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"Known thousands of years ago" [NO place for Trubar in Slovenski Rat-land.]


".....As said by dr.. Stressto be buried in the proper home country is a natural right, known thousands of years ago. "Today we recognize and perform it to the bishop Gregorij . He has been waiting for more than half a century in the distant abroad. Lot of things had to happen in those decades and change in our country, that it became possible," among other things, said dr.  Stres and stressed that the deceased's wishes was to be buried in Slovenia,, and that this is mainly an action of piety. 

 "We need reconciliation, mutual respect in our differences and close cooperation. Every nation and every human community needs it, but at the moment we are living, this need is particularly felt. So I want to make this burial of the Ljubljana pastor of the local church in its cathedral also accepted and aimed for this purpose. "....." [doc Anton Stres, archbishop of Ljubljana; from: - see link below.]

Primož Trubar patriot of Iliria" by Jožko Humar, 

...the preach held by prof. Jakob Andrae at the funeral of Trubar in Tübingen:

 "So you listened about life an death of your beloved expired pastor, who was not simply a preacher, rather an evangelical preacher, true bishop, who dealt his service in an excellent way, for this reason he suffered very much and as an hero he fought against the Devil and against all the wrong teachers... [an evangelical preacher, true bishop,] who didn't protect his sheep only here in Derendingen, but also in all the evangelical churches in Slovenian land, where he preached in righteousness and pureness everywhere [in Slovenia] the holy word, as long and in every way he could do that... And notwithstanding he was exiled from his listeners [and] from the Kranj land and he had to flee with his body, he nevertheless was always, with his soul, together with them. He always made efforts for their saint and eternal fate. And he gave them relief not only in his writings, he also helped, with the translation of useful books, the diffusion in Slovenian land of the true godly word."
  After four centuries NO place for Trubar in Slovenski Rat-land.

     Since 427 years Primož Trubar is buried in a foreign land. From the days after his death his body lies in the church of st. Gallus in Tübingen-Derendingen, the same church where Trubar witnessed the Faith in exile from the same homeland he so much loved and which was always in his mind and heart. He didn't die abroad cause his will, but for the persecution of the same church who now pretend to enjoy the same 'human rights' she denies to others due to her evil nature. 

      Doc Anton Stres witnesses bright and clear in front of everyone that the true bishop
Rožman's agenda was not to counter the Communism but the use of it to start a fratricidal war and target the liberal Roman Catholics of Slovenia always considered the dangerous hotbed of the Reformation and of the historical memory of Primož Trubar's Slovenian Protestant church. A fact further evidenced by the use of Communism in Poland in the immediate post war age to liquidate the Protestant question and re-Catholicize the land. Verily speaking, since 427 years there is absolutely no
solution of continuity in the war against Christians who doesn't accept the Roman Catholicism.

     Primož Trubar's body must remain buried in exile, no more or less than those German Protestants expelled or murdered in Poland by the Jesuits' Communists supported by pope's cardinal Hlond or those 'heretic' Roman Catholics of Slovenia stirred up one against the other by bishop Gregorij "Dracula" Rožman during WWII.


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  Images from the church of st. Gallus in Tübingen-Derendingen - by a Slovenian school class who was visiting a local gymnasium and all together performed an happening inside the church. Give a look!

Anbau zu "Umwelt-baut-Brücken"


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