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The stick and the baton [how to describe the ethnic identity of the city of Trieste]


Above image - from page 45 of OKOLICANSKI BATALJON "Fatti di luglio - 1868" by Josip Merkù:

"...Therefore the serfs of the estate (Grundholde); a kind of serf, among the last ones in Europe, as the austrian land eliminated the last rests of it in the year 1848.
    So the little story, which has been written by Sila in his historical portrait "Trst in okolica"/"Triest and the surrounding", page 125, is still topical: "Before the Frenchmen arrived in Triest, at least so a certain old man told to me, it was allowed to the citizen of the city of Trieste to beat, with a stick he always carried with him, and for every trifle, the peasant who arrived [in the city], but the Frenchmen eliminated this ugly error and severely prohibited to carry the stick and  to beat [with it] the free man".
    This is sufficient to describe the core of the s.c. "Trieste identity", the heart of the identity of the city of Trieste. But nothing explains this concept which is true like the sun which shines every saint day, like a detail of the sport fan world of the city. It is very significant to note how the hymn of the soccer fan club of the Trieste soccer team "Triestina" has been built on the hymn of the "Marsilleise", the hymn of the French revolution. The soccer hooligans of Triestina soccer team are traditionally Fascists and to-the-bones haters of Slovenes (and marginally: haters of the Friulans). 

    This detail reveals that the hate towards the Slovenes of the surrounding of Trieste, and remember that till Maria Theresia the city was a 20,000 inhabitants big village, surrounded by a Slovenian ocean of peasants, has enormously increased after the arrival of Napoleon and the "Frenchmen" who prohibited a medieval custom which would have put the shadow even to the very severe medieval feudal serf system of Germany. Napoleon and the "Frenchmen" were guilty to have denied to the "Triestini" or urban citizen of the city, what they considered their natural and divine right, i.e. to beat for nothing, at plasure, the Slovenian peasant coming inside the walls of the city.

    It was precisely not around the right to beat at pleasure the Slovenes that the Irredentism and the Italian Nationalism in North Adriatic regions was built from the middle of XIX century, but around the infinite rage for having lost it cause the French Revolution.

    Matter of details.

    The ethnic identity of the average inhabitant of the city of Trieste has therefore radically changed in the middle of the '800 and has been shaped with the bricks of  the of nostalgia for the pre-Napoleonic times, bricks tied together with the revanchist hate for having loost the "right" to carry the stick and to use it on the head of the Slovenes. For this reason the Fascism in the North Adriatic regions was more but more violent of the one of the rest of Italy, till the point that it was 'baptised' with the term Fascism of the Borders, cause the extreme hate and (both physical as well psychological) violence against the Slovenes (and Croats). The stick suppressed by Napoleon reappeared in the shape of the baton of the Mussolini's Black Shirts. 

    This urban identity which continues today has been used like an hammer to beat the Slovenian 'beast' away from the "civilized city" and back to his "retrograde village". If this would have kept the Slovenian 'beast' under the psychological domain of the priest of the village, stay sure my friend, it is not a casual coincidence. So, from the hymn of the soccer fans of "Triestina" it arises a tremendous  smell of that typical Jesuitic trickery and dialectic, the astute and clever reversing of the meaning of the message.

    If even a militant of the "anti-fascist", orthodox communist party "Battaglia Comunista" [seat: in the city of Padova; I once visited their seat of their Jesuitical organization] told me that "...the Slovenia is a nation of no use which produced anything in history..." we can affirm with certainty that both Fascists as well Communists [for dialectical opposite reasons] were only the black and red wolves Jesuits and Vatican used to constrain the Slovenian sheep to find refugee under their cloaks. 


    And also all that, if it has a link with the "War on Liberal Catholic 'heretics' " of Pious IX and the SJ Wladimir Ledochowsky's gang of assassins, surely it is not for a casual coincidence.

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