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From Lokve to Hollywood, passing through the office of Benedict XVI: a great career for our Maxy (Lacota)!!!


Türk: Documents insinuations put their authors as liars

Head of State argues that the published papers only summaries of media coverage

10. February 2011 at 12:18 pm,
last intervention: 10 February 2011 at 16:02
Ljubljana - Reuters

"......President Danilo Türk claims that the fact the he could have been directly informed for the attack in Völkermarkt is an insinuation. For the document published by the SDS, it says that it is a summary of media reporting.

"Today, I noticed on the website of SDS party few documents that seek to justify such insinuations. None of this is true, but the documents put the authors as liar. In the document, you will see that two circumstances are important. The first is that Document was created on 1 July 1980, nine months and a half after the event - is this a direct information? - an event which was the subject of extensive reporting by the media. "

"The document gives a summary of media reports and interviews in connection with these reports - this is twice as indirect as it is designed on the basis of media coverage. I strongly reject such acts and insinuations, insinuations, which are totally unfounded, totally morally untenable and politically damaging. Sorry the rivalry involved in a pattern of political behavior in the Slovenian political arena, which is very negative. And it is already growing into incitement, "the president said. When this is all involved in the process called for the halt.


Sorry Danilo (maybe you are one of the last true Slovene and not a
SlovItalian like the great majority of Slovenes, at least I hope to be not wrong), but Slovenija must be liquidated, and even if you are innocent, even if that UDBA attack was performed not to destroy the Slovenian dissidence abroad, but to destroy the credibility of the Slovenian Communist functionaries (like you, Danilo) in front of the authority of a not-Communist state like the Austrian state, and to keep so Slovenia as “untrustworthy” republic for the Austrian governemnt, to keep Slovenia inside Yugoslavia (opportunely transformed from a right brotherhood of nations to free themselves in solidarity against the anti-Christian Nazi-Fascism of Rome to a depressed cage of people) as wanted by the General superior and his priests, and to keep Slovenia under the rule of Rome, the rule of Roman Catholicism, the rule of the Jesuit order, the rule of the Council of Trent war on Lutheranism and hence the war on Trubarian heritage and hence the war on anything smelling of “Slovenian/Croatian” pursued not only by the Fascism-Irredentism but also by a Socialism which completely became only a torture-tool of the disguised theology of Rome, so, even if you are the most innocent one of the earth, this war must continue till the final victory and its goal must pass well over your corpse.
Janez Janša is a proof.

Liquidation of Slovenia continues, it is a logical and natural fact that no one now could oppose. Just in the day of the Remembrance for the alleged "tens of thousands of Italians murdered by Tito's partisans" in the immediate after war in Istria and Dalmatia, (10th February - an official recurrence of the Italian state), Janez Janša leader of the center-right opposition to the center-left government of Borut Pahor, issued documents which should prove that the actual president of Slovenia, Danilo Türk, was informed about a bomb attack of the secret police/intelligence of Yugoslavia, the UDBA service, in Austria, against a Slovene of the Austrian community of Slovenes (at least so I understand the motive of the attack, but it doesn't matter the precise goal here).
About the involvement of the actual president, at the time a functionary of the Worker's party in Slovenija, it is a relative fact. Whatever could have been his involvement, he hardly could have opposed to UDBA. But the insinuation of Janez Janša comes with a perfect timing with the "Massimiliano Lacota Day", namely "The Day of Remembrance" above mentioned.

And it comes with a perfect timing with the proposal of dividing Slovenija along the just existing borders of the bishop provinces.

And it comes with a perfect timing with the financial crash of the diocese of Maribor, a financial crash which is pure "sand-in-the-eyes", which makes appear the true beneficiary of the liquidation of Slovenia, the church of Rome, as "innocent, absolutely engaged in other kind of problems, and not interested with the political problems".

And it comes with a perfect timing with the campaign of excavation in Croatia to discover "communist crimes of Tito in the immediate after war" ordered by an important man of Croatian intelligence (no involvement with Operation Storm? Sure?), Tomislav Karamarko, whose protector was a former UDBA functionary and then one of the first presidents of post-Yugoslavia Croatia, Josip Manolić. Of course the liquidation of Croatia comes immediately after (if not at the same time of) the liquidation of Slovenia.

And it comes with a perfect timing with the expiring of the year 2010, declared by U-N-E-S-C-O (=U.N.O.) the "international year of bishop of Arbe (Dalamatia)", priest of Rome Dominis, a Jesuit trained 'heretic' Venetian bishop in Dalmatia, who was traditionally considered by the Croatians as "spy of Venice" and now, if they want to enter in EU and to save their asses from the crisis, they must destroy their history which proudly fought such Venetian spies, and consider that fake-heretic Jesuit trained bishop of Venice as "immense genius of the world" (and to lick the asses of Venice).

And it comes with a perfect timing with the announcement of the production of an Hollywood mega-colossal film, with 12 (twelve) Oscar nominations and 30 (thirty) nominations, with special effects created by the same experts of Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Superman, about those alleged "thousands of innocent Italians massacred by Tito's partisans" in the immediate after war in Istria and Dalmatia.

Yeah! What a courage! A country of 60 (sixty) millions of people (Italy), against two little countries of 2 (two) and 4,5 (four comma five) millions of people (Slovenia and Croatia), using the Hollywood ICBM media-brainwash weapons of the most powerful nation of the world (the U.S.A.)!!!! Yeah!!! This is the typical “Italian-Venetian courage”!!!!! (And I forgot the battleships of the EU, at the moment relaxing in their Burxelles harbour, but ready to vomit the fire on those two little countries who “don't speak the noble language of Dante”!!!! - yeah, what a courage!!! what a fierce parity in the fight!!!)

So you can see what kind of hands are moving the buttocks of Massimiliano Lacota in order to continue with the Council of Trent's war in Europe. The hands, pardon, hoofs, of the Antichrist in Rome. They putted at disposition of his anti-Slovenian/anti-Croatian/anti-Lutheran crusade the best of the art in the planet today, that "the most important weapon" (or: "cinematography") which was a celebrated sentence of Mussolini written on the walls of Fascist Cinecittà.

I told you that, and I explained why Eric John Phelps is a man participating to this anti-Lutheran crusade. Why he is a Venetian supporter, I told you then about the clash "Calvinism vs Lutheranism" where “Calvinism” is the mercenary of the “Roman Catholicism” and of the “Council of Trent”, disguised in the wars of Venice against the Empire in the Adriatic and Balkans regions, a war continued with the Nazi-Fascist massacres of WWII and then with a particular operation of the Fascist-democratic post war intelligence known in public with the name "massacres of the fojbe". I had reason, in fact you don't move Hollywood just for a stupid piece of soil near a stupid piece of sea in the North East of the Mediterranean sea, and that only "for hobby", just "for sport"......

Great career, the one of Massimiliano!!! The pope and his Jesuit anti-Lutheran crusade helps very much!!!

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Lacota, the picker of Rome

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The words of the pope

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1st May – 65 years after

(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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