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I write no more.


Above three images: 1) and 2): edition of Il Piccolo of 16th Dec 1941, title: “The Special Court for the Defence of the State....The execution of the sentence against five Communist terrorists......The grace for other four sentenced to death”. Edition of the previous day, title: “.....The Special Court comdemns....Nine sentenced to death, twenty three at 30 years jail, others with various punishments, four acquitted”. 2) “This is not Google, is brain disorder.... Let show us Edi, how do you get a woman!”. I am the one allegedly affected by 'brain disorder'. I joined the Slovenian section of an international site for encounters ( I opened a thread in the forum “Love and sex”. Then the attack started with a surgical coordination. The aggressors regularly coming from the same part of Slovenia where “all are clerical” and which in the twenties 'soooo warmly' welcomed Slovenian refugees from Primorje escaping Fascist Italy, and twenty years later sworn loyalty to the Fascist Italian occupation authorities under the blessing of archbishop Gregorj Rozman.

I write no more because I'm tired to repeat the same things in a Slovenian/Italian nationalist clergy-Fascist-Stalinist environment, and especially because it damages my sight. Of course with exceptions. This morning I gave a look at the Primorski Dnevnik, the daily of Slovenian community in Italy by me surnamed "Primorski Belagardnik" because now entirely controlled by the diocese of Trieste. The central pages of the edition is dedicated to the second process of Trieste, in which it was condemned to death also Lavo Cermelj whom I quoted in the previous messages. Then the condemnation of Cermelj was commuted to life long jail thanks the intermediation of Janko Kralj, the "pious hero" of the Slovenian anti-fascism in the coastal Slovenia. Janko "pious hero" Kralj pressed a lawyer man assigned to the defense in the trial, Cassinelli, who was in personal contact with.... Dan Aykroyd? No, with no more or less Benito Mussolini. After the sentence the intermediation, and the Lavo Cermelj and other had the life saved. On 9th December after the sentence Cassinelli desperately tried to reach via telephone a Mussolini in Rome (absent, but had to come back towards evening). The importance of the trail against the Slovenian who were uprising against the Fascist oppression was the timing. Remember that Cassinelli, a lawyerman who defended the accused ones was also friend of count Galeazzo Ciano, the head of the anti-German fraction in the Fascist Italy. If Cassinelli can personlly contact Mussolini via telephone in order to obtain the grace, and is friend of Ciano, it means that it existed a not visible ideological link between Ciano and Mussolini. Doc Dorce Sardoc said about the process, which arrested members of the National Council of the Slovenes, an anti-Fascist committee of the coastal Slovenia under Fascist Italy, that among the arrested ones there were not the members of the Janko Kralj's group, the former Christian Social party. Doc Sardoc said also that there was not a single representative of the Slovenian priesthood among the accused one (even the priesthood Slovenian speaking resistance was the first to be hit by Mussolini).The request of the public prosecutor on 9th Dec 1941 (Mussolini attacked monarchic Yugoslavia on 6th April 1941), were 46 death condemnations, a curious coincidence with the same number of priest you saw in a previous message: "At his funeral, the 46 coastal priests vowed that they will resist the assault of fascist oppression, and that will endure to the end of the right to use the language of their own nation. " (*). Strangely Mussolini, who in 1931 expressed the desire to expel the Slovenian Romish priests for their resistance against the Italianization, was very mild ten years after with them. But probably the game was this: Mussolini played the fool in front of the largest sector of his party, making believe that "Vatican was an obstacle to overcome gaining him political sovereignty in order then to have carte blanche with the Roman Catholics, especially Slovenes". But this was a comfortable lie, agreed in common with the same Vatican. The true game was the Roman Catholic Counter Reformation crusade, in other words to demolish the legitimation of Hitler in front of the European Roman Catholicism and to create the premises for the German catastrophe. For this reason the Second Trial was staged just little before the aggression to monarchic Yugo. The spectator to whom it was destined was the German spectator, who could see that in Italy the church of Rome was not creating such problems like in Germany, with her guy bishop von Galen and his anti-Hitlerian Romish rallies in Muenster. The Nazi regime was framed between the threat of a Roman Catholic opposition from the streets and the Protestants who were seeing the concordat as a tool of Rome to manipulate Germany. Of course to Hitler were also very useful the von Galen rallies, because he could push away the suspect that, in front of Protestant eyes, he was simply an agent of the Jesuits, but that had in its turn a cost among the German Roman Catholics. In Italy the Second Trial exhibited an occult alliance between Mussolini, the man who suppressed the Azione Cattolica in Italy, and the Vatican, thanks to the “star” of the moment, temporal coadjutor Janko Kralj. And three years before, the ''bomb'' which exploded in 1938, of which no media reported, but surely was exploded in order to launch poisoned splinters in Germany. I mean the bomb of the excommunication. Then add this with the failed kamikaze-attack to Mussolini visiting the Slovenian occupied Kobarid/Caporetto, organized by the same group then hit by the Second Trial, the TIGR group, who just near Kobarid/Gorizia was strictly linked with Janko Kralj's group. The deep religious and ideological forces which would constrain Italy and Germany in a secret war are here:

