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An objective collaboration


Today it is the 70th anniversary of the pilgrimage of the Slovenian national council at the court of Mussolini and of pope Pacelli in Rome. On the 8th June doc. Natlacen and assistants brought a letter of submission of collaborationist Slovenia to Mussolini. The sequent day they were received by Pious XII.
And the anti-fascist Communist resistance, which kind of letters was writing?

"....Against the Slovenian nation, against its unity and liberation, it is in preparation a wide and well founded conspiracy.....The plotters are some former elements of JRZ (former party of monarchic Yugoslavia – avles), some rich men of the casino (....)... in their circles there are also agents of Ovra and Gestapo....

With leaflets and individual unrest which uses the most absurd and disgusting means of the lie and insinuation, they instigates against the OF and KP and against the partisans (OF: Osvobodilna Front/Liberation Front; KP: Communist party – avles). They denounce the Slovenian national combatants to the Fascist authorities. They do terrorism against members of OF. They do attacks against certain reactionary persons in order to assign the responsibility of the assassinations to the OF and hence to accuse it of terrorism. They send abroad false reports and exploit news from abroad, which are based on their lies, for the benefit of the inner traitorous unrest. They would divide the Slovenes between the ones in favor of "Moscow" and the ones in favor of "London". With all their actions they are serving with the facts and in awareness the Fascist oppressors of the Slovenian nation...."

(From "Belogardizem" of Francek Saje, page 98)

Well, how to comprehend the climate of paranoia and activity of collaboration-ist organizations which had the task, the apparent task, to create inner division in the anti-Fascist front headed by the OF/Liberation Front?

The above excerpt comes from the OF sheet of information "Slovenski Porocevalec" aka the "Slovenian reporter" and dates 29 November 1941, hence eight months after the aggression and occupation of Yugoslavia. At the beginning of the foundation of the OF, bunches of ambiguous groups, which were pretending to represents the Slovenian people in its struggle against the aggression, were disturbing the unity of the anti-Fascist front. The fact that in such conditions the unity of command is a vital condition for the survival of a least a minimum of possibility to carry out a military resistance are absolutely out of discussion, and the ones who are accusing the OF to not grant democracy to the not-Communist members of it just only to suppress them, are not founded.

But at the same time, they are also telling the truth, because if it is true that in warfare – and which warfare was the WWII occupation of Yugo! - you must keep a dictatorial control on your forces, unless you want to see 'em destroyed immediately by the enemy intelligence, it is equally true that a condition imposed by the circumstances, to which you can in no way subtract from, could be a very comfortable alibi in order to see the same circumstances as responsible of whatever kind of inner 'ethnic' cleansing you are dreaming about, but you don't dare to express because that would destroy your credibility in front of other members.

This is precisely what happened in Slovenia during WWII (and of course not only there!). Exactly speaking – to use the same adjectives of the author of such articles in the partisan Slovenian Reporter – the "enemy intelligence" and the "unspoken desires" were objective allies of the task to carry out an inner purge in the anti-Fascist front. Of course maybe the 90% or more of OF members were absolutely unaware of that. But not the top of the staff, those Kardelj and Tito who had strict links with a certain Roman Catholic Jesuit trained dictator of Russia, a dictator who could enjoy the support of a a certain powerful American Jesuit.

When the Italians arrived in Slovenia in the first half of April 1941, they went solemnly welcomed by the top of the Slovenian clergy. Archbishop Rozman and friends did the possible in order to appear at the eyes of every Slovene as the most trustful friends of Italian Fascist authorities and the most warm supporters of the annexation of the Ljubljana province to the Italian 'empire'. The Big Lie, which is commonly supported by the Slovenian Romish clergy and their 'implacable', 'deadly' Communist enemies (today the ideological 'nephews' of the 'assassin' partisans) consist in to hide the true goal of all such abominable exhibitionism of collaboration. A goal which was the perfect opposite of what declared by those Hegelian opponents in the game, who acclaimed that – one – was simply trying to 'tactically' softening the foreign occupant with a 'deceiving' collaboration meanwhile – the other – accused the first to use the occupant in order to suppress the people's request of justice, through an anti-Fascist military rebellion so wonderfully expressed.

The truth says that those two Hegelian opponents of the game were in secret objective collaboration. Sorry if I am turning the same Communist terminology of the Slovenski Porocevalec against them. Archbishops Rozman must play the role of the supporter of the Fascist oppression, because he had to destroy the most possible any kind of credibility of the Roman Catholics who were going to join en-mass the anti-Fascist military uprising of Tito. After those incredible, absurd, surreal and, moreover, exhibited in astronomical quantity acts of submission to Fascist Italy, every Roman Catholic, joining the OF, was seen with paranoid suspect by the principal pillar of the partisan war, the Communist party.

In this way the principal objective target of such incredible behavior of the Slovenian sector of the Romish church was not the destruction of the rising Bolshevik military threat, but the keen guarantee that just the Bolshevism would have remained the only and unique commander of the military Slovenian anti-Fascist uprising, because any Roman Catholic individual or organization joining it would have been forever treated as healthy carrier of the clergy Fascist infiltration. The “Dolomitic statement” of 1943 was the natural consequence of all that.

Dolomitic statement

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Dolomitic statement is a document which, on pressure of the Communist Party of Slovenia on the unity of the Liberation Front 28th February 1943,
was signed by the Communist Party of Slovenia, the Sokol movement and the Christian-Socialist Party on the mountain above
Baba mountain. The document of the parties recognizes that their cooperation allowed in the Slovenian national history, the unique existing successful Slovenian national resistance and requires, for future tasks of the Slovenian liberation struggle, that they have to close the ranks.

