Friday, January 4, 2013

Psychiatric Terrorist campaign also in Slovenia? [like in USA].


"......Last years when I was in a serious depression with suicidal tendencies, I went to the psychiatrist in Slovenia and told her about my fatal thought when driving along in a depressive and desperate state, to end my life with a car crash. That speech was repeated to me [in an allegorical way, like he was hearing back the door, and then repeated the content of the talk changing of course names, datas, circumstances] in the month of July 2011 by my [former of course] dentist, who is linked with the Roman Catholicism of this city. In the same year it suddenly appeared a chain reaction of mysterious suicides with car crashes in Slovenian tunnels. ........"


Photo: Austrian driver Lesce violently crashed into police car
Police officer and the driver flown to hospital
Third January 2013 at 06:24,
last intervention: 3 January 2013 at 08:35
Ljubljana -



On the highway Gorenjska on exports Lesce was around one in the morning occurred a severe accident, in which a police officer was seriously injured and Austrian driver, two police dogs are dead.

Austrian driver fleeing from police crashed into a police vehicle. The police officers remained trapped, official police dog are dead. The highway between Radovljica Lesce was closed until 5 morning, reported TV journalist Margaret Klemenc Slovenia. For now, it is unknown why the driver fled from police.

     Above image - notice  those "two police dogs" died at the accident. Don't know if it is a casual variable in this strange car crash, however they well know about some  mysterious encounters/stories I had with dogs just when I was in that bad period of time. Could it have been another inspiration for an hypothetical case of psychiatric social terrorism? - URL:

     The last news reported in the first channel of Slovenia public television confirmed that the Austrian driver who caused the accident had "psychiatric problems" and has been sent to the psychiatric hospital at Graz. Again "Asperger" syndrome?



Sunday, December 16, 2012

"Asperger's Syndrome" 


     Probably the car crash occurred on the highway of Gorenje was really due to the case and not to a planned operation. But the circumstances and the context [my blogs and the riots in Slovenia for example] are an open invitation for covert operations of social psychiatric terrorism.

     Create traumatic events allusively aimed to stigmatize particular persons and their ideas in order to isolate them, to defame their ideas using criminal and cruel acts performed in the name of such ideas [f.e.: Anders Breivik's alleged shooting]? 

     Variation: use the psychological profile of the target in order to build a psychological sosia who will 'demonstrate' to the public opinion with a crime the danger of the target. Welcome in the society ruled by Psychiatric Terrorism [see References].





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