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Bringing Liberation Theology in Slovenia [an Ultramontante experiment ]


[over Mussomeli's picture there's Leo XIII, the  pope of the Social Doctrine and of the birth of the Vatican as greatest world stock holder - anyway don't forget the Vatican theological origin of the modern financial global system...]

"..........Slovenia warns US ambassador on interfering in politics
05 January 2012 | 23:16 | FOCUS News Agency
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Ljubljana. Slovenia's foreign ministry on Thursday warned the US ambassador Joseph Mussomeli against interfering in talks among the Balkan country's parties on forming a coalition government, AFP reported.
Slovenian Foreign Minister Samuel Zbogar confirmed to reporters late on Thursday a ministry official had called Mussomeli and told him "that we do not approve of his behaviour concerning the coalition talks."
As widely reported in Slovenian media, Mussomeli has been meeting parliamentary leaders and has offered his mediation in the negotiations over the future coalition government.
Slovenian President Danilo Turk had urged the foreign ministry to take the "necessary steps that are usual in such situations" concerning Mussomeli's behaviour.
"Governments are not formed by foreign ambassadors or other foreign representatives. It is the people and political parties in Slovenia that do it," Turk told reporters.
On Wednesday Mussomeli told private POP TV that "it would be nice if a coalition was created that would represent most, if not all the Slovenians."
Turk on Thursday asked Ljubljana's centre-left millionaire mayor Zoran Jankovic to form a government, one month after his Positive Slovenia party scored a surprise election win with 28.5 percent of the vote.
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".......He [Ambassador Joseph Adamo Mussomeli ] was born in New York City on May 26, 1952. By his high school years, his family had settled down in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. He graduated from Camden Catholic High School in 1970, going from there to Rutgers University for two years before taking time off to hitch-hike through Europe. Upon returning to the United States, he attended Trenton State College (now The College of New Jersey) and graduated summa cum laude in 1975, earning a BA in Political Science. In 1978, he earned a Juris Doctor degree from Rutgers School of Law-Camden.[1]
He is married to Sharon Flack Mussomeli, is a retired foreign service officer. They have three children: Isaac, Alessia, and Thomas who was adopted as an infant from the Missionaries of Charity Home of Joy in Manila, Philippines.[2]
His hobbies include writing poetry and short plays......."


"Ambassador Joseph Mussomeli has been the U.S. Ambassador to the Royal Government of Cambodia for the past three years and has now finished his term. Both he and his wife Sharon are career diplomats, and they have represented the United States extremely well in the kingdom.  They regularly come to the Catholic community's Saturday night liturgy and to the liturgy at the Maryknoll house on Wednesday evenings, so when they held a reception to say goodbye, they invited the Maryknoll group to the ambassador's residence" [see REFERENCES]

"Maryknoll is a name shared by three organizations that are part of the Roman Catholic Church and whose joint focus is on the overseas mission activity of the Catholic Church in the United States.
 Throughout its 100-year history Maryknoll has emphasized ministry and missionary work particularly in East Asia, China, Japan, Korea, Latin America and Africa."

      And now, please, try the reverse engineering of the politically interesting deceptions of Jesuit Malachi Martin (JP is aware of the deceptions):

[From the page: ]

".....Liberation Theology was the perfect blueprint for the Sandinistas. It incorporated the very aim of Marxist-Leninism.
It presumed the classic Marxist "struggle of the masses" to be free from all capitalist domination.
And above all, the Marxistbaby was at last wrapped in the very swaddling clothes of ancient [Roman] Catholic terminology. 

From ....... THE JESUITS -The Society of Jesus and the Betrayal of the Roman Catholic Church
By Malachi Martin
["Father" Martin, a prolific RC author, was a long time Jesuit and remains a Roman Catholic in good standing ...... JP ]

Published by Simon & Schuster, NY. .......... ISBN: 0-671-54505-1

    Here, Fernando Cardenal, as [Roman Catholic] priest and Jesuit, was a towering influence.
For some time, certain [Roman] Catholic theologians in Latin America - principally Jesuits of the post-World War II period - had been developing a new theology. They called it the Theology of Liberation, and based it on the theories of their European counterparts.
 The historical Jesus, for example, became an armed revolutionary. The mystical Christ became all the oppressed people, collectively. Mary the Virgin became the mother of all revolutionary heroes. The Eucharist became the bread freely made by liberated workers. Hell became the capitalist system. The American president, leader of the greatest capitalist country, became the Great Satan. Heaven became the earthly paradise of the workers from which capitalism is abolished. Justice became the uprooting of capitalist gains, which would be "returned" to the people, to the "mystical body" of Christ, the democratic socialists of Nicaragua. The Church became that mystical body, "the people," deciding its fate and determining how to worship, pray, and live, under the guidance of Marxist leaders.
The Nicaraguan people were the first guinea pigs on whom the theory was experimentally tried. And the priests who were charter members in the Sandinista leadership - Jesuit Fernando Cardenal Ernesto Cardenal, Miguel D'Escoto Brockman of the Maryknoll Fathers, Jesuit Alvaro Arguello, Edgar Parrales of the Managua diocese - made the experiment doubly blessed and likely to succeed.
If such men, duly ordained as priests, could successfully get this new "theological" message across - that the Sandinista revolution was really a religious matter sanctioned by legitimate Church spokesmen - they would have both the [Roman] Catholic clergy and the people as allies in a Marxist-style revolution by armed violence.
[no R. C. [person] was ever excommunicated for engaging in violent revolution ..... JP ]


      Above image - Slovenian Uprising movement 2013, the banner says: "We don't need of a new government but of revolutionary changings"" - URL:

 "Then Maryknoll embraced Liberation Theology and the promotion of political activities(revolution) in one of the most remarkable changes in a religious organization in the United States. Under the influence of Miguel D’Escoto and others, Maryknoll adopted Liberation Theology as its primary form of ideological expression. In 1970, D’Escoto founded Orbis Books, Maryknoll’s publishing house. He is also responsible for the change in orientation of Maryknoll Magazine from a traditional missionary publication to an instrument of political indoctrination that is distributed to about one million readers worldwide."

