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Vatican/Jesuit Ultramontane purge and coupe also in the police forces?

     The recent events shaking the church in Slovenia probably are definitively fixed: a tactical camouflage in order to not arise the suspect that the Continuing purge of the Ultramontane government of Janez Janša is for the benefit of the direct mastermind of his political party, the Vatican and Jesuit order. Slovenia is smashed down with the alibi of a (well designed?) financial crisis, and the secular structures and secular rights are destroyed. The "right of citizenship", is, by Ultramontane government of Janez Janss, re-modeled on theological religious criteria: you have right of citizenship only if considered a "loyal to the pope". The discrimination in the law on the old age pensions is clearly proving that: the old age pension to the ones who gained them in the context of the II World Was as "anti-fascist partisan" have been heavily cut. But the ones of the veterans of the twenty years ago secession see their old age pension untouched. This is clearly a denial of the right of citizenship based not on usual secular legal basis but on theological/religious basis. In other words, as Tito's Yugoslavia expelled the Jesuits from Ljubljana, now the Jesuits have their revenge.

    See also the dismissing of the head of the police forces and especially the new law as preparations for deeper Ultramontane purge. In the coastal Primorje, which always create problems for the Franciscans of Ljubljana, the security forces if possible are substituted by elements from inner Slovenia, evidently retained more obedient and loyal to the pope and to the Jesuits. This is the true war, not the one declared by a Norwegian patsy:

Director General of Police after the novelty a political function?

[written "political", to be meant: "religious" - avles]
  Date: 16/8/2012 7:02:00 - Page: Black Chronicle
 [note the date: the day after the "virgin Mary" Day - avles]

 With the amendment to the Act on the organization and work in the police will be adopted, the Interior Minister will appoint the new Director General of Police

 That regulatory changes particularly with regard to the appointment of Director General of Police, the Minister of Internal Affairs Dr. Vinko Gorenak announced immediately upon taking up his duties.

 The preparation of two new Act on the Police are on the way: The Law on the organization and work in the police (ODP) and the draft law on the duties and powers of the police. Both should go into consideration in Parliament - but first the inter-ministerial address - under the ordinary procedure, in the proposed new law ODP at 48. Article it is discussed the appointment and dismissal of the Director General of Police, which, together with his deputy, will be appointed and dismissed by the Government on the proposal of the minister of internal. This is stated in the bill. There will be changes in ODP, particularly with regard to the appointment of Director General of Police, the Minister of Internal Affairs Dr. Vinko Gorenak announced immediately upon taking up his duties. Last week, when he resigned police chief Janko Gorsek, said that the Parliament will adopt the law in question most likely in October. But professional public and the opposition already rising significantly and dust concerns.

 Political, not professional designation

The appointment of the first man the police will have, if adopted ODP law, and about which there is little doubt, a highly political act. As noted in the draft ODP, the director general of police for their work and the work of the police is responsible in front of/accountable to the Minister [therefore not to the parliament, in sight of the liquidation of it in the next phase of the European wide Ultramontane coupe - avles].  Upon appointment of the first man the police there is therefore silent on the three-member commission, which should "verify" the candidate proposed by the minister, , instead the choice of candidate for the first police officer in the country exclusively in the hands of the Minister of the Interior [Jesuit coupe d'etat!!! - avles], and that also without public or internal competitive examination. All that was already adopted by the previous government ["anti-fascist" center left government of Borut Pahor, but ever at the order of Rome - avles], but Interior Minister Kresalova , for the proposed candidate for the Director General of Police,  at least consulted the three-member commission.

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     Removing  the director of police should, in normal conditions, not a tragedy but a right of the new government. But in this case when a government is the secular arm of the Vatican/Jesuit attack to transform the state in a complete tool of the Ultramontanism, the condition are of an exceptional emergency, a coupe d'etat! - ["Goršek, which is led by police three years and a half, should have resigned, although since the beginning of the mandate of the Minister Janez Janša rumors that the Minister of the Interior Vinko Gorenak intended to remove, state media. Goršek at the press conference confirmed his departure and said Karol Turk as his successor. His resignation was due to differences in the views of the minister Vinko Gorenakom the conduct of police." URL:]

Above video - the press conference "Janko Goršek odstopil z mesta generalnega direktorja policije"/"Janko Goršek resigned as Director General of Police" - URL:

    Tomorrow the author Boris Pahor will celebrate the 99° birthday, meanwhile Slovenia is from day to day becoming a Jesuit reduction. A further distraction.

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     See also the sequent posts [no, it goes far over the same Lacota who is only a poor puppet in the game of satanic Rome. The title was most a suggestion, things are not centered on the question of the Fojbe, it's the Euro(po)pean coupe d'etat; the second post, "appendix" one, is the most telling one]:

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The new government of Slovenia, prime minister: JANEZ LACOTA?


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Janez in Rome [appendix of the previous "Janez Lacota"]

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Continuing pagan satanist/luciferian rituals for the Queen of Europe?

