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'Hurrah for Austria, hurrah for the emperor!''


Above image - "... In 1918, near the end of the war when it was obvious that Austria-Hungary was losing, the city council of Maribor proclaimed the annexation of Maribor to Austria. Maister organized Slovene volunteer forces of 4000 soldiers and 200 officers and in the night of 23 November 1918 seized control of the city of Maribor and the surrounding region of Lower Styria. This date has been recognized as a state holiday in Slovenia since 2005....." - URL:

From archbishop Slomsek forward, the Slovenia east to Postojna was feed (when possible, among declaration of total dedication to the imperial crown by the opportunist bishops) with the nationalist ardor against the Hapsburg crown. But in the coast, in Amber Path south end? In the s.c. "lung" of Slovenia, the city of Trieste? Which kind of relation had the Slovenes with the hated imperial "cage of people" there?

Above image - From the book ''Fatti di luglio'' of Josip Merkù. The link of Slovenes in Trieste, the s.c. ''lung of Slovenia'', with Austria. See below the text.

".......Also in the city the inauguration (of the hall for lectures, "citalnica", a library for the development of local culture – avles) didn't occur without to drag attention. About the 9 hour PM a group of Slovenes coming back to their homes after the inauguration and singing the song "Pridi Gorenjc", near the coffee Fabris , was welcomed by anti-slovene Italian liberals who were crying against the group of Slovenes "Damned monsters slaves" (in dialect of Trieste slaves is the word offensive "s'ciavi" synonimous of ugly primitive barbarian Slovene - avles). There was another group of 45 Slovenes going back home. In the restaurant Henschel they drunk wine and sang "Salute to the emperor Franz Joseph!". Then they stopped in front of the home of the comandant of the Territorial Militia (whose low level soldiers, infantry and seargeant were exclusively Slovenes), Giulio Mauroner, to sing under his home. Also there they were welcomed by offensive screams "Damned slaves". Then they departed and continued with the hymns ''Hurrah for Austria, hurrah for the emperor!''. Near Xydias street Italians answered with screams "Shit! ..... Hurrah for Garibaldi!.....hurrah for the Italian consul!" .....".

Page 126 of: Okolicanski Bataljon (Territorial battalion) "Fatti di Luglio – 1868" (Facts of July 1868) by Josip Merkù – publ. House Mladika.

It is evident the reason of destruction of the Slovenian bank in Italy, the then TKB of Trieste, with the help of NLB, Nova Ljubljanska Banka (*) after the fall of Yugoslavia. In the book "Polom" it appears the full collaboration of the ''free'' Ljubljana with Rome in the suppression of the economical core of the Slovene in Italy. They had to be reduced to silence because the history of Slovenes in Triest present some elements which are opposite to the ones of the inner Slovenia, based on the myth of Rudolph Meister, the man who liberated Maribor from Austrian power after the first conflict. Meanwhile in Trieste only Austria presented a least protection against those spits of anti-Slovene hate of the s.c. (false) Italian "liberals". It is evident that the Italian Fascist nationalist circles, and the Slovenian Fascist nationalist circles of Ljubljana, Celje, etc. are in an objective alliance because their collaboration hides the side of history of North Adriatic not favourable for their master, the church of Rome and the Continuing Counter Reformation.

It appears also evident the reason of the racist hate of those old Slovene nationalist Fascist circles in Ljubljana, Maribor, Celje, etc. which, in the twenties, welcomed with hate the arrival of the refugees from the coastal Slovenia, occupied by the Fascist Italy after Rapallo Treaty.

It is easy to talk today of "opportunist policy" of Hapsburg crown which "was using Slovenes of Trieste" opposing them to the Italians. It was the same Mazzini to blow on the fire of the "pan-slavist nationalism", with the same hate shared by the Slovenian anti-Austrian nationalists. And today, aren't those nationalist/Fascist circles and elites of Ljubljana, Celje, etc., disguised even under the "values of the National Liberation Struggle" ("NOB", aka the WWII partisan guerrilla), the one who are the opportunists, using the threat of the "Italianization" (in secret agreement with Italian Fascists and nationalists?), in order to settle the score with that hated Primorje and an historical memory of a never digested July 1868? And maybe to gain further Euros from Rome and from the Italian elites? That northern Slovenian racism hate against the "Primorci" maybe is still living in the conditions of labor in the Luka Koper today, where Italian nationalists and Slovenian nationalist Fascist elites are united in order to suck money from Primorje/Amber Path south end....

As secular tool of the Council of Trent, nationalism and Fascism (as well Bolshevism and Stalinism) are all equals, Italian or Slovenian doesnt' matter, and doesn't matter under which dress they disguise themselves. Stop.

(*) Destroyed, by Rome and... by Ljubljana, the ''mother'' nation. The case of the Slovenian bank of the community in Italy. Slovenian and Italian nationalism in sinergy:

" (14th April 2002)......In Trieste the court on Monday began a major issue in the application of Trieste credit banks (Banca di Credito di Trieste) against Nova Ljubljanska Banka (NLB), which requires repayment of deposits totaling 40.675 billion Italian lira, which had in it NLB September 1996 and it had paid the bank of Trieste during the 30th September 1996 to 9 in October 1996. In Trieste, bank credit, which is from November of that year in liquidation, is claiming to have paid deposits of NLB included in bankruptcy. ....."

(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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