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Give me five!


Another case which demonstrate the agenda of the Council of Trent today working at full regime, as the goal is near to be reached. Remember that the first preoccupation of the Council of Trent was, is and will forever be NOT the "predestination", Calvinist one or not, but the "Faith Alone in Jesus Alone" creed.

Central point of the Council of Trent blasphemy is the Canon 32 which, indirectly, with the usual way of the church of Rome (a-la cobras, sidewinders, vipers, etc.), launches the anathema on whoever dares to say: "f*** off to the Roman Catholic 'good works' as means of salvation! - it doesn't exist a single material work which can gain you salvation!".

It is not strange the fact that they chose the number "32": because it comes after the "31", and the number "31" is traditionally assigned to the (Lutheran) Reformation day in all the world. So the number "32" is the gravestone putted metaphorically on the grave of the content of number "31", hence it would pretend to be the theological Counter Reformation gravestone which for ever would have buried Luther heritage and the Lutheran reformation. It is a waste of time to underline the importance of the number "32" also in the masonry, a fact which says to us that masonry is simple the exoteric toelette paper used by the Council of Trent to execute dirty jobs in the world without to get dirty the proper perfumed fingers.

Last thing. Don't forget the important task of materialism dialect. As even the atheist should reflect on such important difference (= deadly war) of theologies, which has effects on the society, on the mind, in the culture etc. well beyond the personal creed about the existence or not of God, it was principal preoccupation of United Poisonous Snakes of Rome corporation Inc., to drag away the greatest number possible of brains and souls and hearts from this war.

Marxism, and Dialectic Materialism, are the fitted poisoned fog to hide the enormous importance and especially influence on the human history of such war. Rome, the church of Rome, knows that on the short time atheism etc., can cause great losses also inside the same Roman Catholic barrack, but the Romanist whore did well and exactly his counts, because she is not interested on the short time, but on the long time. On the long time engineered agenda, atheism carries always benefits exclusively for Rome. The others are destroyed, but Rome survives, and can readily recovery all the past losses born on the short time. Just look how today many "communist atheists" in Italy have the tongue trained like the muscles of the body builders just only in licking the Romanist church and her priests, as they are "....the only one who are doing a social activity for the poor and the proletarians!....". Their preferred television is the third public channel "RAI 3".

Well, Canon 32 I said, and Canon 32 here's: the 'alternative' magazine of political critic of the political scene of the city of Trieste, after some months of publications, disappeared. Without previous notice. Someone said to the publisher, Daniele Pertot, "give me five!" (5 = 3 + 2), and the shop-boy Daniele, diligently stopped the publication of the last number of "Il Tuono" (*). The responsible director (editor), Paolo Parovel, has been accused to be too much aggressive, offensive: "...He opposes to everything in Trieste and never proposes something of positive...." said Daniele. Many defects and influences could Parovel have, but he paid because he demonstrated that realism, the attribute that makes you to name "s**t" a real s**t and not to name it: "chocolate", is disturbing too much the clergy-Camorra at power in this city. If you prefer: they used Paolo Parovel till now. And at the hour X, it came the end for Il Tuono and for Paolo Parovel. I dare here to suggest a new name for the new-course weekly: instead the Il Tuono (= the Thunder), name it: La Lingua (= The Tongue). To lick the Romish Masonic elite of this Nekropolis named "Trieste" you need of a good tongue.
And as the destiny lives in Trento, they blocked the issue carrying the number 32nd (of a weekly counting 32 pages):

Tržaškega tednika Il Tuono, ki je začel izhajati 1. maja 2010, ni v trafikah. Založnik Daniele Pertot je preprečil, da bi 32. številka 32 strani obsegajočega časopisa šla v tisk, razložil pa je, da je ukrep samo začasen, saj naj bi tednik po kadrovski prenovi spet izhajal.

The weekly of Trieste Il Tuono, which was issued from the 1st May 2010, is not appeared. The editor Daniele Pertot hindered the publication of the 32nd number and 32 pages long weekly, and told that the measure is only temporary, as the weekly after the renew of the heading staff will be again published


Note: Take in mind that also the old glorious Partisan-Osvobodilna Front born daily, the first & only anti-Fascist and anti-Nazi daily published in the by-Nazi-and-Fascism occupied Europe (**), the Slovenian OF's "Partizanski Dnevnik" (the "Partisan Daily"), from whose heir, the today's "Primorski Dnevnik", I extracted the above news, is firmly in the hands of the priests of Rome (for this reason I surnamed it: "Primorski Belagardnik"), as the administrator of the publishing house, Igor Svab, is a trustful man of the bishop & C. :

Consiglio Comunale di Trieste



Consigliere: Igor SVAB
gruppo: Partito Democratico – Demokratska Stranka (opposizione)

terza commissione
seconda commissione

Igor SVAB nato a Trieste il 22 febbraio 1961, coniugato e-mail:
Impiegato nel settore commerciale della ditta Cogego spa, import-export di prodotti coloniali con mansioni di responsabile del Laboratorio assaggi.
Amministratore della PRAE, casa editrice del quotidiano in lingua slovena “ Primorski DnevniK”
Consigliere dell’Assocciazione delle Organizzazioni slovene e dell’Associazione cori parrocchiali sloveni
Membro del consiglio Pastorale sloveno.

Vicesegretario provinciale della Slovenska skupnost/Unione slovena. Già consigliere della IV Circoscrizione (2001- 2006)


From to be the herald of the fight against the clergy-fascism and its Jesuit Belagardas, to the parish paper of the clergy-democracy of Rome: what a sad destiny for the glorious Primorski Dnevnik!

"....Si informano i Signori Lettori che per la riorganizzazione del settimanale, è stata sospesa la pubblicazione dello stesso.
Sarà nostra premura annunciare su questo sito la ripresa della stampa.
Oggi 10/01: s.Aldo - IL TUONO - HOMEPAGE - n° 31 del 25 dicembre ..."

(**) Primorski Dnevnik once, but "very-very" once:

"......Bil je edini tiskani partizanski dnevnik v okupirani Evropi.

"....It was the only published partisan daily in the occupied Europe..."


"....The newspaper was founded on the 13th May 1945 in Trieste by the Yugoslav Partisans which liberated the city of Trieste from Nazi German occupation. It was founded as the main daily newspaper for the Yugoslav-occupied Slovenian Littoral, previously known as the Julian March. However, with the Yugoslav retreat from Trieste in early June 1945, and the establishment of the Free Territory of Trieste in September 1947, the newspaper became the herald of the Slovene community in Trieste and in other areas of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region.

The legal predecessor of the Primorski dnevnik was the Partizanski dnevnik (Partisan Daily), published illegally during World War Two. The Partizanski dnevnik was published between November 1943 and May 1945 by the Slovenian partisan resistance in the Slovenian Littoral, first in Cerkno and then in Gorenja Trebuša. After the liberation of Trieste by the Yugoslav Partisans on May 1st, 1945, the headquarters was moved to Trieste, and its current name was adopted.


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(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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