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Comedy “Last Termina(l)tor" becomes reality in Trieste


Recent electoral race and appointment of president of the city council confirming predictive programming [using theater]

Above image - the new council assembly chariman of Trieste

"Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Iztok Furlanič: "This is a great step forward"

"I will really try to be the president of all. As a member of the Slovenian minority I know well how is when a majority impose his views and his vision on you. Therefore, I also pay close attention to the fact that the opposition, which is a minority in the municipal council, will have no fewer rights than the majority coalition" says 33-year Iztok Furlanič from the Union of the Left, the new chairman of the town of Trieste.

> You are the first Slovenian at the head of the municipal council of Trieste. In more than 150-year history no Slovenian is yet sat "so close" the mayor of Trieste. How do you feel?

"I am very pleased, but at the same time aware of the complexity of this task. I hope that she'll cope. "

> What powers you have as president of the municipal council?

"More than a political case for the institutional function. The President governs the work of the municipal council, chairs the meetings of chiefs of groups, and also performs all protocol functions, such as attendance at receptions, ceremonies, welcome speeches ... Because it remains a municipal councilor, I am actually in a dual capacity, which will be difficult to reconcile, as a municipal councilor you have a political office, as President you have to necessarily be 'super partes', over all the parts. "

> Center-right opposition councilors opposed your election ...

"It is true, in my place they would like to see someone else coming from the left middle. Following their opinion this is logical, as representatives of left options for many people are not welcomed. "

> How do you comment the fact that they marked you as left-wing extremist?

"As a member of the Re-founded Communist party simply I cannot be anything else than a leftist. I never subtracted myself away from these markings. I am extremist? I the same do not consider an extremist, but for someone my ideas may be extreme. I leave to anyone freedom of expression and thought, so if someone thinks I'm radical, I will not convince him otherwise. "

> After the election you spoke in Slovenian, and ... you survived, if we can joke a little about.

"It is true, I thanked the councillors for their trust in Slovenian and surprisingly there has been no protest from the right-center. A few years ago it would certainly run the commotion as the use of the Slovenian mother tongue is not provided for in statutes and regulations of the municipal council of Trieste. I think it was also in this respect a major step forward. I also hope that in future there will be further cooperation between the municipal council of Trieste and Koper. You should also consider the possibility of links, especially rail, between the two cities. I also believe that Trieste should give attention to the east, otherwise it will remain just an appendage of Italy in its East and will not have much impact on the nationwide level. "



Since October 2010 Slovenia was obsessed by a comedy, played in the theater, "Poslednji Termina(l)tor" ("The Last Termina(l)tor", an allusion to the discussed gas terminal to be built in the waters between Italy and Slovenia). Two the principal characters: a fictive pope – Celestino VI - coming in zone in order to bless the opening of the gas terminal, and a Slovene of Italy, Stanko Škerjanc-Scheriani, a nostalgic of Tito's partisan war, a Communist whose ideology is a reaction of the anti-Slovene Italian environment.

Stanko Škerjanc-Scheriani, the nostalgic Titoist, not for premeditation but in consequence of a set of circumstances, kidnaps the pope. Using pope Celestino like an hostage he pretends the respect of some historical traditional rights of the Slovenian community in Italy, never fulfilled by the central and local governments (for example the return to the Slovenian community of the Narodni Dom - a building fruit of the project of famous architect Max Fabiani whose stake in 1920 marked the birth of the s.c. "Fascism of the Borders").

But no one would dare to imagine that, after the comedy, also the reality seems to follows some fundamental lines of the storyboard written by Boris Kobal and Tamara Matevc. The center left coalition whose candidate Roberto Cosolini won the electoral race in May, appointed the new president of the city council assembly, the member of the Rifondazione Comunista (Communist Re-foundation party – which joined the center left coalition led by moderate Democratic party), ethnic and Slovene speaking Iztok Furlanič. Give a look to his background:

Q: They have recalled that you don't want in public places the crucifix, that you dressed up like a cowboy in the council now presided by you, that you played the piano to vote in turn of Racovelli, to have let to be shot with a Tito's partisan hat of IX corpus, exalting on Facebook the slogan "Trst je nas!", and also admitted to have smoked light substances, which don't hurt so much..... Did you expect such a burst?

A: absolutely yes. It is the politic, everyone has its role. It was expected that they would have recalled all the things I did in the role of counselor.....

(Some explanations:

Dressed up like a cow-boy”: ironically, to obstacle the adoption of law assigning guns and other weapons to the local police/traffic policemen who depends from the major of municipality, and traditionally are un-armed

To play the piano”: to vote also for the colleague meanwhile he/she is absent;

Trst je nas!”: or “Trieste is ours!”, the propaganda slogan of the Tito's partisan army during WWII and at least till the definitive assignation of the city to Italy in 1954.

