Sunday, December 16, 2012

The confessional and Alberto Rivera


Why doth this man thus speak blasphemies? who can forgive sins but God only? [Mark 2:7 KJV]

[A very short North Adriatic story]


I was at the birthday party of the niece. Eleven years. As common use here it was hired by the parents a room in the parish building to held the party. The church offers this services at low prices as "social service". You have to mind that Roman Catholic church helps drug addicted people, poor people, etc., helps in everything except to save the soul. Roman Catholic church is temporal power, like a giant Communist party or Fascist party which offers material support to the society. No difference. As I was present for the preparation of the party helping my relatives I was asked for an help by some old men who had to do a job inside the near church, because I was the only one able to help them with the force: to carry a confessional outside the church and to put it on a little truck. An old church has been restored on the top of the highland and needed of a confessional for Christmas celebrations. To tell the truth they asked it to my father, but he is absolutely not in condition. I was the only one. I was a little puzzled but then decided to help. Only little before I talked about Trubar and the Protestant Slovenian church which doesn't need of popes with one of those men (anyway they all were old retired man) I then helped to lift the heavy confessional. I exploited the opportunity to say that I don't believe in the Roman Catholic sacrament of the confession because the only valid confession is the one you do with Jesus the Savior in your heart, and that the help was not a religious courtesy. After the confessional was outside the church and on the little truck I exclaimed – in Slovenian: "and now finally this is a Protestant church, which doesn't need of confessionals!". The old men smiled and I came back to the preparation of the party. Later I gave my present to the niece: the six-part series “Alberto” of Chick publications.

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