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  1. V Zaresu pozdravili srečanje treh predsednikov v Trstu | Primorska ...

    14 jul 2010
    Pavšič in Štoka sta v dobrodošlici državnikom, ki sta jo poslala v ponedeljek pred obiskom, spomnila, da je bil Narodni dom pred 90 leti požgan, in poudarila: "Spomin ostaja, a naše oči so uprte v prihodnost." Ob prihodu predsednikov se je pred Narodnim ... Pred spravnim srečanjem predsednikov je tržaški župan Roberto Dipiazza izrazil prepričanje, da bo v zgodovini mesta današnji dan ostal zapisan kot eden najlepših. Menil je še, da je prihodnost Trsta v ...

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Saint Roberto Dipiazza, the centre-right major of Trieste/Trst/Triest, three days ago miraculously appeared in the centre of Ljubljana supporting Zoran Janković, the actual centre-left major of Ljubljana, who wants to win the charge of major also in the next incoming local electoral race.

Saint Roberto Dipiazza deserves really our admiration. He is the local saint protector of the striking conversions, like that saint converted on the road to Damasco. Belonging to a political area which is traditionally supporter of the historical Irredentism, the movement which wanted to religiously redeem the Adriatic “Italian” East coastal regions from the presence of the “barbarian blood of the Slavs” (words of Ruggero Timeus if I am not wrong), he demonstrated to have been touched by a divine mission and blessing when, in Ljubljana, he, very courageously and with despise of the opinion his act will instigate in the mind of his political friends, verbally repeated what every Italian official historical study reports in the chapter of the Italian history related to the birth of Fascism.

But don't think I am an ironical person! Also today, to be in accord with an official, governmental and academic statement which affirms that “persecutions against the Slovenians started with the fire of the Narodni Dom in 1920” it is not welcomed by great part of the population of the city of Trieste, and of course that great part of population who supports Saint Roberto Dipiazza and his political friends. For great part of the local population the History of the World began with the Big Bang of the Fojbe and of the Exodus of the Italians. Figure it out to push the calendar of history back to 1920. And, I implore you, don't dare to name the year 1868!

So you can well imagine when it deals with the figure of the Protestant Primož Trubar (mentioned by Saint Roberto Dipiazza in Ljubljana), the later founder of the Slovenian Protestant church who studied at Trieste. There are years that a little, simple, nearly invisible memorial tablet recalling the presence of Trubar in Triest/Trst, has been suggested to be walled up on a building near the local (not-Trubarian of course!) Evangelical church, but the right and centre-right wing – those Irredentists friends of Saint Roberto Dipiazza - always firmly oppose to the blasphemy. Of course Trieste is a cosmopolitan city, as every touristic advertisement obsessively recite. In fact to the inhabitants of the city doesn't matter your origin, and the language you speak, Jewish, German, French, Serbian, etc. The only thing they really care is that the language must absolutely be not-Slovenian.
The deep, rooted religious hate and despise against Slovenes (with the Croats at the second place) is a cosmopolitan fact in the city of Trieste, a fact about which there aren't doubts.

So I demand the maximum of respect for Saint Roberto Dipiazza, the Saint Protector of the Striking Conversions! It is not a case his divine, miraculous appearance in the city of Ljubljana – the city seat of the Protestant church of Trubar! Slovenes must be very grateful for this supernatural event and demonstrate to be worth for that present, following the example of His striking conversion with a personal but deep and sincere conversion, starting to discard their old, corrupted Slav soul with all the inherited historical memory, and to receive the new plastic spirit (made in Veneto) of the incoming European papal empire.

To charitably help the Slovenes, the politicians and the rest of the elite, under the benevolent spiritual patronage of their religious Roman Catholic leaders, from the archbishop of Ljubljana to the Jesuits, are doing their best to loose the bestial barbarian instincts still animating the primitive soul of the youth, supplying them with every kind of entertainment and relaxation, so useful to distract the mind from the turbulence of an heart slave of the material world, of the difficulties of the life and the related unceasing spiritual vigilance required by the daily struggle.
All kinds of entertainment have been staged in the old historical center of Ljubljana in order to spiritually prepare the youth for the miraculous appearance of Saint Roberto Dipiazza. The “Movida” and its rites is become a religious duty every young must diligently follow. The recent blessing of the Martyrs of the Redemption, on the 3rd July in Kocevje, was accompanied with the Coryphaeus of the Movida, those three days of Rock, Metal and Punk which dragged the troubled youth of Slovenia. The pious church knows how to discharge all the evil, satanic energies possessing the young bodies, evil energies who could capture the mind and to divert the soul from the right path Rome indicates to us. For the organizers of that rite of purification which accompanied the ceremony of the blessing for those pious Belagarda, Ustaši and Četnike, Rome surely has prepared a special award.