After having being exposed by an encyclical, after the same Mussolini asked to the Vatican through the theological Jesuit “server” (to whom Mussolini was slave), the Jesuit monsignor Pietro Tacchi Venturi, to excommunicate the same Hitler, Wladimir Ledochowsky finally could say to be able to easily hold his the same Nazi-puppets by their balls. At the opposite of the Shelley’s novel, now the Nazi monster is a peaceful, quite creature, obeying also to the most suicidal order coming from his creator:

On the 10th April 1938, father Pietro Tacchi Venturi, the Jesuit who kept the relations between the Holy See and Mussolini as regards the essential problems, has been received in audience by the pope.

In the report on the encounter it is possible to read: “father Tacchi Venturi, admitted at the presence of the Holy Father, communicated as follows, in order to illustrate his letter of the previous 8th April.

The head of the government (Mussolini) said to Pietro Tacchi Venturi in a private talk (Thursday 7th April 1938) that, in front of Hitler, it would be convenient to be more forcible, without ambiguity; not now, immediately, but waiting the most opportune moment, in order to adopt these more strong measures, for example the excommunication, and that is convenient to avoid to think that the Hitler’s phenomena could be transient, as this man obtained for Germany great successes.

It would be necessary to adopt no other means than the war to obstacle him, and the war is not wanted. This more powerful step of the Holy See would have the consensus of people,( people) who couldn’t also be liked, he knows that well, by the Holy See, but all that doesn’t avoid the necessity (Posizione/position 720, fascicolo/file 329) ”.

From: Sunday, November 30, 2008

Burn,... burn,…. old Prussian heritage….(part two)


The background feeding the Second Trial was simply the secret war between two Roman Catholic dictators of Europe, Mussolini and Hitler, in order to gain the maximum of legitimation from the Roman Catholicism. The pagan Nordic esoteric carnival of Nazis, was a forced costume to build the necessary ecumenism in order to drag Protestants in the Third Reich's Titanic built in the Wladimir Ledochowsky Jesuitical yards. When Fascist Italy arrived in Ljubljana and was blessed by the archbishop Rozman, those splinters definitively fixed in the German mind and produced the paranoia of the Fascist-Vatican double game against the Germans. One of the product of that request of excommunication was surely the heavy hand of Gestapo against the Slovenian Romish priesthood of Carniola, Styria etc.. But especially a product of the work of temporal coadjutor, puppet of SJ Preseren, and personal knowledge of cardinal Tisserand, Janko “pious hero” Kralj. Janko had the fundamental task to exhibit his infinite net of contacts with the 'enemy', that Fascist regime he was so piously fighting. Germans had to understand at any costs, that the Fascist oppression of Roman Catholics was, yes, a serious fact for the masses, but only a comfortable veil to occult secret pacts for the Vatican and Mussolinian hierarchies. A pact aimed to stab at the back Germany, as the priests of inner Slovenia, destined with the 22nd April 1941 agreements to end in the Hitler's hands, were the most warm anti-Hapsburg militants, and the most warm Slovenian nationalists. Just see the anti-Trubar for excellence, archbishop Slomsek, who played the fool in the 1848 revolution (as usual,...and for this was awarded with the sanctity status). Germans were not cretins and remembered the double game of Slovenian priesthood half century before, with the public words on the side of the Hapsburg crown, with the material actions and the secret words with the Slovenian secession-ism.

Above image - the central pages of Primorski Dnevnik of today, Sunday 14th Dec 2011, exactly the 70th anniversary.

Ok, I stop here. I don't write no more also because I belong no more to no national or ethnic group in Amber Path south. For the Italian I am only a degenerate Slovene, for the Slovenes I am only a Fascist Italian spy. Then the journalists of the daily Il Piccolo, which exhibits a coreographed Jewish ownership and origin, are dedicating great part of their time in to answer with their articles to my blogs. As soon I can I escape in the Karst where the only friendship is the one with people on the edge of society. My friend is a retired person living on the rob of the society and forgot by everyone, the only one who can understand my status and respectively I am the only one who can understand his life. I am a blank space in a disgusting region inhabited by masses to whom the ancient Jewish label “goym” (of the pope) is the most fitted, especially fitted for the ownership of the daily “Il Piccolo”. As regard myself you can go joyfully in the Hell, and I hope the Lord will welcome my wish, taking care that the next asteroid will not miss his target.

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“Here's all uniform. Clericals are clericals, liberals are clericals, socialists are clericals. Everyone is clerical”

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"Negroes from the coast".

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''Hurrah for Austria, hurrah for the emperor!''

(*) Tuesday, November 29, 2011 “Here's all uniform. Clericals are clericals, liberals are clericals, socialists are clericals. Everyone is clerical” -------------------------------------------------
(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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