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"Objective collaborations": 10th June 1941


"...When Mussolini on the 10th June in occasion of the first anniversary of the entry in war did a speech about the victories and the projects of the Fascist Italy, the Italians in Ljubljana participated to the event with a rally of Fascists and a military parade on the Congress square. Bishop Rozman wanted not to neglet even this celebration. He arrived at the seat of the command of the XI armada at Zvezdo and together with general Robotti and Orlando, listened the Duce from the loudspeaker....".

From Belogardizem of Francek Saje, page 58

But if the Romish church in Slovenia was "simply trying to 'tactically' softening the foreign occupant with a 'deceiving' collaboration”, she needed of course of strong motivation to justify such behavior. Was the threats of cleaning of the North Slovenia, by the Nazi party announced, the right alibi?

.... But Germans (when they arrived in North East Slovenia – avles) didn't launch any sheet (of propaganda – avles) and didn't offer any promise to the Slovenes. Just on 14th April, after the German army, it arrived in Stajersko the Gestapo and the sequent day with the assistance of the Kulturbund members fifth column (Kulturbund were the association of nationalist Germans/Austrians in Slovenia – avles) they started to massively imprison Slovenes and to expell them from the native land in order to Germanize it as soon as possible.....”.

Idem as above, page 44.

Nazis couldn't carry out their project. From the point of view of the limited horizon of the official purposes of that war, the project of Germanization via expulsion of the local populations apparently clashed with the wall of a generalized desperate uprising which would have benefited the newly born partisan army. The Germans started immediately to put in action their planes and, as usual with Hitler's plan, they were rather absurd and contradictory. But all that hurry was a blessed opportunity for the Romish church to present her shameless lovely collaboration with the Fascist authorities of the west Slovenia annexed or near to be annexed (beginning of May 1941) to Italy, under a credible light, therefore presented as “the only ones able to guarantee a stop to a cruel German invasion”, and preferred cause the “human treatment” in front of the Slovenes (a part the Slovenes under Fascist Italy since 1918, beaten and oppressed for 20 years......).

At a certain point the 'Germans' (and I too use the usual anti-German spin here, often they take care to avoid to put a “Nazi-” near it), realized that the course of the Hitlerian ethnic politic would have transformed the North East Slovenia, the portion of Slovenia by them occupied, from Hungary till the surrounding of the west province of Ljubljana under Fascist Italian domain, in the greatest training military field for the partisan anti-fascist uprising. At that point it was clear that such unbalance would have presented the blade straight pointed against that “German belly” of Slovenia, and the handle in Ljubljana, precisely in the archbishopric. With all those declarations of love between archbishop Rozman and the Italian Fascism, the blade of the deportation of many Roman Catholic priests of the Koroska and of the Stajerska, even if those priests never were treated as the prisoners of the 'common' extermination camps, was indubitably representing a serious problem and a very dangerous potential Achilles' heel. This weak point could have been used by Fascist Italy at least till the capitulation of Fascism in 1943, when strange dreams of a possible upsetting of the alliances were preparing a dark future for the 'German' ally.

But the plans in the head of the Jesuits' Eurasian purge were slightly different from the ones of a poor miserable “Itaglietta Fascista”. Six months before an allied landing occurred in Sicily (and not in Dalmatia or Montenegro's coasts) in order to eliminate the Italian ally from the scene, a certain “Dolomitc statement” was signed in Slovenia just as if there was in the air an important changing in the conduction of the war caused by the Italian collapse. And another important changing occurred two months before the signature of that document: the conclusion of the Stalingrad's battle, with the opportune disappearance from the backgrounds of general superior Wlodimir Ledochowsky. The statement (see previous message) imposed the losing of any other political organization inside the Liberation Front of Slovenia (OF), and the most important was the Roman Catholic Christian-social party. Communist party was the only power allowed. The idea of dragging the support and especially the hopes of the largest Roman Catholic population of Slovenia on the Fascist authorities, till that moment intended by the Romish church as the “only possible guarantee” against the “Pan-German revenge” for the “loss of the empire” (to whom the Slovenian rising nation was among the causes), and giving consistence to it for example in a fantasy of an hypothetical Roman Catholic guerrilla against the Germans and backed by that Fascist Italy in the hypothesis of a 180° changing of alliances in war and in alliance with that “London Yugoslav's government in exile”, was definitively buried just with the disappearing from the theater of war of Fascist Italy.

