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 ".......President Danilo Türk, visited 18th in Portoroz Slovenia the  meeting of former internees, political prisoners and prisoners, of stolen children in Nazi-fascist camps and prisons and their families and friends, organized by the Coordination Committee of the victims of war - Ravensbrück-Auschwitz concentration camps Committee, where he also warned against superficial talk of totalitarianism, because it can also be misleading.

"Always we have a good understanding of the roots of evil, time series, causation and all that know how to really explain it. Thus only will be cultivated historical truth," said Turk, who also pointed out that in our country important to cultivate historical memory with the necessary care, "especially with a strong sense of honesty and accountability to the truth".

Tens of thousands of Slovenes in camps
The President also stressed the importance of memory, which is cultivated by the former internees: "Evil is always defeated eventually and always comes to winning good, so it was also in the 20th century, the most violent, long century," he said, adding that the mass participation on the seafront celebration shows how we are committed to growing in Slovenia this memory.

After all, in the Second World War, 63,000 Slovenes were taken to the camp, which is in his opinion left a deep memory in our collective consciousness "for today and for the future."

    Just some minutes ago I saw the program about the world news at the end of the evening television news of the first channel public television of Slovenia. In the report dedicated to the uprising of the Islamic world [with the alibi of a coordinated film provoking the sexual sensibility of the Arabs], it was chosen to end it with the images of an angry Muslim who loudly protested that there "was not involved a question of freedom of expression, because also in the Western world the freedom of expression doesn't exist as the Holocaust denial is forbidden".

    At this point I can use  the only right expression: Q.E.D.  [see the meaning of it below in References]. In other words if you wanted to have a demonstration on how Islam and Nazism are in harmony, here you have the best one.

    To note, last but not least,  how in the mounting of the report about the protests in the Islamic galaxy  the Jesuitical mind elaborating the news service, in to chose as last concept expressed by the report the one of the Nazi-Islamic propaganda,  wanted to fix with it in the mind of the spectator (instigating him to riot against the legal obstacle to the propaganda of the Holocaust Denial?). And at the same time giving to the president Turk and to the commemoration of the Slovenes deported in Nazi-Fascist (in German but also in  Italy) concentration camps, therefore to an event linked with the memory of the Holocaust, a very refined Nazi-Islamic stab in the back. 

    Don't worry, this is the Ultramontane, Nazi-clergy Slovenia of today - it remains only a sad consideration, i.e. the attachment of the Slovenes of Primorje to the rituals of the Communism, where the same Stalin was nothing else than an agent of the same Jesuit order which sent Hitler (and Himmler) to the power.

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RTVSLO is a tool of Rome!

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"Hezbollah welcomes the pope in the homeland of coexistence"

"We were the first to think of translating Mein Kampf," wrote Sami al-Jundi, a leader of the Syrian Ba'ath Party in the 1930s. "Whoever lived during this period in Damascus would appreciate the inclination of the Arab people to Nazism, for Nazism was the power which could serve as its champion" (26). Al-Jundi also confessed that "we were racist, admiring Nazism, reading its books and the sources of its thought, particularly Nietzsche, Fichte, and H. S. Chamberlain" (25).

The Nazi-Islamist Connection – Herbert Eiteneier, JCPA

".......Q.E.D. is an initialism of the Latin phrase quod erat demonstrandum, which translates as "which was to be demonstrated". The phrase is traditionally placed in its abbreviated form at the end of a mathematical proof or philosophical argument when what was specified in the enunciation — and in the setting-out — has been exactly restated as the conclusion of the demonstration.[1] The abbreviation thus signals the completion of the proof............."

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