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Avles is the..... "Poslednji termina(l)tor"/"Last Termina(l)tor"!!!


The element in common.... I give to you five seconds to find the common element......

(Is the same message, only the title changed. I am the.... Last Termina(l)tor, I can do it!!!)

"........The "Last Termina(l)tor" ("Poslednji termina(l)tor") uses the latest adventure of a Trieste countryman of the ethnic Slovenian minority Stan Škerjanc-Scherianija, the eternal idealist and rebel, the owner of Trieste Local Radio. After a strange coincidence, at the headquarters of its radio station finds Pope Celestine VI.: Born in America like John Wayne, son of a mother from Dalmatia, he is the first American pope in history. In Trieste arrives to bless the new terminal in the gulf for the gas, while he succeeds, sick of Vatican intrigue, for a moment to escape the everyday hypocrisy. Thus, the fate of former partisan and uncompromising fighter for the rights of Slovenians, who is also for the Slovenian careerist a perpetual thorn in the flesh, is tied with the one of the Pope who at the Vatican is unable to enforce its vision of a true Christianity. In essence, Stanko and Celestin are similar: they share a particular moral stance of purity, sincerity of intentions, and incorruptibility. With the formal - an ideological point of view, the protagonists had to stand on the opposite bank, but they understand one the other. Celestin is escaping from the fact that in the Vatican he is actually just a puppet in the game of others, and wants pure Christianity. Similarly, Stanko resist the servilism of the Slovenes politicians living abroad, servilism which can give birth only to assimilation of Slovenes. Stanko believes in the tradition of a partisan fight, after his radio call to action, but he is always a loser. His family struggles to survive with the manufacture of sheepskin slippers, daughter and son Vesna and Črtomir are renamed Vanessa and Italo.

So what to do now, when history for a moment stopped just at the radio of Stanko? The idea of kidnapping the Pope is a great opportunity for him. At the moment Stanko comes to the center of the global interest and in exchange for the "liberation" Celestina IV. he asks for rights to Slovenian ethnic community in Italy, rights for which an opportune law is just existing. The “Unity” square should be renamed “Boris Pahor” square ... Celestin understands Stanko and in this fight stands on his side, but both are probably still too naive to be able to truly understand what awaits to them. Stanko, eternal idealist, in a battle with the government villains can only be defeated.

The new play of the Tamar Matevc and Boris Kobal in a master interpretation of Gojmir Lešnjak Gojc and Boris Kobal, directed by Sam M. Strelec fully lives and reveals itself not only as ironic, but also as a refreshing, soothing, healing and ultimately challenging word to all those who care about what offers the today's world of madness......"




Notice on how this theatrical piece started in October, in proximity of the Reformation Day of Slovenia and of the first anniversary of the broadcast of "Trst je naš!", the short film where Lešnjak Gojc played the role of the “cretin-who-still-believes-to-the-partisan-myth”. Notice please on how the ITALIAN couple, the Irredentist Massimiliano Lacota and his Unione degli Istriani and his raids in Slovenia, and the Fascist parliament member Roberto Menia are since an year practically disappeared from the political and informative scenes in Italy. Because they have been substituted by their Slovenian IDEOLOGICAL SPECULAR MARXIST SHADOWS, Kobal and Lešnjak Gojc. The pope of Slovenia, Anton Stress, and his controller, SJ Bizant, decided to ideologically "sodomize" the Slovenians, but not before having protected the theological cock, using two Marxist “atheist” Condoms (Lešnjak Gojc and Kobal), in order to not fecundate dangerous religious questions in Slovenia meanwhile with that pathetic "atheist" and "Marxist" theater they are attacking the undersigned avles.

Remember that at the beginning of February near the city of Trieste there's the most important national commemoration for the Day of Remembrance for the “thousands of innocent Italians slaughtered by Tito” in the immediate after war. Lacota and Menia have been silenced and the Roman Catholic gun with Marxist bullets has been put in the hands of that couple of intellectual contractors of Rome, with four months of advance (October 2010), in order to clean the hall of the psychiatric theater called “Slovenia” (today: “Slovitaly”) from the elements who could disturb with their not conventional lecture of history the next commemoration of February in Italy near the "Fojba di Basovizza". And to silence the few ones who are denouncing the new Italian War of Purchasing of Slovenian Territory. I am honoured to have been considered the symbol N.1 of such not-normalized elements!!!

Below I publish again the previous message by me erased – so you can have an idea of the level of betrayal played by those infamous intellectual contractors of Rome, Lešnjak Gojc and Kobal. How much money have they earned with that piece? But they are coherent! "Idealism" is a product of the bourgeoisie and hence "Prostitution" is the highest sublime representation of the Communism, that "continue movement of history (of the church of Rome) which changes the state of reality"!