 "...The last 10 days of August have especial importance from a religious-sensible point of view........."

[Dr. Tatyana Koryagina - See REFERENCES ]

Continuing pagan satanist/luciferian rituals for the Queen of Europe? With anti-protestant allusions?

On the same day of the 440 anniversary of the saint Bartholomew night?

Five days before the 24th anniversary of the Massacre of Ramstein?? 

In Slovenia,  a country which has been consecrated to the Lady of War, the avenger of the Jesuits against protestantism??? 

Sunday, August 5, 2012:

 Queen of Europe/Lady of War feast on Svete Višarje/mount Lussari

23rd August 2012:

".......UKC: Eight injured in critical condition, severe burns and fractures
The hot air balloon crash killed four people

23rd August 2012 at 08:46,
last intervention: 23 August 2012 at 12:11 pm
Ljubljana - MMC RTV SLO
After a serious accident in the balloon Medical Centre Ljubljana transported 21 injured. 10 injured were enlivened, eight are still in mortal danger. Four people have died......
Ten injured at the time of arrival at the hospital should revive. All the victims have burns, most of the fractures and bone damage, the spine, have said in Ljubljana UKC-ROM [UKC = Universitary Clinic Centre], to where were transported the most severely injured passengers from the accident balloon. Among the seriously injured was a child.

Injured aged between 10 and 60 years
Injured aged 10 to 60 years, among them are foreign nationals, one British woman and three Italians. 21 injured helped rescue teams, helicopter, motorcycle paramedic and at least 40 doctors UMC's in the team. Since the accident occurred on the marshes, they had to rescue some of the victims' foot, are told in the UMC-ROM.
Seven injured from the location of the accident were taken to another hospital. Five in Novo Mesto, one in Celje, Jesenice in one, two and subsequently in Maribor, after they have been cared for in Ljubljana and were out of danger of death.

Balloon after the collision into a tree engulfed in flames
The disaster has claimed four lives. Paramedics quite some time looking for any damaged, the basket was at 32  people - 30 passengers, pilot and co-pilot balloon.

 The Police Directorate Ljubljana for MMC RTV SLO confirmed that they were around 8 hour am informed of the balloon accident. This happened at Ižanska road near the village Matena, between Ljubljana and the Ig. The website administration for protection and rescue, declared that the travelers accidentally fallen from the burning balloon.

 According to the information the journalist of Radio Slovenia Marjan Vešligaj the early morning take off two balloons. Shortly before 8 hour had informed the air traffic controllers, that began to descend. Covered by the storm, one of the balloons ended up with problems, while others should be according to unofficial figures caught fire on impact into a tree. Eyewitnesses have said that the people from the burning balloon fell. In the basket were 32 people, 21 were transported to the University Medical Centre Ljubljana, three would die.

 In the place of the accident rushed over ambulances also help firefighters and civil protection. Injured were taken to various hospitals in the city of New and Celje.

A. S., A. K. K.

Above image - I would have placed here the pic at the URL:
... I tried to upload it from the blog avles beluskes exposed but Blogger told me that in avles beluskes exposed blog there are "No photos".

     What is the true theological/religious value, at the eyes of the Jesuit order and of the Vatican, of Slovenia?  Let Jesuit temporal coadjutor doc Janko Kralj to tell it to you:

".........Many of the aristocratic families abandoned the Church and joined the Lutheran teaching, also with the intention to take possession of the church's wealth. ...(.......)...but large parts of the Slovenian nation decisively rejected the heresy, and newly confirmed their unshakable faith to the catholic Church....(.....)....  On 30th May 1942 the entire Slovenian nation consecrated herself to the Immaculate Heart of Mary....". 
[see below REFERENCES "doc Kralj" for the link]

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28th AUGUST, a day as many others.......

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“The incident opened up my eyes to what’s going on out there”



Above video -"Ramstein crash" - URL:


".....The last 10 days of August have especial importance....." from:

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Pussy Riot Dancing On The Ceiling of the World


 The legend for the three top images:

Queen of Europe (local name for Lady of War):

Burning rituals at Sveta Gora? :

Jesuit Temporal coadjutor (see below link "...Like in the age of the advance of Protestantism etc.")


 "...with the intention to take possession of the church's wealth...." Doc Kralj statement in:

  Sunday, January 22, 2012

“....Like in the age of the advance of Protestantism...”: December 1944, an open allusion to WWII as Jesuits' Second Thirty Years War?

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Always Late With Your Kisses


For all those kisses I never gave and never received and which exist only in this song:

Above video - "Dwight Yoakam - Always Late With Your Kisses" - URL:

    Primož Trubar was an happy man.  Primož Trubar married Barbara Sitar with whom had four children. The love for a real woman cannot be exploited and confused to love an institution of lies and deception:

    Only when you love and have someone in your heart you start to be an human being (Petek 15/6/2012: who wants to dance with me?):