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Janez in Rome [appendix of the previous "Janez Lacota"]


This post supply further information for the previous one:

Article #1 - 28 June:

Security guards over the retirees

četrtek, 28. junij 2012

On Pension Insurance in Koper and Nova Gorica are afraid for the safety of employees, so they hired security guards. Seniors who will be on Friday received an average of 100 to 350 euros lower pensions, is likely to be flocking to mass education and to demand explanations.

 PRIMORSKA> "How can my mother, who regarded every euro Officer's pension after his father, but now it will be further reduced, i'm saying that we all need to save, in fact, it will not reduce pensions for all," he said yesterday pridušal Koper. Pensioners who receive pension benefits from the budget, will now get the first special notice of this, on what basis they will reduce pension. On Friday while waiting for the lower pensions of Primorska [region Primorje - avles] it will involve the 5000 retirees, 18 percent of coastal pension recipients. Not surprisingly, at the Institute for Pension and Disability Insurance expected influx of complaints.

Some threats are not received, but the people felt disappointed - told to Radio Koper
the director of Nova Gorica units Pension Stane Žgavc. They hired security guards in Nova Gorica and Koper.

Reduction of pensions will cover from 100 to 350 euros and covers pensions in excess of 622 euros. For most, this is 350 euros, will reduce the pension of 1,450 euros. Reduction concerns the participants of Liberation War [the true bloody one of 1941-1945 with ten of thousands of muredered Slovenes, not the (in-comparison) joke with only 22 casualties of 1990 - avles], Internees and Refugees, Victims of War, former employees of the former Yugoslavia and military retirees and former employees of the Army. From the reduction in retirement benefits are exempt participants in the war for Slovenia [yes, the 'war' of 1990 with 22 killed Slovenes - avles] , which for many seniors already smells of ideological segregation. KG

And two weeks before, the Slovenian prime minister Janez Janša who cut the pensions of the partisan veterans of WWII, met the Italian premier Mario Monti educated by the same Jesuit order at the liceum Leo XIII in Milano, the same order to which it belonged SJ Pietro Tacchi Venturi, the controller/personal friend/court confessor of the persecutor of Slovenes since 1919, Benito Mussolini
Was Jesuit trained Mario Monti the medium of the religious source of inspiration for the  financial cuts against the anti-fascist partisan veterans  of WWII and still living?  

Article #2 - 12 June:

Janša and Monti see opportunities for economic cooperation in infrastructure projects

Bilateral trade between the two countries last year increased by ten percent

12th June 2012 at 18:44Rome - MMC RTV SLO/STA

Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Janša and the Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti, at the meeting in Rome agreed that saving policy and stimulating the economy in the European Union are inextricably linked.

Janša and Monti are working on meeting the relations between Slovenia and Italy assessed as very good, especially in the economic field, since the bilateral trade last year increased by about ten percent.Janša stressed the importance of both minority relations between the two countries. As particularly emphasized the importance of economic cooperation. Italian colleague, said that Slovenia is taking or has already taken steps to make their environment even more friendly to business.

 In Slovenia there are currently around 400 companies, in which the present capital of the Italian and Slovenian Prime Minister wants to be Italian investments in Slovenia more. Both prime ministers especially great opportunities for economic cooperation do you see in the infrastructure projects.Slovenia will now take steps to increaseJanša congratulated with Monti for the measures against the crisis, which had a positive effect on neighboring countries and the wider economy of the Union. He added that Slovenia will catch up some time late in adopting austerity measures now will focus on measures to promote growth.

For september, Janša in Ljubljana Ministers announced the appointment of coordination of both countries, able to address all outstanding issues between the two countries, they couldn't follow cause the limited time.

 Then will also discuss the rail links between the two countries. Janša at a press question on the issue of delays in building these links said that Slovenia will promote projects for the construction of second track between Koper and Divača and the link between Divača and Trieste. New change projects, namely the construction of links between Koper and Trieste, as advocated by Italy, but is not supported, since this would result in a new delay.Given the construction of gas terminals in the Gulf, Janša said that the new government has yet to define, so there is no change in position. Slovenia therefore this project is still opposed. Monti said that the matter is otherwise within the jurisdiction of the Minister for the Environment, but the Italian government in this project also takes into account the concerns of Slovenia due to the negative environmental impacts.G. V.

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