And you, cretin Slovene??! Ask yourself how much you pay with the economical crisis, and then you must also pay to watch in the theater those two suckers of Rome, false deficents of Rome who are playing the cretins in the theater to fool you!!!! But......Pardon! I am referring only to a Slovene who doesn't exist no more!!

I see frequently Kobal in TV Slovenia. It seems that to serve the cathedral of Ljubljana it helps to gain new jobs for the Marxist Contractors of Rome!!! Mercenary of Rome, you have been exposed!!! (of course this doesn't change an inch of what by me espressed on the general Slovene brain in the previous message!!! Further details on the piece “Poslednij Termina(l)tor” and on the role of the Dialectic Materialism as disguised Canon 32 Council of Trent to come!!! ).

avles - the Last Termina(l)tor

Thursday, January 27, 2011



Above image - Štanjel -

Italians will buy all the Karst ?

The best of the natural treasury and the pearl of Slovenia will soon no longer be true in Slovenian hands? If this goes on, the Karst region, in the coming years, largely will fall in the hands of Italians, who are buying everything on the local property - pessimists predict.
Sebastian Ozmec | Mon, 12/29/2008 11:46

Sežana - what the Italians failed during the World Wars, they will perhaps have success in time of peace. And this time, the Slovenian soil will not be conquered with weapons but with capital. In the villages of the Karst, a large residential areas, which are intended to Italians. For most of the settlements does not even know who are the investors. Since none of the state institutionsdid not move and take in defense of Karst considered unique natural and cultural heritage, the people come together and come together as a civil initiative Karst. The new settlement, which will literally bury the near Karst village, currently are near Tupelče and Kobjeglava on Grahovo Brdo, Voglje, Tomaj, Cross, Orleku, the stud farm in Divači, of course, but also in the wider coastal area in Ajdovščina on Kozina, Koper.

They didn't sell their properties

"We started in this way before, they came from the county Sežana and in Tomaj presented a project for great village with 85 houses to be built on the edge of the village of Tomaj. If every household is inhabited by three persons, that means 240 to 300 people, " representative of civil initiatives Stane Henigman in this way describes the absurdity of new project. Karst outraged inhabitants who do not understand such a large intervention, wrote to the Ministry of Environment and other state institutions in order to reflect. They put the initiative asking to control the legality and the implementation of municipal planning and the implementation of the sites in the documents of Sežana municipalities which authorizes such building on the Karst. In some areas, the matter rested, but mainly because the real estate crisis. What will happen over a year?


From: -

And now you understand how just after that 2008 the daily Delo, from which comes the article, was at the centre of operation of buy-and-sell.

My attention was dragged by a tv-news report of this evening, where the local civil committee to obstacle the massive invasion of Italians on the Slovenian territory (= Italianization), complained about the passivity of the governemnt.

No problem. Left wing or right wing the government of Ljubljana is offered like a puppet, by the pope of Slovenia Anton Stres and his controller SJ Bizant, to the Italian governemnt, no more or less than an apple to an hungry pig.

It is not a mystery why in the last year the initiative for the "dialogue" between Italy and Slovenia multiplied like larvas of poisoned insects. All that is only: disguise. Or: sand in the eyes.

They exploited an old man (Boris Pahor, completely unaware about the dirty tricks played by the Italians on his skin and his life painful experience) to fool the Slovenes, convincing them that the Italians changed. Bullshit. They changed only the strategy of Italianizaton for benefit of the Counter Reformation.

Italianization means extermination of the Slovenian culture and language. Slovenes and Slovenity are born with the Lutheran reform of Primoz Trubar, and consequently they must follow the destiny of Lutheran Koenisberg.

Don't worry for the reason of the pathetic spectacle at the Verdi theater of Trieste with Boris Pahor. I was among the spectatore. They used, like a marionette, the old Boris. The occasion: the usual litany against the Germans in order to minimize the Italian Fascism. The spin is put in motion against the Germany, which is considered the only enemy of Slovenes. With this sand in the eyes, the Slovenes today felt 'friendly' to Italians, who too were 'invaded-by-the-ugly-Germans'. And also in this way, the possibility for the Slovenes to re-consider their history, is for ever destroyed, being them cretinized by the anti-German hate.