Dolomitic declaration also formally recognized the leading role of the KP (Communist party - avles) of Slovenia in the NOB (acronym standing for National Liberation Struggle - avles). The other two groups to sign a declaration gave up their proper structure in favor of unity. Consequently, they have given up their own activist head and intentions to establish their own party. In OF, by signing this declaration, it won the Leninist one-sided principle. The statement indirectly announced the forthcoming Slovenian political development, which will follow the Soviet model. At the end of April, the Assembly of the activists OF at locality of Pugled did confirm the statement. Edvard Kardelj needed to clarify this statement by the fact that OF must be firm, in order to lead the masses in the struggle for national freedom and social-revolutionary goals (socialism).(*)


As I usually say, here I too will repeat: and the rest is historical (bloody) chronicle. For the medium-low levels of the Communist pyramid, the objective ideological-religious alliance on the field with the Romish church, was sold under the naive dress of the "opportunist exploitation of the enemies' contradiction", a miserable costume for the mind whose only attractive part were those fake shining pearls on it weaved and consisting in the usual terminology "bourgeoisies", "capitalist exploitation" etc. And meanwhile that base of the Communist pyramid was blindly executing the orders of surveillance, investigation, detention and sometimes of liquidation of suspicious Roman Catholic fifth columns inside the OF, the possibility for that modern, liberal, open minded portion of the Roman Catholicism to defend himself from the raging of the hell on heart was practically reduced to Zero.

It is perfectly understandable so the explosion of doubtful anti-fascist groups in the first months of the occupation, groups who were playing the role of the competitor of the OF on the plane of the rhetoric of the 'national defense', but at the same time were openly exhibiting their collaborative (with Fascist and Nazi authorities of occupation) origin. And finally the light of the understanding can show also the true signification of existence of that Yugoslav government in exile in London (of which was an official diplomatic member also the grandfather of Walter Veltroni, a saboteur of Rome inside the Italian politic of our days, but this is another theme). That government, built up with the rest of the last government of Belgrade fled from the terrorist bombing of 6th April 1941, had to condemn openly the Tito's resistance, and to openly praise the false resistance of the collaborative forces of Chetniks and Belagarda. When the leaflets of those groups were imitating the rhetoric of OF but at the same time were inviting to join the resistance authorized by London, they were ready to be used against any other not hard-to-die Communist, as a deterrent in order to obtain his submission to the Kardelj-Tito line. In a country typically rural, where the Marxism had and has little chances to be popular between farmers, the opposition against the Fascist aggression was held in the name of everything but the class' war. In order to criminalize any other modern, liberal, open minded rebellion against the Fascism, the London government and the archbishopric of Ljubljana (to not forget of course our Jesuit shadows), were fundamental.

Of course the nature of the Romish collaboration-ism with Hitler and Mussolini were also seated in other (and more important) questions. In fact when the papacy and the Jesuits were assuring the submission of the clergy and of the Roman Catholic populations to the Fascist occupations, at the same time they were also exhibiting in front of their dictators a very powerful deterrent, which was sufficient to obtain from their Nazi and Fascist pupils a “yes” for every political request of the Holy See as regard the policies of war. But also this is another theme, whose best seat where it will be treated is the other blog of mines, “The Amber Path” blog.

Therefore, thanks the "civil war" during WWII, the church of Rome could clean the same Slovenian Roman Catholic herd from the most dangerous elements who could have weakened the power of the papacy with a modern mind. The only 'modern' thinking allowed, in consequence, was Marxism, which was (and still today it continues to work in this way), only the watch dog against the emancipation of the Slovenian mind from the Medievalism of Rome (working in dialectical collaboration with the wolves of the economical crisis and of the decadence of the society). In other words, another beautiful example of the Wlodimir Ledochowsky crusade against modernism in Eurasia.

Cleaning Slovenia:

Thursday, September 24, 2009

1918 - 1947: Poland-ization of Slovenia

..... it recalls the same inspiring principle:

Friday, July 17, 2009

Wlodimir Ledochowski Kulturkampf Revenge


WW2 as a war of the continuing counter reformation, the Vatican’s War for God to ‘Cleanse’ Europe

From “A Man For Others: Maximilian Kolbe Saint of Auschwitz In the Words of Those Who Knew Him” by Patricia Treece, published by Harper & Row Publishers, 1982 hardcover 1st edition, at page 73.


“God is cleansing Poland,” he said. “After this her [spiritual] light will shine on the world.”

By this Kolbe refers to that of a religious war against:

Jewish peoples:
to kill the Davidian blood line to stop Jesus Christ's Return

Ledochowski apparently favored racial persecution of Jewish Peoples:

"liberal" educated Roman Catholics in Poland:
to kill those deemed insufficiently loyal to Rome

Ledochowski despised liberals, 'modernists', such as those in Poland

(this has had parallels throughout the Roman Catholic world, including in Franco’s Spain and in Central and South America)

And further south along the great central European axis towards the Adriatic:

Against the Serbs (non-Roman Catholic South Slavs);
to kill, convert to Roman Catholicism, or expel


And to the east:

of the Christian Orthodox in Russia:
via a war designed to maximize death


of the Protestants from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia


of Predominantly Protestant Prussia For the Counter Reformation ‘Aim’ of the Oder-Neisse – Destruction of Prussia


( (*) This excerpt from Wikipedia on the Dolomitic Issue/statement has been inserted by me - avles - an hour after the posting of the message; I forgot to do that before to definitively post the message, sorry! Of course I substituted "Dolomitic Issue" with "Dolomitic statement"!)

(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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