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Youth culture and music as Troy horse for the Italianization?


In Slovenia, on the second public television channel Slovenia2, there's every second Monday a music program in two languages, Slovenian and Italian, for the youth and of course dealing with youth's music.

"What a wonderful idea!", someone should say, thinking to a scenario of "peace & love" between people. But theres a "but". More than one "but". For example, did you see the second Italian public channel of public television RAI corporation, to broadcast a similar program on the entire national territory, from Bozen/Bolzano near the border with Austria, to Lampedusa in front of Libyan and Tunisian coasts?? Teaching the Slovenian language to all the Italian youth with a passion for youth's music???

Of course not.

So ALL young Slovenians must learn the Italian language. But ONLY the Slovenes. In Italy not only the young Sicilians must NOT know who was Emilio Grazioli, but in the city of Trieste, far from Slovenia's border a bunch of kilometers, the condition of "Slovenian" identity is considered a pure shame, and the Italian who knows the Slovenian (ok, i said "knows" to not say "some words useful to eat in the pub of Slovenia") are more rare than the one who knows French and Chinese. The aggressor has not to know the language of the country attacked and occupied.

The new doc Natlacen's governemnt of the new Ljubljana province of Italy, under the surveillance of the centre-right opposition of Jansa which is the true pupil of the bishop Stres and of the Jesuit provincial Bizant, is doing its powerful efforts to Italianize Slovenia, as the success in this operation will carry many and many banknotes (= certificates of Romanist salvation) in their bank accounts (maybe with the help of Unicredit):

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A new television show: effe's inferno -
Infernal Selection
| Slovenia | 28 January 2011 16:53,

TV Slovenia 2 and TV Koper - Capodistria comes a new music show Infernal Selection - The inferno of Effe (Selezione Infernale). A unique musical show, produced in co-production of both television broadcasters, will take place every 14 days, on TV Koper Capodistria Fridays at 20 pm on TV SLO 2, Monday, just at 20 pm, alternating with the program "Aritmia" (another Latin/Italian word - note of avles). A premiere, you'll be able to see iot already this evening, 28 January 2011, in the TV Koper - Capodistria, on the Second channel TVSLO2 you will see
Infernal Selection on display for the first time on Monday 31 January 2011.

Andrea Flego Effe, the anchorman of "Inferno". Inferno, a double language program for youth. Double language, but only one nation must obey to the duplicity, of course the "slave-nation". The nation seat of Italianity and of the pope is exempted. But this is the will of the church of Rome, which in Slovenia builds black lists for the persona-non-grata to keep outside the walls of Radio Television Slovenia (from an article of magazine Mladina); and of course builds white lists for the persona-very-much-grata and the programs-very-much-grata....... - URL of pic:

And why the show is so special? Since the design and conduct are full and active bilingual (in Slovenian and Italian) - more precisely: it is no subtitling or translation, but also in the camera run and simultaneously translated into both languages​​. But also because the editor and author Andrea Flego effe will host Slovenian artists and videos, as well as Italian, with an emphasis on the Friuli-Venezia Giulia and abroad.

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Wonderful. And then in Italy they barks against the "dominance of the English words corrupting the language of Dante!!".... Meanwhile the ghost of Minister Gentile is flying over Slovenia, with an electric guitar of course! The Irredentism of the Jesuits is more keen today.... And knows that he must work under the same dresses of the victims...
Second example: the Italian author Ammaniti. But first a prologue. Slovenia has been chosen as seat for a world book fair:

Ljubljana hosted the World Summit of Books
The meeting will conclude with the signing of the Ljubljana Declaration
31. March 2011 at 09:18,
last intervention: 31 March 2011 at 13:11
Ljubljana -

The dom takes place World Summit Books. The two-day event, which is one of the peaks of Ljubljana - the World Book Capital City, will bring all that they touch the book.

Ljubljana - the World Book Capital (LSPK) is coming to an end, as one of the last highlights will be on Thursday and Friday dom held World Summit Books.

At the opening in Linhart hall addressed by President Danilo Türk (in recorded video because he has been recently absent for medical reasons), Minister of Culture and Majda Širca Ljubljana Deputy Mayor Ales Čerin.

Ljubljana took the title of World Book Capital City the 23rd of April of last year, the 23 April of this year the city will hand over the title to Buenos Aires. Photo: 2011 World Summit Paper

Summit Paper has unofficially started on Wednesday with the awards "Kristine Brenkov" for best original Slovenian picture book in 2011 and the opening of the exhibition poster peacedom, will be concluded with a ceremony Friday at 18:00, at which a resolution will be signed by Ljubljana on the book. At the World Summit Books, in the words of chairman Mitja Zupancic registered 276 participants, of which 93 from abroad........."