So the example of Saint Roberto Dipiazza has just been preceeded by some miraculous events, like the kneeling of post-communist, centre-left prime minister Borut Pahor (*) at one of the mass-graves of those thousands of Belagarda, Ustaši and Četnike – those thousands of Martyrs of the Redemption from the "Slav-heretic barbarian blood" - executed in May and June 1945 by the Croat-communist Tito in Slovenia:

Archbishop Stres is very much worried because the Martyrs of Redemption not only loose the life but also the right of law – the New Belagardas, the disciples of centre-left, have the holy mission to render to those martyrs the honour of a state law legitimation:
“Ne le, da so ti ljudje izgubili življenja, ampak so izgubili pravico, je poudaril Stres in dodal, da je premierju hvaležen, da sta imela možnost skupaj obiskati omenjena kraja pobojev. ”

Pahor in Stres: Skupen poklon žrtvam povojnih pobojev in nacizma
Türk: Poklon gotovo del spravnega procesa
24. julij 2010 ob 08:21,
zadnji poseg: 24. julij 2010 ob 19:24

The chief of staff of the leftist, Marxist political area in Slovenia demonstrated in this way to be worth of the New Verb arrived from the Venetian coasts, as the arising of Roberto Dipiazza in the sky of the sainthood is surely to be ascribed also (and not for a negligible part!) to the new archbishop of Trieste who comes from the pious region of Veneto. And wasn't too a pious man from Veneto, centuries ago, the tutor of the young Primož Trubar? Trubar was pushed to spread the Verb of the Lord in the maternal language just by the archbishop Bonomo of Trieste, with great annoyance of the Hapsburg Roman Catholic crown. You know that also those sons of Rome who doesn't recognize no more their spiritual mother, can still be used to free the path of Rome from fastidious worldly secular obstacles.....

I am sure that the Slovenes are worth of that and ready to accept the new divine mission the supernatural world is assigning to them in these years of epochal changing. They are ready to abandon the errors of the past, especially the religious errors. The spiritual leader of the same religious dissidence in Slovenia, the head of the Evangelical church which should be inspired by the one founded by Primož Trubar, on 13th June kneeled to the Divine Emperor and, like one of the three kings who homaged the birth of Jesus Christ, homaged with the participation at the Slovenian Eucharistic congress the figure of Lojze Grozde (**) - the martyr on the path of the redemption from the “barbarian Slav blood” and its consequent "balsphemous Trubarian heresy":

Rome is magnanimous and - as happened two milleniums ago - she will generously repay the submission of the local tribes to her divine emperor in saint Peter Square - head of Slovenian Evangelical church, the traitor of Luthers' heritage Geza Erniša kneeling in front of the same Antichrist against whom Martin Luther and Primož Trubar always warned the souls; are there still doubts that the Jesuits today are definitively controlling any opposition?
“Na kongresu tudi predstavniki drugih Cerkev Navzoča sta bila tudi predstavnika Evangeličanske in Pravoslavne cerkve.”

Na evharisticnem kongresu pogrešali predstavnike države
Glavan: "Tudi mi smo državljani Slovenije"
13. junij 2010 ob 07:25,
zadnji poseg: 13. junij 2010 ob 13:14

And Primož Trubar the same? I have no doubt that the same thought and religious spirit of Trubar would change for ever convincing him to come back to the mother church of Rome (who, with great charity, would pardon and assign to him a more suited task, municipal clerk in the new cultural center carrying his name and inaugurated just by Saint Roberto Dipiazza and his colleague of Ljubljana last Thursday).
Of course if only, after five centuries, he would have been present last night in Ljubljana, and would have been dazzled by the supernatural, miraculous appearance of Saint Roberto Dipiazza, the North Adriatic saint protector of the striking conversions:

“We don’t teach to honour and venerate the virgin Mary and the saints…Or to make out of them images of idols and gods, to pray them for clemency and mercy for the sins in every disgrace, to build them churches, donation offer, all that God, angels and saints severely forbid. But demons, which assume the image of angels, goddess virgin Mary and saints and appear to ignorant popes, bishops, parishes and monks, to old witches and to the prostitute of the parishes and of the monks, impose them to be bigot, to torment themselves, to fall to the ground,… and to all these people the demons announce that now on this, now on a different mountain, on the field, or in the forest, churches have to be built, in order to bring there donations and to celebrate masses, in order to bring there wealth from everywhere, and every kind of cattle; and if they don’t do that, the goddess Mary and the saints will destroy with lightning all the corn-fields and the vineyards and will kill them with the plague.”

Brother Primož Trubar (father of the modern Slovenia definitively expired on 17ht February 2008 and founder of the Slovenian Protestant Church, 1508 - 1586).


(*) Saturday, July 24, 2010
FASCIST-COLLABORATIONIST Stres & Pahor giving another stab to Slovenia and Yugoslav's people!!!

(**) Sunday, June 13, 2010
Doctor Tarcisio Bertone or "how I learned from the Commies to embalm young collaborationists"


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