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Slovenian collaborationist of Mussolini army were "fighting for democracy" [Ivan Oman]


In a certain sense he was right. Wasn't Fascism the regime of the majority (50% + 1) of Italians? Now Ultramontane Jansa (with a fine calibrated coordination with another Ultramontane ******, SJ-trained Mario Monti), is liberating that zombie/vampire from an useless coffin, throwing it in the discharge of the economical and financial "sacrifices" of the nation.

And the Slovenia born in 1990 isn't maybe only a nice coffin hiding the Ultramontane Slovenia of SJ Preseren and Gregorj Rozman now recalled to life like a zombie/vampire?

"......Remembering the 'other Slovenian army "
First Anniversary of the village guards
8th July 2012 at 19:11
Ljubljana - MMC RTV SLO

In the Šentjošt over Horjul it was marked the anniversary of the first village guards 17th July 70 years ago.
......At the ceremony was attended by several hundred people, including some representatives from the political life. The Mass was reminded of all the deceased members of village guards [vaške straže - avles] in World War II. Mass was followed by cultural program and social gathering....."This event is just another memory of the Slovenian army, therefore, we had two Slovenian army. That is the pro-Soviet army which triumphed in '45, and another who worked for the democratic Slovenia and loose the war that moment when the king signed the agreement and was in the year '45 massacred. It won 45 years after his death on Palm Sunday in the year '90 elections, when we get a democratic Slovenia, "  among other things, said Ivan Oman.

TV Diary

A mass celebrated for such collaborationist, is NO an act of Christian pity which is in normal condition due to everyone, but the SANCTIFICATION of the evil, satanic purposes and goals which exploited such "pious" collaborationists, who, before to be victims of the Tito's liquidations, where victims of the immense falsity and hypocrsy of the church, of the Vatican and of the Jesuit order who fooled, exploited and the enjoyed of their death to sanctify themselves. Stop.

I watched a report on tv news, it showed shortly priests I couldn't identify with the typical green priest uniform celebrating mass. On the web the event is practically censored as to me from IP it is impossible to find something more and especially the pics of the priests (bishops?) who celebrated the mass for the 'Quisling' army of the Slovenian collaborants with the Fascist Italy aggressor army. It is clear why the clergy of Ljubljana with their behaviour did the possible to facilitate the grip on power  on OF by Communist party who didn't find so no political competitor in the struggle against the Fascist aggressor, as the church of Rome, with her immense influence in the Slovenian society, openly exhibited her support to Mussolini and every Roman Catholic faithful who wanted to materially fight the Italian fascists had no other choice than to submit to the Communist party and plus was seen with suspect to be only a collaborationist infiltrated by the archbishopry and by Grazioli.

Above image - an example of a Slovenian combatant "for the democracy" [intended as synonimous of freedom and self determination of a nation]. Legenda of the image: "The traitor Ivan Ban informs Italian and German officers who in 1942 were committed in the common fight against the partisans". Image from the album on line Mučeniška pot k svobodi:

Take note that tomorrow, the day after the mass for the collaborationists, the Italian president Napolitano will arrive in Slovenia for an official visit:

It seems that the Ultramontane agenda is exploiting normal courtesy visit for her goals.

Mučeniška pot k svobodi


Path of Tribolation  to freedom 

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