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“....Like in the age of the advance of Protestantism...”: December 1944, an open allusion to WWII as Jesuits' Second Thirty Years War?


''....Bend the head of nationalism. Deal more with the questions of the church. I am not object of obedience by my priesthood as it should be due to me. I am forced to communicate to the holy father that I have to deal with my priesthood, which is rebellious and half protestant.....''

(archbishop Margotti on 10th April 1935, Gorizia - see below the link)

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Slovenes did show a special clear proof of their union with the Church in the 16th century, when the wave of the protestantism started rapidly to overflow towards countries of South East Europe. This wave captured great part of the foreign feudal dominions, which dominated the Slovenian soil. Many of the aristocratic families abandoned the Church and joined the Lutheran teaching, also with the intention to take possession of the church's wealth. Part of the bourgeoisies betrayed the catholic faith, following the example of the nobility, but large parts of the Slovenian nation decisively rejected the heresy, and newly confirmed their unshakable faith to the catholic Church. The consequence was that the false faith in a proportionally short time totally and for ever disappeared from the Slovenian regions. In such a way it was possible, in the spirit and in the instructions of the Council of Trent [“Tridentine Council” in the text] to execute a deep rebirth of the religious life in the Slovenian nation. This enormous task has been assumed by the genial Slovenian bishop of Ljubljana Tomaz Hren (1560-1630). Particularly helped him the Society of Jesus, which with schools, organizations, with the creation of cultural institutions (among which there's the specially important Academy of the science in Ljubljana) has created the means for a deep rebirth of all the social layers. The Jesuits with the diffused congregations of Mary and popular missions brought new vital forces inside large national layers. The church found in this age of Christian rebirth among the Franciscans and the Capuchins very busy collaborators. After this Christian rebirth the catholic thought became the source, from where it developed all the national culture. In the catholic rebirth the activity of the Slovenes didn't show itself only in numerous religious literary works, in the music, in the plastic arts and in the poetry, but moreover in the scientific sections of high value, to which particularly contributed the Academia operosorum, founded in Ljubljana in 1693.


Above image: "......Slovenes did show a special clear proof of their union with the Church in the 16th century,........".


The today's war pushed the Slovenian nation in a terrible disgrace. Triple enemy occupation [Italian, German and Hungarian one] not only annihilated the proper administration [the nation] exercised for twenty years, but moreover all the means and the external symbols of the Slovenian national culture.

Such annihilation did not stop in front of the secular national organizations but hit the millennium old roots of the Slovenian nation. In two thirds of Slovenia it was exterminated the whole life of the church and the whole priesthood, except some cases, was expelled abroad. Eternal lights in the churches were putted out. This facts are a bright evidence on the fact that religion and Church are the true organ of the national life.

So that so the dimension and the weight of the sufferance which the Slovenian people must bear in this war, is not yet exhausted. On the ruins of the national life, provoked by the foreign occupation, arose a new enemy. Under the masque of the struggle for the national liberation they went purposely and methodically murdered 50 priests, who were known to be fervent spiritual pastors and praiseworthy national militants. Under the same masque they were murdered around 100 catholic intellectuals, 30 academics and thousands of men, women and young catholics. Even children in their delicate early age were not spared. The danger became so great that in this desperate condition people took refugee in the self-defense.

Like in the age of the century long defense against the Turkish attacks or in the age of the advance of Protestantism, in such a way also in the today's bloody defense against the atheism the Slovenian nation remained faithful to the Holy Seat and gathered around the Church and took refugee in her Mother in the sky to get help. On 30th May 1942 the entire Slovenian nation consecrated herself to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

The Slovenian nation look in this year of remembrance to the life of those 50 generations [of Slovenian people] who lived in the light of the catholic Church. ,Three times in his life this nation fought against powerful enemies of his faith but he always remained loyal to the Catholic Church. So today he can do anything else than to arise his fervent supplication to the Lord of all the nations in the confidence that He will watch at the today's sufferance; at the same time he renews the sentiment of unshakable confidence to the saint mother Catholic Church.


The above excerpts come from the pages 400 - 402 of the book “Janko Kralj – Utisani in pozabljeni slovenski politik (1898 – 1944)” (“Janko Kralj – silenced and forgotten slovenian politician (1898 – 1944))” by Lucka Kralj Jerman.

The excerpt is part of an article in the Vatican daily L'Osservatore Romano published on 24th and 25th December 1944, therefore in a Rome formally controlled by the Western Allied administration. It was published again in the Katoliski Glas (The Catholic Voice) of Gorizia (or (Slov./Friul./Germ.: Gorica/Gurize/Gorz) in July 1965.

The article which appeared in the Vatican newspaper with the title “Dvanajst stoletij v zgodovini slovenskega naroda” (“Twelve centuries in the history of the Slovenian nation”) is the last script of Jesuit temporal coadjutor doc Janko Kralj. On 22nd December, doc Janko Kralj become ill with the symptoms of flu. The fever raised and on 25th Dec was brought to the hospital. Two days later, between the 8 and 8 and half AM of 27th December, he received the extreme unction by his master, the right hand of Wlodimir Ledochowsky for the South East Europe, SJ Anton Prešeren and died. He was buried in the cemetery of Campo Verano in Rome.

".....We Slovenian Catholics know what to do...... This war will end five hundreds years of European decomposition.....Yes, it deals with the restoration of the Christian civilization!....".

(SJ doc Anton Korosec)

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"I have to deal with my priesthood, which is rebellious and half protestant".

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The Queen of Europe and the Rome Wall

Correction, one hour after the posting of the message. The original title has been changed from "......: December 1944, an open confession of WWII as Jesuits' Second Thirty Years War" to "...“....: December 1944, an open allusion to WWII as Jesuits' Second Thirty Years War?...." adding "?" and substituting "confession" with the most appropriate "allusion to" because Jesuits and their temporal coadjutor are not so stupid to openly confess their goal!
Above concept image entitled "Cover with Nazi brutalities the Jesuit-Fascist games in the Balkans....":
1) The Council of Trent
2) Wladimir/Wlodimir Ledochowsky, one of the greatest Jesuit general superior: “....Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler, who met Father Ledochowski in 1930, wrote later that "everyone in Rome I was told that Father Ledochowski would rank as one of the two or three greatest heads of the Jesuit Order," an estimate which would group him with such men as Ignatius Loyola, the first [Jesuit] general, Francisco Borgia, the third, and [Claudius] Aquaviva, the fifth. ....” - URL:
3) SJ Anton Prešeren – URL:
4) Jesuit temporal coadjutor Janko Kralj
5) Italian Savoy Fascist army general Roatta, requested by Yugoslav's authorities at the end of the war for war crimes in occupied Yugoslavavia during WWII, escaped the trial and jail thanks fleeing in Franco's Spain via Vatican – URL:
6) The backgroung with German soldier near the corpse of executed Yugoslav civilians, to be found at page "The 'perfect, pitiless, Nazi': German soldiers' confessions reveal how troops driven by bloodlust killed innocent civilians for fun " : (see a parallel with the case of US soldiers urinating on Taliban corpses: )
(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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