Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Roman sparks on Roman gasoline [moving the Wall of Rome toward East?]


Above image - Di Canio of Lazio soccer team of the city of Roma, in the famous picture with Fascist/Roman salute. "This was decided by the sports court
Salute, disqualification for Di Canio
The Lazio striker miss a turn and pay a fine of 10 000 euro. The same amount that the company will have to pay
" - URL: http://www.corriere.it/Primo_Piano/Sport/2005/12_Dicembre/19/dicanio.shtml

URL of the pic: http://www.sportlive.it/calcio/saluto-romano-vietato-negli-stadi-istiga-violenza.html
[The other two top images: The "Queen of Europe" or Lady of War (in her shrine at mount Lussari/Visarje; The Religious Wall of Rome approx. year 1618; Link:

MARIBOR - LAZIO match to be played on 6th December 2012

URL: http://www.soccerfame.com/match/322409/maribor/lazio

    The actual Intifada/Peasant riot in Slovenia, against the political and economical elite and caused by an heavy economical crisis, started from and has epicenter in the city of Maribor, where also yesterday 20,000 protesters were in the street to ask the dismissal of Maribor major Franc Kangler, at the center of corruption deals:

Above video - "Protestvi V Mariboru" or "Protests in Maribor" - URL:  http://youtu.be/fis1V0RfL2E

   In Trieste, near the border of Italy, the ideological forces are converging to a new explosion of tri-national [Croatian, Slovenian and Italian] protests against the High Speed Railroad line [planned to destroy the most characteristic piece of Karst in Italy, Rosandra valley] and against the planned gas center [whose ships carrying liquefied gas and related docks would destroy or heavily hinder  the economy of  Trieste and Koper coasts].

    A perfect timing for the birth in Trieste of a new far radical right wing party for the coming Intifada/Peasant wars of the pope and for the re-annexation of Primorje to Italy ["Free Territory of Trieste", or resuscitating the Rapallo's Treaty]:


 Saturday, November 24, 2012

Alba Dorata 


    The LAZIO soccer team of Roma is the traditional adversary of the other soccer team of Rome, the ROMA soccer team, whose soccer hooligans did this on the 21st November, two weeks ago: 


Saturday, November 24, 2012

21st November.

    Another post on the actual protests in Slovenia: 

Monday, December 03, 2012

Slovenia in flames like Greece. 



    The TAV - High Speed Railroad line goes from West to East. One epicenter of the opposition could arise just in Trieste, in the Amber Path/Primorje, the North Adriatic coasts, where the protests will join the ones against the giant gas terminal planned totally in an unlawful and anti-scientific way [i.e. in order to instigate the protests?]. On the other side of Italy, in the west, there's the Piedmont and the Val di Susa, famous all along Europe for the year long clashes between the [military] police [being the civil one discretely controlled by military and intelligence] and the protestors against the TAV:



  Tuesday, December 04, 2012

New Age mystifications at the service of Roman Catholicism? 



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