But at that point, after the Stalingrad's Battle and the incoming landing in Sicily, other necessities were appearing at the horizon of the management of the conflict. Fascist Italy was substituted in the Balkans by the former ally, of consequence Communism had to divide with Nazi Germany the not so rare blames of underground collaboration in the extirpation of he Roman Catholic Slovenian nation, heard in Roman Catholic circles . For this reason a collaboration of Catholic parties in that anti-German resistance was absolutely out of discussion. Therefore don't worry if you can still read here and there in some discussion pages and forums of Roman Catholics like for example the supporters of the coming back of Vatican Medieval Slovenia aka “Karantania/Veneti” groups, how 'Germans' are accused to 'exploit' the Communist uprising in order to cancel the Slovenes from earth. To my modest and humile eyes seems perfectly logical that – in the interests of the Continuing Counter Reformation war - every Roman Catholic should have been removed from the list of actors of such bloody comedy, in order to re-cycle him in the role of the exclusive victim between two fighters “without God”. Of course it didn't go at 100% in this way, and the 'Germans' had their brave Slovenian collaborationist, no more “Belagarda”, but “Domobranci”. But there's no doubt that true love was only for Roman Catholic Italy, and meanwhile before there was the strongly Roman Catholic Italian army in to supply Belagardas with weapon, after there were the “pagan, anti-Christian” army of SS inviting young Slovenes to join the ecumenism with strong Lutheran accents of Hitler. No worries if the 'historical' theatrical pieces at the Verdi theater of Trieste last November, with the presence of Boris Pahor the author of "Necropolis", was more than allusively gravitating on the "German Nazism" as absolute evil. Common "absolute evil" on which to build a reconciliation. And Italy is always pardoned....

Today there are remaining only naïve docus on the “secret bible” of Hitler, docu manufactured for a public that is searching only a relax of the mind and the oblivion for the proper salvation. But to really understand what happened, besides the term “polandization”, there's no better definition in order to comprehend all that chaos I tried to explain, than the definition of Douglas Willinger, contained in a title of one of his posts: realizing goals via goals:

Wlodimir (Vladimir) Ledochowski Goals Via Goals

"......Target certain groups of people, such as people who are educated, Jewish, Orthodox or Protestant, particularly Lutherans from eastern Germany.

Set up a chain of events culminating in bloody wars targeting all of these groups, with 10s if not 100s of millions of deaths. In other words, figure out an evil gigantic game of pinball if you will.

Set this into motion by setting up evil governments, government entities and government leaders, particularly the 3rd Reich, the SS and Adolph Hitler, and the USSR and the KGB and Joseph Stalin.

Make sure that key events, along with all of the major players, are manipulated for the desired outcome, including perhaps even your fellow Jesuits, who may not necessarily know your objective[s].

In this case of geo political religious chessboard, that meant a Germany starting a brutal war against civilians, which it would lose......"

By Douglas Willinger


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An objective collaboration

Above image - Amber Path, from the point of view of the Westphalia treaty 1648 , from Carniola to the south on Adriatic sea , to Koenisberg to the north on Baltic sea, Amber Path, a religious path of religious struggle against the evil power of Rome.

Correction: some minutes later (I am exploding, I must really relax a little!) i erased the " seen as" from "to whom the Slovenian rising nation was seen as among the causes". Damn! From Preseren forward bishops and priests were busy in to cultivate the Slovenian national conscience! If you do that is surely not to enforce the German speaking Austria! Hence Rome was quite preparing the destruction of Hapsburg empire, a bad empire how much you want, but surely another universality not tolerated by the most evil universality in the universe, the Roman Universalism!
And then added (to give a context to the statments): "No worries if the 'historical' theatrical pieces at the Verdi theater of Trieste last November, with the presence of Boris Pahor the author of "Necropolis", was more than allusively gravitating on the "German Nazism" as absolute evil. Common "absolute evil" on which to build a reconciliation. And Italy is always pardoned...."
(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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