He was involved in judicial troubles of Victor Emmanuel when the son of the last Savoy king of Italy was indicted for the case of corruption related to his cousin and former premier of Bulgaria Simeon of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha:

ABC: Cerani Confesses He Lied about Bulgaria's Saxe-Coburg

Politics | June 29, 2006, Thursday

"I was stupid to try and soften up Victor Emmanuel, I played his game, saying all those made-up things," Cerani has said before the Novella Duemila weekly. "I know that I made a mistake, but who could have imagine that all this would end up in the public domain," he added.

The newspaper reveals that Cerani had been trying to help the Prince of Savoy frame his cousin Saxe-Coburg, who was impeding some deals of Italian companies in Bulgaria. They plotted against Bulgaria's then-PM saying that he had put some of his own property in the country up for sale.

Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia, the son of Vittorio Emanuele linked with Pierpaolo Cerani, is now a sort of star of the Italian television. His title is “Emanuele Filiberto, Prince of Venice and Piedmont”. Don't be surprised by that combination of regions and cities. “Venice” is the symbol of the Italian revanchism whose obsession is the reconquest of the lost lands on the East Adriatic Balkans coasts. And “Piedmont” is the Italian region from where the Savoy's crown was leading the wars for the Italian Unification against the Hapsburg empire. The 1814 restored Savoy's “reign of Piedmont and Sardinia” was a model for Serbia, a nation that would have lead the unification of the Slavs of the South at the expenses of the Hapsburg empire, till the point that Serbia was also nicknamed, in that XIX century of Leo XIII, the "Piedmont of the Balkans". To consider those Istrian and Dalmatian lands as goods of an exchange between the “Piedmonts” of the Apennine peninsula and the one of the Balkans, it requires a not great effort of imagination. Today at the expenses of Slovenia and Croatia:

Take not that Peter I of the Serbs, the first king of the newly born reign of Yugoslavia after WWI, the man who fought against the Protestant Prussia led German army in 1870 taking the side of the Frenchmen, was member of the highest order of the Savoy house, the “Ordine Supremo della Santissima Annunziata” (“Order of the Most Holy Annunciation”):

The seeds of discord

So the Italians dream a return in the same lands where the Fascist Savoy’s II armada, headed by general Roatta (a criminal of war never extradited in Yugoslavia who peacefully died in Italy), was abundantly administering examples of “high Venetian and Italian civilization” to the “barbarian Slav-Communists”. Well, courses and counter-courses of history. But with a bit of intelligence and maliciousness. To sow those lands with alleged mass graves of Italians, and with emptied Italian villages, it was a good politic idea of the secret diplomacy of the Jesuit democratic post-war Italy. Italians have much in common with the traditional image of the Serbs: “Where’s Italian poured blood, there’s Italy!”. And after sixty years it arrived the harvest to reap: the “lost lands” of Istria and Dalmatia.

You know how all that could have been dealt. With the ridiculous investment of some coins of beyond-the-enemy-line operations, you can earn fantastic profits in the foreign and home politic stock exchanges. Today all that military style of war conduit is called with the trendy term “false flag operation”. Of course the Roman Catholic suffocating ideology of the ‘alternative’ information, which blames Jews & Americans for the 911, doesn’t allow that requested mind elasticity to imagine the same 911 as only one among the infinite episodes of the dirty war for the conquest of the world. “Dirty war” – this is the term! I like it more than the other one. Well, after the end of the war former Black Shirts militia members, former X MAS soldiers, former White (false) partisans of the Osoppo brigades were searching an adequate employment. At the same time the NATO employment office named “Gladio” was searching manpower for new adventures. Offer and Request of goods met and finally the happy adventures of the Holy See’s dirty wars continued.
After having framed the matter in its right perspective, now you can perceive one of the consequences: thousands and thousands of Italians started to escape from Tito’s Yugo to Italy. To reveal us that the perspective is right, there’s the ascertainment that this flux of refugees was not balanced by another kind of flux, going in the opposite direction. Criminals of war general Roatta, general Robotti, high commissar for the province of Ljubljana Grazioli & C., remained in in Italy, and no one dared to touch them.

Well, it is clear why they died in their Italian villas and not in a cell of Goli Otok after having being submitted in Belgrade to a public trial for war crimes? It is clear why, meanwhile some collaborationists of the Fascist aggressors received their right award after the war abroad, in the shape of a bullet signed “Tito”, no one of those Italian criminals of war was honoured by such a telegram of “congratulations” delivered directly to him in Italy by OZNA’s international mail?
It was not a question of financial blackmailing to the Tito’s regime, which depended in great part by the Western banks. It was a question of ethnic cleaning. With that keen move, the Italian secret diplomacy suddenly deprived Tito of his money of exchange, that Italian community living in the Popular Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. For this reason the operation “Evacuate Istria and Dalamatia”, had to be carried out as soon as possible.