Light substances”: Marijuana.)

From:Il Piccolo, Wedsnday 22nd June 2011, page 19. Title: “Furlanic: ho la mia storia, ma sarò il garante di tutti”/”Furlanic: I have my story, but I will be the guaranteer of all”.

"Everyone has its role"..."it was expected that". The sensation of being at the center of a sort of “The Truman show” is very strong.

Do you remember that film of Woody Allen? The Purple Rose of Cairo....:

".....Set in New Jersey during the Great Depression, Cecilia (Mia Farrow) is a clumsy waitress who goes to the movies to escape her bleak life and loveless marriage to Monk (Danny Aiello), whom she has attempted to leave on numerous occasions.

The latest film Cecilia sees is a fictitious RKO Radio Pictures film, The Purple Rose of Cairo. It is the story of a rich Manhattan playwright (Edward Herrmann) who goes on an exotic vacation to Egypt with companions Jason (John Wood) and Rita (Deborah Rush). While in Egypt, the three meet archaeologist Tom Baxter (Jeff Daniels). Tom is brought back for a "madcap Manhattan weekend" where he falls head-over-heels for Kitty Haynes (Karen Akers), a chanteuse at the Copacabana.....".


What did then happen? "When Cecilia sees the film several times, Tom breaks the fourth wall, emerging from the black-and-white into the colorful real world on the other side of the cinema's screen. ".

And now give a look at the interview with Boris Kobal who, together Tamara Matevc, is the author of the comedy, and also played the role of Stanko on the stages of Slovenia – notice the bold character words:

Q: do we find individual similar to "Stanko" today in the community living in Italy? Have you been inspired for your character by a real person?

A: Yes, copies of Stanko on the other side of the border exist, and Stanko of our comedy has on the other side of the border really some "models"! One among them – I don't want to reveal his name – has at home a radio station, which is listened by no more than five listeners; the second model, cause his idealism, provoked the "bankruptcy" of the whole family, the third one, cause the idealism, abandoned the son and the daughter and today is living with a woman gaining survival means from the biological agriculture. Probably no one of them is a bad guy, but it is impossible to live with them.

Q: Does it seem to you that Stanko is astoundingly recalling Franc of the movie of Virc "Trst je nas!"?

A: In their madness Stanko and Franc are similar, but the similarity is exclusively incidental. I watched the film just only some days ago in the television, the text of Termina(l)tor was at that moment just finished, for this reason they (both characters, Franc and Stanko – avles) are not with an accord................."

Above image - the original text

From the article: "Neenotnost – smrtni in izvirni greh vseh Slovencev" or "Disunion – the deadly and original sin of the Slovenes" appeared on the informative sheet for the cultural events in the Primorje (Slovenia) "gledga", year VIII, number 6, October 2010.

Got the allusion?

Stanko Škerjanc-Scheriani, the character of the comedy, at the end of his theater mission, escapes the stages of Slovenia, arrives in the near Italy and in order to fulfill a predictive programming, under false identity, is appointed by the coalition who won the recent elections (new major: Roberto Cosolini), in the new role of president of the council assembly and under another front-identity: Iztok Furlanič.

* * *

After four months, that below message of Feb. 3rd 2011 should be upgraded, because the agenda behind the comedy "Last Termina(l)tor" is clearly wider. But the character "Stanko" has been built of course also with allusions to my web image - a triangle Stanko-avles-Iztok?

(warning: below, till the line "....Is the same message, only the title changed....." etc., there are three pics; as usually some of them are not visible, please, in this case click on all the blank spaces; you know how 'incidentally' the most important images often vanish.....and notice the shirts worn by Boris Kobal/Stanko/avles! - thank you)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Avles is the..... "Poslednji termina(l)tor"/"Last Termina(l)tor"!!!

The element in common.... I give to you five seconds to find the common element......

(Is the same message, only the title changed. I am the.... Last Termina(l)tor, I can do it!!!)

* * *

".....You ask why politics are so screwed up while continually voting for the lesser of two evils; yet you fail to fathom the quite obvious dynamics of a intrinsically corrupt fraternal order society of suck-ups producing mediocracy claoked as great achievment, evidenced via the countless political broken promises and votes made unanimously and without debate like a bunch of drones....."

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Day Our Minds Are to Stand Still

Feel guilty that many people have such things as automobiles, and continually support existing commodities by denying feasible alternatives to petro, coffee, tobacco and pharmaceuticals...

From Philip A. Jonker's Predictive Programming in Movies"

* * *

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Roberto Cosolini elected

Roberto Cosolini, candidate of center-left coalition, as expected by me (see previous message), is the new major of the city of Trieste. Stop.

Above image - Roberto Cosolini - URL:

(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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