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Who knows Basovizza?


Above video "........"Shut up, ugly s'ciavi" shouts a policeman fascist, and beaten a group of Slovenian children. This will be one of the many scenes of "Strela v Bazovici/Basovizza" fifty-minute documentary film, before arriving at the scene of the movie, namely the killing of the group of resistance antifacista TIGR Ferdo Bidovec, Fran Marušič, Zvonimir Miloš and Alojz Valenčic, now known as "Bazoviška junaki" (this year marks the eightieth anniversary of their deaths)......".

Of course also this short docu-film answer to an ideological request, dictated by the Provincial of Jesuit Province of Slovenija, or to shut up the partisan Narodna Osvobodilna Borba (National Liberation Struggle) during the WII in favour of the more open to the clericalism TIGR organization,.... But let's forget for the moment the polemics..... Recalling that event, it seems to see the teeth of the smiling Jesuit monsignor Pietro-Tacchi Venturi, the friend and personal confessor of Benito Mussolini, in the reflex of their blood..... In any case the event must never be forgotten.... The Slovenian village of Basovizza / Bazovica is the place where in 1930 four Slovenian - fighting against the Fascist nationalis oppression - were executed responding to a sentence of the infamous Fascist Special Court to Defend the State or Tribunale Speciale who condemned them for a bomb attack against the "Il Popolo di Trieste" where (not intentionally) a journalist died.... The Il Popolo di Trieste was the mouth of the clergy-Fascist ethnocide against Slovenes..... (*).... . All that happened twenty five years before the alleged mass execution of innocent Italians attributed to Tito's partisans, after a war which costed to Slovenia a decimation of population, tortures, and hundreds entirely destroyed villages and towns - URL:
URL of the video "Streli v Bazovici Napovednik - Trailer ":


§ * The 'multi-ethnic' Eastern border of the Italian nation

§ ** The Fojba at the parade of Monfalcone: invisible host

§ *** "Italianization"

* The 'multi-ethnic' Eastern border
of the Italian nation

One of the exmples of the "multicultural" country called Italy. And an example that separatism and secessionism is the only solution. And an example of what is waiting to Slovenia if the trend of purchasing of Slovenian soil by the Italians will not cease.

A car with masques of the team from the Slovenian village of Basovizza/Bazovica - in the province of Trieste - has been threatened by a group of Neapolitans of the community of Monfalcone, because it was carrying a signal with the words: "Napoli, città delle scovaze" i.e. "Neaples, city of the garbages" ("scovaze" is the dialectal term in the city of Trieste and surrounding for "garbages").

The event occurred during the carnival parade in the town of Monfalcone, in Italy, twenty kilometers far from Trieste. There are the yards for the building of ships, a copious presence of aliens working inside them, together with a robust presence of the Neapolitans community. The image of the carnival car of papier machè shows that the central point of it was not Naples, the "city of garbages", but, alluding it with a giant head of the prime P2ist minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi, the target was the political manipulation of the eternal problems (of course purposely created for political reason) of the garbages hitting the city of Naples.

I agree with the fact that Naples is under the political-criminal dictatorship of Camorra & friends in the parliament. I add also the usual role of the church of Rome which, from the destruction of the secular enemy cannot else than to have an orgasm. What interest to me is the way of the protest, where a single piece of the carnival car has been assumed as provocation to respond to with a physical clash. In fact you can expect cries and hiss from Neapolitans assisting the parade, but what is the most decisive and serious signal of what is boiling in the underground, is the attempt to solve at the moment the question with the physical/military means: a group of Neapolitans approached with not peaceful intentions the Slovenian car, and only the efforts of exponents of Neapolitans and of the police agents and Carabineers avoided the clash.

The problems of the garbages of Naples have been immediately compared to acts of kidnapping and murdering of children like the recent case Yara, and hence considered a prohibited topic, even if used only to introduce well other tragedies, like the ones of a high institutional figures of the country which manipulates in criminal manner the political scene to survive.

