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“Here's all uniform. Clericals are clericals, liberals are clericals, socialists are clericals. Everyone is clerical”



  1. A former (?) Fascist puncher, taller about 5 centimetres than I and a medium-maxim weight class as regard only the weight. A man with the most probability of the same entourage of Roberto Menia, one of the right hands of the boss of the Fascist Italian party “Alleanza Nazionale” Gianfranco Fini.


URL: http://avlesbeluskesexposed.blogspot.com/2008/10/nazi-rebel-without-cause.html

This morning I was object of a possible provocation by the above quoted entity. I know that person since the eighties when I was frequenting anarchic environment. I was the promoter of a punk concert in order to obtain a space to use for musical and ideological initiatives. This person, belonging to the Fascist area, was sent at the concert door. Maybe to prevent some not planned Fascist provocations, who knows? It is known that I am linked with the Slovenian through my heritage and paternal origin. So this morning I just arrived at work, when I found that person – a colleague of mine - in the office where you sign the arrival. At the presence of other two witnesses, of whom one is a police agent of the municipality of the city, the man started to lament against the Slovenes of the Italian Karst, saying they were doing their mafia in order to maintain the Karst soil in Slovenian hands under the alibi of the “protected areas”. He used the word “s’ciavo” to name the Slovenes. The word “s'ciavo” is purposely used in order to provoke the Slovenes and to try to make degenerate the polemic in a physical violent clash. Soon after my arrival the person went away, as it was waiting only me, in order I could hear the attack. But why do I say to you this? I would have never talked about but the event casually fell two days after I posted on Sunday the previous two messages: “Negroes from the coast” and “Hurrah for Austria, hurrah for the emperor!”. But before to talk about that, let’s see another particular. Yesterday my eyes casually encountered an interesting article in the “Primorske Novice” (edition of previous Saturday - (*)), the principal daily of the Primorje (West Slovenia bordering Italy, “primorje” or “pri morju” i.e. “at the sea”). Monday, the day after the previous two messages. In it there was the news of a solemn mass in honor to a priest beaten to death by Fascists in the early thirties:

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Died cause Slovenian language

In the church of Komen on Thursday evening with the Mass and the word of historian Jasna Fakin Bajec, it was recalled the figure of dean Bogumil Nemec that has worked here 80 years and died for the fascist torture

URL: http://www.primorske.si/Primorska/Srednja-Primorska/Umrl-zaradi-slovenscine.aspx

In a memorial Mass priests participated Anton Fire, Joze Merkuža and Peter and Bishop Methodius Černigoj Pirih
Photo: Bogdan Macarol

KOMEN> Nemec Bogumil (1986-1931), born Czech, , in the seminary of Gorizia was trained for the priesthood and was later a priest in Zgonik and Komen. While insisting on the use of Slovenian language in worship and in teaching young people is due to the physical consequences of violent fascist torture died 22nd November the 1931st. At his funeral, the 46 coastal priests vowed that they will resist the assault of fascist oppression, and that will endure to the end of the right to use the language of their own nation.

The dead at the 80th Mass. anniversary of his death, led by Archbishop Bishop of Koper/Capodistria Metod Pirih are on Thursday joined the Komen three priests, Peter Černigoj of the town, Joze Merkuža of Zgonik (village now in Italy - avles) and Anton Požar of the village of Kobljeglava.

Mass was followed by a lecture by prof. dr. Fakin Bajec about the life and work of Nemec Bogumil and his contemporaries, and a crucial time in which he lived.

In addition to locals and relatives of the deceased were well attended memorial service in Slovenia, the Czech Ambassador Petr Voznica and Mayor of Komen Danijel Božič, which together with the initiative to preserve the memory of compatriot, by Emile Švaro from Komen, in the afternoon visited the grave of Bogumil Nemec in Komen, then the military cemetery from World War I near Komen, in Brje, where Czech soldiers are buried.