Well, you have an occasion to show the address to give to your culture. And what you do? You use it as stage for the Italian culture. Yes, because today the Slovenia television news gave emphasis to the event with Ammaniti, an Italian author. I didn't hear such empahsis for the rest of authors present to the festival. And if he is the first to be used to open it, it means that he is of a certain importance. This means that you must serve the true not-spoken mission of the Italian culture in the world? Surely there will be other authors, from Austria, Holland, Sweden and Argentina (please, notice a certain fine taste for the religious contrast, Jesuit cultural values visible behind that - three solid RC countries and one Protestant, not for a case), but as results to me from the usual media of Slovenia the spotlights are of course only for the Italian one, because he represents the New Pontifical reign, the Italy exited from the political troubles of the last years in the final condition of being the property of the Holy See, and as seat of the emperor of the world, the pope:

Premium Fiction Writers and reputable names in Ljubljana Festival of Literature of the world - Fabula 2011

4. April 2011 at 13:59,
last intervention: 4 April 2011 at 14:02
Ljubljana -

Festival of Literature of the world - fable 2011 the club introduced Cankarjev home interview with the Italian writer Niccolom Ammaniti.

Niccolò Ammaniti won acclaim with a book "I'm not afraid", at which the movie is filmed renowned director Gabriele Salvatores. As part of Fabula was issued in his bestseller You and me.

Translations of Ammaniti works have been published in 44 countries. The writer of the novel "I'm not afraid" received the Italian literary prize-Repaci Viareggio, for the novel as God commanded the prestigious Strega Prize. Again, this novel is transferred to the big screen Salvatores.

Niccolò Ammaniti (1966), author of the novel I'm not afraid (Polity Press, 2004), which is the youngest writer received the prestigious Viareggio prize-Repaci, the strong foothold in the domestic and international literary scene. The novel as God commands (Goga, 2010) has received the prestigious literary award tending. Both works, in addition to two others, also live on the big screen, directed by Gabriele Salvatoresa and will soon be on display the film based on the bestseller novel by Me and you, directed by Bernardo Bertolucci. Photo: Polity Press ........

......The seventh
will take place to 22 April in several locations in Ljubljana and around Slovenia. In addition to Ammaniti the guests of this year's festival, which will be presented at the readings dom, are Drago Jančar, the Austrian writer Christoph Ransmayr, Dutch author Margriet de Moor, Swedish writer Per Olov Enquist and Argentina author Cesar Aira....".


(Literature and Roman Catholic Italian cultural spin: don't forget the role of Caetani bloodline in to spred the Italian literature after WWII in the world and especially USA, and the role of Caetani in the kindapping and murder of Aldo Moro as I exposed in my ABE blog)

Of course the Latin is THE language of the papal dominace of the world and THE language of the Counter Reformation. The "Italianity", from Sophia Loren to Neorealismo, ending (momentanely) with Ammaniti, is a vector, a linguistic vector which, showing to the rest of the languges of the world their "barbarian" content & form, must correct them and render them acceptable for the Counter Reformation repentance.

Well, let's cut the analysis and see what the future could deserve to the Slovenes. Firstly a reaction against all this Italianization will arise. This is probably one of the expected effects. At that point the Slovenes will be described as "racists", "haters of Italians". And an historical cirlce will be closed (thanks the joyfully collaborations of a de-cerebrated country, which is today the majority of Slovenia). After one and half century, when the Italianization represented the Counter Reformation racism of the Jesuitism against a little nation originated from the Christian schism away from the papacy, the church of Rome could upset the historical condition of aggression and to finally transform the "Italianity" in a victim and the "Slovenity" in the new racist executioner. The article of the Il Piccolo criticizing some months ago the Slovenian author Boris Pahor of Trieste, for his alleged "racism against the African major of Piran/Pirano", is a clear sign of the strategies the Council of Trent is cooking in its ideological brothels filled with armies of prostitutes of the culture, of the communication, of the media. They have even prepared a local media for the task, as the local Italian daily "Il Piccolo" of the city of Trieste has been totally manipulated and deply changed in the shape and contents, in order to wash away from it any presence of the original Irrredentist and anti-Slovene mission for which that daily has been founded in 1881. Now the Il Piccolo is only a copy of the national leftist "anti-racist", "open-minded" La Repubblica. Of course if I must appear "open-minded" is only because tomorrow I will constrain you to play the role of the "close-minded racist". Slovenes (the very rare ones with an autonomous brain & soul) are warned.

There would be more to say about the media engineering in the city of Trieste, the local base for the Italianization of the Karst, but all that in a future message. I want only to say that this is simply an example of the true "tolerant" Europe, the EU of today, how it works behind the curtains of falsity, an immense manger where the "bigs" have the right to eat the "little", who are gulped down as award for the Roman Catholic good work of building the Europe of the pope.

Your heart is white

since ancient ages,

It is like a piece of stone. -

It is white, white

at the moonlight.



from your eyes

in the quite evening

and, watch,

we are the remains of a fire,

ancient cemetery,

within us it shines

only chaos.

"Dialogue with Trubar" - by Srečko Kosovel (§)

(Sežana 18th March 1904 - Tomaj 26th May 1926).


(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)