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Preparing Holocaust Memorial Day in Trieste?



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Absentee arrested. Sodani confesses: "I ​​subtracted 700 thousand euro '
New developments: the head of the fruit and vegetable market Trieste was the vice of gambling, for 14 years has taken 2 thousand euro per month
Here's the URL of the original article from il Piccolo which "expressely" prohibits the reproduction even of partial section of the article:


    Of course the Il Piccolo and the publishing house which issue also the national daily La Repubblica daily [left wing oriented] and magazine Il Venerdì della Repubblica was by me exposed as supporter of the  Ustasha front [see References]  therefore I don't give to such crypto-Ustasha of the journalism an occasion to appeal to the Italian "justice" in order to suppress this blog. The rest you can translate for yourself from the page.

    The case exploded on Wednsday 16th January, 2013. I too was at the dependance of that office, of course in the market section for the fish. Till the very moment of today I am not yet investigated by the Carabineers army [which did the investigations] and whose agents told me "at the moment we don't need of you". At the moment.

     Interestingly to note how since one year and half ago I started to expose the Vatican and the Jesuit order in the web forum of the inner net of the municipality of Trieste [receiving practically zero feedback]. Maybe to someone it could appear an exaggeration to arise such topics in such context, but the inner web forum of the municipality of Trieste has often been shaken but very violent verbal assaults betwenn "reds" and "blacks", and this in the city where it was born the infamous "Fascism of the Borders" which putted at the stake the Slovenian/Croatian Narodni Dom. Oh, I forgot: in Trieste there was a Nazi concentration camp, the "Risiera of San Sabba". You can see it in that image at the top of this post.

    Remember that it was in the city of Trieste that the bishop Bonomo influenced the young Primoz Trubar  [to preach in Slovenian language] who then embraced the Reform and founded the Slovenian Protestant church. The Lutheran archduke of Wuerttemberg then even financially funded and physically protected Trubar in his work of envagelization in Slovenian language! Remember also the Reformer Vergerio of the near city of Capodistria/Koper [who later came back inside the Whore of Rome, a fact which can arise the suspicion about Vergerio as a spy of Rome, but this is not the question, Vergerio witnesses the strong presence of the Reform in the North Adriatic regions], and the Croatian/Venetian Vlacich.

   Two days ago it was presented by the association "Salaam - i ragazzi dell'Ulivo" /"Salaam - the boys of the Olive", at the library "Minerva", a book of Diego Siragusa about the "un-punished terrorism of Israel":

At 18, in the reading room of the Library of Minerva Via San Nicolò 20 in Trieste, there will be a presentation of the book "Terrorism unpunished. Why Israel's crimes threaten world peace "by Diego Siragusa, published by Zambon publisher.

The meeting is organized by the "Olive SALAAM Boys' Committee of Trieste.

For more information:

library minerva

via san nicolò 20


    "Salaam - i ragazzi dell'Ulivo" organized an exhibition in Trieste about "Palestine" from end eighteen century onward [1880-1948]. The exhibition - opened and closed within the month of July 2012 - was challenged by the Jewish community as "not-objective". Then the major of Trieste, leftist and former Italian Communist party member Roberto Cosolini, asked pardon in a ceremony in the synagogue at the beginning of September 2012.  In fact Anat Liva Levi, president of the association Italy-Israel of the city of Pordenone, protested against the exhibition hosted in  the artistic hall of the municipality of Trieste. To her answered the organizer of the exhibition, 'leftist' Giorgio Stern, who said the same parole you can find in the denial circles: "Everyone who recalls the existence of the Palestinian, is, by someone, described as anti-Semite". 

    All worked of course in synchrony with another attack to Jewry, the theatric of Polidori who in the previous April 2012 accused the "Jewish-system" to be the 'mastermind' of the world banking system:

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Introduce International Canonic Sharia also in Trieste?

     Not a simple expression of opinion. Paolo Polidori told that from the stage of a public meeting of the 'secesionist' and Ultramontane right wing party North League. Polidori is a member of North League, whose symbol is the general - Alberto da Giussano - who defeated Barbarossa at Legnano battle and re-established the superiority of the temporal power of the popes on whichever other temporal power on earth:

    Radical left  wing [Salaam - i ragazzi dell'Ulivo] and radical right wing [North League] are only two tools of the Vatican which uses them to hide with the dust of the propaganda  her crusade to re-conquer Jerusalem. Apparently political enemies on the political stage, they are fighting one against the other to hide their secret religious accordance. Never forget the offer Shimon Peres, Jesuit trained most powerful guy of Israel, did to Vatican: he simply offered to the pope the sovereignty of Jerusalem

    And is it a coincidence that  the founder of anew party, Alessandro Gardossi, an Italian party of course founded in the city of Trieste, a party which is the Italian version of the Nazi Golden Dawn party in Greece, comes from the same anti-Jewish and Ultramontane North League party of Polidori?.....:

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Alba Dorata

   But there's more. Giorgio Stern was the organizer of the exhibition, but the head of the local member of the national organization "Salaam - i ragazzi dell'Ulivo", is the ethnic Slovenian and Italian citizen Odinea Zupin. A natural choice of the Vatican. Slovenes must identify themselves with the Palestinians. The Italian Fascism is dead, therefore the Slovenes must find it again in the Israel of today. If you don't believe that the Italian Fascism is dead and therefore the old Partisan anti-Fascist uniform must be dismissed, Boris Kobal and Gojmir Lešnjak Gojc will remember it to you with an opportune theatrical piece, openly inspired by my web-image:

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Avles is the..... "Poslednji termina(l)tor"/"Last Termina(l)tor"!!!

    The Slovenian president of the organization "Salaam - the boys of the Olive", Odinea Zupin, recalls about the Roman Catholic control on the Slovenian community in Italy, where the Fascist and radical nationalist Italian dogs are used to push the Slovenes in the hands of the Vatican control in order to find protection. "Fascist Wolf - Vatican Sheperd" is the tactic. Therefore everything in the Primorje - both in Slovenia as well the one inside Italian borders, is discretely saturated by the heirs of the  s.c. "Primorksa Sredina", or the "Center of the Primorje" [Primorje = littoral, coastal].  And which else is the historical  "Center of Primorje"? But simply nothing else than that old 'good' Christian-Social movement  linked and born with doc Janko Kralj:

 ".... At those times his father was doc Janko Kralj, the leader of numerous clandestine Christian social organizations in the daily life and under the Fascist oppression......"

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Living in Bariloche [?the Jesuit-Nazi hidden face of Slovenia?] 


  For other examples on "Christian-Social" movements and their link with Nazism, see also the top [but I suggest to you to continue to read till the bottom] of the post:

Monday, July 25, 2011

"PHOTO: The Norwegian royal couple conclude their visit" [plus bonus Barry Chamish on Oslo Massacre]

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"......Risiera di San Sabba was a Nazi concentration camp for the detention and killing of political prisoners during World War II, located in Trieste, northern Italy. SS members Odilo Globocnik and Karl Frenzel, and Ivan Marchenko are all said to have participated in the killings at this camp. Erwin Lambert is claimed to have installed cremation facilities. Today the former concentration camp is dedicated as a civic museum........."


 "........It was by me exposed as supporter of the  Ustasha front....":

Sunday, August 5, 2012
 Smokes of Vergarolla all around the globe?

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