For this reason, near the inititaive of the new Italianist Fascist goverment of Ljubljana (corrupted gang of M*****i headed by Borut Pahor - not Bori-s, the other Pahor), a 'leftist' government which does the dirty job for the benefit of the right wing faction (in order to let it appear always clean and 'virgin' as regards the crucial question of ideology), the 'antifascist' government of Borut Pahor, put in motion a discrete initiative of boycott against the self-defence committee to stop the Italianization of the Karst. But besides the clear passivity of the government, other initiatives appeared, and introduced - for the glory of the Italianization - a multi-weapon system of diversions.

One of this is the election of the African black major of Pirano. If even the CNN broadcasted the news, it means that the African major is used to drag the attention of the world on possible near future events which have been planned to occur in Slovenia.

Which events? But simply the ignition of racist events against the Black African major of Pirano. This is used to start the "anti-racist" hysteria in Slovenia, and to start the persecution of the ones who are suspected to be "racist". The Jesuit-Masonic t.p. of Trieste, the daily "Il Piccolo", a week ago published a poisoned article against Boris (the one with "s", not the puppet of Ljubljana, Boru-t prime minister). Boris Pahor is the well famous survivor of KZ of Nazi-Jesuit regime and famous author of romances spread all over Europe. The Jesuit-Masonic informative guillotine "Il Piccolo" attacked with a fine pose Boris Pahor, because he dared to say that, instead of an African alien, he would have preferred even an Italian (Pirano historically was Italian-Venetian majority town in the coastal Istria) at the charge of major of Pirano.

So a fine strategy entered in action, because they know how you react, and your unaware reaction will supply fuel for their evil engine which since two centuries spread Italianisation/Venetisation on the Slovenes and Croats. Boris Pahor reacted spontaneusly and they were ready to gather his spontaneous reaction as "racist provocation".

Why they need of a "racist hysteria"? Because the "anti-racist" reaction, after having being ignited utilizing a comfortable African puppet in Pirano, will be turned against those Slovenes who are daring to resist against the Italianization which is en-course against the Karst and the Slovenes inhabitants with the purchasing, by Italians, from day to day of larger estates of Karst territory, and the building on them of Italian "Fort Apaches", inside a land, the Karst of Slovenia, today just considered, de-facto, Italian legitime soil!!!

Ok, now you finally know why an African was chosed as major. Good Morning Slovenia! I hope you really opened the eyes and the cretinoid festival based on "Narodna Zabavna Glasba" and with the teats and pussy of Jasna have stopped their narcotic effect on your soul!

So the African major is one of those strategies, studied and applied by the gang of Ljubljana in accord with the Mafiosi of Rome. Another strategy, now only superficially mentioned, regards the theater, and has a particular name: "Poslednji Termina(l)tor". I will return on this later in another message, because those two miserable puppets of Rome - who are the principal characters of the filthy piece and the directors of it - deserves something more than a paragraph. For now it is sufficient this.

Well, as the television images of today showed, the reality is clear. Reality has the image of the double language warning notices, warning about the private property, put in Slovenian land on an Italian owned house. The Italian table is put over the Slovenian one. Apartheid against the Slovenes is started in Slovenia. Not in Italy. Nothing changed since two centuries.

I knows the Italians, and I don't only mention the South Italian ones, but also the Northerner with Venetian dialect. They frequently use to present themselves with a smile, with a slap on the shoulder, and in their inside face they always conserv the old, 'good' hate against Slovenes.

Believe me Slovenes, I know them. I know how they retain their despise against you, in order to not be detected. Then, when are sure their mouth will not arise any reaction, they depict you, Slovenes, with the old world used for the famous dock of the Calvinist Venice, the word: "s'ciavo".

This Italianization-s**t is practically the "treasury" hidden by those pathetic initiatives of 'dialogue' putted in motion by those enormous waste of money (when unemployment hits people), by Dipiazza, Jankovic, Pahor (the one with "t", Borut), and other servants of the Counter Reformation in North Adriatic/Primorje/Amber Path south region!!!

S'ciavo means not only "slave", no, worst, it means "ugly, inferior primitive slave", as even among the slaves there's an hierarchy, the Slovenes are considered the last step of it!!! Slovenes, till you will exist, you for ever will be the "slaves" for excellence for Venice and for the Italians. Because your language is "dirty", and not the "melody" of the latin languages or dialects, like the Calvinist Venetian language/dialect. You for ever will remain only "ugly slaves to educate", and for this reason two puppets of Rome, the Trieste major Dipiazza and the Ljubljana major Jankovic, met those evening of two months ago in the same Verdi theater where the hate against the Slovenes was metabolized and organized by the once council of the city in order to create the first fascism, the Facts of 13th July 1868.

