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Sebastjan Kokl resigned [Ultramontane liquidation of liberalism and modernism in Slovenia]


Kokl after in-house investigation, resigned from the top of Koper SD's
He will dedicate himself to the fight for his own good name
Third July 2012 at 11:19,
the last intervention: 3 July 2012 at 20:37

After last week the officers conducted a house search in the Student organization ŠOUP and talked with the director Sebastjan Kokl, he then resigned as president of Koper SD's.(.....).

Social democratic party must be liquidated, as it represents the most liberal modern instances of the National Liberation Struggle (Slovenian: NarodnOsvobodilni Boj or shortly NOB) once purified from the Communist ideological ballast. 

Just for this reason Communism must always be kept alive in Slovenia, in order to give to the church of Rome the alibi to appear constantly under the Bolshevik threat, therefore in order to constrain every other ideological political religious subject in Slovenia or to take the side of the "Bolshevik threat" - or to take the side of the church of Rome and therefore to assume as proper the Ultramontane principle that was (is) liberalism and modernism to let the Communist threat to arise. 

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My guilty.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012 drive a wedge between between Protestant born Slovenia and Protestant Germany.


Meanwhile Italian and Slovenian Ultramontane dictatorship are marching side to side (last parallel initiative: demolition of public administration sector), it turns useful to see the horror of WWII in North Adriatic regions considering the finalities for which was instigated:


2) Brother Primož Trubar was materially backed by the archduke of Wuerttemberg Christoph, being Wuerttember a Protestant [Lutheran] state. This is the reason for which the Jesuit order and his master 26th general superior Wladimir Ledochowsky set up the Satan's chess game of 1941-1945 occupation of Slovenia in order that they had to be the Germans the ones to cause the greatest loss and sufferance to Slovene, in order to cancel with the blood the old religious ties between the birth of the Slovenian nation and Protestant Germany.

I would add - concerning what I underlined -- that World War I, the first phase of Wlodimir Ledochowski's 2nd 30 Years War, was also to drive a wedge between "Protestant" USA/America and the birthplace of the heart of anti-Romanist Protestantism.
That was something quite apparant to me in the autumn of 1978, when I began reading English language news media accounts of Germany in the years leading up to WW1 and WW2, during my free second period at New Rochelle High School, which I attended from then to June 1980 (grades 11 and 12).
A disgusting anti German bias against the Kaiser Reich (1971-1918), but this oh the 3rd Reich is so wonderful and Hitler is such a gentleman nonsense subsequently.
From my ethnically mixed - Britian, Germany, Poland, Catholic, Jewish and some ancestral Protestant - perspective this was especially perplexing.
It ONLY made sense when looked at via the concept of the Continuing Counter Reformation.

New Rochelle High School 1978
*   *   *

Mučeniška pot k svobodi


Tribolation path to freedom 

       After Belogardizem, another very important and historical book presented to the public, now online! [Warning: some images could shock a sensible spectator. Images probably never seen by a larger public even just accustomed with the scenes of carnage of Roman Catholic Ustasha].

 To drive an eternal bloody wedge of hate and blood between Protestant and German aided born Slovenia and Protestant Germany, a carnage was set up also in Slovenia, instigated by the Fascist Nazi occupation forces.

Please give a look at the pics 53 and 54, announcement of executions signed by Gestapo head  Rösener, and the pic 55, with archbishop Gregorj Rožman shacking the same hand who signed that  announcements of death. It is a fixed point in the Roman Catholic Ultramontane propaganda to underline that the Italian were better than Germans, and that the strict collaboration of the church with the Italians was due "in order to have a sort of damn against the German threat", allusively seen as "Protestant threat", and often accused to exploit if not to instigate the "Communist guerrilla of partisans' OF".  
But Gestapo was since years a tool of Roman Catholic headed SS  or: Sedes Sacrorum:

"........On 20 April 1934, Göring and Himmler agreed to put aside their differences—largely because of mutual hatred and growing dread of the Sturmabteilung (SA)—and Göring transferred full authority over the Gestapo to Himmler, who was at that time also named chief of all German police forces outside Prussia........."

Roman Catholic Himmler of course.

Recently the  Institut for the Recent History of Slovenia calculated that the higher loss suffered by Slovenian was due to the Nazi occupator - 31,700 casualties, followed by the partisan army - 24,000, the Italian Fascist army - 6,400 and by the "anti-revolutionary front", the new name with which the Institute for the Recent History [Inštitutu za novejšo zgodovino] labelled the Slovenian collaborationist with the Nazis and the Fascists [a blog which reports the sums: (*)

With such amount of lossess and sufferance, the historical link of a Slovenia born as Protestant nation with a Protestant Germany, was forever amputated and substituted in the collective memory of the Slovene with the concept of the German as "barbarian", therefore with a Reformation which couldn't else be than a product of such "barbarianism".

 It appears clear so why the church of Rome exposed herself in a vulgar manner in the bloody repression of the partisan guerrilla, after having guaranteed that no other kind of uprising against the occupant would exist outside an atheist ideology, and often seems that she purposely tried any trick to drag the military reaction of the partisan on herself. A Slovenian rural population and a more liberal citizen of the largest town, had no choice than to join the Nazifascist occupant or to surrender to the orders of the Titoist Communists under SJ trained Stalin control. Also in this way the Ultramontane crusade of 26th general superior Wladimir Ledochowsky was performed, not only massacring the liberal layers of the Catholics pushing them inside the guerrilla, but also denying any chance of political autonomy to other ideologies, more liberal than the Marxist one, in the war of resistance against Hitler, Mussolini and the Slovenian fascist collaborationist.

The pictures from #123 to #126 are esplicit, and perfectly explain why in 1953 it was chosen that cover for the book Belogardizem - from which kind of building are shoting the collaborationists Belagarda?

 [Warning: I found many pictures in the posts with label "Belogardizem" which were censored and disappeared from the posts related to the events described in that book!]


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Italian general Ruggero conversation with the bishop Rožman in the autumn of 1942