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Ultramontane tornado [Avlesbeluske[s] Novice]

From Avlesbeluske[s] Novice

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ultramontane tornado

I created this blog to render public what happens to me when my other blogs are underground.
Yesterday, when uploading a picture in the section "my friends" of a well known international site (UK based) to find friends, a partner etc., I was warned that the pic I chose has to be removed because "child content", in other words such pics are considered potential evidence of pedophilia. This is the pic I uploaded:

Above image - The pic of Srecko Kosovel appeared on Primorske Novice daily on 18th March 2012, day of Srecko's birthday.
Therefore for that site I am a 'potential pedophile'.
Coincidentally the day after, therefore today, the  police authority of Koper, a city near Trieste in the surrounding of which I live, warned the public opinion as regard the pedophilia. "You must be always on alert", diffused on the daily and on the radio, like the famous radio broadcast of Wells about the Space Invaders in1938: The War of the Worlds.
Of course the usual (Romish intelligence) coincidences with my less than 24 hour before wrong 'pedophile' picture. I have absolutely no doubt that they are cooking something against me, no matter if I have put my blogs "in the underground". They want to destroy me and if they appear now with a 'smile' or 'indifferent' to me is only because they have to hide their plans to me. They want I continue to remain socially isolated, an easy prey for an hypothetical campaign based on "pedophilia", "mind insanity", etc. etc.
In the city of Trieste everything smells of Roman Catholicism - when there's the involvement of the Slovenian community. Roman Catholics where exclusively "victims of others", of Fascists, of Communists, even of the Reptilians (is hoped that David Icke, hosted in the channels of Croatia, could give his aid).

Samo Pahor, Boris Pahor, Alojz Rebula are today the three sacred cows to whom everyone, Italian and Slovenian, must now kneel in front of. They are the secular intellectual arm of the Roman Catholicism who are explaining to you who are "ignorant" and under the influence of "secular hate against the church", that the church of Rome is the only "true victim" in the local history, the others only "executioners" of the church or at least "opportunists who tried to exploit the church". They are arrogantly explaining to you "poor ignorant", that the church of Rome  is your only salvation.
Well, this is only the ULTRAMONTANE TORNADO which is starting to blow.
Below picture - this is the warning i received from the site: "inappropriate pictures or videos":

I readily cancelled the previous one and uploaded the below new pic of Srecko Kosovel:


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