Bogumil Nemec refused the Fascist orders which prohibited the mass in Slovenian language, for this he was beaten to death and died on 22nd November 1931, coincidentally not only the day of JFK assassination, but also the one of the Verona’s treaty with which Rome, using the past Napoleon and Illuminist/Enlightment threat, convinced the at-those-times Eurasian superpowers, to fight Freedom of conscience and Freedom of expression all around the globe.

It is interesting to note that the Fascist symbol of the s.c. “fascio littorio”, was used, if we remain in the modern age, by the French revolution, which constituted that opportune and marvellous threat under which to make gulp down to the Eurasian chancellors and crowns the Roman Catholic Counter Reformation political stuff.

The symbology of the events confirms again what by me definitively expressed in my series “Inside the mind of Rome”. Fascist regime of Mussolini was a successor of the Napoleonic/enlightenment regime, and had the task to create that “party of the pope”, a transversal infiltration of the society by the lay and clerical legions of Rome, which, thanks the Fascist experience, would have had forever seen any other form of secularism and separation as a product of “anti-christianity”. If we put aside also the presence of the German actors (whom had to be influenced by the drama of Fascist occupation of Primorje and by the silent insurrection of the Slovenian Romish priests), the role of Fascists in Primorje was more or less the same of the Frenchmen in central-north Italy, where open provocations by the French authorities had the task to create a reaction, the “Viva Maria!” insurrection, which would have wiped away from the society all the elements who supported the ideas of the French revolutions.

It is evident that just when I am exposing the objective collaboration among Italian and Slovenian Fascist nationalists as application of the Jesuits' “openly enemies – secretly brothers” praxis, I am object of a probable provocation (*). And of course the rules want that as I exposed recently the Slovenian Fascism, I have to be attacked by an Italian anti-Slovene Fascist. . The persecutions of the priests of Primorje occupied for twenty years were useful to give the moral leadership of the society in the hands of the “martyr” Romish church, bypassing any other form of secular political subject, building so that “party of the pope”. On the other side of the border, in the inner Slovenia inside the monarchic Yugoslav's borders, it is not difficult to imagine that in an environment where the Romish church was from day to day more involved in the “anti-Bolshevik crusade”, those Slovenian priests under Fascist Italy were at the opposite considered with suspect, as being dangerously too much friendly with the Communist anti-fascism, presented as an exploitation of the Fascism as “alibi to impose its atheist Marxist anti-Christian regime”. It was surfing on the waves of that despise for the Slovenian brothers and sisters refugees, escaping the 1918 – 1941 Fascist persecutions, refugees considered infected by the Communist virus, that the anti-modernist crusade of the 26th general superior of the Jesuit order Wladimir/Wlodimir Ledochowsky, could be implemented also in North Adriatic regions/South End of Amber Path. The persecutions of the Jesuitical Italian Fascist against the same Slovenian clergy, were the perfect moral shield to hide the overwhelming hand of Rome but especially to hide the true inspirer and instigator of that hate against the Primorci, those “Negroes from coast”:

Below image - still from the same book of the previous message, an excerpt coming from the same page 39:


When just little after the end of the First world war in a visit in Ljubljana I asked the well known leader of the Slovenian socialists of Trieste, Rudolf Golouh, who little before took refugee in Yugoslavia, about how he felt in the new environment, he answered to me: “Here's all uniform. Clericals are clericals, liberals are clericals, socialists are clericals. Everyone is clerical”.


(From: Med prvim in drugim Trzaskim procesom/Between the first and the second trial of Trieste, by Lavo Cermelj – page 39)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

"Negroes from the coast".


Saturday, November 26, 2011

''Hurrah for Austria, hurrah for the emperor!''

(*) Corrections and additions (two hours later after publishing): instead "
... I am attacked by provocations...." the more opportune: "..... I am object of a probable provocation....";
and of course the edition of Primorske Novice was not of Monday, but of Saturday.

(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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