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An new Human Typology in Amber Path south replaces the previous one: The "Slovitalian"


I erased the previous message and published only the quote of the article. Why? But simply because I cannot continue to put on the shoulders of the Italians the guilty which is exclusively of the Slovenes. I have just ready another message on the theme, to which a following third one is completed as regard the idea of the content. But you will never see them published, not here nor in another blog.

Slovenes have completely turned the back to their history, and if they are paying for the consequences, they are the only responsible. They not simply forgot the origin of their country, but they even attack the ones like me who are warning them. The attack is for great part carried out with a sort of 'hostile indifference'. They look at me as I should steal their money or rape one of their woman.

At the opposite (and there's much time that I observed this phenomena), they are very friendly with the Italians. More an Italian comes from South more they are his friend. The ones like me, which can be considered nearly a Slovene of Italy, in slang: "zamejec" ("the one who lives over the border") is seen like a suspect nigger coming from the slums. In Italy you feel yourself like a Jew in the Third Reich in the thirties. Then you go in Slovenia and there you feel like an homeless from Harlem plenty of parasytes. Ok, avles take notes, registers and draws the conclusions: this blog ends for ever to accuse Italians for the guilties which are of the Slovenes. Look: even avles must surrender in front of something called reality! So this blog is no more friendly to them.

Are not the Italians the one who erased from the minds of the Slovenes the Lutheran origin of their nation. And are not the Italians the ones who are using HAAARP to influx the mind of the Slovenes in order to make them sell their estates to Italian societies. And are not Italians the ones who hypnotized a miserable Boris Kobal and his drunken friend, Lesnjak-Gojc, in order to write theatrical pieces against the niggers beyond the borders (the "zamejci" or Slovenes of Italy) described like pathetic nostalgics with socio-pathic problems, but only his spontaneous will. Slovenes, the "true pure Slovenes of Slovenia", seems to like such spectacles, they pay, they laugh and then applaude. And avles takes note. A state of humans at the ending level of deficiency.

Slovenes and Italians are everyday more an unity and this is a matter of fact. I will treat them more and more as a single unity, with only two diverting faces. I named that single unity: the "Slovitalian". This blog will continue but dealing with the theological implication of the local historical events as regard the Lutheran Reform and the DEFINITIVELY expired, buried Reformed Slovenia of Primoz Trubar - the ONLY true Slovenia ever existed.

(The text has been revisited in order to avoid problems with penal law (instigation of hate), or maybe more serious consequences. The original text is at the bottom - In the next days it will be erased)

Italians will buy all the Karst ?

The best of the natural treasury and the pearl of Slovenia will soon no longer be true in Slovenian hands? If this goes on, the Karst region, in the coming years, largely will fall in the hands of Italians, who are buying everything on the local property - pessimists predict.
Sebastian Ozmec | Mon, 12/29/2008 11:46

Sežana - what the Italians failed during the World Wars, they will perhaps have success in time of peace. And this time, the Slovenian soil will not be conquered with weapons but with capital. In the villages of the Karst, a large residential areas, which are intended to Italians. For most of the settlements does not even know who are the investors. Since none of the state institutionsdid not move and take in defense of Karst considered unique natural and cultural heritage, the people come together and come together as a civil initiative Karst. The new settlement, which will literally bury the near Karst village, currently are near Tupelče and Kobjeglava on Grahovo Brdo, Voglje, Tomaj, Cross, Orleku, the stud farm in Divači, of course, but also in the wider coastal area in Ajdovščina on Kozina, Koper.

They didn't sell their properties

"We started in this way before, they came from the county Sežana and in Tomaj presented a project for great village with 85 houses to be built on the edge of the village of Tomaj. If every household is inhabited by three persons, that means 240 to 300 people, " representative of civil initiatives Stane Henigman in this way describes the absurdity of new project. Karst outraged inhabitants who do not understand such a large intervention, wrote to the Ministry of Environment and other state institutions in order to reflect. They put the initiative asking to control the legality and the implementation of municipal planning and the implementation of the sites in the documents of Sežana municipalities which authorizes such building on the Karst. In some areas, the matter rested, but mainly because the real estate crisis. What will happen over a year?


From: Delo.si - http://www.delo.si/clanek/73578

(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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