Because soon or later the Western allies would have abandoned the Zone A of the province of Trieste. And because only their presence was guaranteeing not the permanence of the Italians in the Tito’s Yugoslavia (as everyone believes), but the opposite, the Western allies would have prevented that Tito, in the case he would have suddenly understood the sneaky trick, would have not opposed to the escape in Italy of his precious Italian goods of exchange. Then, in 1954, thanks to the efforts of the Holy See, the international peace treaty assigned to Italy considerable portions of Slovenian territories whose not-Italian inhabitants became simply the hostages in the hands of the Jesuit Democratic Italy and its Fascist NATO squads of Gladio. To justify the existence of all those turbid games, an opportune threat was built, the “Communist threat”. Some decades later that threat was officially upgraded by a Presidential decree in the version 2.1 with the Propaganda Service Pack of the “tens of thousands of innocent Italians buried in the Foibes of Istria by Tito”.
At the conclusion of the trick, the cat Tito remained with only some hairs of the Italian mouse in his mouth. At the opposite, the mouth of the Italian cat was (is) filled with the Slovenian mouse. The “Venezia Giulia” (a name invented by the Irredendists to cancel the identity of Primorje) and all the there living Slovenians were subjects of the Italian democracy thanks to the diplomatic intrigues of Clare Boothe Luce, ambassador in Rome and ‘pious’ dame of the Roman Catholic order of Malta (**).

Therefore the democratic terrorism of the “Dark Years of the Slavia Veneta” is now not so mysterious. And also that continue institutional Italian boycott of any kind of serious agreement with Yugoslavia on the question of the Italians who leaved Istria and Dalmatia presents no more dark sides. That sort of material extension of the Vatican reign, the Italian state, considers the exodus of the Italians escaped from Tito’s Yugo the best weapon for a future possible landing on the Balkans. A little dream of conquer which, in its turn, is the Troy horse for the Holy See' religious expansionism in the Schismatic South-East Europe.

The Harvest of hate

The recent propaganda campaign related to the Foibe’s Massacres, started after the fall of the Iron’s Curtains and developed in a crescendo all along the last Balkan conflict/Final Vatikan crusade. After the end of that bloody conflict, it was reached the maximum of the campaign, in 2004 or 2005, don’t remember well now, with an Italian (bad) film about the alleged mass executions and mass burials inside the natural holes of Istria.
Ten years before, with the “Operation Storm” in 1995, Croatia was let (if not merely instigated) to spread the maximum of Serbian blood all along the Krajina. For a Venetian coincidence, that region is just back to and bordering that Dalmatia dreamed by the Italian revanchism!
In fact what else could be dreamed with more ardent desire than an unreal object? Emptying Dalmatia (and Istria) was a good affair for the Jesuit boy Alcide De Gasperi: as consequence it filled the heads of many Italians with ardent nostalgias and dreams of new Balkan adventures, dreams which also pushed some Italian Fascists to fight on the side of the Serbs in the last conflict.

"Back to" and "bordering":

With “Operation Storm”, the Croatian cat did the dirty job for the benefit of the Italian dog. But only Croatia will pay. The International tribunal is working not only to blackmail Serbs. It seems that a certain Croatian soldier Gotovina has some judicial problems with that international institution. Well, what interests to the Venetian/Fascist Italian dog is not the Serbian mouse of the Krajina, but the bordering Dalmatian tasty bone. Maybe now is possible to understand the heavy German involvement with Roman Catholic Croatia under the right perspective. Germany is only the battering ram of the pope. Germany was the first state to recognize the secession of Slovenia and Croatia. The Berliner servants of Rome prepared diligently the terrain and unrolled on it the red carpet on which the pope would have later walked for his blessing to the destruction of Yugoslavia. The heavy interferences of Germany in the Balkans destroyed some obstacles opposing to that revanchist dream. Like during the WWII’s occupation of Yugoslavia, when the bad German cop was pushing Serbs in the hands of the good Italian cop. You know how are the Germans: a pair of boots, an helmet and a machine, who can then stop them? For a coincidence it is Croatia and not the enemy Serbia to include the Dalmatian coastal line. Then there's another historical reason for the German involvement. Italy is too much near the Balkans in order to start the first step of the recognition and in Istria and Dalamatia were living Italians and not Germans. Probably the Italian Massimiliano Lacota - head of Unione degli Istriani - is part of an unspoken European trade and someone, in exchange of a certain charitable work in the Balkans, is weaving in front of German eyes the possibility of obtain back at least the sepulchre of old glorious Lutheran Prussia. So it will be not a surprise if, after all those economical German efforts to put the feet in the Balkans, the one who will gain the greatest political profit will be the secret Italian diplomacy.

