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RTVSLO is a tool of Rome!

Above image - hierarchical chain of control on RTVSLO (and Slovenia of course). From above: Slovenian provincial SJ Milan Bizant , below him the Archbishop of Ljubljana and Slovenian Metropolitan Anton Stres – URL:

Janez Stanovnik lost a golden occasion to make silence during the commemoration of the battle of Dražgoše where he cried against those party leaders who accepted the invite of the American ambassador. He lost a golden occasion but not for the same reason affirmed by the leaders he targeted, his political adversaries belonging to the right wing area. At the opposite. Because there's a worst servility than to positively answer to an invite of a foreign ambassador in a post electoral meeting, a servility consisting in another kind of silence. Between the ultramontane Roman Catholicism disguised under the secular masque of Janez Jansa's party, and those “defenders of the values of the Partisan struggle” imbued by an opportune Marxist nationalism, the overwhelming control of the church of Rome on the country can sleep among golden pillows. It is not the American ambassador the one who compiled religious proscription lists to be applied to the public radio television company. And for such Slovenes who still continue to not see it, there aren't better words than the ones of Ivan Cankar, the same ones used just by Janez Stanovnik: “Servants! Born to be servants, educated to be servants!”.

(And I am not a friend of doc Črnič, I don't know him and I never talked with him. But from his words at the end of the quoted article, you can see simply my the same concept of “Roman Catho-Islamic world steel pact”. And a confirmation of what I told in that historical message with the Eurasian part of the globe painted in green color (*). The religious strategic global ally of Rome is just Islam, precisely that Islam perverted by the Romish Masonic world government. It is the only world partner with whom Rome can share the same goal of the “war on secularism”. “Zionist and American threat” are only the alibi of an unspoken but really existing in the facts religious (un) holy alliance where Islam (Romish Masonic Islam) seems to be happy to be fascinated by the Satan of Rome. The recent moves of approaching Iran and Turkey by Slovenia, what else could be if not a confirmation? And what else could be the below mentioned Rome's blacklist if not an episode of the same “war on secularism”??).

2010 / 01 / Manipulator

Religious Outlaws

(Excommunicated by the church)

The national (broadcast television public company – avles) respects her blacklist, but the church choices interlocutors and media contacts
Borut Mekina

(“The national” is a nickname for broadcast television public company – avles)


The Vatican in the last Pope's New Year message called for reform of global thinking, where should the media play a crucial role, they should be "positive example" in influencing the public opinion. Somehow in this style, the Archbishop of Ljubljana and Slovenian Metropolitan Anton Stres has also embarked on this new task and in a mere month and gave extensive interviews to all major Slovenian media. And even to less important ones. To the newsletters Democracy, which is owned by the parties SDS, or Multimedia Centre (MMC) RTV Slovenia, which appears only on the web. He was also a central guest of variety program “Nazdravje”, he attended the pre-Christmas evening in the city's student Student Cultural Centre (Štuk) …

We are witnessing a new relationship of RCC to the public, beyond the Catholic media monologue? To talk with the new head of the Slovenian Roman Catholic Church has also requested Mladina magazine, but it was rejected. We received only a brief explanation that Mladina is the only medium by which Stres does not want to talk. Above this would not be complaining if it was an isolated case.
RCC's readiness for dialogue remains selective, evidenced by December's broadcast of Studio City, which on a new relationship between the RCC and the country should have talked Ivan Štuhec and the historian of religion Aleš Črnič, but Ivan Štuhec refused the participation in the program with a communication to the broad thrust editors in order they find any other counterpart which should be less damaging to the church. "Yes I am a new unwanted interlocutor, I told Mr. Štuhec by one of the shows on POP TV, where we discuss the relations between state and religion and on the financial assets of RCC. Then he explicitly said that they will no longer talk with me, and about the question, if this is like they reject to publicly communicate with colleagues as
Dragoš and Smrke, he answered affirmatively" says Črnič.

That he is blacklisted, he found it out when he was invited to participate in radio broadcasts of Radio Television Slovenia program “Polemika”. "The invite the same day was canceled. After persistent questioning on the phone, the director admitted that they have cancelled the invite cause the insistence of the invited representatives of the church." Despite the apparent openness it seems that a sophisticated (refined) Church Excommunication of the critics, which was launched at the turn of the century, continues with new political leadership. The consequences are wider, mainly because the RTV Slovenia by law is called to establish a religious program, which should involve senior representatives of the RCC. National one (first public television channel of RTVSLO) is literally forced to accept censorship. This example is demonstrated by Smrke Marjan, who, by academic criteria, is one of the most fruitful Slovenian researchers on religion.

Cause a decisions of the church, Smrke since 2001 has not appeared in any professional talk show on radio or television station RTV Slovenia. As well Črnič "absence", also for him the absence is not a problem, but points out the way and the reasons for rejection: "I was repeatedly informed that they intend to invite me otherwise, but then guests from the Catholic Church in the case of my presence refused to cooperate. Finally, the first days of February 2009, when the RTV Slovenia intend to take a round table in the show “Bible and the world” where they had to talk about Bishop Williamson, an Holocaust denier. I soon got the message that the program will not be, because nobody in the church did want to get into the studio, where I'll be there too", said Smrke. Later he was a renowned doctor of theology the one who revealed that "the presence in RTV" (program) was wasted cause an inadequate statement of the Bible. "But isn't “inappropriate statement” about a book an exclusionary criteria that you would expect only in certain Islamic Republics, but not in a European country?" he's asking himself.


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From Dingle Bay to the Straits of Bering: the true cause of the contemporary events shaking the world
(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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