I know how they operate, and I just mentioned in my ABE blog how I was nearly attacked by angry Neapolitans on my job.
And I mentioned how I heard that person, a native of Trzic/Monfalcone, describing the arrival of "Italians" who, where they take possession of the district, they rule absolutely and dont' allow you to protest for the noise, the arrogance, the bully attitude. Just prove to do the same thing they do in Trzic/Monfalcone but only in their Naples, or Palermo etc., and see how they'll send you in the holy field (cemetery).

And just prove to buy estates in the 'Calvinist' Veneto, and to put Slovenian table on it!!! Yeah, just try it!!! That famous dock, by every tourist of the world visited, in Venice, is called: "Riva dei S'ciavoni" or: "Dock of the Ugly Inferior Slaves". Of course especially Slovenes and Croats, who were and are the one 'infesting' the 'highly civilized Venetian coast' of Istria and Dalamatia!

I am sure that my blog is read by someone controlling and monitoring me, someone I daily encounter at the job. Tomorrow I will met him again, and I want he knows that I know, you, infamous lickers of Rome!
After I lamented the propotence of the Italians in a comment on my ABE blog (or on a Willinger's blog), who first-arrive-with-smile-then-build-their-bulwarks-against-the "local inferior slave (and also of Monfalcone) natives", two days after, a patrol car of Carabineers stopped in front of the seat of my job, Carabineers went out and started to speak loudly in Neapolitan dialect or similar, one of them starring in direction of my door. This is: intimidation, because they know that I know their dirty job.

Unfortunately the Slovenians are still sleeping. There's only a way to save: return to the true Slovenia, the Lutheran Slovenia of Primoz Trubar. And never trust those Italians with flowers-of-peace in hands but a dagger hidden inside, and never trust a priest of Rome!

Civilna iniciativa Kras

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Civilna Iniciativa Kras

(*) From:

Poslednji termina(l)tor nam predstavlja zadnjo avanturo zamejskega tržaškega rojaka Stanka Škerjanc-Scherianija, večnega idealista in upornika, sicer pa lastnika tržaškega lokalnega Radia Juriš. Po čudnem naključju se na sedežu njegove radijske postaje znajde papež Celestin VI.: rojen v Ameriki kot John Wayne, sin matere Dalmatinke, je prvi ameriški papež v zgodovini. V Trst prihaja blagoslavljat novi žaveljski terminal, pri tem pa mu uspe, naveličanemu vatikanskih spletk, za hip pobegniti zlaganosti vsakdana. Tako se povežeta usodi bivšega partizana, neomajnega borca za pravice zamejskih Slovencev, ki je tudi majhnim zamejskim povzpetnikom večni trn v peti, in papeža, ki v Vatikanu ne more udejanjati svoje vizije pravega krščanstva. V bistvu sta si Stanko in Celestin podobna: druži ju predvsem čistost moralne drže, iskrenost intencije, nepokvarjenost in nezlaganost. S formalnega – ideološkega vidika bi protagonista morala stati na nasprotnem bregu, vendar se ujameta, razumeta. Celestin beži pred dejstvom, da je v Vatikanu pravzaprav le lutka v igri drugih, in si želi čistega krščanstva. Podobno se Stanko upira hlapčevstvu zamejskih politikantov, ki lahko rojeva le asimilacijo Slovencev. Stanko verjame v tradicijo partizanskega boja, po svojem radiu poziva k akciji, vendar je sam vselej na strani poražencev. Njegova družina se za preživetje bori z izdelovanjem copatk iz ovčje kože, otroka Vesna in Črtomir pa postajata Vanessa in Italo.
Kaj torej zdaj, ko se je zgodovina za trenutek ustavila na radiu Juriš? Ideja o ugrabitvi papeža je zanj odlična priložnost. V trenutku se Stanko znajde v središču svetovnega zanimanja in v zameno za »osvoboditev« Celestina IV. zahteva pravice, ki narodnostni skupnosti v Italiji po zakonu pravzaprav že pripadajo. Tržaški trg Unità pa bi se ob tem lahko preimenoval v Trg Borisa Pahorja ... Celestin Stanka razume in mu v tem boju stoji ob strani, toda oba sta bržčas še vedno preveč naivna, da bi lahko resnično razumela, kaj ju čaka. Večni idealist Stanko lahko v bitki z oblastjo le podleže.
Novo dramsko besedilo Tamare Matevc in Borisa Kobala v mojstrski interpretaciji Gojmirja Lešnjaka Gojca in Borisa Kobala ter v režiji Sama M. Strelca polno zaživi in učinkuje ne le kot ironična, ampak tudi kot osvežujoča, blažilna, zdravilna in navsezadnje izzivalna beseda za vse tiste, ki jim ni vseeno, kaj nam ponuja današnji svet norosti.


(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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