But as pertains the German convenience, I have my legitimate doubts. Especially because after an historical comparison with the German occupation of Yugoslavia during WWII, the Italian revanchist policy can reap a more rich plunder. With the support Draža Mihailović’s četniki of today, just exited from a burning defeat and desperately seeking revenge.
Today the Croatian cat is waiting on the papal dock, in order to be admitted in that imperial Roman Catholic continental ark named “European Union”. With that boat you can escape the massacre in a world filled with financial serial killers and (in the Balkans) with many defeated enemies who are dreaming an historical revenge. But if you are a little boy, you cannot play the role of the cat without to pay then a price, an heavy price. You play the cat because who is stronger than you has a convenience. So in the Croatian mouth there are still pieces of the Serbian mouse. And just for a blackmailing coincidence, one of the most important standards to respect in order to get the admission in the papal Ark “E.U.”, is the “human rights” standard. To what is thinking Jesuit Democratic Italian dog when it looks at that anxious Croatian cat on the papal dock? After you have seen all that anti-Croatian spin in those Italian ‘alternative’ sites, you understand that the Mihailović’s četniki of today found a sponsor for their revenge on Croatia. This is the Venetian/Fascist revanchist party, today disguised with the dresses of the “economical collaboration/solidarity” with the Balkans and the East Europe, which is blowing now on the fire of the Serbian revenge. Of course it cannot expose himself officially, because the official foreign policy of the Italian government obviously doesn’t support any Balkan revenge. But mercenaries of the ‘alternative’ information, agents of the pope, intelligence guys and economical vultures can do the dirty job avoiding international gaffes to the foreign minister Franco Frattini.

The red thread of the Italian conquest of the Balkans is well hidden today from the information and the culture. It goes back to that reign of Leo XIII, the pope of the revolutionary changing of the Holy See’s foreign policy. Those changings were simply announcing the future policy of revenge of general superior Wladimir Ledochowsky. That Venetian/Irredentist/Fascist revanchist transversal party in Italy has the roots in that old bold spirit of initiative of the Leo XIII reign which started to tie direct links with the Schismatics, and at the same time started to demolish that old tool of the “Apostolic Hapsburg empire” after it became a serious obstacle for Rome’s religious expansionism (***). He had to be replaced by a new, flexible, submissive tool, an extension of the Vatican reign the same, a tool created in 1860 by the Savoy's and called “Italian nation”. And a new revolution in the human thinking was needed. The societies would have been weakened by new kind of inner clashes paralysing the souls and confusing the minds. “Ideo-logy” hid the “theo-logy” and today that business is still in function.

With the post-war international agreements for the drawing of definitive North-East Adriatic borders, the international political intrigues of the Jesuits' Counter Reformation allowed Italy to keep as hostages Slovenian territory and its inhabitants. If it was an ideological blackmail to Tito, it worked in the opposite direction on how commonly it could be imagined. To control Roman Catholic Slovenia, Tito needed of a threat against Slovenians. The Fascist threat against the Slovenians living in that part of Primorje assigned to post-war democratic Italy thanks to the efforts of the Hospitalier knights of the pope, was the necessary compensation to Tito for those never extradited Italian criminals of war. If Tito would have obtained the extradition of those Italian criminals of war, he would have blackmailed Jesuit democratic Italy. But now with Istria and Dalmatia emptied from the Italian communities, and neither a nail or an hair of those criminals of war in the judicial courts of Tito, it was Italy to control him, via those Slovenians hostages living inside the Italian borders. As you can see a master-work of the Jesuits' Counter Reformation applied in geopolitic: Jesuit Italy was the aggressor and, together Nazi Germany, the cause of one millions and six hundred thousands of deaths in Yugoslavia, but not only any living responsible for that was sentenced, Italy even dared and dares to present herself like a “victim”, and continues to blackmail the true victims!

Saint Boniface, a saint "made in Gladio":

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Saint Boniface, saint protector of Italian Fascist criminals of war

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Charitable Pirañas over the Balkans

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Do you remember Tiso?

(*) Friday, June 18, 2010 - NATO/NSA/etc. as Jesuits' CYBER-SWORD to fight CYBER-HERESY:

(**) Movers and Shakers of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta:
Friday, 29 August 2008 - Clare Boothe Luce

(***) Wednesday, February 17, 2010 - The “Drei Freddy Krueger” populating the sleeps of Leo XIII:

Saturday, February 20, 2010 - 20th February, birthday of Yugoslavia:
(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)