   Jesuit Malachi lies because it was the Vatican to use one of the phenomenology of the Roman Catholicism [Communism, developed by their Karl Marx] as a battering ram to annihilate the Protestant competition, being the Enemy Number One of Marxism the "bourgoise" and their "ideological tricks" among which the "religion". 

    The Jesuits, with the identity Marxism = Social Doctrine of the church, simply transformed the Roman Catholicism from to be a religious phenomena, in an "expression of the reality". Any other religious definition, not Roman, appeared so first "foreign" respect the political and social reality, and then "enemy" of it.

    Therefore the continue activity of interference in the inner political life of Slovenia by ambassador Mussomeli has a logic. Mussomeli plays that opportune tactical distancing of the church from the most important events in the society and in the politic where the Vatican has the maximum of benefit. Mussomeli embodies that "imperialist" and "capitalist" oppression used then by the demonstrators and revolutionaries to justify their acts. Mussomeli as one among the catalysts of the dialectical game in the society ("elite vs people") which is crushing the modern society consigning it in the hands of the priests.

    The Ultramontane agenda in Slovenia, Italy, Venezuela, everywhere in the world, is marching on two legs, the one is the "corrupted government", the other is the "uprising of the civil society", the leg of the Peasants' war/Liberation theology of Rome.

Edited on:

Today 14th March I edited/upgraded this post, adding more bold blue characters (inside the excerpt on the Malachi's book, underlining the Mariknoll word together with D'Escosto), and adding a new excerpt on the Mariknoll to make clear that Mussomeli is a puppet of the Jesuits' Liberation Theology - this is the excerpt: ".....Then Maryknoll embraced Liberation Theology and the promotion of political activities(revolution).." etc. --------------------------------------

Thursday, September 10, 2009


(gratitude to my wonderful friend, SHARON MUSSOMELI)

Before I became Catholic, the only two priests I knew were my husband's two maternal uncles: Msgr Salvatore Adamo and Fr Joseph Adamo. They were jovial, fun loving guys with a passionate devotion to our Lord and serving His people--I admired their loving service, but did not understand their charism.

When I met you, the retreat leader for the vestry of my Episcopal Church, I found myself profoundly moved--to tears, in fact--by your teaching on the Holy Spirit. You kindly agreed to help me pray, and then left me in quiet, where my prayer let me to open to the Holy Spirit and to a profound conversion. I felt "reborn," as an evangelical would say, and I did not want to lose this precious gift--but also did not know where to go--spiritually (or physically!) to remain in this great grace. You recommended books to read--just the right ones--and arranged for me to meet for the first time with my Jesuit spiritual director, Fr Tom Green, who, like you, became a great family friend and mentor.

You also introduced my family and me to your parishioners at St Ignatius--we had such a wonderful time entertaining various youth groups from your parish at our house. I never knew kids could eat so much!!! Although we were in a foreign country, it felt just like home. Your support was essential to the discovery of that precious treasure that I never wanted to lose.

As I continued in my journey of spiritual growth and discovery, I met other dedicated, selfless priests through your assistance: Msgr Tony "Derps" Unson, who helped prepare me for my reception in the Church, and Fr Rocco Viviano, SX, who became a close family friend. Msgr Unson imparted a deep love for the Catholic faith, and Fr Rocco provided invaluable support for my growth in faith and in the process of adopting our precious youngest child. At Fr Rocco's seminary, I met many young men who are now priests. I am still in touch with two: one Filipino and one Indonesian, who are with the Xaverian mission Sierra Leone.

Later, in Cambodia, I had many friends who were priests (and future priests): Fr Ashley Evans, SJ, who assisted me for a year or so as my spiritual director, Frs Taejin Kim SJ, Fr Gabriel, Br Matthew SJ and my Maryknoll friends: Fr Jim Noonan MM, Fr Ed McGovern MM, Fr Bob Wynne MM, and diocesan associate priests Fr Charlie Dittmeier and Fr Kevin Conroy. All of these dedicated priests are offering their whole lives to live the Gospel: to be the hands and heart of Jesus to the poor and the terminally ill (from AIDS), to the orphans and the widows. You,and all of these dedicated men inspire me, teach me and encourage me through their example of selfless service to the poorest of the poor (most of them materially poor, but some rich in money but spiritually poor).

Thank you--you set me on the path to discovery of unbelievable and eternal richness.

...and happy birthday, ate sharon!...
Posted by father ramil at 4:31 PM
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Farewell to the U.S. Ambassador
22 August 2008

 Ambassador Joseph Mussomeli has been the U.S. Ambassador to the Royal Government of Cambodia for the past three years and has now finished his term. Both he and his wife Sharon are career diplomats, and they have represented the United States extremely well in the kingdom.  They regularly come to the Catholic community's Saturday night liturgy and to the liturgy at the Maryknoll house on Wednesday evenings, so when they held a reception to say goodbye, they invited the Maryknoll group to the ambassador's residence.

Sharon Mussomeli and Maryknollers
    Every Friday Sharon Mussomeli joined a group of lay missionaries for a mass with Charlie Dittmeier so for her final Friday in Phnom Penh, the mass was held at the ambassador's residence before the reception.
Patio at ambassador's residence


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