Sunday, June 23, 2013

Giovanni Palatucci and the "Foibe's Massacres".


     Just only mind on how the Jesuits and the Vatican used also the Jews in the Italian national questions, turning them against Slovenes of Trieste. Remember that during the "Fatti di Luglio 1968" it appeared anti-Jewish writings as to turn Slovenes, traditionally an exclusive property of the church of Rome, against the Jewish community of Trieste. In the middle enyojing the Jesuit order, the same order who was blowing on the fire of the anti-semitism in Prussia and was accusing the Jews to be the ones at the origin of the expulsion of the order of Loyola from Prussia, trying so to avoid the frontal clash with Protestants and especially the Lutherans, in order then to embark 'em on the Titanic of a war in which the Catholics of Germany would have mostly saved themselves in the rescue boat of a Western Germany meanwhile the Protestants  would have been killed in the frozen waters of the war theaters of East Germany and East Europe [on this - on Slovenes vs Jews in Trieste - more to come on this blog]:

 Sunday, June 23, 2013

An ‘Italian Schindler'. [Introduction to Vergarolla].

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