From this point a new age started, an age of intimidation. A physical intimidation. I hope the Slovenes, especially the ones of the Italian Karst and their "don't care less attitude" – often ready to abandon their fellow patriots to the paws of the enemy, would have learned the lesson. From now to the future the carnival parade will have its controllers, who will apply the immediate physical solution for every content of the parade not satisfying their taste.

** The Fojba at the parade of Monfalcone:
invisible host

A note to conclude. And a probable index about the true ethnic-ideological agenda behind the attempt of aggression. I still continue to believe that not all the Neapolitans are like the ones presented by that bunch of aggressors “who were answering to a bad provocation” like the Neapolitan journalist of the Il Piccolo wrote. Threatening the car crew of
Basovizza and then affirming that “no one knows that village” is suspicious. Basovizza, from where the team participating at the parade came, is well famous for hosting the “mass grave of hundreds of innocent Italians” allegedly murdered by Tito in May 1945. The seat of the “Monumento/Monumento di Basovizza”, appointed by presidential decree at the beginning of the nineties. It is considered the sanctuary and the temple to celebrate a never dismissed desire of restoration of the Italian domination in Istria and Dalmatia and of the Rapallo's Treaty borders (1918 – 1945). Near the alleged mass grave, which never an Italian judicial authorities investigated, transforming Italy in a country which doesn't apply the international law on the investigation for war crimes which never expires, there's the only limestone mine/cave still working in the province of Trieste, the cave “Italcementi”, created just in the period of the Western ally administration of Trieste and when the Italian post-Fascist democratic intelligence was starting to create the myth of the “mass murder and burials in the fojbe of Istria” (fojba = typical natural cave or hole of the Karst). From fifty and more years the cave incessantly works also in the underground (where a cableway for limestone start and end) near the “national monument Fojba of Basovizza”, and is served by a net of underground tunnels just a kilometer of little more far from the same Fojba. I believe that not only the “Italcementi” cave is used to fill the hole (former mine) of Basovizza with human rests in order to be discovered in the future, (the fojba of Basovizza has just been investigated after the end of war without to find rests of hundreds of innocent Italians), but also to build a net of tunnels passing under the near old Cold War border and entering in Yugoslavia - today in Slovenia, in order to transport there material and special agents for dirty operations during the Cold War Hoax and maybe also today.

*** "Italianization"

“Italianization” is only the secular ideological process to cancel different identities which are born with the first wave of the national awakening, which is not the one of the French revolution (“atheist” and hence hostile to the religious awareness of the historical process of formation of identity), but with early Protestant Reform, in this case both Lutheran as well Calvinist (to not forget for example the Jan Hus and other Reforms aborted by Rome's inquisition).
Please, abstain from telling me that the history of Slovenia of five hundreds years ago is only “dusty crap of the past” in which no one is interested. When an evil man dressed like the images of six thousands years ago in Sumeria is still, from 1,700 years – carrying forward the heritage of the bloody emperor Constantine, with his false preaches in saint Peter's square, the square of the false vicarious of Christ, you cannot say that only five centuries are “dusty memory in which no one today cares”. In this case you are simply an hypocrite and a lickers of the priests of Rome.

Slovenes have nearly forgot everything of their history, and at this point they will deserve what will happen to them, no more excuses.

(The article I was referring to appeared in “Il Piccolo” of today 10th March 2011 at page 33 and is signed Ciro Vitiello)

(*) "...As you can see that local daily has a long history of "friendship" with the local not-Italian community...." This holds for Il Piccolo, but it was not this paper the object of the attack as I erroneously used to say , I exchanged it with the true target - the daily "Il Popolo di Trieste".

Your heart is white

since ancient ages,

It is like a piece of stone. -

It is white, white

at the moonlight.



from your eyes

in the quite evening

and, watch,

we are the remains of a fire,

ancient cemetery,

within us it shines

only chaos.

"Dialogue with Trubar" - by Srečko Kosovel (§)

(Sežana 18th March 1904 - Tomaj 26th May 1926).

(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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